Sunday, February 5, 2017

Savant's Words

 The Left is not the ones trying to build walls rather than bridges. They're not the primary sources of xenophobia and racism. They're not the ones who are most intransigent in misogynist bigotry either. And there is far more anti-intellectuali sm, outright contempt for reason among the rightists than anyone else



About 68% of Hispanics voted for Hillary. About 90% of Blacks did likewise. And a large number of whites also didn't vote. Were those non-voting whites really voting for Hillary or Il Duce Don Trump?

Does this person mean that the top 20% of the richest people are white? True. Indeed the top 2% are probably white. The 1% is almost certainly 99% white. And those predatory fools are also the ones who nearly destroyed the economy that enriches them at the expense of the rest of us. They nearly plunged the country into a 1930's scale depression a mere ten years ago. Moreover, only a fool thinks that wealth is proof of intelligence or wisdom. And that's even aside from issues of race.



You're asking Savant this, who is a black intellectual?

My AA linguistics professor was an intellectual.

My AA medical anthropology professor was an intellectual.

My AA social geography professor was an intellectual.

My fellow grad student friend from Liberia was an intellectual.

My fellow grad student friend from Nigeria was an intellectual.

My Kenyan and Ugandan college friends in Missouri were intellectuals.

Working in the Democratic campaign in 2016 one of the people I met was an AA administrator in a local school district, and an intellectual.

There's an institution around here named for AA Carter Woodson, an intellectual.

Blacks aren't intellectuals? Cracka please!



I've done research on Dr. King and KNOW that he did preach Black independence. Even in his first book, STRIDE TOWARD FREEDOM you can find it. And even more so in his last book called WHERE DO WE GO NOW, CHAOS OF COMMUNITY? Perhaps, you need to get better educated on the topics concerning which you post. If this place were so nutty, I'd might even share a book and articles I've done on Dr. King. Your understanding seems not to go beyond the narrow limits of what one can find in silly TV programs. In fact, you could even get a clearer picture of King if you listened to enough of his speeches on YouTube. (I know how unpopular reading and study are among most Topix people).



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