Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Savant on Baltimore

I was there in person. So, I saw the events as they were occurring. As for the angry youth, their erratic conduct is a reaction to the problem. It is not their anger that is the problem, but the causes of their anger--the systemic violence and injustice. Frankly, I am as angry as they are, but I think differently because I'm fortunate enough to be politically better educated and inform. I don't speak to or of them as "thugs" and "animals " as do the white racist and the opportunistic Negro bourgeoisie. But I seek to inform them that there are more effective forms of action than sporadic rioting. I am HAPPY that the Black poor are willing to revolt, to rise up. But I want them to do so more effectively and with a vision of a revolutionary new order which affirms human dignity. My assessment of their action, like that which the Black Panthers once had to the rioting that occurred in the 1960s, is that "the masses are handling the resistance incorrectly." Hence I am involved in creating new sociopolitical forms and institutions to enable the righteous rebellion of the masses to act more effectively to end the evils of police terrorism, structural racism and capitalist exploitation.



Yes, you can see signs of that in Topix all the time. Mostly among whites, but also among some Blacks. I live in Baltimore. And while I don't think sporadic outbreaks of rioting is an effective way of fighting oppression, and indeed is counterproductive, I don't denounced the young Black people who are doing it. I will work with them, seek to politically educate them, and learn effective ways of engaging in politically conscious ORGANIZED resistance and struggle.



Oppression breeds dysfunction (including fratricidal violence among Blacks, or poor whites for that matter). Police are arms of the power structure, enforcing muscle of the system of oppression itself.


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