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Flying Dutch on the Economy

The US recovery is little more than an economic 'sugar-rush'
Guess what! America is on the mend. That’s right, the world’s biggest economy is now forging ahead, escaping its sub-prime malaise.

You can always generate growth, but the question is how much is that growth going to cost you, because creating growth if there's no natural demand means you're inflating the system. There i still no $1 trillion pumped into infrastructure, ...a new power grid and other major projects that need to be done, it's still flowing to banks and that doesn't work. It's the opposite world to economically create a recovery to support the tail of the economy instead of the fundaments.All Western countries are more or less doing it,t he Us only in a bigger way.But because the Dollar is so liquid and Globally used , the US has more room for monetary expansion without major consequences than some smaller countries where the currency is not widely used.But it's no good idea and dollar or currency devaluation, the euro and other currencies are inflating just as fast means that the joke is on the populations of all these countries in the end.See More

This is very serious because the US economy and the World basically need a very wise and sustainable policy there, other end up in troubles as well. We already have Japan likely going to hit other countries with their economy being damaged, i've no idea what the impact will be of that.But the idea is that there will be 20% less power in Tokyo.

Also when the manufacturing base is so small, like below 15% while consumption is 70% of GDP ( the economy) then any serious increase of consumption to generate growth is going to increase the trade surplus very fast because manufacturing cannot keep pace bwith the increased the demand of the much larger internal consumption than production, meaning way more imports, that also leads to inflation or higher interest rates to curtail inflation and that is decreasing growth again. To generate growth without inflation and increasing the trade deficit, you need more manufacturing, that's no hamburger flipping to be clear, because things like that are today statistically calculated as manufacturing, tricks of government to suppoedly make the manufacturing base look better than it is.

So basically any genuine honest economist really knows very well how to fix this problem, i know it, they know it, the question is on who's paylist are they? The government or wallstreet banks that own the Fed? They're not allowed to tell the truth, because their interests are differently. I once spoke about this other thing, see, the internationalist banking system and multinationals only care about theri export and most profits are to be made in Eastern Asia right now, fastest growing, so they will devalue the Dollar to icnrease export for them. ( so also the fed being part of the intenrationalist private banking system that owns them) . So what they're doing is inflating, debasing the Dollar, so that the population pays the price of the devaluation, while they are making bigger profits because of artificially boosting competition for the small part of the US economy that is exports, around 8% of GDP.This is also an issue not very known even by those talking about topics liek this this. This is very bad, cause now you got a leadership and corporate leadership, cooperating together that have an interest not beign equal tot he interest of the population....that's what more and more people are starting to feel. Whatever recovery after the many recessions of last 40 years, the American purchasing power per worked hour per employee dropped enormously.This was largely camouflaged by rising housing prices, stocks, options and longer and more working, including more working per average households, more women being employed etc. and so the average purchaisng power didn't seem to drop on average, but it did per worked hour in purchasing power over last 40 years. So 90% of the economy or more, is largely sacrifices for those that have interests of international trade and for them, including the Fed it's much better to devalue the Dollar to boost competition for them and the nasty side effect of this inflation or devaluation is then paid by the rest of the nation. Very sly. They're literally laughing all the way to the bank. It's a kind of hoax within the hoax of fractional reserve banking and the monetary system, if currency would be gold or silver, it wouldn't be possible.


"Gordon Brown has finally admitted he made a ‘big mistake’ in failing properly to regulate the banks.
The former prime minister, who has always claimed the recession was mainly the result of global factors, told a conference in the U.S. that Labour should have done much more to rein in the banks before the crisis struck.
The humiliating admission will be seized on by Mr Brown’s critics who argue that the long boom he presided over was fuelled largely by easy credit – allowing households and government to build up huge debts.

Mr Brown, the architect of the regulatory system that failed to detect the looming disaster, said he had not appreciated how ‘entangled’ the banks had become.

He said his vision of the Financial Services Authority had focused too much on dealing with individual banks, rather than looking at the risk of systemic failures.
He added: ‘I have to accept my responsibility.’ Describing his time as Chancellor, Mr Brown said he had been put under intense pressure by the City to slash regulation.
Yet in 2005, when the banking system was beginning to run out of control, he called for ‘light touch regulation’.
In his speech at the weekend he warned that Britain and other countries were in danger of again competing to offer banks the lightest regulatory regimes to attract them."

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Quite interesting. They need this American Glass Steagle Act, to begin with, that was ended in 1999 and most of the mass speculation and out of control derivative boosts came after that. Glass Steagle was seperating the investments banks) speculators) from the saving banks. But all that went blurry and so money out fo savings was used to speculated with, nobody could see it anyway, so it was extremely temptive.

Secondly nationalize the Bank of England and only government has the power to issue money, not some private bankers running their bureaucratics boards, known as Central Banks.It's too temptive to indebt governements for private bankers running Central Banks. So the treasury or department of finance should issue currency.

-Flying Dutch


there is NO left or right! It's a smoke screen for the International Banksters to cover themselves. "We control the Right-Left conflict such that both forms of liberty are suppressed to the degree we require. Our own liberty rests not on legal or 'moral' rights," but on our own control of the government bureaucracy and courts which apply the complex, subjective regulations we dupe the public into supporting for our benefit." - The Occult Technology of Power 1974


bozino wrote:

Lord Savant,
You answered none of my questions. All you did was dodge the topic and resort to rhetoric. Extremely pitiful performance that even a peasant such as myself can immediately see through.
Scott Walker is not engaging in class warfare. Your assertion is asinine. Have you read about his background and upbringing? What is most remarkable about your opinion is that the other side of the aisle claims that you are indeed engaging in class warfare. They point out that almost half of all American families pay no federal income taxes and therefore no or little state income taxes. The top earners pay the lions share of the taxes in this country. Who do you think is going to pay for the exorbitant retirements of these people sire??? The policy you advocate is class warfare!!!! Why are you so envious of people that are successful and make large amounts of money? I am a peasant and I admire and respect the very same people that you incessantly spew vitriol upon. Instead of advocating class warfare in the manner of a garden variety reactionary what you should be doing is encouraging people to work hard to achieve their dreams. To emphasize the link between hard work and success. To never give up and persevere no matter what the cost. Instead you adovcate that people blame their troubles on others and look to others to pay their way in life. That is morally and ethically bankrupt. I expect more from elitists such as yourself. Good day to you commodore.
Scott Walker is engaging in class warfare on behalf of the rich, as political sycophant of the Koch brothers.
HIs attack on collective bargaining, and the attacks of of ther right wing political yes-men, is intended to erode the power of working people to organize---an effort which, if successful, would leave the working people totally at the mercy of the rich. No one is passing any laws preventing the rich from organizing.
As the claim that 50% of Americans don't pay taxes, this idiotic right wing talking point is sheer pish posh! I once belinged to the lower 50%(even lower 20%) of the American class structure. My impoverished parents would have been shocked to learn that they were paying no Federal or state income tax since it was continually taken from their salaries.
Even poor, half-educated dwellers in the ghettoes of East Baltimore could see that.
Let is also be pointed out that the rich actually are paying less taxes proportionately today than they have in over fifty years. Let it also be noted that some corporations pay no taxes at all, and have all sorts of loopholes to escape doing so.
When something like the top 1% have about half the national income, and when corporate power eliminates employment by downsizing and other measures, the problem isn't the lack of any work effort on the part of the working class. It is the piracy of the rich.
The attacks on labor, on the poor and the working class has been intensifying for the past 30==40 years.
I simply say to the working people the truth: Class warfare is already under way, has been going on for decades, maybe from the beginning of nation. Only it's the rich who are waging it, and I propose that the rest of us become AWARE of this, and unite in defense of our common interest in economic justice and democracy.
But I leave you to admire your plutocratic masters in peace. I want no part of your illusions, and it appears that an increasing number of working class people are caating off illusions as well.



LIE - "Everything has been tried to educate [Africans in America], including giving them advantage over Caucasian Americans with affirmative action." Truth - Brown v Board of Education was appeasement. Brown v Board of Education allowed for the creation of a system designed to fail thus preventing challenges to status quo. Therefore, little has been attempted to properly educate Africans in America unless INDIVIDUAL Africans in America desire to assimilate into a rotten society. As far as affirmative action, how could the ones who maintained the problems of injustices in America for countless years, come up with remedies to solve injustices. Affirmative action was an illusion of inclusion. Affirmative action did not give Africans in America advantages. Affirmative action recognized the "good ole boy system" of America was wrong. Today, affirmative action is harmful to Africans in America while benefiting Caucasian American females particularly.

Africans in America are failing in this society because we refuse to embrace the truth of America. As a result, we embraced, embrace what we should fight while celebrating what should put us into agony. You cannot understand what I posted. Therefore, why attempt to sound informative? You are lacking any understanding of the truth; you are just a little ignorant wannabe bigot who is failing thus you blame Africans in America for your shortcomings. I understand though - it is your nature. It is your genetics which prevents you from being a friend to the truth.

-Jermaine Malik Floyd

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