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crammasters on 5/02/2010 12:07AM
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@ tc2ewra

all good points and I'll add another good one:

" WASHINGTON — Senator Barack Obama’s decision to support legislation granting legal immunity to telecommunications companies that cooperated with the Bush administration’s program of wiretapping without warrants has led to an intense backlash among some of his most ardent supporters." (July 2, 2008)

This was a BIG RED FLAG, along with the bank bailout just before the November election that 87% of the taxpayers were against. BOTH Obama and McCain voted for the bailouts, going against the will of the people.

Both of them flew down to DC in a hurry even though neither one had voted on an issue in MONTHS, which means neither man was doing the JOB that the taxpayers were paying them to do.

Another BIG RED FLAG that happened BEFORE his election, so the voters had ample warning...but ignored them, and so we will pay the price...

Here's another good one:

"The Obama administration has asked Congress to extend three contentious provisions of the USA Patriot Act - a bill once described by President Obama as "shoddy" - and urged an appeals court to deny access to U.S. courts for detainees at a military prison in Afghanistan.

Civil liberties groups immediately criticized both moves, which would extend Bush-era terrorism policies that have long been unpopular with Democrats."


Now, some folk will get mad at us for posting the FACTS, which reminds me of a great George Orwell quote:

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act."

And I'll add one more thing to that:

"When the Messengers bring the masses an unpopular message, the Messengers will be blamed and hated EVEN if the Messengers are telling the truth. The masses prefer a pretty lie to the not-so-pretty truth, even if that truth liberates them from tyranny. This is the biggest reason the masses are so easy to enslave." -- Anon


Dewayne on 5/02/2010 2:26PM
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I voted for Obama because I was tired of Bush policies. A war that was unjustified. The War on Iraq was like when Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan and America went and jumped on China. Ben Laden, Bush’s ex oil buddy, was in Afghanistan not Iraq. George Bush knew by occupying Iraq America one day would control the Iraq oil he thought. OPEC Majority of Arabians countries do not like American occupation in Iraq therefore they would keep the oil prices up. George Bush, an oil business man, loves the profits he is making now. That is why invaded Iraq to push up the oil prices. To make money for his rich defense contactors to rebuild Iraq.

Keep in mind President Obama is a politician. The first thing he does is he bailed out the rich bankers. He bailed out the rich owners of the car industries. They trained him well at Harvard. The health care reform will benefit the insurance companies more than anybody. Now everybody has to buy health insurance or be penalized.

We had a poor choice for the last President election. Both of these candidates McCain and Obama are for globalization. I thought Obama was the less of the two evils. But McCain help put him over the finish line when he picked Sarah Palin. The good old boys from the Republican Party will never let Sarah Palin be president or vice president.

The elite rich in this company said to many American are living above standards. They decided to set us back. High gas price, freeze the credit, higher food, higher clothes, outsource all the jobs, and this will bring down the standard of living.

White people now protesting because they though they were middle class. Well if you can not pay cash for a new car or cash for a house. You are a working class. Banks and credit cards is what fooled the American people that they were middle class. Now since credit is froze, they are living like working class from pay check to pay check.


crammasters on 5/02/2010 3:08PM
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@ Dewayne

I feel you, brother. I understand why many folks thought Obama was the lesser of two evils, the other being McCain. In good conscience, I was unable to vote for either.

Unfortunately, both men telegraphed their true allegiances when they BOTH voted for the bank bailouts before the November election

The question folks need to ask themselves is:

When does power ever concede without a fight?

You're right, the American standard of living is in sharp decline and it is all by design.

We are living within a time of numerous Trojan Horses, all bearing "gifts" that are designed to self-destruct and devastate us.

what better weapon to use against the people than someone they trust, or one that comes dressed as a "gift?"

I would like to recommend to all a book, "Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation," which is available on, you can also view excerpts of the book


crammasters on 5/04/2010 9:10PM
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@ tc2ewra

I agree that many black folks have allowed non-blacks to minimize our 500-year Holocaust because we have allowed non-blacks to write, teach, and whiten up our history...

I'd like to share an excerpt from "Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation" on reparations...(page 206)


"Black Tax #2: Stolen Black Labor

It is impossible to calculate the value of 400 years of forced labor – whether as a slave or as a black man or woman who was not paid a fair wage.

We will not attempt that here but it can be stated with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, that there is NO PRICE TOO HIGH to compensate black people for the cultural, economic, educational, and psychological damage that has been done to us.

Professor Joe R. Feagin, of the University of Florida at Gainesville, made a brave attempt to calculate the amount of reparations that are due to blacks from slavery to present day discrimination: “Clearly, the sum total of the worth of all the black labor stolen by whites
through the means of slavery, segregation, and contemporary discrimination is staggering – many trillions of dollars. The worth of all that labor, taking into account lost interest over time and putting it in today’s dollars, is perhaps in the range of $5 to $24 trillion.”

Black Tax #3: No 40 Acres And A Mule
According to economist Dr. William Darity, a Professor at Duke University, 40 acres today would be worth about $1.6 million – not counting the mule."



so, we're talking in the TRILLIONS of dollars from BOTH the US and Europe. In addition, the TransAtlantic Slave Trade would be declared as a "Crime Against Humanity," and the CRIMINALS would have to be identified by name and nation.

That's why I think the idea of black reparations will always be met with extreme resistance and deafening silence.

That's doesn't mean we don't deserve them -- we do more than anybody on this planet.I also think we should keep demanding them until we get what is owed to us.


crammasters on 5/07/2010 9:57PM
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@ LA Woman who said, "I was wondering when that 92-96% of Black folks who voted for Obama were going to admit that. Thank You!!"

You're welcome -- even though I didn't vote for Obama...voted for Cynthia McKinney

Right, "brown" is the new "negro", and the new "black" is bi-racial, but we're on the same page...

Actually, the "browns" will be used as scapegoats for what the elites are doing, and the "browns" will be used, just like the "blacks" have been used.
And if black folks go out to the polls to support these do-nothing Dems and a Prez who has ignored them during his campaign AND for the last 16 months, we will get what we deserve...



-The Moor

crammasters1 year ago
@ Cali who said "Had it not been for people like this brother, BROTHER trying to wake you lames up, we would still be trying to sit at lunch counters with white folks while people were throwing food and pouring drinks over your heads

Amen, that some black folks think the "battle is over" they have dropped their books and forgot their lessons, and all the brave black folks who STOOD UP and SPOKE OUT and RISKED and LOST their lives, so we could be treated with a little -- I mean, little -- dignity in this society
personally, at this point in life, I would rather deal with a white racist than a sick, assimilated negro
at least that white person is acting in what they think is their own self-interest, while the negro is just a clueless, self-hating fool....who will stab u in the back just to get a smile out a white folk...


crammasters1 year ago
@ easy_one who said, "White people need to hear and see this sh___ every ph___ day until it sinks in…"
i feel your outrage, brother, but it's NOT whites that need to hear and understand this -- they ALREADY KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS -- it's black folk who are clueless about the game of white supremacy
we must move away from trying to make whites feel guilty, that is a waste of time. If that tactic hasn't worked in 500 years, come on now...
guilt doesn't stop a criminal from committing crimes; guilt makes a criminal JUSTIFY his or her crimes
it's time to focus MORE on what black folks think about ourselves than what white folks think about us, because in many respects, if we're HONEST, we already know...


The only reason why many people believe that white women aren't racist is because of the way they act. They don't blatantly express their hatred for other races of women (specifically black women), however, they do underhandedly or secretly display racist, prejudice, bigoted attitudes towards other races. They try to act shy and/or polite to hide their true feelings because they are afraid of what someone will say. Some of them actually get a kick out of being phony towards black women.

Another thing they do is try to team up with non-black women to be prejudice towards black women when they also are racist towards them as well. This in itself is really ridiculous because some of these non-black women fall into their trap and end up getting played by them.



How do ww support black men?? Please tell me your being sarcastic! Black women are not bitter we are just tired of you guys giving up as soon as one problem or an obstacle comes along that you cant get around easily. Stop playing the blame game and wake up.

-beautiful black woman


In reality, law enforcement agencies have reported that whites both sell and use drugs in proportions equal to (sometimes greater than) Blacks. But the media most COMMONLY depicts the Black as the drug dealer. And most often it is the Black drug dealer (or user) who one sees most often in movies and on the news, and who most often goes to jail---despite law enforcement reports of equal or greater use and sale of drugs by whites.
And the claim that blacks are favored over whites in employment or in admissions to universities (even when affirmative action was functioning) is not only false, but absurd to the point of beiing LAUGHABLE.



NearFuture wrote:

It could be done but, unfortunetly i think we're almost to far gone. People just don't belive in unity and nationalism anymore.
Our peoples will to thrive on their own has been deliberately destroyed by the system, but there will come a time when we will have no choice but to be self reliant, as the West slowly implodes under it's own weight, white people will look for scapegoats to blame for their failures, guess who they will come after first?... Their history is littered with the rise of groups like the KKK at times of recession and depressions... So we better wise-up and be ready!
NearFuture wrote:

They keep throwing this blacks iq is below 85% close to retardation stat around but i think that's stupid there is no way an 85% iq can create the civilizations of nubia and mali. These test are being taken by oppresed and knowledge deprived blacks taking iq tests from whites, even if blacks scored high i don't think whites would hesitate to knock off some numbers to save face.
Intelligence is based on the environment that you bring a child up in from a very early age, and unfortunately many of our folks are not bringing our children up in an environment that is intellectually stimulating enough... We cannot speak broken english or slang to our children and then expect them to be brilliant at the English language!

Most other races use a subtle system of Psychology to train their children to live within society, ours was disrupted and destroyed a long time ago... But when we get it right we produce the best children possible!
These are supposedly "genetically retarded" children!
smartest family in england is black wrote:

Dubbed the "Wonder Twins", they broke records when they passed A/AS-level mathematics papers at the age of seven.
A year later they took and passed the University of Cambridge's Advanced Mathematics (FAM) paper, becoming the youngest students ever to pass the rigorous examinations.
NearFuture wrote:

And that black invention myths website, i honestly think it is a fraud he tried to discredit every AA invention now that's just a little suspicious some were true like peanut butter was made in latin america, but even then those AA got those patents for a reason, technological advancements are necessary for future inventions.
Most inventions are actually improvements on ideas or other inventions, however some people seem to mis-understand, for instance "Dr Mark Dean" the black scientist was partly responsible for the creation of the PC at IBM, however, I have heard a Black person telling another that he "invented computers"... None of those black inventors were sued, so they never made false claims, it was those who misunderstood their patents, this happens all the time... even with white inventors!

A man with a patent on peanut butter does not necessarily mean he invented it, it could mean he patented a "type" of peanut butter... just like Edison didn't invent the "lightbulb" he just perfected it!

-The Revolutionist


wtf wrote:

and do you know that black people have only themselves to blame for those things you just mentioned? here, allow me to explain:
about 'racist managers'-
black people tend to not do as good of a job as other races when it comes to the workplace. sorry, but its true. not all of you but many of you guys just dont.
I could say exactly the same thing about many of my white co-workers throughout my working life.
I have seen whites come to work drunk, high on drugs and lazy as Fck.

I have had to watch white cleaners moan everyday about the amount of cleaning they have to do in offices, white people complaining about things not being in their job description so can't be asked to do it, I've worked with whites who want to sit around drinking cups of tea and coffee all day, whites who constantly go outside to smoke and come back in stinking up the place with the smell of smoke, then there's the lazy whites who do not want to lift anything heavier than a shoe box or they start complaining,
I have seen whites whine about the pay, hours of work, I've known whites to hand me sloppy half completed work that I have had to pull them up about, I have seen white builders who spend all day smoking drinking and and wolf whistling at women passing by and many more.
wtf wrote:

on walking through a white neighborhood-
theres a black cook who rides his bike after work through my neighborhood and noone stops him. never seen him stopped even once. he takes a shortcut through my neighborhood.
How would you know no-one stops him, unless you asked him? Plus how would you know he "rides through your neighbourhood everyday" unless you are keeping an eye on him?... And are you denying that blacks do get stopped and questioned in certain white neighbourhoods?
If you are, you do not know enough about the being black to even be having this conversation with me!...
I have experienced this for myself, so I know exactly what I am talking about!
wtf wrote:

funny thing is, a black person can walk or drive through any white neighborhood in america but a non black person cant walk or drive through every black neighborhood in america without some level of fear. heck, i had a black guy tell me once even he doesnt feel safe driving through some black neighborhoods. why is that? yall done this to yourselves.
Sir, there are literally thousands of "no-go areas" for blacks and asians throughout the western world, this is no secret.
During the 2006 world cup in Germany blacks and asians were even being warned that if they go to certain areas they will not leave "alive"... Blacks have been attacked in strong Neo-Nazi and KKK areas, there was a case in Italy where black African immigrants were being chased out of the town and had to be shipped out of the white area.

...And if you say that whites are victimised in certain black areas, well, welcome to the world, you spent the last 200 years Lynching, arresting and murdering blacks who ventured into your neighbourhoods, now the "boot is on the other foot"... apparently there are even Muslim areas whites have to stay away from, i can't say I blame them.
wtf wrote:

as for the police questioning-
again, if theres any truth to this going on nowadays, you all have done it to yourselves.
police stop or question probable cause. if they have a reason to stop you, they will. heck ive been stopped before because a bunch of white cops thought i stole a car when in fact i was driving my own car!
Yes, but have you ever been stopped because of the colour of your skin, no, well, many innocent blacks have!!!...

-The Revolutionist


Lol, they can't even spell "colour"

Or "favourite"

Or anything with an "ou" in it.

And what's with the "I SNUCK in"? THE WORD IS "SNEAKED"!!!

(No offence to my Black American cousins, this is directed at the hill-billies!)



NearFuture wrote:

I agree, if only people understood these things and stoopped beating around the bush of common knowledge and logic.
In my opinion, it boils down to "culture"! Culture is what determines where people fit into a society.
It determines how and what we teach our children how we view ourselves and how we behave.
I hate to say this, but our culture was created during the enslavement of our forefathers and has been handed down to us from parent to child ever since.

E.G, the culture of not treasuring books was a byproduct of our forefathers having fingers chopped off when caught trying to read a book, the breakup of the black family bond is a byproduct of our forefathers having children taken away from them and sold, or our marriages not being Legally recognised and husband or wife could be sold at any time.

The lack of respect for our women comes from seeing filthy white men constantly raping our women, sometimes even gang raping them or using them as prostitutes... even "Black on Black" comes from seeing our people being murdered like sheep on a regular basis, this devalued black life. And now what do we see today?... our people doing to each other what the "Evil Massa" did to our folks back then!!!...

All this nonsense (and more) has been handed down to us through our Culture, it is a culture of slavery, we are still behaving like slaves due to it, and as long as we hold onto this destructive culture, we will always be behind everyone else, that is what it is meant to do... Slave training was deliberately designed to last up-to 300 years, even AFTER slavery, so we may have a long way to go yet unless we actively dump those negative elements within our culture.
NearFuture wrote:

The rise of another prosperous black nation with no white blemishes may never happen but we'll see what the future holds.
It definitely will happen, while white supremacy crumbles and the East takes-over (which is happening as we speak) many truths about history will surface and cause the white race to be the figure of hate by all other races, I think we may head towards mass slaughter in some parts of the world for whites that will make South Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq look like a Kindergarten.

To repeat their favourite phrase "they brought it on themselves"!

-The Revolutionist


So many people are under the (false) impression that BM are leaving BW in droves to be with other races or that black people no longer want to be together. FALSE!

Why is it that the IR unions are focused on the most in the media while black on black couples get ignored/overlooked? It's because it is done intentionally to destroy black men & black women unity to make BW want to leave BM side, & to get BW to not support BM and make us hate them. This is done especially with athletes & yes other celebs but mostly athletes. Most BM are with BW in the media & real life (over 90%).

People are getting the wrong ideas, especially BW thinking most BM are in IR relationships when that is a fat lie & MYTH.

I want people to know the truth, especially my fellow sistahs to know that you shouldn't buy into the LIES that the media is portraying.

The media focuses on the IR couples, but these are the couples/families they DON'T show you.

So true, like I said the media knows what they're doing. They want BW to drift a way from BM.

They do whatever they can to destroy the black community. Import drugs into our communities, use the skin color issue to make lighter & darker blacks fight, try to get AA's to hate foreign blacks & vice versa. Put our men in prison at higher rates. & now this.

It's like in the Willie Lynch letter, since our people are no longer slaves they try to brainwash us mentally. They try to get the dark against the light blacks, men against the women, etc.



All one has to do is LOOK AROUND and you'll see BM are sticking to their own! The minority of BM dating out get the MAJORITY of media cverage and recognition.
This BS is shoved in your face day in and day out, that's the only reason people want to believe BM are running to other races cause it's always up in your face!

If that's all you see on T.V and hear people talk about, and never look for yourself, you'd start to believe it too.




TruthbknownLDN wrote:

Not to mention all the whites who claim disability benefits for "back problems" which can't be proven!
Lol, yeah, that is a big thing in the white community, I actually had a few white people tell me how to get disability allowance by saying the right things to the Doctor.

In-fact, hasn't there been many TV documentaries showing whites being caught on camera doing odd jobs while they were claiming disability benefits for backaches.

I also forgot to point out that I have known many whites who have taken months and months off of work claiming "stress related issues"? LMBAO.
For ever useless black worker I could literally point out ten white divs for each one but they seem to slip under the radar, that is one skill which we blacks haven't quite mastered yet! lol

-The Revolutionist


CaptainRight wrote:

Black people can't avoid whites or any other race any more than a dog can avoid his master. They depend on them for survival.
I'm not interested in this bull***t, the reason is, whenever blacks have tried to Nationalise and organise themselves into a "self sufficient" group, white authorities see fit to destroy every attempt at Black Nationalism.

You even have worked against our Non-Violent leaders in the black community, discrediting them and therefore impeding any success they have in rallying the black community into an organised unit who would not need to rely on the white man for survival.
white snakes worked against martin luther king wrote:

The FBI's campaign against Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. began in December 1963, four months after the famous civil rights March on Washington, 55 when a nine-hour meeting was convened at FBI Headquarters to discuss various "avenues of approach aimed at neutralizing King as an effective Negro leader." 56 Following the meeting, agents in the field were instructed to "continue to gather information concerning King's personal activities ... in order that we may consider using this information at an opportune time in a counterintelligence move to discredit him."

The sustained use of such tactics by the FBI in an attempt to destroy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., violated the law and fundamental human decency.

...and that was a "NON VIOLENT black leader!!!!.... Do not let me delve deep into the destruction of the "Black Nationalist Movements" that came after Martin was killed, and other notable black leaders.
They were all working on blacks being able to exist without having to go to whitey, their policies were that blacks should educate their own, they even "policed" black neighbourhoods, encouraged blacks to open businesses and not give their money to whites, encouraged young blacks to get involved in uplifting their community politically, self pride was a must and so on...

...but instead of encouraging us to do so, what did the whites do?
white snakes destroy black self sufficiency wrote:

The head of the FBI, Edgar J Hoover, called the BPP "the greatest threat to the internal security of the country." Hoover ordered field operatives of the FBI to introduce measures that would cripple the BPP. Using infiltrators (one of these, William O'Neal, became Chief of Security for the BPP), the FBI knew of all the movements etc of BPP leaders. FBI raids in BPP heartlands - Chicago and Los Angeles - that led to the arrest of regional leaders, resulted in the collapse of the movement.

Blacks being able to thrive on their own has always been a threat to "WHITE SUPERIORITY" and always will be "black social mobility" is the enemy of white supremacy, however it cannot be stopped and is happening right under your noses, while you are busy focusing on blacks in the "Ghettoes" and pointing your fingers, Intelligent blacks are slowly taking over your country!

The fact of the matter is, whites love to be worshipped and will do everything they can to stop others from thriving without them....

Remember Tulsa, Oklahoma, "Black wall street"?... where there were many rich black folks and self sufficient black communities there? what did the white snakes do?
white snakes destroy thriving black town wrote:

The strained relationship between the white and black communities, the heightened jealousy of the success of the Black Wall Street area and the elevator encounter led to the Tulsa Race Riot.
Armed white men looted, burned and destroyed the black community

Who do you think you are fooling?... Not me, Captain caveman!!!...

Good day Sir...

-The Revolutionist


Note by Me: Not all white people are like, but racist what are like this.

By Timothy

CaptainRight wrote:

What you are is ignorant primitive government dependent criminals who people of all races avoid including your own.
I'm afraid you are much worse than that sir!

Do you think the Native Indians have forgotten that white hogs like you have murdered millions of his people and then occupied his land and shoved him onto reserves?

Do you think the South Africans have forgotten that whites murdered millions of them and stole their land and wealth while oppressing and murdering them?

Do you think that the Japanese have forgotten how you dropped an Atomic bomb on their citizens?

Do you think that the Caribbean Indians, have forgotten that whitey stole their land murdering them and using the land during slavery to create great profit for themselves?

Do you think that the Maori's have forgotten how the white man tricked them into sharing their land (New zealand) with you, but when you started taking over and pushing them back, they wanted it back, but you proceeded to murder them for it.

Do you think that the Aborigines have forgotten how you killed their people and stole Australia while oppressing them and pushing them onto worthless land?

Do you think that the Indians do not remember how white hogs Colonised India, murdering, enslaving them and splitting their land up causing years of war amongst them when whites left.

Do you think that the Africans have forgotten how you colonised and brutally murdered their people for years?

Do you think black westerners have forgotten how your kind enslaved and brutalised our forefathers in every imaginable way?

Do you think that the Mediterranean's or Arabs have forgotten how you and your Christian Church slaughtered millions of Muslims during the early Christian conquests?

Then you have the nerve to call us criminals for the petty street crime we commit... LMBAO.
You dear sir are much worse than an "ignorant criminal", you are simply "Devils" that like having sex with children, stealing other peoples land and wealth, you even steal people from land and have committed genocide against every other race on the planet. LMAO... You have even fck'ed up the entire planet itself with pollution, all because of your greed!

We all have VALID reasons to "avoid" you rather than the other way around!

-The Revolutionist







-The Moor


For both our bm and bw in ir's or wanna be in ir's. They Are not hurting nobody they are hurting themselves. I rather put up w/ a bw's attitude any day of the week, Than be loved up w/ a ww and then she turns and talk hell of high water shit behind your back, I've witnessed and heard these thing go on. I'm sure wm do the weaking mindded sisters the same way.



They do, but not as much as some people try to exaggerate it.

I think you said BM date out more than other races of men? I beg to differ it's WM who do that though. Whites & Asians have the highest IR with each other. It's WM/AW.



mixedracebeauty03 wrote:
This article is definitely not false! It was a story in the NY Times in 1910. Printed then for all to read.
They started the propaganda with that Disney Princess and the Frog mess too. Indoctrinating young black girls and females to seek NON-BLACK males as their prince. But then they say, oh he wasn't white..he was Brazilian....but that is still a NON-BLACK. Disney is dangerous and Walt was racist. be careful what images and messages you make your children watch. First black princess, but portraying a black male in a positive image was not their agenda. A black male could not be a Prince, a black female has to look elsewhere for her knight in shining armor.
That is the message they were trying to portray. No black love. That goes against the fabric of their wipe out the Negro and dilute their blood with "RECESSIVE" genes. Weak and disadvantageous genes.
Of course, they want black love to not flourish. It has to be a bm with a non bw and a bw with a non bm. What angers me is the fact that our race is full of unintelligent people who fall for anything. The princess and the frog is an example of how these people will even attack our children, mainly because the mind is still developing. SMH but we don't have many adults out here to fight this machine and teach our children the meaning of being strong. All I here nowadays is bw telling their children that love knows no color, but we're the ones who are losing. We're the ones that are being watered down and bred out of existence. This is why white men don't seek to harm bw because many are inadvertently doing his work. Wake the hell up people. Use your brain!!!! Think outside of the propaganda and pay attention to what they are doing to us. Are we really this weak that we would allow ourselves to be exterminated without putting up a fight??? They don't use physical force anymore, it's all mental. And if you don't educate yourselves and stop yearning to be loved by everyone on this planet, then you and your offspring are heading for a dead end.

-LouisianaEmperor 7


Kristina wrote:
I have been screaming this from the rooftop but no one listens.
The only ones who refuse to listen are the idiots and clowns who think see what they wanna see. To many blacks, it's more important to excepted than it is to survive. Blacks today are so afraid of being called racist that they even go the extra mile to prove that they are nothing like the so called 'MILITANT BLACKS'.

-LouisianaEmperor 7

NearFuture wrote:

Exactly, this WHITE man DEPENDS on the Topix African-American Forum for SURVIVAL.
He must be one accomplished individual LMAO.
Personally, I have always thought that whites are inexplicably drawn to black people!.. History shows this time and time again.

Remember they claimed we were "savages" living in the Jungles of west Africa when they came. However, on seeing these so called savages, the first thing they decided to do was ship 10,000,000 of our ancestors to their countries to work in their homes, cooking for their families and even looking after their children!, that makes no sense.

They, the so called "civilised people" then commenced to dish out the most "brutal" and "savage" treatment to our forefathers that any human being could possibly dish out to a fellow human,(this is all documented)... But still, we were called the "savages"... Does anyone else see anything wrong with this story, or is it just me?

They need us more than we need them, non of us give a SH** about white folks, however, they are always on our forums talking "racist crap" or pretending to be Black posters, pitting us against each other... life must be very boring indeed for these poor white losers!

If they hate black people, it is illogical and stupid for them to spend so much time conversing with blacks on a black oriented forum!!!... That is why I have nothing but utter contempt for the Topix white crowd!

-The Revolutionist


NearFuture wrote:

How do you think and do you think blacks can build our self up without disturbance. I tell you what, we'll have to do it in secret.
Unfortunately I think this is totally impossible, white supremacy is completely ingrained in every society throughout the entire world.
The white race has led an active campaign to establish themselves as world rulers and this has been going on for at least a thousand years now... History books have been doctored to make themselves appear superior, many ancient books and art was destroyed by the white man that depicted blacks in a good light, e.g., many of the ancient Greek Gods were actually based on black Ethiopian warriors and Kings such as "Memnom" and others, but whites changed their depiction from black to white.

History even reveals that the white man tampered with other old religions around the world that mentioned ancient black visitors who some were even worshiped as "GODS".

They have also got into the minds of many of our people who would probably kill me and you for the whitey, some of our black leaders were taken out by blacks working for white authorities, so we would probably fail even working secretly, wherever we are, whites will be there lurking in the background making sure they keep us in an inferior, dependant situation.
Some of these whites people on this forum are "paid agents" who's job is to derail any black awareness debates and turn them into a BM/BW warfare, this is a tactic they have admitted they use against us.

But the good news is, like Rome fell, so shall the west, it has already started, the third world economies are growing while the western economies are all beginning to decline, so much so, that many, including the US are now dependant on third world investment from places like China, India and Japan.
White supremacy will implode.... The law of Karma says "what you put out, you get back ten-fold".

The white man subdued and terrorised everyone else with his Guns and Bombs, however his races deeds will catch up with him, 20 years ago, White South Africans would never of believed that soon blacks would be slaughtering them like sheep on a farm this is "KARMA|", the white man is convince everyone loves and respects him, however, is it love and respect that causes people to do this?
Korean Bio bomb expert missing wrote:

Has Dr. Ri Chae Woo, North Korea,s world-ranking expert working on a "whites-only" racial/genetic bomb, been snatched in a combined CIA, MI6 and Australian secret service operation? Or has Ri been grabbed by the Chinese Secret Intelligence Service"so that the communist government can discover just how far Kim Jong II, North Korea,s unpredictable dictator, has advanced his threat to launch the ethnic bomb upon the world?

Hmm, makes you wonder!


Funny how the haters are avoiding this thread like the plague. LOL Too bad because most black men are with black women and want black women. So to the hater irbm and irbw and especially the racist, you all can kick rocks because you'll never separate that which God has created. Black love forever baby.

What's up baby girl!!! Let em hate but they can never break us up. I'm addicted to chocolate and I just gotta have it. The haters are doing what they do best and I applaud their effort. Unfortunately for them we have smart sistas like yourself who aren't easily influenced. I definitely love you and what you stand for. Keep shutting the haters down sexy.


LE, they see it......

but they are scared lol, because it goes against the whole theory of how "Black people don't like each other" or "black men don't want bw". When you post facts & sources, or links, or videos to prove otherwise all the haters STFU. Mission accomplished! My work here is done :)

They will no longer attack us by using that crap about most BM dating out, or black men & women hating each other when that's a myth.

Those devils got some trick up their sleeves to attack us & we can't fall for their games. Trix are for kids ;)



You don't get it Louisiana. Most IR couples are not even married. In fact, marriage isn't even a big thing in the UK any more, hardly anyone gets married over here nowadays. There are more co-habiting, "common-law" couples than ones who are actually married on paper. So, tell me, how would they get those numbers? Please, these stats are put out there to ENCOURAGE more blacks to mix out, as that is what the govt. WANTS. Nobody is able to find proof that the IRR stats are as high as everybody says, and until they do, as far as I, and many blacks over here are concerned it is nothing more than PROPAGANDA.



sweetgirl101 wrote:

BW have desired WM since slavery times? LIES. Most BW do not even find WM attractive.....sorry.
LOL agree these people make stuff up and if wm/bw are the downfall of blacks then why are most couples between blacks and whites are between black men/white women.

LOL let these people have their delusions.



LouisianaEmperor7 wrote:
The only ones who refuse to listen are the idiots and clowns who think see what they wanna see. To many blacks, it's more important to excepted than it is to survive. Blacks today are so afraid of being called racist that they even go the extra mile to prove that they are nothing like the so called 'MILITANT BLACKS'.
to many are afraid as being seen as undesirable to whites that they will go to any lengths to be accepted!


Agree & if we want change, then we all have accept what God has in stored not what the world has because this world is so anti-God. Those who love this world are anti-God & believe this current system is superior to the system ORIGINALLY created.


Redefined wrote:
People PLZ Read this article & watch this video because this what our future is heading in America. MORE PEOPLE BEING INCARCERATED & WORKING FOR LOW PAY.
The prison industry in the United States: big business or a new form of slavery?
Man, I been saying this forever!


Kashta_Bureh wrote:

The thing you have to remember though is that society tends to elevate bi-racials over Blacks. Who became America's first "Black" president? A mulatto, right? I mean, lets be honest, Barack Obama isn't "Black" like Oprah, Bill Cosby, or Herman Cain, I mean he is bi-racial. The first Black Miss America was Vanessa Williams, and lets be honest, the woman doesn't look Black, I mean she does but she has really strong European features.
I don't know if you've read up on Haitian, Dominican, or Brazilian history, but what I've found is that throughout history bi-racials have frequently been used against Blacks. This has happened in North Africa, South Africa, Brazil and in other places. What usually happens is that the bi-racials become the working/middle class while Blacks become the underclass. Whites are the upper class. Read up on Brazilian history and you will see it, Black Brazilians are the poorest. The same is true of the Dominican Republic. I've even read that in Brazilian they intentionally encouraged mixing among Blacks to create a Brown "buffer class" between them and Whites.
Even though we don't always agree, you do raise a lot of good points.

-Kastha Brueh



I know, they are doing that to make BW drift away from BM. They know that BW have always been supportive of BM, & so they want BW to go be with white & other non BM, so that if more blacks are not together eventually black peoples #'s will get lower & lower.

Hmmmm throw a whole bunch of our men in jail, & then try to get blacks to hate each other, what do you get? Less blacks procreating together, the black population declines. Eugenics is another tool they use, they set up more abortion clinics in black neighborhoods than anywhere else. Maragret Sanger, who started "Planned Parenthood" was a racist woman. Her goal was to contain the reproduction of what she considered the "inferior races"

These people are trying to take us out anyway they can.



keelie Jackson says :

I thought I was gonna die as I was watching this episode of The View. I often think of how loyal black women are to their men. I also wonder if black men realize how much it must hurt black women to in turn never matter to the very men considered to be their most natural match. I actually thought it was brilliant (and sad) that Ellen Pompeo (and her black husband) thinks that the NAACP Image Awards is no longer useful or necessary. It really drove the point home. I pray the ladies took a little time to enjoy THAT view.

Derek says :

I thought Whoopi came away looking a little ignorant. For her to say we need to let go of this slavery stuff is the words of someone who isn’t intelligent enough to have a conversation with about race. Can you imagine someone saying to the Jews, that they need to let go of this Holocaust stuff because it’s now 2011? I understood where Sheri was coming from. I’m a black man, but I was raised by black women, and understand why they feel the way they do at times. Even if I don’t fully agree with it. Ellen Pompeo’s opinion was even sillier than Whoopi’s. It sounds to me like her husband needs to educate her a little on the history of black colleges and organizations. She has an interracial child, which made her comments even sillier.


trollbasher wrote:
Funny thing about these white male is they date out the most! The leading ir in the world is wm/aw.
lol typical white tactic trying to flip the truth around. I'm the trollbasher and my work is never done.
Yep yep true WM do have the highest IR stats, but they will always lie & say it's BM, when that's far from the truth.



And there is no need to sit around and wonder 'what if she was black'...It's absurd to waste that kind of time....This case is no surprise and I really can't be 'mad' at white folks for taking care of their own...

It might behoove negroes to do the same.....

majestic10701 week agoin reply to BakkByPopularDemand
Well, I wouldn't say they took care of there own because there's a dead child out there and the evidence points directly to the mom and to be honest every jury consist of majority of Caucasians, so to be fair to Black people actually we do care because If this would had been a black woman on trial and the jury consisted of 11 white people and 1 black chances are it would had been a hung jury. The fact is, there's a baby and all this If, what, when and where doesn't or shouldn't exist because we can't play political when it's someone's life.
Now BakkByPopularDemand, you said the word. We need to learn how to take care of our own instead of profiting off each other like vultures. And this needs to start in many Churches where they seem to be
all about 'Fleecing the Flock'. I thought she would at least be guilty of not reporting her child for 30 days?
What kind of grandparents are they? It's more to this. Time will tell.

A Ticked off White girl wrote:
No one's burning crosses in your yard. there are no "White only" waterfountains. You have all the rights and privileges we have. The main reason whites don't want to be called racist is because some of them are ashamed of what their ansestors did. Hell white PEOPLE where in the marches in the 60's and a lot are still alive today.
Really? I have had members of my family lynched. I have been rousted by police for being in white neighborhoods.(Perhaps someone forgot to tell them that the "for whites only" were no longer in force).
The racial inequities in the judiciary, relations with the police, housing, and any number of other areas are such as to have gotten the attention of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL.
SOME whites supported the Black freedom movement in the 1960s, others opposed it, and many others were indifferent.
And the most progressive antiracist whites are not saying things like "get over it, y'all have the same right as we do." They acknowledge racism and commit to fighting it.
Perhaps, you should at least put yourself to school with your more advanced white brothers and sisters. Maybe start by looking at WHITE LIKE ME, or Peggy McIntosh's description of "white privilege" which too many whites enjoy while professing that it does not exist.



I know a lady I attend college with who was in the military she has been all over the world, to several countries including Turkey. She said the Turks are nice people & it's a beautiful country. A BW said this so....

That is one place on my must visit list.


CaptainRight wrote:

Proud of what?
Throughout the west, 50 years ago, black people had no rights, were living under segregated circumstances, being lynched, barely had human status, all lived in Ghettoes, owned hardly anything,
were brutalised by the police and racially abused by white society at every possible opportunity.

....But now, we are presidents, Professors, Scientists, Inventors, Doctors, Surgeons, Millionaires, Billionaires, High Ranking military officers, Police, many living in upper class neighbourhoods, running Multi-million dollar firms, becoming police commissioners, becoming highly paid sportsmen, highly paid entertainers, running our own schools, colleges and Universities, NASA operatives, CIA/FBI agents, Sharp shooters, Weapon manufacturers, owning technology firms, food manufacturers and many more... Not bad for descendants of slaves, don't you think?

In short, he is clearly proud of what his people have achieved in such a short space of time considering the position they were in not long ago, he has a god given right to be proud of who he is.

.... And do not worry, we already know that when racist whites hear black people say that they are "proud to be black" it sends shivers down the spine of weak white folks, it always has.

Remember how white fear led the KKK to bomb at thriving black town dubbed, little Africa in 1921, Tulsa, Oklahoma?... all because they were threatened by black success.
Remember how the white man plotted and destroyed the black power movement all because they were threatened by blacks with power?

In August 1967, the FBI initiated a covert action program -- COINTELPRO -- to disrupt and "neutralize" organizations which the Bureau characterized as "Black Nationalist Hate Groups." 1 The FBI memorandum expanding the program described its goals as:

1. Prevent a coalition of militant black nationalist groups....

2. Prevent the rise of a messiah who could unify and electrify the militant nationalist movement ... Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael and Elijah Muhammad all aspire to this position....

3. Prevent violence on the part of black nationalist groups....

4. Prevent militant black nationalist groups and leaders from gaining respectability by discrediting them....

5.... prevent the long-range growth of militant black nationalist organizations, especially among youth. 2

D_____ right we are "Black and proud" you better get used to it "MoFo"!!!

Wow, I didn't know that the head of NASA was a Black man, you African Americans kept that one well hidden, well done folks, keep up the black take-over... move in on these "Hogs" nice and slow, so before they realise black people are running the entire show.

I also hear that IBM could soon end up with a Black CEO called "Rod Atkins".

Fingers crossed, after-all it was a Black scientist (DR mark dean) who was partly responsible for the invention of the "PC" he also works for IBM and is the "Vice President of Systems Research" he has been there for around 30 years now.

Mark Dean and his co-inventor Dennis Moeller created a microcomputer system with bus control means for peripheral processing devices.

Well done folks!

My advice to my brothers and sister in America is to keep striving forward and do not let the negative amongst you steal the limelight too long even though whites are constantly promoting them for their entertainment.

We need some of you guys to get high up in the Media and behind the scenes to help regulate how these Hogs portray us, or get onto your black politicians and give them a kick up their asses to do what they are being paid to do.

-The Revolutionist


Brandi8 wrote:
My assessment on why the media shows the beauty and romance of IRR love between WM and BW because BW have been done wrong by BM. BM disrespect BW through their music and video yet BM on topix blame the Jews and white Supremercy for BM's doing. If BM had enough balls & not sorry azzz excuses, BM might have been respected leaders. The only thing BM is beat by police officers for refusing to obey the law, under influence of drugs...Rodney King...oops...he still breaking law and ruining his life. We can't blame the WM or racism because he was giving money yet he gave it back to WW and WW gave it back to WM. BM are the ones with the highest IRR with WW. BW are limited in finding decent BM and the only thing that's left for us is Rodney King like dudes so now BW are tired of waiting for BM and we are exploring our options.We have no other choice.
2 Wrongs don't make a right. Frankily, white people in America have the highest IR marriage rates beyond BM. Not all black men are perfect. There should be personal responsibility among black men, but all problems with BM are not the fault of BM. When innocent black men are lynched, harrashed, suffer police brutality, experience discrimination, arrested, and abused by society, that isn't the fault of black men. You talk about Rodney King and I can talk about Sean Bell and the innocent 6 year old girl being murdered by crooked cops in Detroit. That's the fault of a white supremacist system. People use the personal responsibility card as an excuse to promote some reactionary anti-BM and anti-BW rhetoric. That's old and tired. One of the major solutions to solve problems in the black community is black unity. We've tried to lay up with a corrupt system in a hypocritical nation. That hasn't fully worked and in some cases, it made the problems worse. Black men and black women should unite, work together, take responsibility for errors, and promote programs to help our own people. FYI, in 2011, there are tons of black men who are leaders and are doing the right things. It's just that the media doesn't spotlight these figures in order to promote a negative stereotypical image of blacks in general. You talk about the law. Many laws now in the USA are unjust laws. I'm not following some unjust law like the Patriot Act, the USA Military Commissions Act, or other anti-free speech laws. The police aren't gods. I do blame some white people (not all of them) for racism since they have used a system to oppress many people of color (among centuries) and that's documented historically. Whitewashing history and selling out aren't solutions to our complications. Being real are both having responsibility and using strength to oppose the oppressor. We know who the oppressor is? It isn't a secret.

By Timothy


Paul H. 15 hours ago
Ladies, don't fall for the hype. Good girls are the kind of women most of the BM I know want to marry OR have married. My married partners who say they are HAPPILY married, are married to good women who have strong moral values. Don't think we don't know the difference between wife material and a one-night stand. WE KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

There seems to be a concerted effort to post articles (here and elsewhere) that either paint BW as defective

OR that encourage negative behavior in BW, like PRETENDING that reality shows are REAL, and that the "romances" on these UNREAL and SCRIPTED reality shows is something BW should take seriously.

It is my strong belief that the media is being used to demoralize our black women and to wage psychological war between BM and BW. Until we face this, we will keep falling for the negative hype.


Timothy wrote:

Not to mention that Tiger Woods got played by his wife. Tiger's ex-wife is taking him to the bank. She is with now once again a rich white man. Michael Jordan is with the woman for obvious reasons (not necessary for marriage), and Reggie Bush got played by Kim (and Kim is marrying a white man). See those examples don't stick. The truth is that BM having IR don't last as long with relationships among BM and BW.
By Timothy
Standing Ovation...POWERFUL POST!!!!



Timothy wrote:

What you say is a bunch of nonsense. Most black men are with black women. It's just that the mainstream media glamorize IR relationships in order to project the falsehood that IR=true happiness for any black person.
The reality is that the divorce rate is very high for BM and WW marriages, while over 90% of black Americans marry each other. Also, I know tons of intellectual black woman that don't hate intellectual black men. That's a lie. fairguy obsesses with height and even Nerditican doesn't demonize black women collectively. I've seen a lot of his words and he doesn't go there like that.
Black women are not to be blamed for the evils in our community. They stood by us black men through the ages. They were with us in Jim Crow, the civil rights movement, and fighting against police brutality now. White women have never supported the black man as black women have, so you need to kill that noise. Also, it's takes 2 to tangle. Many black men are in fault for leaving their families causing many families to suffer in the first place. Not all BM and BW are perfect in our issues, but blaming one gender for the ills in our community is unfair and illogical. It's rare for a black person where I'm from to be called acting white. There are tons of brothers like Dr. King that can speak in great intellectual fortitude, but speak with a soulful Southern accent. It's not about accents or talking. It's about a white supremacist system (not black people) promoting anti-intellectualism in the black community in order for the community to not grow. Black women don't consider an educated brother as acting white. Sisters just want more from a brother than just an education (like character, love, honesty, and strength). You can be a jerk regardless if you have an education or not.
Most educated black men are with black women. It want it to be different since you want to disrupt black unity. You are worse than a white supremacist type since you use slick rhetoric (to try to appease black men) when the final result is the destruction of black people. The reason is that BM-BW=destruction of the black race. It's all about math here. Most black male celebrities are with black women, so that's another lie you promote. Here's more:
Bill Cosby
Dr. Ben Carson
Kenny Lattimore
Courntey Vance
Ashford and Simpson
Lebron James
Stedman Graham
Flex Alexander
I can go on and on. I don't have to name celebrities since over 90% of black men are with black women. You hate that stat. Black women will never be played out. Black women are a part of my blood and I will never run out of them. Black women don't have to use extensive surgeries (or use cumbisome tans) to present their real beauty to the world. Only race traitors hate black women (some of these traitors are some black men not all BM). So, your white supremacist game doesn't work on real brothers.

Brandi8 wrote:
Timothy, I'm sorry but all people should take personal responsibility including BM. We have little Wayne dividing BW but this has been going on for a very long. This is why they are doing the documentary movie "Dark Girls". They blame are at fault for the failure of the Black community and BM are just as racist and damage. They are a lot of minds like little Wayne, Chad Ochocinto, OJ Simpson, Wesley Snipes, Tiger Wood, Sean McNair, Michael Jackson, Rodney King and so many names for me to list who suffer from self-hatred. The facts are BM do have the highest
IRR than BW and we can blame the WM, my husband, for the actions and behavior of BM towards BLACK WOMEN! BM are disloyal to BW.
I take personal responsibility for my errors, but I will never take personal responsibility for another's (especially an oppressor's) errors. That may be you, but it isn't me. All of the people you have cited have either self hatred issues, promote degenerate lyrics, or have made specific errors in their lives. The truth remains that most BM marry BW. More BM go IR than BW and that's true. Yet, black love is alive and well here in America. You marrying a white man is none of my business and that's your personal choice. I never believed that all black people are perfect or that all BM are exempt from critiques. I don't prefer music that is nihilistic nor other evil doings. Yet, police brutality, economic exploitation in many circumstances, corruption in prisons, etc. have nothing to do with BM at all. I stand by that statement. Some people try to use blame solely at black people in order to omit the crimes of racist whites. I don't play that game. Lil Wayne isn't perfect and our problems exist beyond a rapper's words. Also, music should be dealt with rational discussions and solutions (like actively fighting against stereotypes, dialogue, even protests, teaching self awareness plus self esteem toward children, etc.) without blaming music collectively for the ills in our community. BM are just as racist as who? Racism isn't prejudice alone. Racism deals with using the power structure to create the enforcement of nefarious policies. Look at history and see who uses the power structure to enforce more mayhem in 5 centuries. It isn't BM. A person that hates the opposite gender of their own people is a self hater too. Also, tons of black men are loyal to black women, which is another lie you promote. With the self haters that you mention, I can list brothers that love sisters like: Malcolm X, Denzel Washington, Hill Harper, Isaiah Washington, Lebron James, Rodney Peete, Colin Powell, Boris Kodjoe, Pat Neely, and I can list dozens more BM loving BW too. I do believe in personal responsibility not in a reactionary sense though. Personal responsibility doesn't mean the personal omission of oppression against black people in 2011. If we want to fight against self hatred that numerous BM have then we all have to promote self confidence in black boys and black men. We have to teach them their value, their history, teach them confidence (since many of these men going IR have suffered low self esteem), and the great value of black women as well.
-By Timothy


Why do y'all insist on beating the same ole horses to dayum death. These subjects have already been discussed again and again, and each time we have blown your accusations and half truths out of the f__kin water. And I speak as a Black women. Sister (if you are indeed Black) you are damaged. Why in the world would you purposely come to a public forum and put down your entire race. Remember it's not just Black men you comdemn here, but their mother's as well, the other half of the population, for not raising good sons. Would come here and put down your family members in this fashion. Do you have brothers, male cousins, nephews? What would your own father think of you for saying such things about him? Think. You make yourself transparent and stupid-looking. And if you meant to refer to "some" Black men and not the ones you know, then you should make that clear and not condemn a whole race because of your own personal encounters. If you picked on a man who fit these categories and he broke your heart, then make that clear. But don't put down your entire race. It is self-defeating and noone but an idiot would take you seriously. Nuff said.


Brandi8 wrote:
Does racism prevent BM to attend college or is having blings and gold teeth the American dream for BM? Should WM be blamed for rich BM marrying poor WW and when they divorce the slave boy the WW takes it all, should we blame racism for the poor choices of BM? As much money these slave boys have, the Black race would be successful. As I said earlier, BM needs to take personal responsibility!!!!!!!!!!
That depends on the circumstance. Some BM screw up and voluntarily miss opportunities to do better in life. They are responsible for that outcome. Some BM suffer discrimination, abuse, hatred, and extreme obstacles. I didn't say that racism prevents all BM from doing many things. I did say that racism is still a serious problem here and it has stopped or limited some opportunities of some black people. Also, you love to stereotype BM which probably is one reason why you lay up with a WM (since you have no real cultural linkage with black people of the opposite gender in the first place, because you believe in negative stereotypes collectively about black men in the USA). Not all black men have gold teeth or act ignorant too. Not all IR relationships are monolithic. I know plenty of rich BM being taken to the cleaners by poorer WW. Also, IR for the wrong reasons does tie into racism sometimes as explained eloquently by crammasters. All parties involve should take responsibility, but we still live in a white supremacist system. I'm not justifying that stuff at all. Some IR marriages made by BM are done because of self hate. That's true and no real observer of human behavior denies this. Yet, you omit that we need to both have personal responsibility and a fight against white supremacy. Tons of BM and BW are doing the right thing too. Many black men see the hand writing on the wall and are respecting black women more. It's just that the mainstream media doesn't report on these facts for obvious reasons. A real black man will desire excellence, moral improvement, business development, and radical changes as a positive plan for black cultural development.

Why is fighting against white supremacy and blaming racist whites for some of the problems in the community so taboo for you. We can both be made accountable for our acts and still have hatred of the white supremacist system (plus fight it). Is it because you don't want to fight white racism or hate white supremacist. I don't worship Eurocentric whiteness in culture. I respect my own black self and have love for my own black people. It's not an either or proposition. We can do both take responsibility for our deeds (among both genders) and fight white supremacy at the same time.

By Timothy


crammasters4 weeks ago
More nonsense to divide and conquer black males and females. Why don't these "black" websites write articles that say "Why Do White Women Love Black Men?" OR why don't they run articles about "Why White Women Love Fugging BM?" on "white" websites?

Because that won't promote white supremacy, that promotes BLACK SUPREMACY. And they know white people and white sponsors DON'T PLAY THAT.

Here's two main reasons some CONFUSED BM "love" white women:

1. They have been systematically BRAINWASHED by the a white supremacy system via media, TV, movies, educational system, and just being black in white america

2. They do not love themselves, and cannot love anyone who looks like themselves

Bottom line, if we lived in a purple skin supremacy system, and WW were transformed into women with green hair and purple skin, the SAME BM would think purple skin and green hair was beautiful.

It has NOTHING to do with WW "smelling" or looking different (aka better) and EVERYTHING to do with growing up black in a white supremacy system that programs black people from cradle to grave to think anything white is better.

Personally, I LOVE AND PREFER BLACK WOMEN -- and so do MOST BLACK MEN, that's why MOST OF US are with BW. I think they are the most beautiful, sexiest, most desirable, most interesting women on the planet. And no propaganda on (Black) planet will change that!


crammasters4 weeks agoin reply to Kachi Descartes
@ Kachi Descartes

First of all, I doubt you're a BM, you sound like a WW posing as a BM, because your post reeks with Bytch-ism (sorry, ladies). If I'm wrong, don't sweat it, it happens to a lot of bros who allow WW to literally suck the black manhood out of them...

I might be ignorant, but not so ignorant that I would diss my own black momma, sisters, nieces, aunts, grandmommas, and my own BLACK ON
BEAUTIFUL BLACK daughter and wife. Maybe you got issues with your Moms, but
I'll leave that alone...

i agree with you that WW are more "adventurous" -- but I'm most definitely talking about PROMISCUOUS. Because I have NEVER known BW to go to strange white neighborhoods and sex random white men. I have never seen a BW sex a 16 year old white male and have two babies with him. (google -- Anne Lynn Montgomery, Texas dance teacher accused of having sex with teen student) and I have never seen BW have sex with strange WM in front of their black husbands. (google "Meet the Mandingos")
FYI -- The rest of the world DOESN'T see it the way you do. If that was the case black on black babies would have died out a long time ago, instead of being the world’s fastest-growing population. And speaking of my "neighborhood," all the BM in my family -- fathers, uncles, brothers, nephews, and I’m counting over 25 – all have BW because we don't play that white is better BS. (google--- Chinese Men with Black Women & African Wives )

Prior to white supremacy, black females were seen as goddesses and considered the most beautiful females on earth, while in Ancient China, blondes were considered horrible looking (check out book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation, and chapter, “The Beauty Con Game.”

In Southern China and Poland there are statues and images of black females as goddesses and madonnas. Only after white supremacy infected the planet did non-whites stop seeing the natural beauty in ourselves and each other. Even the racist white male author -- Mark Twain -- agrees with me that black is the most beautiful -- and he ain't talking about Halle Berry: (google -- Mark Twain's essay + Complexions)

If we lived in a purple skin supremacy system, and WW were transformed
into women with green hair and purple skin, the SAME BM would think purple skin
and green hair was beautiful.


LadyOrion3333 weeks agoin reply to crammasters
Okay, I don't know WHAT was so d*mn "ignorant" about your post, but I understand what you're saying COMPLETELY, and you broke it down it down well. Also, if you're "IGNORANT" for shouting that you "LOVE AND PREFER BLACK WOMEN" and use THAT as your platform for YOUR argument, then this world is even more F-ed up than I realized.


here's an excerpt from the book, "Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act" by Umoja:

“They (black women) resent our taking their men. But in truth, black sisters, we’re after the sex, not the ring, and these guys aren’t the marrying kind anyway.” ‘A White Woman Explains Why She Prefers Black Men’ by Susan Crain Bakos -- Vol 18 - Issue 50 - December 14-20, 2005

Any SANE BLACK MAN who thinks any of the above is a compliment needs to check himself into the nearest long-term mental institution.

The problem is too many black folk do not understand how white supremacy/racism go hand in hand with interracial sex. We are so eager to find the "goodness" in whites that we have not learned anything from our 500 year history with them. Having sex with whites does not mean they think we are equal to them. A white person can marry a black person and still be AND practice racism.

Until we understand how racism/white supremacy functions and all the different faces it wears, we will continue to be flattered AND fooled like small children in a confusing world of (white) adults. I would suggest all check out the book, "Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation" by Anon, and Neely Fuller, Jr on youtube and Dr. Welsing on youtube.

Mr Fuller and Dr Welsing have books as well, just look them up on Amazon




Let me address this IGNORANCE once and for all. The only ones who feel that the media thinks all Black women act this way and gets cast to portray these roles are Black people and White people who don't have an education.

There are too many positive examples of Black women in the media that get acknowledged to believe this nonsense. Oprah, Holly Robinson Peete, Monica Kaufman-Pearson, Cathy Hughes, Tyra Banks, Mara Brock Akil, Deborah Roberts, and the list goes on and on....Google them all if yaul would like and then google some more.

Just stop thinking that what you see on tel-lie-vision is who we are. Don't believe the hype. Ignorance is not bliss!!


@fabsweetie, the word is disenfranchised...and obviously you don't know what it means, hence the spelling of it....I mean I don't get it, people always coming to entertainment blogs to act like professors and Rhodes Scholars. And then you said "you don't act like this in public." Chic take a hundred from your paycheck and buy a clue cause you don't have one. Blacks look at Blacks this way. The media doesn't care about us. Those 2.3 million views BBW get every Monday comes from Blacks. Also, no one says anything about the cast of Dr. Drew's show being primarily white, and what about Rock of Love, and what about all these other shows that display whites in a negative light like Jail and Intervention and Repo where the ones who aren't paying their bills are non-Black.

But is the headline, "Whites get repossessed more than any race, white women need a reality check,etc, etc," No, but the media don't need to put us on blast because chics like you and others come on here to try to downgrade every Black woman in the world because of 3 classless chics who get paid to be classless. smdh.

Note by Me: Some graphic images in the below video.

By Timothy


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