Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Conscious Commentaries

According to Jamal Joseph in his memoir PANTHER BABY, this is a point often emphasized by Afeni Shakur (mother of Tupac), and kinswoman of Assata. Anger and indignation are not enough



Love is revolutionary, or at least can be.



The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness, Eurocentric History, Psychiatry and the Politics of White Supremacy
by Amos N. Wilson great book, great author.



Of course, this simpleton freddy the fool knows nothing about me, and apparently nothing about the topic of this thread. In fact, in virtually every thread in which he appears he almost NEVER contributes anything to the THEME of the thread, but prefers to engage in personal quarrels. (Naturally, since he lacks the intelligence to discuss or debate anything). At least I and various others have contributed something RELEVANT to the discussion---even when many of us disagree. And some of us can stay on point for at least five minutes (for heavens sake!). Whether referring to studies, or my personal experiences (and that of friends and kin), professional relations, or my anti-apartheid activism in the 1980s as a student, the discussion is always related to the question of why allegedly Africans and Black Americans don't date or marry. My argument has been that they do, and maybe more often than we think, but that HOW MUCH so is still an unresolved question. Unfortunately, some Africans and Black Americans alike cannot discuss this topic without indulging in mutual recriminations and insults which would often be seen as racist if done by whites. This probably leads to all kinds of misunderstandings. And it's not just interpersonal relations, but also political, economic and cultural relations and exchange that are made difficult by this mutual ignorance, misunderstanding and (sometimes) outright hostility.


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