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Male, Age Private, Philadelphia, PA
Posted November 25, 2010

According to The Selig Center for Economic Growth: Buying power, also referred to as disposable income, is the total personal income available for spending on goods and services after taxes.

It is a phrase used in marketing to explain a particular groups ability to purchase goods from paticular businesses.

It seems to include credit cards, money borrowed, mortgages, car loans etc.

True indicators of income or wealth are real estate, land, stock etc.

Also, didnt we recently discuss a report stating that the Black median household net worth is about $6,000 compared to $8,000 for Hispanics and $90,000 for whites.

My point is that we should not accept these numbers as some indication of how much disposable income we actually have or how if we were not so fiscally frivilous we could somehow "purchase our liberation."


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted November 26, 2010

@ tc2ewra

thanks for adding that!

it's easy to think that $507 billion is disposable or spendable income when as u said, very little is spent on land and business investments -- which makes up the real wealth of the most powerful people on the planet

then it's even worse than it sounds

maybe the title of that article should be: "How to Make $507 Billion Dollars Disappear"


cultural assimilation

a process by which members of an ethnic minority group lose cultural characteristics that distinguish them from the dominant cultural group or take on the cultural characteristics of another group.


-216 Elite


CaliFemme23Feb. 28th, 2010
at 6:10 pm

@classy57lady, THANK YOU! I appreciate your comments and I’m grateful that it came from a BLACK WOMAN of intelligence!!! I have also been reading your comments..(same page, 11). I agree with you 100%. I don’t think that you or I need to be learning from any kardashian or other celeb out there today…WE seem to be ‘takin care of bidness’! You keep doing what you’re doing

crammasters Jul. 1st, 2010 at 12:07 am
@ Cali
yeah, sis, every time I try to get out, they pull me back in! lol
I’m at the point where seeing an article praising black entertainers makes me itch!

the reason the media paints “black success” as entertainment-related — athletes, NBA, NFL, rappers, clowns, buffoons, comedians — is they don’t want us to develop our BRAINS OR REAL SKILLS. All feet, muscle, and brawn, no BRAINS…

REAL SKILLS allow you to build, manufacture, cure, create, invent, design, and build a society. As long as young black folk are focused on being “entertainers” who can’t make anything, manufacture anything, cure anybody of anything, or be doctors, lawyers, scientists, farmers, mathematicians, architects, plumbers, electricians, home builders, machine fixers, designers, inventors – we will be slaves for the rest of the planet that CAN…
just imagine a black nation where all the BM can do is throw a basketball, tell jokes, or rap…but can’t feed, house, clothe, make electricity, build pipes to bring water, cure a sick kid, etc. We need to think about that…seriously…

end of sermon…lol


I hate that we are making ourselves look like we are the worst people in the world.  Dating outside our race is not going to bring healing to anyone.  In my opinion, we are running.  That is why I keep saying that we really need a healing within us.  All cultures have problems.  We should not give up ourselves because a few have hurt us.  I believe that if we give ourselves a chance, we can make it.  When we say we hate the black man or the black woman, we are saying that we hate ourselves.  And we have been doing this for decades.  We have been looking at other cultures like they have it made and that is not always the case.  The grass does look greener from the outside, but wait until you go on to that side and see it close up.  You will see brown patches, tall blades of grass, all types of junk on it and someone has to clean all of that up.  If a person is healed from the inside, then they will see everything clearly.  Even if they choose to date someone of another culture they can do it as a whole person.  Black is truly beautiful and I would not change that for the world.  Icon_biggrin

No, dating outside of the race, for men who think like you, is running.  Yes, SOME black women have hurt you.  I am sorry that you were hurt, but running is never the answer.  What you are doing is no better than someone running to drugs or alcohol because they cannot cope with the problems around them.  I will continue to say, heal first.  When you get healed, then you will see things a lot clearer.  And at that point, if you still desire to date someone of another race, then do it because you love them, not because you were hurt by someone else.  What happens if that person ends up doing what some of those black women have done to you?  Are you going to cancel them out, also?  And don't tell me that they won't because they will.  We are all human beings who go through the same sort of feelings.  Eventually, it will catch up to us and then what?  And when we run away from something, the only thing we are doing is surpressing the problem and not dealing with it.  I do not care if you desire to date someone of another race, IF you are whole.  And from the way you are fighting me, you are not yet.



Good Black Men and their guns.
Generally speaking, black man + firearm = bad Black man.  End of story.  Or is it?

Where I live, law-abiding adults are allowed to carry concealed or openly.  Today, a black middle-aged lady dropped her phone in while getting in her car, which was parked next to mine. When I bent over to retrieve it for her, she got a glimpse of my admittedly poorly concealed piece. As I handed her the phone, she thanked me and said it's nice to see good guys with guns too.  I said "yes ma'am" and she got in her car and drove off, waiving at me as if I was her son or family member.

For me, her comment highlighted an issue I've always struggled with; in a places where the law actually allows people to own gun, why don't more law-abiding blacks arm themselves?

Of course, the standard response comes to mind: many Black communities are decimated by gun violence and the thought of adding more guns--even in the hands of good citizens--is too painful and frightening. However, there's more to it and I get the impression that Black American is unaware some history concerning blacks and firearms in this country. Google "Racist Roots of Gun Control".  

To the point, there were absolutely no gun control laws in the U.S. until guess when...the Emancipation of Slaves. Obviously, the initial fear was that freed slaves would arm themselves and exact a bloody revenge.  Later, it was to ensure they remained defenseless against ruffians such as the KKK and pretty much any other white person.  You'd rather look at a white woman than get caught with a gun back you know it was bad.  A black person caught with a gun in those days suffered untold dire consequences.  I think this is when guns gained an unshakable stigma in the black community that lasts to this day.  

Then, in the 60's, some states started banning so-called Saturday Night Specials (SNS), not because they were more lethal, but because these inexpensive guns are what blacks could most likely afford. By the way, the term SNS is derived from the from "Saturday Night in N___ Town"--think about it next time you hear a white person referring to a gun as a Saturday Night Special.  Google it.

Even in the 80's and 90's, firearm ownership was banned in some public housing (aka projects).  All these laws had the direct, INTENTIONAL affect of disarming those ordinary black citizens WHO NEED TO BE ABLE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES against criminals.

So what would happen if more RESPONSIBLE, GOOD Black men starting quietly exercising their right to bear arms in Black communities?  I believe the outcome would be far more positive than negative. Someone will come along and talk about the impending escalation of violence, even if we arm ourselves RESPONSIBLY--but I disagree.  We can't wait for or expect the police to protect our people. Personally, I would take great comfort in knowing some well-trained, armed NON-THUG, GOOD BLACK MAN was in my vicinity.  Not saying people should start acting like vigilantes or Guardian Angels, but they should have a fighting chance if some punks OF ANY RACE decide to victimize them.

I have more to say on this but first I would like to hear some thoughts from you guys.

-Bone Saw


crammasters Jul. 29th, 2010 at 2:17 pm
@ SoularFlarez
brother, i know many good black fathers who never get credit
CaliFemme is one of the few sisters who give her dad his props

the GOOD BLACK FATHER should be our BM role models instead of these worthless BM celebrities, rappers, and comedians…who bring NOTHING to the black family table…


KIng and Labor

If you read King's writings, especially in collection called A TESTAMENT OF HOPE, you will find that Dr. King was always pro-labor. Labor was a part of the alliance forming the Civil Rights Movement. And King's final campaign was an effort in solidarity with Memphis' impoveriahed sanitation workers in their struggle for decent wages, the right to unionize, and collective bargaining. Some of those who were a part of the movement in Memphis in 1968 can now be found marching with public workers in Wisconsin.
And yes, Dr. King would be in Wisconsin fighting the good fight for working people against the corrupt and oppressive plutocracy which Scott Walker represents.



The "common and typical socialist doctrine" as you call it, happens to be TRUE. And I'm not distracted by red baiting. The working class insurgency in Wisconsin and other places indictes a possible great step forward for America insofar as it indicates a RE-AWAKENING of the American working class, too long misled by corpoate politicians and various regressive elements. And the distinction, or rather wall of separation, that you seem to want to draw between publicly employed workers and the "real" workers (presumably those employed by private industry) is essentially bogus. When Dr. King fought and died for oppressed public employees in Memphis 43 years ago, he was fighting for REAL WORKERS oppressed by their employers, commonly reduced to poverty(made all the worse, of course, by racial discrimination)
I support ALL workers, public and private, educated and uneducated, in their fight for economic justice and democracy.
Also, the claim (as if that would really matter) that public employees are the best paid among workers is debatable, and possibly involving the fallacy of suppressed evidence..
There are more educated workers in public employ than private; and whether or not that's good, better educated workers (public and private) tend to make more moneyu. But educated workers in private sector (though fewer) make more than public employees (though they're more numerous in public sphere). And on avarage, privately employed, when you adjust for education and other relevant factors, actually make more than public employees.
Yet, we're arguing over peanuts. It's the BILLIONAIRE corporate pirates who get the lion share of everything, including tax breaks not available to most of us.
It is THEY who ought to be forced to do some belt tightening. Working people must demand their rights, even if insurgency is needed to gain them.

Now here's an interesting question: Why do my BLACK, WHITE & ASIAN students from OTHER COUNTRIES commonly do better academically than my American students be they black, white, brown or what have you?
It can't be their genes. My Black students from Francophone and Anglophone countries in Africa and the Caribbean would presumably have a gene pool more like myself and AA students. So, why do they do better--even write better in English---than my white American students?
In my "philosophies of human nature class," my BEST student is actually a Francophone young man from France, whose parents are from Chad. English is his SECOND language. Maybe his third, assuming some African language is his first, and French his second language. Why doe he (like a white French student) write better philosophical essays in ENGLISH than to my American students--including my US students of European descent?
I am not the only faculty person who has noticed this.
Oh, one thing. My former Indian lady student whom I mentioned before was an "A" student as well. She was clearly NOT white.



While I sometimes find crowds annoying, one ought not be too negative about crowds. No solitary individual could have brought down the slaveholding tyranny of the South. Crowds broke the back of Jim Crow buses in Montgomery, broke the back of segregation of public facilities in Birmingham, and a crowd of about 250,000 moved the nation to end at least legalized racial caste on August 28, 1963. Crowds of 500,000 slaves in Haiti broke the back of French rule, and thwarted Napoleon.

The heroic solitary individual--so commonly lauded by Western bourgeois culture--are able to achieve great historic accomplishments because of a crowd--or better, solidary COMMUNITY--behind them.
What would have become of Washington without his rag tag army?
What would have become of the Montgomery Bus Boycott if only Dr. King and a few other exceptional individuals had honored the protest?
Eventually, the masses will inherit the earth. And even individual freedom is as much a SOCIAL achievement as a personal one.



Feeling Sorry For Obama---Really?

Obama is not the first good speaker to win the campaign for USA President. That's why he's a politician---they know how to woo the crowds---especially during campaign season! Don't be fooled by his well selected and well-timed words.
Like BAR and a few others have said: Key words were missing in his 2011 SOTU speech. The Poor, the Black Unemployed, and others fully deserved and would have liked an "Empathetic Shout Out" too. However, Obama didn't leave out the word "Elderly"! This was not an impromptu move by Obama! Elderly Whites were the one voter bloc consistently not wooed by Obama's charisma during the Presidential Campaign. I don't believe he won them in any state! So there you have it---a little pre/early 2012 campaigning right in front of the whole nation!
Feel sorry for Obama? This President is not stupid! He knows exactly what's going on and exactly who his real "bosses" are. He knew that before he became president and full well knew what he was getting into!


You're exactly right about

You're exactly right about how Jesus would deal with today's prosperity pimps in the pulpit! But instead of driving them out and putting an end to our modern money exchangers thievery, Bush and Obama welcomed them with open arms! Why even Goldman Sachs CEO stated before all that they were doing God's work!
What he forgot to tell us was that GOD in his language is Gold, Oil, and Drugs!


CaliFemme23 Aug. 6th, 2010 at 8:32 pm
LOL, Well I’m glad I have such a good ‘following’ from the people here on BP, as it were…
Awwwww, you poor thing! Did I hurt your feelings by making a generalization about whites???
I’ll tell you what, when black people and white people change my mind COLLECTIVELY and personally, I shall change my stance….Until then, I call it like I see it! You don’t like it, CHANGE IT or IGNORE IT…
You type of people kill me, you hate to realize ANYTHING about people in this world generally because it would FORCE one as a black person, to REACT to the atrocities before you, and it would FORCE a white person to REACT to the atrocities committed….Both groups would rather laugh and smile in each other’s faces…MISS ME..
Now was that more clear and concise for you?


crammasters Aug. 6th, 2010 at 6:34 pm
@ CaliFemme

I see u jumped right on this story…lol

Of course, this is a terrible thing, but it was all very predictable and falls in line with OUR history in this country. If black folks KNEW our history AND the history of whites — particularly when the economy is extremely bad — we would have KNOWN this kind of thing was going to start happening.

And we would know that hard economic times in the past often led to race riots, like the ones in Chicago around 1919, where whites came into black areas and attacked random blacks. THAT IS WHY THEY HAVE DISARMED BLACKS IN NEARLY EVERY MAJOR US CITY WHERE WE ARE THE MAJORITY BY USING “GUN CONTROL” LAWS.

The bubbling soup called “racism” includes the ANGER that has been building in the white male population, courtesy of the Rush Limbaughs, the economy, Obama’s election, the (false) “browning” of America, and the false myth of “reverse racism” and “reverse discimination” against white males, all media-manufactured HYPE designed to enrage the white male.

And there is one more bone I would add to the soup: the large number of BM who are sexing, freaking with, breeding with, and dating white females.

I have warned BM who insist on sleeping with their oppressors’ females, to watch their backs as the economy gets worse. That IR is promoted by the media for BM because it allows the poor a____ WM o focus his rage on sometthing other than what the white elites are doing to him, and use the BM as the scapegoat for the average WM”s rage

Not to be a smart a___, but I warned BM about the danger of allowing ourselves to become disunified and divided a few years ago, that we would be even bigger targets if Obama won AND if we kept on screwing around with these white females INSTEAD of building up strong BLACK communities where we would be able to PROTECT ourselves, our BLACK women, and our BLACK children.


Privatize? Of course, so their cronies can continue to rape and pillage the American people for all they are worth.

I want to know who voted these buffoons into office. It's like waking up in the morning and regretting you got into bed with those fools. Such Tom Foolery. I like Obama but he is also a culprit in all of this as well. No one is safe. I am upset he didn't stick to his guns by principle alone. I think people really would have stuck by him had he promised the change he failed to deliver. So basically politics is all a lie. Democracy is no better than Communism, Dictatorships, Socialism etc because the people still have no voice. The only ones who have a voice in Democracy are the ones who line the pockets of these political figures.

-The Rose


If bush had got his way and privatized ss under his admin when the market crashed in 2008 your money would be gone!!! Think about that while your spouting nonsense about waste and fraud. That's a typical reich wing talking point

Ex-Act-Ly some folks inconveniently forgot financial crisis. The actual sources of the budget deficit are military spending and tax cuts for the wealthy. Social Security is hardly the source of the budget deficit. It is a separate program, paid into through FICA contributions, with benefits paid only from the revenue it raises. Actually Social Security has for years masked the true size of the budget deficit by running surpluses. There is no Social Security crisis. The crisis is that the rich man wants to get his hands on it.



crammasters Jul. 29th, 2010 at 2:01 pm
@ jazzpast
not sure if I misread your post but the effeminization of black males is being done by the white-male dominated system that USES females and all non-whites to carry out their agendas. I agree that “feminist” ideology was largely to “free” white females from sexism BUT not to eliminate white racism. White feminists used black females for their own agenda but have NO INTEREST in eliminating white privilege.

however, black females have been degraded more than any other group, and we BM must take SOME responsibility for our role in degrading our women in music (calling them bytches and h*s) and in movies (playing ignorant and homely black females).

BW are angry at us BECAUSE of our disrespect toward them, our abandonment of our children, and uplifting of white females, NOT just because white feminists have been whispering in their ears.

I think most BW are smart enough to know the white female is NOT their ally or friend, not when the white female is invading their lives, taking black men and buying black babies, sleeping with married BM, and breaking up black families. Besides, when’s the last time you heard a BW describe herself as a “feminist?”

of course, BW have been misled and used, the same as the BM when the white male whispered in our ears and told us that BW were “emasculating us” and taking away our black manhood

while the white male was depriving US of jobs, rights, respect, freedom, putting us in prison and allowing the cops to murder unarmed BM. Certainly, we can’t blame that on the BW, brother.
we must all be aware of the WAR that being waged against our families, against the concept of black male/black female love, to get us to blame each other for what white racism is doing to us, and stop falling in the trap of divide and conquer.
this is the result of the effiminization of our brothers, and feminist ideology pushing and forcing through within the sistahs. resulting in her hatred to the manhood of the true black men. Hurt people hurt people, and misery loves company.


CaliFemme23 Jul. 28th, 2010 at 11:52 am
crammasters, “everybody (non-black) uses the black struggle for their own gain, but nobody’s interested in sharing our pain or having any solidarity with us”
Good point…On top of that, let’s not forget those that USE our struggle for their gain, yet in the same breath, they tell US to just…”Get over it!!”…


A messiah didn't win the victories of the Civil Rights Movement. The PEOPLE did. A messiah didn't win the rights of labor earlier in the 20th Century. Militant workers did.
We leave YOU to your reactionary messiahs like Glenn Beck, Ronald Reagan, George Wallace, Pat Robertson and others who are being left behind by history.

At any rate, the working people were RIGHT to honor King on April 4. He was one of the few who recognized the inseparability of civil rights and economic rights, and who noted long ago that economic injustice is the inseparable twin of racial injustice.
61% of the American people have at least the good sense to side with working people fighting for their rights against the corrupt tyranny of the plutocracy represented by Scott Walker.
The Struggle continues.



CaptainDelight wrote:

Eliminate all these diversity and affirmative action programs. Eliminate all these disadvantaged BS baby sitting programs like Head Start. Eliminate free lunch programs. Eliminate programs that help mothers who can't keep their legs closed enough to prevent them from having eight baby thugs from eight different thug fathers. Eliminate housing thugs that commit violent crimes by shooting them with one cheap bullet. There's nothing wrong with businesses making money. They earned it, unlike you welfare dependent lazy worthless thugs. You are what is bringing down America. Maybe the growing Hispanic population will handle what we can't because of political correctness. At least they work.
No, eliminate CORPORATE WELFFARE, eliminste tax loopholes for the right, abolish corporate lobbies (or at elast shrink their influence), reduce the budget of the military industrial complex, and end those insane wars on behalf of Haliburton and other corporate interests, and you shall greatly reduce the deficit.
Moreover, we may then have more funds for better education, and maybe even open up and enlighten the benighted racist minds of bigots like "CaptainDelight".



Note by Me: I'm Pro-Life, but Savant is right on most of his comments here.

By Timothy

CaptainDelight wrote:

It will always be a struggle when you depend on government for everything in your life.
This is the typical disingenuous comment and duplicitous attitude of the Right.
The reactionaries make no bones about using GOVERNMENT POWER to defend corporate interests in Iraq. They don't mind corporate pirate having their bought and paid for politicians from both parties in their hip pocket. They don't mind using big government to strip workers of their rights to collective bargaining. They don't mind using "big government" to deprive women of their rights to make choices about their own reproduction. But let abused working people, oppressed people of color, women or any other subjugated group demand government action on THEIR behalf, on behalf of SOCIAL JUSTICE---and the rightist and racist cry against the "tyranny" of big government is trumpeted throughout the land by venal or deluded partisans of the status quo.
Those without boots are instructed to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Those who enjoy all the advantages of class privileged are showered with all the generous largesse "big government" has to offer.
The victims of corporate piracy are told to fend for themselves which rightwing officials court and serve corporate interests with all the dubious integrity of well paid political courtesans.
But thankfully, at least 61% of the American people are with the righteous fighters fo workers rights in Wisconsin. And I do believe we can win this struggle.
There will be justice for all, especially those whom King called "the disinherited children of God," and whom Jesus called "the salt of the earth."


CaptainDelight wrote:

Union members should be taken out and shot.
All the tried and true methods of FASCISM. The methods used by Franco and Hitler---extermination of dissent, and suppression of unions.
CaptainDelight would certainly make Hitler proud. He and der Fuhrer are kindred spirits--degraded racists and enemies of the working class people.



CaptainDelight wrote:

Eliminate all these diversity and affirmative action programs. Eliminate all these disadvantaged BS baby sitting programs like Head Start. Eliminate free lunch programs. Eliminate programs that help mothers who can't keep their legs closed enough to prevent them from having eight baby thugs from eight different thug fathers. Eliminate housing thugs that commit violent crimes by shooting them with one cheap bullet. There's nothing wrong with businesses making money. They earned it, unlike you welfare dependent lazy worthless thugs. You are what is bringing down America. Maybe the growing Hispanic population will handle what we can't because of political correctness. At least they work.
You white racist savages (not all white people since I know decent, civil white people unlike you) use this argument all of the time. Now, I'm not a thug. See, your goal is to scapegoat minorities for the economic transgressions in America. That lie isn't going to work on me since Wall Street and corporate illogical policies have a much more damaging effect in our nation than the lies that you spew. Also, I don't believe in political correctness, yet bigotry is immoral period. No one said that businesses making money is evil. People say that businesses doing fraud, violating labor rights, doing corruption, and having unfair financial practices are evil and ought to be fought against. Real regulations will not hurt progressive, upright businesses, but it will hurt corrupt corporations though. Also, Wall Street stealing money from taxpayers isn't earned wealth. That's stolen wealth.

Also, the programs you cite have made tons of benefits in American society than you have or your agenda. There are leeches in these programs and that's true. Yet, the solution is to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse in these programs without cutting every social program under the sun (since you're a racist and hate anything that publicly helps another human being). How is eliminating free lunch programs (that poor people need among blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, etc.) is going to make us better economically. So, you want poor people to starve? See, you claim to be intellectually superior, but your retrograde economic ideology have contributed to the recession that we have see now in America. Also, mentorships and other programs can be promoted to lower unwarranted pregnancies and allow thugs to reform their own lives. Don't you dare scapegoat the poor and minorities for the problems here when it's the super rich elite & corporate interests that have caused the slave trade, economic corruptions, illegal wars, ecological disasters, the Holocaust, Jim Crow, much of the divisions in our nation, and other evils. What's bringing down America is bad economic policies, a war mongering atmosphere, and a materialistic, nihilistic culture. Also, most blacks and Hispanics work. So, don't bring that white supremacist tactic (of trying to divide Black and Brown peoples) to me. A lot of blacks are Hispanic FYI. Many Hispanics are cousins to us black people.

How dare you claim to call blacks collectively as lazy when blacks built many of the power structure in this country in a huge way. Even if a black person did the right thing, you will still consider that person as just an inferior Negro (instead of a strong black human being). The truth of the matter is that real solutions are to have comprehensive solutions where there is economic justice, opposition to war, and using wealth to benefit the poor & middle class in a real fashion.

-By Timothy

MAX JOKER wrote:

Unions are for SOCIAL
You mean keeping the lazy employeed, right?
They want the world while regula
Thanks for displaying your IGNORANCE of the history of American labor. And your STUPIDITY in believing the old capitalist myth (spread by IDLE RICH) that laziness is the cause of unemployment.
At any rate, we're going to build a more JUST America regardless of what you and other moronic Neanderthal reactionaries say.
And thanks to that fascistic goveernor in Wisconsin, our efforts are getting a remarkable boost.

That's probably what YOU would be doing. But Dr. King would be LEADING the movement in Wisconsin, even at 80+ years old and while walking with a cane.
He was far above your level as far as social consciousness is concerned. So, I wouldn't expect you to understand. But what's happening in Wisconsin proves how prophetic was King's interpretation of the movement for SOCIAL JUSTICE.
He'd be inspired by the popular nonviolent revolutiion in Egypt; as well inspired by (while inspiring) the resurgent MUTLITRACIAL labor movement in America.....Justice for all.



In TOPIX most people probably don't read ANYTHING, and that includes Topix posters who are college graduates.
But in light of his recent passing, I would recommend any number of works by the left black scholar Manning Marable....thinking specifically of HOW CAPITALISM UNDERDEVELOPED BLACK AMERICA. Or maybe BLACK LIBERATIION IN CONSERVATIVE AMERICA.
Works by bell hooks are good. Progressive white historian Howard Zinn has done some good stuff, including his class A PEOPLES HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES.
There's CLR JAMES, ANGELA Y. DAVIS and innumerable others.



This is a great post especially about putting the lie to rest about black women being the fattest I will be waiting earnestly for the rest of your research.
Thanks! Although, its definitely not MY research.a

I guess what frustrates me the most is the fact that we get all these lies produced about our race. And some of us will ignorantly do stupid ish based off that faulty information.

THEN a year later, some researcher will come through, blow it out the water and say, "WHOOPS, MY BAD!" But by then the damage is already done. Self-hating black men who merely needed a justification to throw black women under the bus ANYWAY will already be quoting this bull___ about how much more in shape white women and latina women are in order to validate their ignorance and privileging of non-blacks. Even worse is when black women BELIEVE this sh____, internalize and act on it. No we aren't the fattest in the nation. No, its NOT okay to glorify celebrities like Monique and be unhealthy because you think "everybody in our culture" is like that.

We HAVE to wake up. I don't expect white culture to produce fair, unbiased, research on blacks. To do so would actually undermine the myth of their superiority.

However, I ALSO don't expect blacks to just swallow this bull___ without thinking, but then again I shouldn't be surprised. Some in our race hate themselves SO MUCH, that they are chomping at the bit to believe any lie told about the opposite sex in our culture in order to justify their love of whites and hatred of themselves.



Apr 06, 2011 03:00 PM
REPLYING TO fitpudd ON Apr 06, 2011 02:52 PM Link Back
fitpudd wrote:
One is visual the other audible right, you brought up the comparison of rap and Housewives.....tell me anything you have seen on television that is as explicit as some lyrics you have heard.....other than the videos to their songs

Unless you go out and buy the album, you will hear edited versions, either on tv, or the radio. If it's not out there already, I wouldn't be surprised if you could buy these shows on DVD where stuff they say isn't edited.

But that's not even the point. You are defended one form of smut because you think it isn't as bad? It's still garbage, and many of you here watch it and love it!!

So let's recap this thread. We can't question the people who actually distribute, and allow this music to make it widely available because, despite other types of rap and rappers out there because 'those people can't be expected to look out for us'. We can't question the consumers because they are 'sheep', and we can't question other forms of smut starring black women because 'it's not AS bad as rap'. No, the only ones we can question and openly attack are black rappers, and by extension, as is usually the case, black men. This is a viewpoint you expect anyone to take seriously?
Apr 06, 2011 01:16 PM
REPLYING TO loovejonesx ON Apr 06, 2011 12:43 PM Link Back
loovejonesx wrote:
fact of the matter is, much of what you hear in rap was inspired by what's put out in hollywoodI agree wholeheartedly with that much pk. Thing is, it's always easier to throw yo' lil rock & hide yo' hand, rather than take any onus & blame for it.LJx

yep. that what kills me about hollywood. so many act like they're so ultra-liberal, meanwhile, they turn a blind eye to all the vulgar, profane, mysoginyst, racist, violent stuff that's on the screen. they deflect sh___ by doing things like pointing at rap music and saying what's wrong with it so they can get back to their sodom and gomorrah dreck without interruption

Apr 06, 2011 01:18 PM
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sekou1130 wrote:
You would think...My issue is that hip hop has become the new "poster child" for misogyny. And because the face of hip hop is black, it has become an "easy" target. Wherewas she when groups like Aerosmith, Guns & Roses, Poison, etc.were popular?Probablydancingto their music and singing the lyrics.These groups history of misogyny is well documented, by themselves, and by the groupies they ran through.
Yep, and that's something I think is worthy of acknowledging. The way race can be used here. Dump on black men to make what is a valid point, but don't have the nerve to cross your own. Hell, she didn't even mention Eminem whose music included talk of killing his own mother and baby mama. WTF... He's the king of misogyny AND the biggest seller in rap. But of course some of us are willing to get played.
Apr 06, 2011 01:36 PM
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canaduh32 wrote:
Yep, and that's something I think is worthy of acknowledging. The way race can be used here. Dump on black men to make what is a valid point, but don't have the nerve to cross your own. Hell, she didn't even mention Eminem whose music included talk of killing his own mother and baby mama. WTF... He's the king of misogyny AND the biggest seller in rap. But of course some of us are willing to get played.

And that's my issue with her and white women who use hip hop as a scapegoat for the worldwide issue of misogyny. I'm not defending nor condoning hip hop, but if one is going to tackle misogyny, one should be prepared to deal with all aspects....from the porn industry (predominately white), owners and investors of strip clubs, prostitution, the sexual exploitation of girls and women worldwide. Oh and let's not forget Hugh Hefner and the entire Playboy empire...



Apr 06, 2011 01:43 PM
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harlemiteblack wrote:
white males are the biggest purchasers of rap, that has been established, but I do think blacks relationship w/ hip hop is different than whites, I think we may internalize it more where they may just party w/ it

Yes, and every since whites got more and more into hip-hop, the more and more violent and sexist it has become ..think about it:

In the early-to-mid 80s, the majority of rap songs were giving just about bragging on being the best rapper (I'm Bad), giving you a message (The Message; Fast Life), or just about having fun (The Show; Pee-Wee's Dance)...
...but the first "gangstas" that I, actually, recall hearing in rap were the BEASTIE BOYS ! In songs like "The New Style", and even "Paul Revere", you will hear them talking about bullying and beating up n___s, and even, shooting people ...and there were many sexist lyrics in their songs, too ..They brought more of that bad boy, rebellious PUNK image into rap (cuz they were, originally, a punk group)...

..and I knew white kids who hated rap ..until NWA - they LOVED that! ...and 2 Live Crew wasn't paid that much attention to until the controversy, and whites made them more famous, rebelling against their parents (because of the controversy) ...and it was the fact that the Chronic was more accepted by WHITE SUBURBAN KIDS that made Snoop & Dr. Dre rap gods to them - they see those 2 as the O.G.s in rap...and ever since that album, making rap more acceptable to an MTV audience, rap aint been the same - aLL of the lyrics seem to go in that negative direction, although before, there was more diversity in the message...
crammasters Jul. 5th, 2010 at 10:44 am
@ sonuvman
brotha u are right, the list is endless in the ways this system is attacking us from every direction — economic, political, educational, medical, food, water, fast food, sexually, prison, law enforcement, etc

I think deep down we KNOW the truth and that’s why we spend so much time fighting with each other, it’s like a form of DENIAL, it’s SAFER than fighting our real enemies, AND we won’t have to face the painful truth:

that almost EVERYTHING they do to us and tell us is WRONG for us, including these black “celebrities” and “role models” and IR, but we snap it up, like a pack of starving dogs begging for a bone…
and we ignore our long 500-year HISTORY when we believe that the white men in power will turn over the reins of power to a black outsider and let him tell THEM what to do…
as u said, I could go on (and on and on) but I’ll save that for those who are like me, who are searching for truth,

instead of another “comforting” lie and more false reasons to celebrate “black progress”


sonuvman Jul. 5th, 2010 at 1:33 am
@crammasters…Brother, there is really nothing I can add to your discourse below, you are right on the money. The sooner we realize that all of this nonsense is not only promoted to degrade us, but to DISTRACT us from what they are REALLY doing i.e. dumbing us down so that they can run their agenda, literally killing us with their “double down” grease heart attacks (aka KFC), re-engineering the physical makeup of our babies (mothers, white women don’t feed their babies SIMILAC)…I could go on. People, if u don’t go WITHIN u will go WITHOUT!


crammasters Jul. 1st, 2010 at 4:23 pm
@ TremayneDC
excellent post, brother! you are right on point.
what we see on the street, in our homes, schools, jobs, prisons, and mental institutions is the END BY PRODUCT of 20 to 30 years of anti-black, anti-self, anti-progressive, and anti-self-respecting madness courtesy of the mainstream media and their black “role model” puppets,

who sell their souls to brainwash black youth with their buffoonish, colorstruck sitcoms and movies, who allow the WM to put them in dresses – from Flip Wilson, Wesley Snipes, Martin Lawrence, and Tyler Perry, and the black female puppets who play mammy to their white female audiences

i’ve said it before, and i’ll keep on saying it:

the word “black role model” should be BANNED from the black vocabulary UNLESS we know that person PERSONALLY AND should NEVER be applied to a black entertainer…especially a rich one

they don’t get “rich” by fighting the racist entertainment system, they get rich by COOPERATING WITH IT
Apr 06, 2011 01:52 PM
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fitpudd wrote:
Sorry Can but Housewives and hardcore rap are 2 totally different things really, clearly the lyrics in hardcore rap are explicit and the images even more so. ............Now if you want to have a discussion about the Housewives let's have a discussion about the Housewives, but we can in no ways compare them to gansta rap....Now my comparison to black on black crime, more so because they love to rap on smoking folk or perhaps porno because some of their lyrics could make Hugh Heffner blush, but Housewives, nah.......
Ah you see, so now what's the argument. Housewives is less negative? I've seen discussions here on JERSEY FREAKIN SHORE!!! Flava Flav's old show etc. All kinds of smut, some not even directed at black people, yet so called grown folk are here watching it. Grown folk watching porn, movies that are even more violent and misogynistic than any rap song.
I'm not going to excuse one because these people are more 'liked'.


Obviously you don’t understand racism. Ribero’s bragging about white women isn’t racist against white women, it is a put down of black women. White women are seen as the height and femininity and black men who date or marry them often feel they have made it. They often put down black women as angry, ugly hypersexual and manish. Ribero is an a____hole but not how you think. He loves white women and hates women who look like him.
As far a Oprah goes, you are soooo wrong. Oprah has crafted her career to be white friendly. Her discussion of how many whites work for her is another way to make sure that her white audience know that they are first and foremost in her mind.Oprah shies away from any totally black cause and hypes the few whites who help blacks. How that woman can drive through Chicago every day and not help black children is beyond me. If she did so she might alienate her white audience and she is too much of a mammy to do that.
eshowoman on June 29, 2010 at 6:49 pm

powderkeg wrote:
not when those who speak out against it are doing the same thing. hollywood is just as mysoginyst, not to mention racist and violent. but since she's a part of that mess, she won't dare speak out against it.fact of the matter is, much of what you hear in rap was inspired by what's put out in hollywood
that's pretty much it......

Note by Me: I don't agree with using the H word though.

By Timothy
Apr 06, 2011 12:10 PM
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chocolatemartini wrote:
I do agree it's not only rap look how Hugh Hefner lifestyle is glamorized, but rape is very crude with it. No one cares about black women, so no one is going to take rap misogyny to task until whites complain. Like when 50 cent made an insensitive comment about "evacuating his ho's out of Japan, Hawaii, and Cali" after the earthquake/tsunami and I'm looking like WTF are ppl offended by this is how manyrappers refer to women in general.
Well I'd argue that mysongyny in rap is taken to task and done moreso than most. I mean the most popular show on tv was a show about a man running through hos around a young boy. Like you said, look at Hef. Are these women treated as anything other than hoes? The stories about celebs going for sex and even Hef supposedly having sex with lots of these women in exchange for their room and board. He's a hero, the envy of all men. And I don't think the issue with 50 was with the term ho, it's that he was talking about the earthquake in an insensitive way. He made a joke out of it.
They should speak out, but just like with that discussion, many don't understand the problem well enough to really address it. Most of these discussions end up blaming black men for rap, when the vast majority of black men aren't rappers, we know that there are limits to the actual control of distribution black men have, when it comes to the music and it's content, and we have fan bases that include many whites, and yeah, many black women as well. So how do you address all that beyond 'black men need to stop calling black women hoes'?

Edit: and this music doesn't show black men in the best light either.

crammasters Jul. 1st, 2010 at 4:10 pm
it’s a message that has to be hammered home
the prosperity of EVERY HUMAN SOCIETY depends on the social position of the female. Even in cultures where women are oppressed, the MEN will fight and kill to protect the PUBLIC HONOR of their women because that “honor” reflects on their honor AS MEN.
the women are the MOTHERS of their children, the civilizers and nurturers of the next generation, who represet the future of the ENTIRE RACE

so when black males allow the WHITE MEDIA to PAY US to disrespect and degrade the BLACK MOTHERS OF THE NEXT GENERATION, men who know better must speak up

why do we think the white controlled music industry, the news media, TV networks and movie industry crank out so many degrading images of black women? Why are websites and magazines filled with headlines that degrade BW?

because they know if they destroy YOU, they have destroyed ME and all the ones who come after me..
This war started during slavery and continues to this day. We have to be smart enough NOT to do to our own, what the white man would NEVER allow the black man to do to his women

case in point, Tiger’s soon to be ex-wife will be rewarded with over 3/4 of his fortune for marrying and divorcing him. Elin, a working-class nanny from a working class background will be the richest ex-baller-wife in history after the white divorce lawyers and judges get through with him.

And for the rest of her LIFE, she will be painted as the sympathetic victim who DESERVES most of the money Tiger, that lowdown n8gger earned for cheating to his blond white wife.
Even the w***es, prostitutes and strippers Tiger cheated with have been painted as “victims” by the white media because they are white and he is black

you know what they call this? TAKING CARE OF YOUR OWN…


Not every AA woman have sex with thugs. It's kind of ironic that the same people claiming to be so nice and good use some of the most wicked invective against AA women. Black people among both genders have issues and problems. That can't be denied or obfuscated. The solution for our problems as a people isn't bomb throwing or throwing AA women under the bus. The solution is for all black people to communicate with each other, we must love each other, we must fight against the evils in our community, and we must unite to make our Black people rise up into the next level of cultural & moral growth. We have to have a sense of the arts and intellectual growth too (like math, science, technology, etc.).

See, I view a woman basher and a thug as equal threats or enemies in our community. The thug is wrong for promoting nihilism and other forms of wickedness. The women basher (who lies and claims to be the "nice guy") is wrong since this person over exaggerates incidents and project false stereotypes against all AA women. Some of them use these stereotypes as an excuse to go IR. Many of them are consumed with low self-esteem.

As men, we can't excessively whine about women. That action isn't a definition of real manhood. Real manhood is taking responsibility, standing up for ourselves, and being able to help those that need help in an altrustic way. For if we whine in an immoral fashion about women, we disrespect ourselves since we came from women via birth. So, the reasonable solutions are to be active in our communities to help our people, to fight against evils, and to confront thugs, women haters, and bullies (in inspiring these people to change their own ways). You can't say I'm the nice guy and do nothing to help out your own community when the going gets tough. We as men have to live by our words and show no fear of any human by being strong (to stand up for legitimate black liberation). We have to love AA women like we love ourselves. Just because some AA people have problems, doesn't mean we gloat over our own people. We be active to confront evil and form plans to build up Black people. More Black unity is a big way to fight back against the white supremacy system.

-By Timothy (Me)


Here are beautiful Senegalese women and they are all Sereres.

Bruna Ndiaye
Kinee Diouf
Fatou Ndiaye
Dji Dieng



Tam wrote:

You previously give the impression that no AA rioted or took actions (here):
now you say a tiny minority. Which one is it Sassy?
For you information about African American actions in Italy V Ethiopia, this may be helpful (it is in PDF):
Many African Americans responded to the emerging
world crisis with growing activism. When Italy in-
vaded Ethiopia in 1935, it was, along with Liberia and
Haiti, one of the world’s three black-ruled nations,
and black communities throughout the United States
organized to send it aid. In New York, black nurses
under the leadership of Salaria Kee raised money to
purchase medical supplies, and black physician John
West volunteered to treat wounded Ethiopians at
a hospital supported by black American donations.
Mass meetings to support the Ethiopians were held
in New York City under the auspices of the Provi-
sional Committee for the Defense of Ethiopia and
the Ethiopian World Federation. Similar rallies oc-
curred in other large cities while reporters from black
newspapers, such as J. A. Rogers of the Pittsburgh
Courier, brought the horror of this war home to their
readers. Although American law forbade citizens to
engage in active combat in Ethiopia, over 17,000
African Americans indicated a desire to help Em-
peror Haile Selassie (r. 1930–1974) resist the Italians.
Despite fierce resistance, the Italians won the war in
1936, in part by using poison gas. The conflict alerted
many African Americans to the dangers of fascism,
reawakened interest in and identification with Africa,
and fanned the flames of black internationalism,
which was destined to become more pronounced after
World War II."


May 27, 2010 12:25 PM
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Your response was totally on point!

I don't see how this is a good thing
for black people, let alone black men. The thing that black men and
women keep forgetting (God only knows why) is that our greatest strength
is each other. That strength is what has gotten us through Slavery,
Reconstruction, Civil Rights, and everything else that's been thrown our

This is exactly what Superhmmmr fails to understand -- the actions of the Black man affects the Black woman, and vice versa. We NEED eachother to survive as a race, as a people. If one fails, we're all affected and we all collectively LOSE.

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