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Literature from Sister Trojan Pam

@ scottytreid
My point is not that whites will genetically annihilate African genes, it’s that they will increase the number of “white-appearing” people and decrease the number of “black-appearing” people by promoting IR sex/breeding. And that among those non-whites with a white parent, the majority will be grossly white-identified and will have little to no concern OR contact with their black brethen.
I can only speak from my own personal experience and among those in my family who fall into that category EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is grossly white identified. They do not date/marry black people. They have few to NO black friends. And more than half wish they were all white. In fact, the ONLY benefit to being black is when there is a booby prize available, like a “black” scholarship or some set aside for a “minority” and only then will they publicly acknowledge
“Okay I’m not white, I’m a minority.”
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they think they’re white but I am saying that I believe secretly that they wish they were ALL WHITE. And I don’t blame them for that because being white is EASIER than being trapped in the middle (like a Twilight Zone) where people demand you choose a “side” or where people don’t fully accept you on the black side and where white people still mistreat you on the white side. It’s one hell of a dilemma to establish a REAL identity.
to your question, am I a light-skinned black female? I am a light-brown-skinned black female who is characterized by some as “light-skinned”
I am not advocating killing anyone, let alone light-skinned black people, however, there is a historical PATTERN of so-called biracial people being USED by our white oppressors AGAINST their blacker brothers and sisters. As Dr. Chancellor Williams, a great black historian once wrote:

“The melting pot of the races began around the northern perimeter.
The end result was always the same: The Blacks were pushed to the
bottom of the social, economic and political ladder whenever the Asians
(meaning whites) and their mulatto offspring gained control.
This scheme of weakening the Blacks by turning their half-white
brothers against them cannot be overemphasized because it began in
the early times and it became the universal practice of whites, and is
still one of the cornerstones in the edifice of white power…” — Chancellor
Williams, “Destruction of Black Civilization — Chapter II: Ethiopia’s
Oldest Daughter: Egypt. pg. 61.”
Was he advocating killing all light-skinned people? I seriously doubt it. Am I promoting it? Of course not, but there are patterns here that deserve to be studied. WHO is more likely to be grossly white identified? A black child raised by two black people? Yes, it could happen, of course, if the two black parents are white identified but at least there is a very good chance that child will be SELF-IDENTIFIED as a black person.
But who is MORE LIKELY to be white identified and totally rejecting of their black side?
A black person with two black parents?
Or a non-wnite person with a white parent?
I’m speaking of the odds not the absolutes. And in my opinion, black people having children with white people INCREASES THE ODDS that they will breed children who will be MORE white-identified, MORE “white-appearing,” and LESS LIKELY to breed with or date or marry or want to be aligned with black people in the fight against white supremacy.
And as far as I’m concerned, we have ENOUGH confusion within our ranks. We don’t need to BREED any more. That is my point.

-Sister Trojan Pam


Long have I observed that bi-racial off-spring will cling to and support their “white origins” because society and white supremacy has taught them that if they identify as Black or another non-white group? The common denominator that non-white groups share is that they all hold no power.
“And power only respects MORE power.”

-Sister Phazex Female


@ scottytreid

I’ll respond one point at a time.

I agree, the dominant genes can’t be wiped out.

When I speak of genetic genocide, I don’t mean wiping out the dominant genes entirely BUT the weakening and ADULTERATION of our dominant genes. Certainly, a diluted gene is not the same as it’s original form and we have no idea how much this may over time weaken our genetics, so this is not a small matter.

We can certainly see the end result with our own eyes, where any obvious trace of the black ancestors are literally being wiped out. I have this in my family where by the second generation, the APPEARANCE has drastically changed.

I’ve seen 2nd generation offspring with blond hair and blue eyes and skin fair enough to pass for white. And that 1st and 2nd generation will MOST LIKELY breed with a white person so by the next generation, they will be INDISTINGUISHABLE psychologically and physically from a white person.

The white supremacists are trying by any means possible to increase the white population numerically and I believe they care LESS about the purity of the “white person” and more about the number of white (or white-appearing) foot soldiers they will need to keep this system going.

When I say self-genocide, I’m talking abut genetic, economic, political, sexual, psychological, and spiritual destruction and we can see the effect it has had on our families (mostly negative) and our children (mostly negative via our love affair with anything that doesn’t look “too black”), and the widening gulf between black males and females (making UNITY an impossibility).

All the above represents — to me — the destruction of a people

Keep in mind the excerpt taken from my first book was written in 2009 and there are some things I would phrase differently now or leave out entirely and one of the statements I would eliminate is:

“Therefore, the black male who breeds with the white female represents: The single biggest threat to black liberation and are the biggest non-white allies of racism/white supremacy.”

I plan on omitting that statement in a revised version of the book because it is incorrect to label the black male as “the biggest threat” OR as a non-white ally of white supremacy.

The biggest threat is white supremacists — not black people.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

Funny you should mention that, I have had that conversation many times before how it SEEMS the non-white males with a black parent and a white parent usually seem to marry/date white. They might date another person like themselves (with a white parent) but almost never date or marry black females

Also, consider Tiger Woods who has an Asian mother and a black father who –to my knowledge–has never dated an Asian female but only dates/marries white females

So-called bi-racial males, particularly those with white fathers, seem to be the most troubled out of all the combinations — in my experience — and IF they marry (and many do not) they are frantic to breed that blackness out of them.

I think having a white father is particularly troublesome because a white male CANNOT teach a black male how to function as a black male. The WM however, could give him some invaluable information about HOW white people function but I seriously doubt that ever happens

Like Dr. Welsing once said whenever she asked a white person to tell her what white people say when there are no black people are in the room, not one white person has ever answered her question.

And I have never had a bi-racial person say that their white parent told them anything about how white people function in regard to non-white people and in fact, I’ve had some say their white parent won’t discuss racism (!)

to me that is the CLEAREST POSSIBLE EVIDENCE that the white parent of a non-white child is MORE concerned with protecting the system of white supremacy AND the secrets of other white people than they are with the welfare of their non-white child — or that non-white partner they sleep with. (Red flag).

That alone, should be enough reason to stay out of their beds, especially the matrimonial kind.

-Sister Trojan Pam


Thanks for your comments on colorism. As you stated “no grown black man should hate the racial identity of the black mother who gave him birth.” However, unless the parents start ingraining the black formula of beauty into the psyche of black male (and female) children at an early age, they will always seek the one taught them by the white media. You are correct also that “the system of white supremacy is not omnipotent. White racists are not divine.” White supremacy is a flawed, man-made system and can be defeated. However, we need to learn to out-think them. I also believe that with God’s help we can achieve this, but we as a people need to collectively do our part as well, and I believe God will do the rest.
Have a great weekend.

-Sister Sharon53


@Courtney H.
I have to agree with your statement “It helps to channel hurtful and angry feelings into sharing your experiences with like-minded people who listen and give advice.” I found out about these blogs on another website about 5 years ago and have been following them since that time. I have learned so much that have helped me to understand what is going on around me concerning the state of blacks in America and around the world. Even though things have been getting worse and worse for blacks since integration took full swing, for some reason, back around 2010, it seemed like the heat really began to turn up on us and it appeared like I was the only one that could see that something was getting out of control. I felt like I was helplessly standing on the side of a track watching others about to get run over by a train and could not do anything. So I did a search on the Internet to see what Minister Farrakhan had to say about things and stumbled across these blogs. I have noticed that a few more people are coming onto the blogs and beginning to see what we are seeing out here. Just the other day, I even heard a female family member use the word ‘white supremacy’ and I almost fell out of my seat because that is unheard of by females in my family. I said to myself, at least it is a start. What I believe is beginning to happen is the “ripple effect”, which I hope will continue. I hope it is not just another ‘catch phrase’ or fad such as ‘black is beautiful’ and ‘black and I’m proud’ that so many of us used back in the day and did not really mean it.

-Sister Sharon53


Courtney H. says:
October 15, 2015 at 6:45 pm
@ Sister Neketa:

I watched most of the first two videos. I agree — the first one contained some sickening content. As Brother Timothy said, white supremacy and moral degeneracy are linked.

Thank you for watching the videos and commenting. I was touched by your comments about your children.

I have been coming to this blog for about two or three years now, and I have learned a lot. It helps to channel hurtful and angry feelings into sharing your experiences with like-minded people who listen and give advice.

Thank you for joining us, Neketa! Welcome! :D


I don’t believe white women truly love black men nor their biracial children. People marry and have children for all kinds of reason and they are not necessarily out of love. This may seem harsh but I think it is mostly about saving the white race and reducing the black population. Those people are so narcissistic that they probably think that black men and biracial children are an entitlement to them.

-Sister Sharon


@ Providence

Right, to maintain this system you must maintain a certain level of foot soldiers and advocates by any means necessary. This is not a new dilemma. After slavery, the white supremacists had to increase the number of “white” people to keep black people under control (meaning to limit our progress, hence the inclusion of “honorary whites” like Irish, Italians, Greeks, etc and now more recently, encouraging Hispanics to classify themselves as ‘White Hispanics”

Check out this link to a NY Times article in 1910 about “The Union of Black Mothers and White Fathers Will Bring About Negro Elimination”

It’s obvious the white supremacists do not believe IR sex will eliminate whites — they believe just the reverse.

-Sister Trojan Pam


You said, “The male of every community is the LYNCHPIN of that community but unfortunately, is often also the weakest link and the easiest to bend and ultimately break.”
This is something that I find quite puzzling. Many Black Men/Boys sooo easily fall for the white beauty standard myth and the white (or non-black) woman as the superior womanhood whereas Black Women have stated for years (and publicly) It’s a Black Man or No Man. But….I think if things keep going the way its going now between the collective Black Male/Female Relationship we will see a shift in this attitude amongst Black Women; it’s already started.
Many Black Women have asked and are asking, “Although Black Men and Women have gone through the same psychological trauma and have had white supremacist programming shoved down our throats for the last 500 years how come the Black Woman Collective (save for a minority) still desire the Black Man (especially the dark skinned Black Man) as a mate, husband, mate and father of our children, yet IT SEEMS that Black Men (not all, just too many) tend to want a woman as close to white as possible as his mate, wife, and mother of his children? Have Black Men become sooo weakened by the SOR? Are Black Women psychologically stronger than Black Men?
This is a conundrum to many sistas!



 neketa0824 says:
October 12, 2015 at 8:18 pm
I’ve recently come across this blog and find it has an abundance of true food for thought; to the creator of this blog, I thank you for creating a space where we Black people can have true, constructive discussion about issues which truly matter. That being said, I have a question to pose to you as well as others who might subscribe to your blog and might have insight into my ‘dilemma’. There is truly a missing piece of the puzzle I do not think I’m getting, and so a lot of what I try to implement seems to be for naught.

Now, at this point in my life, I see what we call ‘life’ – this experience we have upon this prison planet/Matrix, as a setup under which we are all here to get authentic spiritual growth. That, obviously, is going to come with a certain amount of challenges. After all, we can’t build muscle without resistance.

Under the same logic, I believe we all incarnate here for certain experiences and to get those, we must decide to take the bodies of a certain individual – someone who is born to a particular set of parents in particular circumstances within a particular demographic and geographic location…you get the picture.

Thus, this tells me that, in a previous life, I could have inhabited the visage of the very people who are trying to hurt me now in this new life where I don the body of a Black American woman. It also tells me, when I die this time around, should I decide to come here again, I may take on another visage to push my soul even more. The goal (presumably) is spiritual growth.

At a time, before learning this, I thought dying was the worse thing which could happen to a person. Now I see it is not. It is the one thing we can all depend on and, thus, death, no matter what the vehicle which brings it to us, brings a relief of sorts. I say that because I had to accept that FIRST before I could start putting anything else into perspective. Until I put that fear to rest, I could not really ‘see’ what seems to be happening. Being stuck solely in survival mode prevented me from taking a step back to 1) determine exactly what life is, 2) what the purpose of it is and 3) what I’m truly supposed to be doing. As Mr. Neely Fuller said it quite simply, though, we are here to act consciously and constructively, to learn how to solve problems (aka helping the Spirit grow).

So, all this being said, I’m trying to figure out what is the true ‘fear’ behind genetic annihilation – on our part as Black people and that from ‘White people’. If the bodies we inhabit are temporal and we are all literally just players on a stage, all here to push through limitations and experiences ourselves as Spirit in different forms in a material form until we release our corporeal bodies and dissolve back into Ether, then what is the real ‘fear’ of what is happening here, or what is it we are truly trying to stop? If it is Spirit which animates the bodies we operate, how can there be a true distinction between physical bodies which have melanin and those which do not? How can there be a fear from us as black people of being killed off we aren’t our bodies anyway? On the same token, how can White people be afraid of being killed off when, again, our physical lives are temporary anyway and, thus, cannot be preserved? These are questions I’ve asked myself over and over again.

The more I ask myself this question, I am brought back to the original fear I had of dying. For the life of me, I can’t understand why a group like White supremacists would invest the amount of energy and time in detesting our people as they do, to the point they have created an entire Global system to keep us all imprisoned, Blacks in particular.

When my mind gets totally clear, though, there is only one thought which comes in, consistently. It is not one I ‘feel’ comfortable with, honestly, but, by following the logic (as Mr. Neely Fuller would say) – my logic, at least – the only thing I can come up with is that ‘those’ who have created the system of White supremacy are not truly human beings, or should I say, the Spirit which animates us as human beings (no matter how crazy we may act when we are out of balance here on Earth) may not be the same Force which is animating them. It also makes me think that the true difference between White people and White Supremacists is, again, the latter group is not truly human, in that they are totally incapable of reform, compassion or accountability.

Thus, whatever it is we claim to be fighting for (preservation of our melanated physical race) is actually a war for something else.

Of course, I could be wrong about this.

Forgive me if this isn’t the correct blog to ask such a question but has anyone else contemplated this question in detail as well, from a spiritual perspective? I truly am trying to figure out that last piece of the puzzle. For as much sense as Dr. Welsing has always made, I still always have a final ‘why’ – why a group of ‘people’ whose individuals will eventually die, just like we all will someday, are so hellbent on maintaining, seemingly, an unending reign of temporal power over this particular planet in general? To me, this doesn’t feel like the way of Spirit…


I’m with you a thousand percent, PAM. My comment wasn’t a response to you.
As for the stuff of genetics- if you all remember – LBM has long been questioning the hueman-ness of beings classified as white. So I’m one person who does not have to be convinced that we may very well have prolonged the existence and given human DNA to a creature that wasn’t fully human. Now here we are debating whether Africans mating with Africans reproduce US as the strongest HUMAN – or the human we would want to reproduce.
I also agree with the parenting issue. My children’s parents were married before they were conceived and continue to be married. I know many black fathers who were and are on the scene for their children. I still maintain that there is indeed a problem of absent fathers in our “communities”. Funny thing is- when comes to blaming the community’s woes on someone, many black males point to the raising of the children by black women. Then want to turn around and say “deadbeats” are minimal.
We must understand how comprehensive this verb of white domination is. It’s coming from ALL directions and my only concern is when we don’t see something as part of the attack – as a problem – we won’t address it as such…..We’re seeing this right here as it pertains to sexing with whites – folks failing to see the danger of saying any manner of female can produce a black child.

-Sister LBM


Interesting comment. Have we prolonged their existence by infusing them with our human DNA? I do believe there are variations of appearance AND mentality based on how much AFRICAN (for lack of a better word) DNA is in their genes. I believe our DNA does humanize and those with less and who are closer in genetics to the Neanderthal may exhibit more beastly mental and physical characteristics.
And for those who think this is pure speculation, European scientists have CONFIRMED the European is a HYBRID between MAN and Neanderthal.
Who is MAN? (the black man and woman).
If you do a search on youtube for the National Geographic program about Neanderthals, you will hear and see with your own eyes and ears. If you can’t find the link, let me know and I’ll try to find it in my records

-Sister Trojan Pam



Thank you for sharing this article.

@Sharon53, Courtney H, and Timothy
It’s tragic that all of this happened. Also thank you to everyone for acknowledging that being mixed creates a lonely and isolating experience. I can attest to this. Many people have accused me of being a certain way even though I was just doing what I am comfortable with and have been exposed to. Of course if someone is mixed in America they will have identity issues. People are so obsessed about race in this country. I find many people say of course you’ll like this you’re black or that is your culture. Half the time I have no idea what these people are going on about, and quite frankly they sound like ignorant fools referring to stereotypes like they are rules etched in stone.

The young man who committed these crimes, I feel, would have been better adjusted if he lived the rest of his days in Britain instead of moving to the U.S.. They have a category for mixed people there. He could have more freedom being himself and accepting his circumstances instead of trying to adhere to an impossibility of pleasing everyone he interacts with here. Although, I am projecting my experiences onto his own, I feel that is probably how he felt. Also has anyone considered that living in Oregon he probably heard a lot of racist stuff about black people and knowing his mother was black and that is what he knew and his upbringing that this could have led to his feelings of isolation as well. After seeing his picture and reading the article, I think most white people would view him as white (note they never said in the article that he was mixed and they are using an excuse that he was crazy). Although, I could see that he was mixed. If you don’t “look” mixed you will hear all of this crap from people about one of your parent’s group (even though the people who are saying these things have NO idea you yourself are half.)

At work recently, one of my coworkers was telling me how when she met one of our student’s father, that it shocked her because the father was Asian. Then she told me that the student doesn’t look Asian at all and that she didn’t know what to say or how to respond. The irony is that I myself have an Asian mother and this coworker has no idea that I’m mixed and part Asian. That experience in itself really made me feel crappy even though this particular student wasn’t mixed, but his father is actually his stepfather.

I also wanted to add that this is the second mass shooting by a biracial individual that I can think of. Mental health issues for mixed race people is not adequate and unhelpful for resolving feelings of depression, alienation, and identity that many mixed race people have to deal with on a daily basis.

-Sister kowaba


@Sister Kowaba

Thank you for your words Sister.

I am black, but I have read stories from biracial people about what they go through. One of the great points that you have made is about Oregon. Oregon is very white in its population. Very few black people live in Oregon, except in Portland and in other locations. So, without question, the murderer experienced racism. He had mental health problems as well. Some biracial human beings unfortunately suffer isolation, feelings of confusion, and other issues. Additionally, biracial people suffer racism and discrimination in the midst of a white supremacist society. It’s a shame that people are readily murdered by gun violence. Likewise, there are many biracial people who understand about black consciousness and want justice for black people. I do acknowledge many biracial human beings who are standing up for black liberation as well.

Your story about the co-worker is common in America. Yes, we Americans can be obsessed with race. That is the case, because in America, we had the Maafa, the Civil War, Jim Crow, etc. So, we (who are Americans) deal with race in a more overt and personal level. Black Americans suffered a great deal of injustices and turmoil. Some people don’t know that in America, we had tons of racial riots, especially in 1919 or Red summer where tons of black people were killed by white racists. The struggling economy in America has caused more tensions in society. As you have mentioned, there should be more investments in therapy for biracial human beings who suffer depression, isolation, etc. They need to experience respect and dignity as human beings. We should be much more compassionate with each other as human beings. Likewise, we have to advance our black interests. We are not naive to see that black people should control our movement for liberation. The goal of black liberation is a goal that we will continue to fight for as well. Brothers and Sisters will continue to fight for what is right.

I appreciate your words and I wish you a very Blessed Weekend Sister Kowaba.

-By Timothy (Me)


@ Timothy

Thank you for the response. I apologize for taking so long to write back. I’m currently working two part-time jobs and taking a graduate course.

You wrote:
“He had mental health problems as well. Some biracial human beings unfortunately suffer isolation, feelings of confusion, and other issues. Additionally, biracial people suffer racism and discrimination in the midst of a white supremacist society.”

For me, when I reframe what I observe in my own experiences, I always say that my confusion is my feelings of being rifed with internal conflict and strife due to the mismatch of my upbringing and the external messages I get from society. Because of this, I in a way have forgiven, at least myself, for the situation I’m in as I never asked to be here and am not responsible for my parents’ actions.

I’ve also realized and have come to accept, with the help of Trojan Pam and her colleagues’s books, that my parents are deeply damaged people with identity issues (in particular because both of my parents are non-white). And that my parents are selfish when I have expressed and reached out to them in the past about my feelings of loneliness, alienation, and abandonment they couldn’t even take it upon themselves to try and help me. They in no way are willing to help and will not change, so I have decided to move on with my life. They are mentally weak and don’t deserve my help or support since they have really brought a headache into my life.

I know that some people reading this may think I am being harsh toward my parents, but I truly believe that people who go into these IR relationships and produce offspring and take no responsibility to be honest with their children don’t “deserve” their children to respect them. But for me that is only one of the reasons why I’ve distance myself from them. In order for me to heal, I have to limit my contact with them because their thinking and opinions have caused a lot of problems in my life and I have unfortunately been misguided by these beliefs and opinions. I have always been a good daughter going out of my way to help them in their time of need, but they always have complained and hurt me in return. Being able to come to terms with these feelings has been the most difficult things for me to overcome because of the complexity of the situation and no resources to guide me in my healing.

Yes. Biracial people suffer from double racism. I’ve had people once they found out I was mixed make fun of me using both black and asian stereotypes. Some people when finding out I was mixed have distanced themselves or had looks of disgust, but now I’m beginning to take these things in stride and know that these are the circumstances and what I will face in society being mixed and black. This is life. And the people who mistreat for something I had no control over have displaced anger and mean nothing to me and are doing nothing for my life.

Timothy, thank you for your insights and have a good weekend!

-Sister kowaba

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