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Extra Commentaries in 2011

_A_ Dec. 15th, 2009 at 1:48 pm
The root of this is white supremacy. Every time a black athlete transcends his sport, the media will try to knock him off that pedastal. I’m actually very surprised it took so long and I really thought they would try to link him to steroids though, never thought it would come this way, but I knew it would happen eventually. Lebron is next!!


LouisianaEmperor wrote:
SIGH SMH Knock it off. I know what duh means but that doesn't make an ounce of sense. You're telling me WN is a payoff online. HOW??? Unless you're gonna meet him and get a green card then there is no payoff. And you still shouldn't make an ass of black women in the name of some hidden payoff. But yes, I would love for you to school me on what kind of payoff does a man who claims to already have one black woman pregnant with another on the side has to offer to black women?? Oh, he's white therefore he can put on a suit and go get a job right??? There is nothing on earth that offers a payoff for me to sell my dignity, respect, and my soul. But as I said before, we were raised different. I was raised to stand for something whereas you were raised to stand to earn something. I'll live my life and you can live yours. But I can be proud of the reflection in the mirror. And no need to respond with a blah blah blah because that's usually the rebuttal I get from morally bankrupt people.
I agree with you LE. WN has nothing to offer BW. He dogs women out, & then knocks them up with out even putting a ring on it. He is just like any of the non good BM that some women complain about. But just because WN is white I guess that is why he gets a pass. I just don't understand. I'm a BW but I love the skin I'm in I could never see my self kissing a WM ass like that just because of the color of his skin. That sounds like self hate to me & something only self loathers do, not proud BP. The black females who put him in his place & don't feed into his B.S. get bashed, called names, & are treated like criminals here.

How could someone complain about BM making OOW babies, being drug dealers, calling women disrespectful names, etc. When WN does the EXACT same things as these women accuse lowdown BM of doing. WN has sold drugs (he admitted to that), making OOW kids, calls women sluts & whores, but it's a double standard because he's a WM? This is sad & that is why so many people call blacks brainwashed, color struck, & subservient to whites. White people get a way with murder & black people will kiss their ass regardless of what these whites are doing wrong. It's like to them 'almighty whitey' can do no wrong in their eyes. It's really no wonder why every thinks black people are a joke. Look at how our people behave.

To me it's not different. Anti-Chaos does the same thing. Claims he loves BW but then calling them names. I have exchanged words with pro-chaos opps I mean ANTI-chaos in the past. I'm down for BM but not BM like him he's too wishy washy & hypocritical because he praises WW who like BM but calls IR BW names. He's a hypocrite.

Only thing I can say though, is at least anti-chaos does not post those degrading pics like White November does but as far as the name calling thing goes they're both in the same boat.


venitabrooks Sep. 8th, 2010 at 4:54 pm
Black people are so confused.All this ir dating/marrying is destroying black peoples minds.The confusion among blacks who date ir is Disturbing and toxic.Not interested in haearing blacks who lay/sleep/date/marry nonblacks and then complain about discrimination,inequality,racism or any other issues related to race.Just not interested.


AfricanSpeech Sep. 7th, 2010 at 12:30 pm
Some folks think they can…
Maybe she lost a lot of roles to white women so now she’s going back into black mode, LOL…
Notice that when things are going well for some black people, their outlook on whites and racism is “oh, race is not a factor” or “give white people a chance” but once they are shown the door by their “new friends”, they switch it up and start sporting the black fist and you are like, WTH?


CaliFemme23 Jul. 26th, 2010 at 2:19 am
billss, Ok, im not going to debate this one in full with you until I do my research on Van Jones…BUT from what I gather so far, he did in fact make some ill comments…
Now my thing is, how many white people can I name that have made blistering comments about blacks for ages? I can name too many. Matter of fact, a glaring example is one Sen. Byrd. He was a KLAN member, he raped, tortured, murdered blacks for 37 years…Obama stood up at a podium and praised the guy for his ‘LIFES WORK’….
You mean a black man can’t make a comment, but a white man can murder, AND hold a higher place?
PR-BLACKCO, LOL…My Cleavage and myself appreciate it…

Hello Family! This is a serious “wake up” call from our entire community, because when this f___ demon assaulted this Black Woman and Child, he assaulted and offended the most sacred right that any nation or community of people have and that is the ‘right’ to exist without threat of violent or violence itself from others. To live inpeace! Moveover, the the God-given and precious virtue of safety, respect and honor of our women and children have been violated. The history of personal and collective violence, murder, lynchings,
chruch bombings, castrations, rapes, abductions and the most inhuman treatment of our ‘Black Family’ by this white/ racist society is unmatched in the history of the world! And, with this coward, girlie-man, sissy, punk, animal and devil getting out of jail is a slap in the face to all Black Men! It says to the world, “You cannot protect your women and your children”. Therefore, you must not be ‘men’? Dr. Martin Luther King said, “Justice denied anywhere is justice denied everywhere”! This impacts and effects us all! It is time for us, as “Men Of God”, Men of our Precious and Sacred Black Families and Communities, as Men who will be denied ‘immortality’ in the hearts, spirits and minds of those who will follow us in this life, if we don’t leave a Lion Example of protection, love, safety and the well-being of our woman and children. If we, “as men”, don’t take serious heed to this ‘awake-up call’ and be compelled to set a ‘new example’ that will be acknowledged and respected by God and the planet, then we are eunuchs and may God Have Mercy On Our Wretched Souls….
Rev. Howard


@ Capricorn_Intellect

if you think he's his murder acquittal was NOT connected to that "robbery" charge where he got MORE time than an armed robber would for holding up a bank, I don't know what to tell u...
if u dont think that negro getting away with murdering two WHITE people -- at least in the eyes of the white criminal justice system AND white america -- was not the reason they threw the big black book at de, i don't know what to tell u...
if you don't think it was a strange coincidence that he got convicted of robbery on the same date that he got acquitted of murdering TWO WHITE PEOPLE, then i definitely don't know what to tell u...
got nothing to do with Willie Lynch (who never existed); it has everything to do with the system of white supremacy and "white justice"
FYI -- a completely innocent man would never write a book about his murdered wife and the mother of the children he loves called "If I Did It"
those are the actions of a sociopath -- in my opinion....
bottom line, who gives a d___, anyway? he doesn't, not as long as some white female "claims" to love him...



@ MsMerising:

Good luck with being a "Croatian Caucasian". Let us know how that's working out for you.

This is a site about Black love.

For the record, the notion that only black male celebrities are dating white (and other) women, is a LIE.

I can name more than a dozen black actresses, atheletes, and others who date exclusively white. This is all a bias that's presented by the media, who wish to see Black love destroyed.

Society and all these sad ___ stories about interracial dating is going to force me into it. I LOVE BLACK MEN. I have not had any issues with meeting them and/or dating. I grew up in the Black Panther heart is rooted to my Black Men!

Let me tell you something...There is NO other race that compliments my resume regarding love than a tall Black Man:) There is no other race of men that could have done for me during my struggles of single parent-hood raising my boy to a man than a Black Man. There was no other race of men that could help my then 22 y o son deal, cope and understand when he was hemmed up by Seattle Police, and being disrespected all the while having all proper documentation in his car than a Black Man.

Everyone has the right to date whomever they deem...A Black Man is the only color for this Black Sistah~
Good point. Truth is almost everything is being done to destroy black families. Starting with the man, and so on. Society knows good and well what black people can do when given the same chances. I know some of y'all are going to say "we do have chances". Yea but we still have to work twice as hard as anyone else in the world and it's a fact. All I can say is, don't give up on your people because of the few who don't know the truth.
CaliFemme23 Sep. 8th, 2010 at 10:02 pm
knockthatsh___off, Ahhhhh, I had to visit your page after I read this last post from you….Very interesting….It explains A LOT of what you have ‘said’ here.
Well being is that you are a black female who is interested in white men, according to your page and what you just said here, this debate is now futile. We are on two totally different ‘levels’ when it comes to the black race, and especially black men. True, black men can get on a sister’s NERVES, BUT I am absolutely SURE that there are more than one or two good ones left. And contrary to what YOU might want me to believe, there are MANY, MANY black men out there who are very pro-black and wouldn’t dare lay with a white woman.
The white media just doesn’t want the sisters to know about those black men, so they in fact HYPE only the black men who are into whites….It’s called destruction, and I see it has worked on quite a few of you.


crammasters Sep. 8th, 2010 at 6:16 pm
@ Cali
the IR-loving folks need to take their complaints to the same place they took their love, money, time, care and concern. If u are sexing a Asian, Hispanic or white folk, why are u bringing all your complaints back to black folk?

because that black folk KNOWS them NON-Black folks don’t give a d___ how they are treated,

and if any gullible, love-everything-but-a-black folk, kind of black folk don’t believe what i said is true, try this experiment:
1. take that “ain’t no black folk winning an Emmy” to the Korean community and see how far u get
or the Hispanic or white community and see how far u get…

you make your bed, lie in and deal with it, and once you are gone, STAY GONE
and if they mistreat you DEAL WITH IT
because i’m just not interested in that information…


crammasters Sep. 8th, 2010 at 5:53 pm
@ sosogood33 who said, “Once again the black woman has to be called a n___ and kicked out the white mans bed before she will come on board. Shes always been the white mans allie to destroy the black man, false domestic volence cases, greed thru the child support system, lyin about who’s the baby daddy,ect. ”
ME: Brother, there is NO ONE who spends more TIME in white folks’ bed than US black males, so let’s keep that sh___t real.

What I don’t understand is why this article has to be used as an opportunity to trash black females INSTEAD of addressing the racism in the media and giving the sister credit for speaking out and probably NEVER working in Hollywood again.

i agree with you that her article about dating out was disappointing but with all the BM dating/marrying non-black females, what do we think is going to be the NATURAL REACTION by our women? What choice are we giving them, brother, when 22 percent of BM marry outside race? It’s clear that WE are the ones who are out of order…

Bottom line, if MORE black folk knew our history, we would NEVER accuse the BW who was raped for over 400 years of “being in the white man’s bed.” That is disrespectful of our ancestors and shows NO regard for the suffering of our women.
Did u know the black man was raped during slavery, too, brother? Would you accuse the BM of “being in the white man’s bed, too? Should we be blamed for what we allowed the white man to do to us? How many BM are sell0uts, brother? BW aren’t the ONLY ones who got their loyalties mixed.
the BIGGEST ALLY of the white man was AND still is the WHITE FEMALE, yet some BM have no problem giving her a free pass for her role in slavery AND today’s racism, but will throw BOULDERS at the black female’s head for being a victim of the SAME white supremacy system that has victimized us.
Brother, child support forces the UNWILLING male who brings a child into the world to be RESPONSIBLE FOR FEEDING, HOUSING AND CLOTHING THAT CHILD. Child support is used against the BM, no doubt, but too many of us (and white males and Hispanic males) would NEVER do a d___ thing for their shorties if the law didn’t make them do it, let’s keep that real…

A man who has VOLUNTARY SEX with a female and does NOT use a condom is NOT being “tricked” into any d___ thing, he did what he did, and took his chances, and if a baby is born, he’s responsible for taking care of that baby, and if he pizzed, he needs to be pizzed at the man in the mirror. Anything else is straight bulls___.

The Revolutionist wrote:

Blacker than Black my brotha, and don't let them tell you otherwise until they can show you hard evidence to contradict it, example a picture of some mysterious looking White man with full features.
However, even if the Olmecs were the same shade as the average chinese man, with those features they would of still looked African (They would of looked similar to Jay z), without a shadow of a doubt!...They were Black, just like the first Egyptians, first Humans and the majority of the Moors (African soldiers who were converts to the Muslim Religion and thought within the Muslim armies helping them conquer much of Europe)...
Have you noticed how a lot of Spanish women look mixed race, I wonder how that happened!
Yes I hear ya. Even if "they" want to say Olmecs were "chinese", well it's been proven Chinese descend from Africans. The features of slanted eyes originate from Africa(the Khosian people)and do not let them tell you these aren't Black people or "another race".



AFricans left paintings of themselves in Algerian caves dating back to 6000 years ago;
North Africa was stolen from the Blackman wrote:

A hunter with Negroid features, about 5.5 feet in height, holds an arrow in his right hand and a heavy bow in the left in Tassili n' Agger, Algeria, 6000 B.C.
Scroll to the middle of page

Also, there were BLACK African (pre-dynastic Egyptians) called BADARIANS 4500BC.
Blacks bred themselves out of Egypt wrote:

The Badarian structure is said to have affinity to the black race ... Max Toth, Pyramid Prophecies, Destiny Books,(1988): "The oldest ivory figurines found in ancient Egypt were sculpted by the Badari, a Negroid race of the Egyptians".

Dr. Eugen Strouhal Physical Anthropologist was able to take samples of seven of the racially mixed Badarian individuals which were macroscopically curly [spirals of 10-20mm in diameter] or wavy in [25-35 mm]. They were studied microscopically by S. Tittlebacchova from the Institute of Anthropology of the Charles University, who found in five out of seven samples a change in the thickness of the hair in the course of its length, sometimes with simultaneous narrowing of the hair pitch. Strouhal summarized: "The outline of the cross-sections of the hairs was flattened, with indices ranging from 35 to 65. These peculiarities also show the Negroid inference among the Badarians (pre-dynastic Egyptians)." (Journal of African History, 1971). Thus, this is incompatible with the theories that the Negro element only infiltrated into Egypt at a late stage.
Black people had a habit of starting Ancient Civilisations then accepting every other race living amongst them.

We then always proceed to breed with them, turning ourselves into a camel coloured, sandy-brown, weaker race that end up denying their Black African ancestors....Why is that?...No pale skins need reply, Blacks only please!

-The Revolutionist


Redefined wrote:

And that is my whole Point, a gov/genetics site is Putting out false DNA studies. So again, Just because a study is coming from a so called credible source doesn't make it accurate.
They do a lot more than just put out false "DNA studies" they also mislead the entire world according to their theories, example.

In an attempt to explain peculiarities of Mercury's orbit, in the 19th-century French mathematician Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier hypothesized that they were the result of another planet, which he named Vulcan.

The entire Scientific Community backed his theory for years with using Sir Isaac Newtons Laws of Motion and Gravitation, however, the theories failed to match the observations.

Rather than admit that Isaac newton may of been a little incorrect, they invented another planet called Vulcan which they searched for, for years and years but never found it, in the end the anomaly of Mercuries orbit was explained by Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity.

This goes to show that we must be very careful of mainstream Science and their theories and must be able to think for ourselves rather than just swallow their foolish theories without questioning!

-The Revolutionist




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