Sunday, November 15, 2015

Crammasters Exposing the Evil sick male 'King" Noble

At the heart of anti-black female rhetoric is Homosexuality on the DL. No normal heterosexual black male man spends time downing women. There might be women he doesn't personally like, but he would never advocate harming black females he has never met. What if someone takes his message to heart and rapes his mother or sister? My guess is he is so mentally deranged and self-hating that he might not care. Black people will never be free of oppression until we eliminate this element from our communities and the best way to do that is put them on ignore. Don't give them a second of attention and they will dry up and go away. "King" (Queen) Noble will eventually self-destruct on his own.

For a black male under the foot of white oppression to focus his rage on black women and children, he is a sniveling coward, he has been beaten, he is frightened of his enemies and cowers before them like the coward he is. He is not a man, he is barely a male, and has no idea what a man is.  He is doing his white masters bidding and for all purposes is doomed to be a slave forever.


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