Sunday, November 15, 2015

Savant on the Paris attacks

freddy is a buffoon who acts the fool on any occasion, even one of such tragedy as we see in France now. He may think he's being funny, but some of my friends have FAMILY over there including a lady (of 68 generation) who teaches in Baltimore. I've two students from France who don't find this in the least amusing that their family might be in danger. I may disagree with you or Attai on certain things from time to time; and I know how much you may disagree with each other. But this massacre is no laughting matter, and hardly the time for the childish game of trying to score points as freddy does here and elsewhere. On THAT I think we all agree--including you and Attai. My condolences to the French people---les blancs, les noirs, les juifs, les mussulman francais et les autres. Mort au terrorism. Mort au Fascisme! Vive la liberte! Franternit! et Egalite!



Mon amis, Attai: My condolences to you and your compatriots. Again, your country has been targeted by theocratic loons. I hope that no harm has come to you, your family and friends. A French teacher here in Baltimore, and one of my long time friends, has at least learned that none of her family was directly touched; but she is unsure about the sons of one of her friends who may or may not have been in or near the club that was attacked. I say to you as I said to her that I sincerely hope your family has not been directly touched, and that your country can defeat this scourge of terrorism on her soil without surrendering your traditions and ideals of liberte, fraternity et egalite.


There is no "150 policy of ghettoes and increased gang violence" by either Democrats or Republicans. One hundred and fifty years ago we were in the last phases of slavery. At least 90% of Blacks were RURAL folk, not residents of inner cities. I know of NO Marxists in the Democratic Party, though Bernie Sanders is reportedly a socialist of sorts. "Successful Lives", if you mean economic prosperity under global capitalism, is less and less available to ANYONE; and given the super-exploitation and economic dispossession of Blacks (and Latinos apparently) this "success " is even less available to us as a group. As far as I am concerned BOTH Democrats are Republicans are essentially corporate parties; parties subservient to corporate interests. Both practice racism, though nowadays (unlike the past) more blatantly among Republicans than Democrats. Hence both can go to hell. A plague on both your houses!



Liberal" or "conservative ," the white who presumes he has the privilege (while denying white privilege exists) of deciding who is "authenticall y" Black or African American, is in his/her very presumptuousness acting and revealing his racism. Just as it is up the Jews to determine was Jewishness means, or Latinos to determine (if they wish) what is authentically Latin, Blackness or "authentic " African-American identity is to be decided by the AA people and community.


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