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Can Oppressed Males SEX Their Way to Freedom?


Miss Pam:

Have you ever considered the raw, hurtful but truthful fact that these Coloured males simply do not wish to have melanin-rich offspring? By having whiter children, they are validated in ways that even they cannot describe.This is a very painful thing that many of us don’t wish to accept. Self hatred is a powerful disease that almost effectively kills its victims (self genocide).

Have we, as black women, ever considered the raw, hurtful but truthful fact that these “conquered males” ENJOY sexing and breeding with white females and have ZERO intention of stopping despite overwhelming evidence that this is hurting them and us? I’ve heard many black men say that white women “feel better” in bed, are more willing and “adventurous” , make “no demands to get serious” and are not “bound by their Christian Fundamentalist upbringing.”

Biology plays a large role in this as well.

A child doesn’t come from a man, she/ he comes from a woman. Therefore, it’s the woman’s conscious choice as to who she breeds with. A man’s role, to be overly simplistic, is to plant his seed. He may mate with ever he chooses because the child is not from his womb.

Many reading this will become quite upset with me for saying these TRUTHFUL things but so be it.

We already have a group of blacks in Africa called Coloureds who are OPPRESSED just like their blacker brethren so we know for a fact that interbreeding DOES NOT WORK. We also know that Colourism has ravaged the black/brown/red/yellow communities all across the world.

So why do we keep having this discussion?

Why is this still an issue?

Because some black/brown/yellow/red males CHOOSE and ENJOY breeding with white females. They like it intensely for the one thing that their own women cannot give them:


The raunchy, porno-sex that leaves them breathless is just a bonus.



This was a great comment. However I would only take issue with the idea that the “Coloureds” are oppressed “just like” the Africans in South Africa. They may not have the same privileges as whites, but they are indeed used for many purposes in South Africa which benefit them as Coloureds, one being to promote the “multicultural” meme of “post-apartheid” south Africa, and another is to occupy official government positions in order to execute domination over African people there. I know this is not a popular viewpoint on this blog, but I think it needs to be stated anyway.

Next, I wholeheartedly agree with your statement that some African males are committed to and indeed “love” sexing non-African females as a sort-of raison d’etre. However, I sincerely think that many Black people have committed ourselves too much to living our life in these western colonial states, (e,g, the USA) which puts us on on the front-lines of witnessing the destruction of our people. I am not saying that “white supremacy” is not global, nor suggesting that simply moving to another country will solve our problems, but I am saying that the tactic of “fighting it from within” is not a viable strategy either. We who truly want to fight it must look to sources outside of the geopolitical “west” and participate in developing alternative systems of power in order to develop a different option for the youth. I don’t see this strategy being utilized at the present time (at least to the degree that would counter this IR trend). And even us who are more aware are still in the stage of simply complaining and trying to “educate” the masses of people, most of whom are hopelessly mentacidal and beyond salvation–some of my present family members included.



@ Lumumba Afrika

who said:

“However I would only take issue with the idea that the “Coloureds” are oppressed “just like” the Africans in South Africa. They may not have the same privileges as whites, but they are indeed used for many purposes in South Africa which benefit them as Coloureds, one being to promote the “multicultural” meme of “post-apartheid” south Africa, and another is to occupy official government positions in order to execute domination over African people there. I know this is not a popular viewpoint on this blog, but I think it needs to be stated anyway.”


I wholeheartedly agree.

“Coloureds” (bi-racial) people have always been used by whites against their darker brethen.

Just as they’re being used today. Yes, they are victims but not to the degree that darker skinned blacks without a white parent are.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ diaryofanegress

You raise many valid points. White validation is the KEY, a desperate need that logic cannot overrule.

You asked, why do we keep having this discussion? I harbor NO illusions that I can change the world or even the minds of most of the people who come to my blog.

BUT — if I plant one tiny seed in one mind that is searching for an answer then I have done my job.

The second reason is I do it for my OWN benefit– to keep from sliding down that slippery slope or accepting my own alleged “inferiority” as a black female.

I can’t help but agree — after many, many years of acutely painful observation that you’re right — that — as you said;

“…some black/brown/yellow/red males CHOOSE and ENJOY breeding with white females. They like it intensely for the one thing that their own women cannot give them: WHITE VALIDATION. The raunchy, porno-sex that leaves them breathless is just a bonus.”

What is most painful to me is the INVALIDATION of so many precious, young (and not so young) black females who have been made to feel we don’t “measure up” to the white female

That is the 3rd reason I wrote this post. To let them know that this is not THEIR problem or just a “black” problem but a sickness that afflicts EVERY non-white group that comes into contact with white supremacy

-Sister Trojan Pam


I am not surprised at your comments and as hurtful as the comments may be for some, a person can actually be set free by the comments. You stated that “because some black/brown/yellow/red males CHOOSE and ENJOY breeding with white females; they like it intensely for the one thing that their own WOMEN cannot give them: White Validation. The raunchy, porno-sex that leaves them breathless is just a bonus. ”
The sad part is the only thing the black/brown/yellow/red males get in the end is the “the raunchy, porno-sex that leaves them breathless.’ Try as they might but they never have and never will get white validation. Some may have a few more privileges than others but tokens are still nothing but victims. They only get the ‘illusion of inclusion’ as some say.



@ Providence

While I understand your angst and disappointment, we must be careful NOT to lump all black males into one pot.
Keep in mind that the biggest DEADBEAT DADS on the planet are the white males who impregnated/raped black females for over 400 years. And that recently, the biggest deadbeat dad in America was a white male with a decent income.

What many black females who have been married to or been impregnated by white males AND who falsely believed that the white male always “takes care of his own” — they have discovered that he is MORE LIKELY to abandon his offspring with a black female than with a white female.

In addition, a recent study found that black males actually SPEND MORE TIME with their children than the men of any other ethnic group. (I’ll try to find that link)

Bottom line, MOST black males do not date or marry white females. Single mothers come in all colors. Women of all ethnicities have the same or similar complaints about the men in their group. Everything that afflicts black relationships is NOT always a “skin color” issue.

So while I stand guilty of spouting off stereotypes about the opposite sex due to my own personal frustrations, I KNOW that black males come in as many flavors as black females do.

None of us are what we should. We are ALL victims of white supremacy.

The real question in my mind is HOW can we be honest with each other without tearing each other down so we can HEAL our trauma? Because if we don’t find a way to do this — to heal from the centuries of damage that has been done to us — we are not going to make it AND our children will perish.

Maybe, it’s time for ALL to set (or try to) set our FRAGILE EGOS aside and TELL THE TRUTH about our relationships

both male AND female

-Trojan Pam

Trojan Pam says:
October 4, 2015 at 7:08 pm
@ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

I totally understand their frustrations HOWEVER, what they advocate is NOT a solution for the masses of black females. We bear boy children. What then will be our attitude toward them? Will they be as disposable as the black male adult population?

And let’s be clear. A lot of us are raising boys TO BE disrespectful toward other black females. I have seen this many times. Calling young black girls all kinds of names when they come around our homes. “Don’t bring that h_ back over here!”

The way many (not all) black females treat each other is appalling and yes, I understand it is a reaction to white supremacy


when will we own our own S (stuff)? When will we turn that critical mirror on ourselves?

What are WE teaching our sons as we parade around with our female lovers, OR those of us who openly exhibit (and sometimes brag about our) cunning and conniving and dishonest ways, or condemning all black males within their earshot?

“black men ain’t shit and neither is your daddy, the worthless bastard.”

What about the language we use regarding other black females? “I can’t stand that (fill in the blank):”

or T_(That H_ Over There)

And yes, so-called “conscious” black females are often not all that embracing OR accepting of other black females. I have discovered that personally.

Years ago, I had a black female send me an email asking me to do a internet program as a guest. She addressed the email to me as “Brother:”

However, when I responded and let her know I was a black female, the invitation was withdrawn. And most black females with an internet program have NEVER invited me on as a guest.

BUT whenever I bring up the issues of black females, I get “silence.”

That says a lot about both black males AND black females always pointing fingers

at someone else — never back AT SELF

I say all that to say that ANY SOLUTION that does NOT embrace the whole of us — black male AND black female — is DOOMED.

if anyone disagrees with this, please show me an EXAMPLE of any other ethnic group that has gained stability and power without the male and female of THAT GROUP working together? Please, just ONE example

Look at racist man and racist woman, the most powerful duo on the planet. Yes, they have their battles and issues and mutual dislike (even hatreds) but when it comes to outsiders (all non-white people), they COME TOGETHER TO MAINTAIN THE SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY

Yet, we’re talking about not needing each other and being with our oppressors as a solution? I wholeheartedly disagree with that.

But, something MUST change and the change must start from WITHIN

every black male and black female reading this needs to worry MORE about changing themselves– ourselves– than with changing someone else

because I guarantee you there is PLENTY OF WORK TO DO without needing to step outside our doors.

this false belief on both our parts that we don’t need each other COMBINED will be the main reason it will be so easy to slaughter us in the future


-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Mr. Mitchell
Since your post is long, I’m going to address it one point at a time:
You said, “Bear in mind that the most successful black men were the least popular black boys (while in school). Because these black boys possessed zero “swag,” the black girls that these black boys desired (yes, black boys are VERY MUCH(!) attracted to black girls) ignored them and showered the bad boys (who eventually grow up to not be successful) with their attention and affection.”

Mr. Mitchell, I hear what you’re saying and let me add:

1) I don’t know if that’s true. Is “bad” someone who is better-looking than average? Because when I was in school, the fine boys were the most popular and they weren’t all bad. In fact, being fine often made them more callous because they got away with more stuff. The same with very pretty girls. This is just human nature. Also, all “bad boys” do not grow up to be losers. Some do quite well—once they grow up.
And what defines a typical bad boy? Is it someone rebellious? A criminal? A gang banger? What? Because the bad boys in my high school weren’t any of that, but just someone who liked being rebellious. We must be careful not to take the easy way out with gross stereotypes that really don’t reflect reality

2) Every group has a standard for attractiveness. Yes, girls like boys who are “cool” or have “swag” but they like good-looking boys even more. The high school jock or the handsome rich bad boy is a common theme in white movies about white female teenage angst. This has nothing to do with skin color.

This is BIOLOGY and the way girls (and women) are HARD-WIRED to be attracted to the most ALPHA (dominant) male. Look at the white male movie stars—the vast majority are BAD BOYS. Al Pacino, Andy Garcia, the Godfather, Tony Soprano, James Bond, killers and gangsters and Clint Eastwood, James Cagney, etc. ALL played bad boys and all were considered white male SEX SYMBOLS by white females.

3) Uncool (and not so attractive girls) go through the SAME thing because they’re not cool enough, popular enough, pretty enough, or fly enough or even “loose” enough. So, this dynamic is NOT restricted by sex or ethnicity

4) The dynamic you describe occurs among ALL GROUPS. White males go through the same thing. White and Asian “ne_s” who weren’t popular often become the Bill Gates of the business world but some ne__ just stay ne__ . Some unpopular boys were unpopular for a variety of reasons. I knew unpopular boys who had poor hygiene or just weren’t attractive to girls by the prevailing standard of attractiveness. Some unpopular boys become successful, some don’t.


MOST (mature) people DO NOT use their HIGH SCHOOL EXPERIENCES as the template OR a reason to reject ALL opposite sex members of their own group. Bill Gates was rejected as a n_ _ in high school but he STILL married a white female. He doesn’t spend hours of time with magazine interviewers explaining how damaged he was by white females because he was “unpopular” because he doesn’t want to sound like a fool (let’s be real, it is a foolish reason).
I wore thick glasses for the first two years of high school and I was kinda cute but definitely not the kind of girl boys chased up and down the hall.


That was high school. Everyone can’t be popular. I wasn’t popular outside my little group but I survived it. Most people do.
I’ve heard Dennis Rodman justify many times the reason he only dates white females — “Because black girls didn’t like me in high school.”
This is a seriously flawed (and transparent) rationalization since I doubt the white girls he encountered were breaking his door down for dates
BEFORE HE BECAME the rich and famous Dennis Rodman.

And what about the black girls he didn’t like because they were too dark or too short or too tall or too skinny or too fat or whose hair wasn’t long enough or their skin light enough or their noses and lips not thin enough? Does he (and those who use those excuses) blame himself for their “emotional trauma?”
I doubt it.
If a Dennis Rodman wants to date white females exclusively OWN IT and stop blaming ALL black females for his BEHAVIOR. Most of us don’t care. I know I don’t.

Given the HUGE number of white females that pursue and catch rich/famous black males and take ALL their money, it is amazing to me that the white female is still seen as “sincere” but the black female (who is seldom the recipient of the black male’s wealth) is not. I find that most amazing which goes to show that these males are ignoring truth and trying to justify decisions that they know DEEP DOWN are seriously FLAWED.
And it greatly explains why most “rich” black males leave NOTHING behind for the black generations that follow them. That is something they need to think about.

The second part of my post:
You said:

“Here’s what I suggest: 1. Black girls should be taught that their affection/attention should go to the least popular black boys. Black girls, have patience. Those black boys will grow into their confidence and natural male dominance…think long-term.”

Mr. Mitchell, no disrespect, but this is totally unrealistic. If you’ve ever raised a teenaged girl or boy you know you cannot dictate who they like. In fact, the more you try to push a “type” the more likely they are to reject it and will think the opposite much more appealing…
However, I think the parents (father and mother) MUST lead by example by the types of people they surround themselves with and the language they use about other black people and how they treat and respect OR disrespect other black people. Those are very important lessons as well.
And whose to say WHY a boy is unpopular? Look at all the “unpopular boys” who have committed mass murders in school settings? Being unpopular is not conclusive proof that a boy or a girl are superior. Some people are popular because they’re bright, intelligent and personable or good dancers or they’re friendly or generous. I don’t know what schools you attended but where I come from NOTHING is that cut and dry.
Bottom line, everyone cannot be popular. It is NOT a death sentence and sometimes is a wake-up call that one’s appearance or behavior needs sprucing up…
You said:

“2. To compliment suggestion #1, black boys should be taught to focus on education (to develop their intellect) and to get involved in physically demanding sports (to develop their confidence and physical strength–this should help attract the black girls).”

I agree that black boys (and girls) should be focused on developing intellect but not for the purpose of being “popular.” In fact, I personally believe boys and girls should be in SEPARATE SCHOOLS until they reach college age – and should only come together during CHAPERONED SCHOOL & SOCIAL FUNCTIONS so they will know how to respectfully interact with each other.
School should not be a place where boys learn to be “popular” but should be a place where they are developed into INTELLECTUAL WARRIORS.
You said:

“3. Limit or completely eliminate any form of entertainment that promotes subversion of black male/black female relations from the lives of black boys and black girls. This blog has advocated that many times over. Degrading rap, tv shows, and movies should all be banished.”

I TOTALLY agree.
You said:

“4. I strongly oppose the philosophy of teaching black girls that “they need no man!” When black boys hear this being taught to black girls, they will–momentarily–feel useless and undesired. “If you ‘don’t need no man,’ I will chase women who ‘need’ me and who have ‘use’ for me–white women.”

I do agree that the language of black females (due to fear and frustration and a desire to appear powerful) is a self-defeating language.
Keep in mind that it is much easier on the heart and ego to CLAIM you don’t need something or someone that you’re afraid you can’t get. I do like your last two suggestions and would love to see mothers AND fathers take you up on your advice.
You said:
“Finally, black women who choose to date their conquerors (white men) strengthen the system of white supremacy and became the enemies of those who strive to dismantle the system.”

I agree.
(FYI — I do appreciate your courageous contributions since I suspect you might believe you will be attacked for posting them :-))

-Sister Trojan Pam.


I have to disagree. What I see is fear that comes from living under a white supremacy system where to tell the truth AS A BLACK PERSON can mean the loss of everything, including our lives.

I will never condemn black people for the damage 500 years of white oppression has created.

Speaking of lacking a backbone, the entire nation lacks a backbone, including the white collective.

What does it say when one percent of a population controls over 300 million people, the majority of them white, taking their jobs and homes and land and pensions and water and clean food and air?

There isn’t a single group in this nation that can point fingers at black people. NOT A ONE. And I suggest to all the black people reading this that we need to keep the ONUS for the crimes against us on the ones who created the problem and the black cronies and puppets who are used against us

the white supremacists

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Kushite Prince

The entire system is so co-opted and corrupt that there is no more independent media. I think that’s the reason there is no real talk about racism. All the news and entertainment companies are OWNED and controlled by a handful of white supremacists. All entertainers and politicians are OWNED by the same handful of white supremacists

Which means ALL the black people who get a mike and air time are CO-OPTED and are in SERVICE to the white supremacy system. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Including President Obama.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t hear or see them and they would never be given any powerful appearing positions in politics or universities or news organizations.

Try to imagine Dr. Welsing or Mr. Fuller being interviewed or given a program on CNN.

You can’t, can you?

This is why I say over and over and over and over and over and over again


1. Promote white supremacy
2. promote black inferiority

that’s why so many black people are on TV blaming other black people or arguing with other black people or portraying other black people as clowns, buffoons, and criminals, or blaming poor black people (like Bill Cosby used to)

They are nothing more than stage players and two-bit actors in a scripted play

And their loyalty is NOT to their own people OR even themselves. And while as tempting as it is I try not to refer to them as “sellouts” (even though privately that’s exactly how I think of them) the TRUTH is they are bought and paid for. However, they are not the real problem. They are merely stage actors. They didn’t write the play or finance it. The real focus has to be on the white supremacists who orchestrated the entire spectacle

However, what I do is I IMMEDIATELY disregard ANY and ALL things coming out of their mouths about racism, be they black or white, when it is broadcast or printed in mainstream media

the system has no more time to waste playing with us. The gloves have come off and they’re going in on us BUT they need us to stay hooked into the lies, hence the phony black leaders and phony black progress and the promoting of interracial sex

What they fear MOST about black people is our UNIFICATION AND EMANCIPATION

as long as they keep us locked into the fantasy world of movies and TV and false progress and false leaders and false religions and interracial sex they can rest assured that we are SOUND ASLEEP and when they move against us

we will fold like cheap suits.

-Trojan Pam


@ all

I think it’s VERY significant that more than 25 years later that Sistah Souljah’s words are STILL RELEVANT in spite of “black progress’ and a “first black president.”

The most important message in this message is we must FIRST understand the real problem — the system of racism/white supremacy — before we can solve our problems. ”

The FACT is we do NOT understand this system or we would have seen through the masquerade of another “first black” and the other high profile blacks who are used to deceive us about racism.

-Sister Trojan Pam


 The link below is more evidence that racism is on the rise as the economy and white frustration and fears increase.

The rash of Hollywood’s revisionist movies showing black people submitting to white oppression — the Butler, the Help, Django Unchained, 12 Years a Slave, King, Lincoln, the Purge, Planet of the Apes, and now they’re talking about remaking Roots (???)

All these images should be a sign of WHERE we are headed not accurate depictions of our history or simply “entertainment.”

There will be MORE racist aggression against black people in the coming future, not just by police but average white people who are seeking scapegoats for their anger and fear.

We MUST BE more vigilant and more aware of where we go, who we go with, and we must tell our children THE TRUTH about racism instead of letting them believe (and pretend) that “things are different now.”

A friend of mine just informed me today that his girlfriend’s son — who was raised around nothing but whites and dates nothing but white girls — is planning to attend a biker’s event out of state where there will be few blacks and a lot of white biker gangs. More than likely, if he brings a female friend (I hope not), she will be white.

This is what I mean by NOT TELLING OUR CHILDREN THE TRUTH ABOUT RACISM and NOT teaching them how to navigate the white world. This young black male (in his 20s) has NO understanding of the potential danger of being in an environment where white male gangs will be drinking and drugging heavily. Despite him just losing a job because he was being targeted by his white coworkers, he is still convinced that “things are different, racism isn’t as bad as it used to be.”

It is NOT his fault. He was never TAUGHT anything about racism — which is the case for the majority of black children. Yet, Jews don’t hesitate to tell their children about people who hate the Jews. It is time we do the same.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Kushite Prince & Timothy
I agree with both of you brothers, 2015 was the start of the “NEW BLACKS” coming out. I can just imagine how the year 2016 will be the “NEW BLACKS” coming as one to fight against BLACK AFRICANS by blaming them for our condition.

-Sister Shanequa


@ reality_check
Slaves did fight back during slavery. Black men died fighting to protect their women and children. Black women would kill their infant children to spare them a life of slavery. Slaves used to poison their owners and kill them in their sleep. Slaves would torch fields and poison livestock. Many slave owners lived in fear for their lives. There were HUNDREDS of slave revolts in the U.S.
The problem is most of us only know that part of our history from what white supremacist TV and movies have shown us.
I give some details in my 2nd book, “Black Love is a Revolutionary Act” but you can google and find many, many articles about slave revolts. I suggest you do this asap. We have to UNLEARN the lies we were taught about ourselves to be able to move forward.
Like that saying goes: “Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it”
and we can see this dynamic playing out big time today. Black people today are at our most passive and docile state possible. Many of us are so anti-black that we actually think and sound like white racists. Many of us are so busy trying to pacify and assimilate and be sexually involved with white people that some have clearly gone insane.
I don’t know what we will do when the S really hits the fan but we will soon find out .

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Jay,

You’re right, white supremacy is a BULLY SYSTEM, that’s why it’s so IRONIC when whites complain about “bullies” in their children’s schools. Whenever I hear this, I think, wait a minute, your children got the bullying from YOU.

and you’re absolutely right, giving in to a bully makes it worse and at some point we will have to get off our knees and face our fears.

It’s funny what you said about ideal white feminine beauty because I was a young teenager when I had the same thought. I couldn’t figure out why white males thought a woman with no hips or butt with a long skinny body was sexy and then it hit me that this was the physique of an adolescent or teenaged boy.

And this standard still holds today

Thank God most black males prefer women with women’s bodies.

-Sister Trojan Pam


Phazex says:
May 11, 2015 at 1:44 pm
@ Sista Pam:

I agree with you that white supremacy IS a BULLY SYSTEM. And whites have always felt that they held the “standard of beauty.” However, I disagree with the thought that “we should kick the asses of those who are bullying black people.” We learned from the Black Panthers and other black based groups. We learned from the never-ending attacks of the Black Panther movement. The Black Panthers did NOT pursue law enforcement, law enforcement pursued the Black Panther’s and oftentimes, with intended violence. By history, I must give a head nod to the ‘Panthers for it was they that implemented food programs to help children, the elderly and the community. As well as a list of other community involvements. What we CAN do is educate ourselves and one another. Education, your five senses, including that “sixth” sense, called mother-wit is something NO RACIST OR OTHER NON-BLACK INDIVIDUAL can take from you. As I referenced in a previous post, historically Blacks have had NO allies. None. Any other ethnic group “jumped in” when the timing was advantageous for THEM. Otherwise? *Crickets.*

The “color-caste system” operated in EVERY ethnic group. This is one of the reasons why other non-whites feel that they are “a cut above blacks.” I LOVED your view on this by the way:

“As long as they believe they benefit from the SKIN COLOR HIERARCHY in a white supremacy system — being lighter-skinned themselves compared to the average black person — they are not going to jeopardize that small advantage. Also, there are cultural differences between us and them that make it extremely unlikely that we will ever be allies.

No one wants the black collective to develop itself. We are everyone’s unconscious CASH COW and they want it to stay that way. Also, some know who we are and that we don’t know who we are. ” I need to add NOTHING more to this statement. It is complete unto itself.

White women, as I have referenced before, are looked at as merely “another possession” of the white male and whose chief role is to keep churning out white off-spring.

Because of the influx of Asians and Hispanics, many of our black people live in communities that are deluged with them. By economics, they have to live there, little to no alternatives. And trust, they are NOT looking out for any of our interests. In fact, here is case scenario: this past Saturday, I had to drive in to the city (I live in a semi-rural area now) to bring up my dry-cleaning. After I picked up my dry-cleaning, I stopped at a hamburger restaurant to get something cold to drink as I drove back home. After I was served and stood to one side waiting for my beverage, I noted an elderly black man being served that was “shaking” somewhat and having difficulty putting some items into his wallet at the front counter. Then I saw that the counter clerk was a Hispanic female and the other customers were all Hispanic as well. They all looked at the man, yet not one them moved to assist him. I assisted the man, took his meal to the table that he pointed out and helped him to walk to his table. The entire time no one else offered to assist him. They all just LOOKED. I shook my head, talked to the elderly man for a few moments and, as a niece says, “kept it pushing” Talk about mean-spirited. This was NOT about a language barrier, but it was about helping one in time of need. I just refused to entertain the thought of what I COULD have said to each and every one of them.

As you stated? At the end of the day?

” I still stand by my statement, that black people would be better off doing what ALL other groups are doing.”

“Be for, by and about OUR people.

Be well,

-Sister Phazex_Female


@ Rashnu
RE your original post, I disagree with the characterization that my view is a narrow, regressive one.
In fact, it’s a HIGHLY FOCUSED, progressive view that says we have to focus on ourselves on our own terms instead of attempting to build anymore rickety bridges with people who do not have our best interests at heart.
Seeing that our ‘wide-angled view’ has gotten us NOWHERE.
While other groups unify to get whatever resources whites allow them to have (as you put it), black people GIVE our most precious resources away to everyone else.
Those resources include money, education (meaning we use our education to enrich EVERYONE but our own people), our genetics, bodies, talents, time, and “love.”
I’m not holding anyone up as a role model. Every non-white group is under the thumb of white supremacy, even within their own countries.
I mentioned them because often black people talk about building alliances with other non-whites and I think at this point it is a waste of time.
They are NOT INTERESTED. They are too busy working on behalf of their own people.
Yes, whites are in control, but what other choice do we have but to try something new? What we have been doing — being all-inclusive — is NOT WORKING and to continue it is the definition of INSANITY.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Timothy
I agree, and there will be those who will try to fool us into thinking group unity doesn’t matter and many will be other black people for a variety of reasons, especially those who are warming the beds of white people. Mainly because they need to JUSTIFY their own behavior.
They will soon learn (if they haven’t already) that they have put themselves in a trick bag that will become more and more uncomfortable as the old style RACISM increasingly rears its ugly head.
I know there is safety in UNIFIED NUMBERS. Even the beasts of the field know this. Why don’t we?
If black UNITY wasn’t powerful why would the system work so hard against it? Why would they literally push sex with whites down our throats? Why provoke endless gender wars between black males and females?
It’s the things they don’t want us to do that are the things we SHOULD BE doing the most.

-Sister Trojan Pam

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