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Our World in 2011

Note by Me: The controversial words (you don't have to agree with all of these words) in my opinion are necessary. In order to promote the equality and social change we all seek, we have to witness a wide spectrum of voices and to be publicly active in our communities to promote development, solidarity, and confidence among all peoples of the human race. My views on love are rather clear. You have the right to love who want for sincere reasons, yet for me (living my life in the conditions of my people who are black), I'm going to stick by my black sisters romantically and socially. I will love all of humanity via apage love (I have no problem with loving my neighbor as myself), but the black sisters alone for me will recieve my romantic love alone. Nothing will ever change that period. Black women are gracious allies and they are very lovely. So, we should encourage a black person to be strong if they  are hurting and suffering to fulfill their own excellent, true potential. Socially, I'm cool with many non-black people, so I'm not an intolerant type of person. There are very sweet, nice, intelligent, and decent women of every race and background. I've known them all of my life. I will treat any human being with respect. Yet, black people are my people are I have the responsibility to respect my people & my family, especially sisters who gave a lot of sacrifices through the ages so that we could live on this Earth. We should never diminish the evils of the Holocaust or any unjust treatment against any human being. On the other hand, we should not diminish the evils of the 400 year Maafa either (or the slave trade and black African oppression). So, it's right to promote love among human beings, but black love, black power, and black families ought to be promoted strongly as well. A non-black woman doesn't know my struggle, my culture, my history, and my emotions like a black woman can. Black women are always Queens. If a black man truly loves his self identity, he must love black women since we are linked. Also, we can't be naive. We should develop busineses, help our people, work in the community, build up our power base & wealth, encourage real black education, use unique methods to fight against poverty & crime, improve our health, defend the poor, help the outcast & the underdog, and inspire great hope for our glorious black people. I will never compromise my beliefs in order to accept political correctness. Tons of folks are waking up and we will in the end defeat white supremacy. It's only a matter of time. In the meantime, we will continue to battle against white supremacy. Black unity is great and those who bash either BM or BW ought to be criticized very strongly. I have no respect for a person disrespecting black women via the use of evil stereotypes at all. Those who are in IR relations for insincere reasons ought to be criticized as well. The truth is here and truth will never die.

By Timothy



Evil of two lessers

First of all Margaret Kimberly's article is right on. Sadly, with all the rhetoric coming from different sectors of the left and the rising tide of dissatisfaction with the Obama regime, we are going into 2012 without even a semblance of unity to counter the lies of the Democrats, the Republicans and Corporate America.
There have been some interesting formations on the left that have lambasted Obama, and the imperialist wars, and the deplorable conditions of black, oppressed and poor and working people in America. Some have attempted to make headway and then dissolved, others are limping along.
Unfortunately there is no indication that any of these formations are even close to capturing the imagination of the masses, and none can actually be called a mass organization, because they are not and no such credible organization on the left exist at this time and the possibility of one coming into existence is not even on the horizon.
No matter how valid our analysis and how political correct some of us on the left think we are, including yours truly, our message is falling mostly on deaf ears, when we can reach any ear at all. As articulate as some of us are on the left in keeping the issues of unjust wars and colonial and neo-colonial oppression alive, the awful truth is that it is getting us nowhere and some of us have been doing the same thing for more years that I care to remember. This is certainly not to discredit anyone's contribution or question anyone's integrity , and I personally have a high regard for the tenacity of many of my comrades who have weathered the storm throughout the years.
I have much more to say on the issue but not on this forum. I am writing a paper which will be posted on my website soon. but I would still like to make one suggestion.
Anyone on the left who is seriously committed to fundamental change should come together, regardless of particular ideological orientation in some kind of plenary session to go on as long as possible until we leave with some kind of statement that can unify us around a common goal. We have to have a platform that considers where the masses are and what they are looking for, one that is not loaded with ideology but concentrates on the issues that are important to them and offers a viable alternative to challenging the dictates of the two party system. Yeah, I know it is all been done before, but we are at a crossroad, and it has never been about anyone of us but about the people and it is time for all of us to man up, this is especially true for black and oppressed people.

I just can't believe that there are not enough of us who can put our egos and our own personal political agendas aside so that we cannot make this happen and it surly will not happen if we don't try and keep trying. That should be our priority at this time because nothing else is working and we cannot go into 2012 empty handed. Everyone will not get what they want but we can make a d___ good start. Come on ya'll dang!


It's a question of class

The class dictatorship has its most able proponents in the "democrats". They have chosen to cashier what was left of the social contract cobbled together under the Roosevelts and Johnsons. And in the wake of this experience, most folks who seek to pressure the "democrats" or hold them accountable have nothing to say. If you ask the postmodern political thinker to explain those periods of history, most are unable to. They don't understand the centrality of the orgnaized working poor to any form of resistance, or the futility of putting all efforts in to the fortunes of the "democratic" party. Many younger activists are as dogmatic as were their great grandparents, but to give credit to the old school, they at least understood that nothing comes from nothing, and that form without internal works is nothing.
So we have our work cut out for us, and it's going to be a long hard road, and we're going to be fighting a lot bloody harder than any of us wanted to in the last decades of our lives. We have to be able to at least pick up from what the street soldiers of the Civil Rights movement knew in the 1960s, and what the last serious wave of "unskilled workers", the CIO, knew in the 1930s. Without that analysis at our core, we're burnt toast. The rest of the world is finding the way, it's time our peoples in the world's "greatest democracy" develop the critical thinking skills and gumption to find our way to a fighting social democracy as well.


Eugenics Economics

Usury; Cut & gut, privatize, the race to the bottom; deindustrialization of the world; depopulation; Concentration of power in the hands of a small group.
Let Webster Tarpley explain Obama's economic program:
The Elite's Plan for Global Extermination Exposed by Dr. Webster Tarpley
"The Next Decade"
Tarpley on oligarchy (ancient to present day) Obamanomics, the world economic crisis & geopolitics

By: crammasters on 5/02/2010 1:51PM

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That's beside the point. It makes no sense NOT to hold him just as accountable as you would any other president.

This double standard suggests that some of you didn't vote for the right reasons, but simply cast a vote in the political equivalent of American Idol.

An election is NOT a popularity contest. It is about choosing a "leader" who is supposed to serve the interests of those who elected him.

Believe me, Linda, the day will come when you will need some relief from the Obama administration, and I doubt you'll take comfort in someone telling you to just "get over it."


Note by Me: I don't agree with end since tons of black people are intelligent about this issue not insane, but the rest of his words are accurate.

By Timothy

crammasters on 5/01/2010 2:03PM
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There is nothing wrong with having "faith" in someone, but having BLIND FAITH in the face of REAL facts is another matter. The inability and UNWILLINGNESS to tell oneself the truth because the truth disappoints is a dangerous and self-defeating mentality.

If we claim to be "fair-minded" folks, and IF we hold Prez Bush accountable (despite knowing he was a puppet for the elite) we must hold Prez Obama accountable, and assume that he, too, is a puppet, otherwise, we are as bad as those we criticize and just as hypocritical...and foolish...

Of course, Obama has obstacles being a black man, but that does NOT mean he is automatically opposing those in power.

What obstacles prevent him from SPEAKING about black people, who are suffering more than any other group in this nation? He has spoken about Jewish and Hispanic issues and the roof didn't cave in, did it?

I asked black folks BEFORE the election: when is Obama going to tell black folks what he's going to do for us? Why should we blindly give away our vote just to have another "first black" anything when "first blacks" have done little to nothing for the progress or condition of black people collectively?

I asked them, When is our Senator from Illinois going to speak about the black kids dying right in his own Southside back yard?

You know what they told me? "Ssshh, Obama can't talk about that right now, he'll run the white folks away, just wait until he's elected."

Okay, he's elected. He's been in office for 14 months, and still hasn't said ONE WORD about black kids who are STILL dying on Chicago streets.

He still hasn't really addressed ONE SINGLE BLACK ISSUE or held ONE "town hall meeting" in a black neighborhood, nor has he talked to the black community other than holding a meeting with some civil rights pawns...I mean, leaders...

And then the same black folks tell me when I ask about his total AVOIDANCE of anything related to black folks -- including the UN Conference on Racism held last year and boycotted by Jews, Israel AND Obama -- still tell me:

"Ssshh, he can't be just a "black" president, he's got to be a president for all the people! Wait until his second term!"

This goes against the FACTS since Obama has shown himself numerous times to be a "white" and a "Jewish" and a "Hispanic" president,

Therefore, I must conclude that either blacks are woefully UNINFORMED or we're CLINICALLY INSANE...

there is no other possibility...


crammasters on 5/01/2010 4:13PM
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@ earl

of course, folks were talking about it, but BUSH didn't get 92% of the black vote and WE held him accountable for the things he put his signature on.

Now, all of a sudden we have this double standard where anyone who holds Obama "accountable" is full of it? Sorry, I don't buy that kind of logic...

If anyone dares to criticize Obama, there is ALL emotion and very little reason, which should make you and anyone reading this ask themselves TWO questions:

1) why are we basing our individual self-esteem on a man we never met to the extent that we are threatened by any criticism of him?

2) Why would anyone elevate ANY politician in a corrupt political system into a religious icon?

And for the record, I'm a black man who loves my people, who lives in Illinois, who gave Obama the benefit of a doubt and voted for him for Senator but could NOT in good conscience cast my vote for him for President. No shame in that whatsoever...I couldn't vote for McCain, since he was another puppet and not that bright. I did vote for Cynthia McKinney, because she had PROVEN herself and literally derailed her career fighting for what she believed was right...

Will we never learn? Black leaders who oppose the status quo ARE NOT REWARDED by the status quo. Black leaders who stand for justice are DESTROYED, not ELECTED.

That is a HISTORICAL FACT and those who have NOT dropped their books and forgotten their lessons and fell in love with a "rock star" politician selected by the white elite, know what I am talking about...


Amused wrote:

True and yet other races have been able to rise above the conditions of their past. The same really can't be said for blacks in the US or those in Haiti, Jamaica etc.
1) South Africa was once under apartheid, they are now slaughtering whites like farm animals, and running their own Government.

2) Africa was once colonised by Whites, they are now selling oil, Gold, Diamonds Platinum and various other raw materials to the Chinese who are modernising the infrastructure in return.

3) African Americans were not too long ago segregated, enslaved and lynched in America, now they have one of theirs sitting in the white house.

4) Not long ago, blacks were denied education or even basic human rights in the west, now, we are teaching in Universities, becoming Billionaires, Professors, making MAJOR contributions to Technology and Science and a Black physicist (Ronald Mallet) is possibly about to launch mankind into a whole new frontier of scientific discovery.....

All this in less than 200 years, imagine the next 100 years!!!...

The black race is the expert at "rising above"

-The Revolutionist

Amused wrote:

The Chinese will not cut back their investment in the United States because doing so could result in some backlash from the United States eg it could choose to practice some form of protectionism with regards to Chinese good and thereby denying China access to the largest economic market in the world. Per capita the Chinese are still much poorer than the United States and the Chinese government know that in spite of the numbers their own citizenry does not offer the type of market that the US does in terms of buying power.
You may be correct for the time being, however, remember that the Chinese economy is growing rapidly, in - fact, more than doubling its economic output per person every decade, for almost three decades now! The same thing is happening in places like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
...And also, India has seen super-growth in it's economical status, as a matter of fact, Between China and India, 45 percent of the Third World will have reached super growth concerning their economies. Much of the third world economies are growing extremely fast with China set to become a first world economy in 2014.

Meanwhile, western economies have been declining with many now facing possible hyperinflation.
The western countries rely on technology and manufacturing for survival, but what happens when places like China take over technologically?... Plus, the third world countries hold all the cards in regards to Raw material which the West need for manufacturing, once the Chinese can offer a better deal for their material (which has already happened with Africa who now sell to mainly the Chinese instead of the west) the west will then begin to slide into an economical disaster that will see them totally reliant on the once-named third world countries for survival...

Many Western manufacturers have already started moving their factories to third world countries because it is cheaper to produce their products there, India is now flooded with call centres and factories of western manufacturers because it makes more financial sense for them to operate there!

The writing is on the wall, the west will definitely fall... just like Great Egypt and Rome, the west will crumble to dust in time!
Amused wrote:

As for the IMF, which has its head quarters in Washington D.C it's quite apparent that the western countries have been dominant in influencing it's activities. Many developing countries including the ones in South America and the African continent have blamed the IMF for making them subscribe to economic policies that have been detrimental.
...and you think this is a good thing to brag about at a time when those economies are growing super fast while yours is virtually imploding?...LMBAO.... Those countries will remember how you robed them, and as they all grow, and you shrink, they will refuse to do business with you because of your actions towards them when they were poor.

The universal law of KARMA is not to be f___ with, it teaches us that everything in the universe works on cycles, the sun, moon, planets, galaxies and so on, what you put out comes right back round!.... That is why the West is currently struggling to stay afloat, however, it will buckle soon!

Remember I told you so...

-The Revolutionist


LovinLife1974 wrote:

expect me.... i need my woman to have the ability to grow natural hair
Anybody can grow hair, it's a matter of taking care of it. If black folks would stop putting so much damn chemicals in their hair it would be healthy & grow longer. Mine did.


Not all bw are like some of these crazy-a88 IRBW on topix. Let's not lump all bw together. It's not's showing appreciation and love for bw. Believe it or not, a lotta bw are treated with contempt and disregard all their lives...I'm talking BEAUTIFUL, quality bw, who never get the respect and appreciation they deserve. Too many blacks on topix will ignore this thread because deep down inside, they don't believe bw are beautiful, because it's not the standard they have been taught from childhood. But clearly, the beauty of bw is something to be celebrated. Yeah, there are some fked up bw out there. There are fked up men and women of all races. Sometimes these bw piss me off too. But you can't lose sight of the fact that there are many GOOD bw who stick with bm through thick and thin, who testify to their love for bm even after a lot of no-good brothers have dogged them out. So let's keep it 100...

-Desmond Sandiford


kpitrl wrote:

It really boils down to maturity. Mature women handle the dark skin light skin thing a lot better.
When I was younger I came close to dating the almost darkest girl I ever seen in my life. Everybody wanted to hit that. She was a fitness instructor with a fine body. We had near perfect chemistry. Plus there was something cute about her. But she had cold feet, and I didn't wait around for her. Plus I got relocated. I never got a chance to see if she had a complex. As a matter of fact, she had an issue because I was born in D.C. I got her for that later.
Years later I actually did date the darkest girl I've seen in my life. She was a little darker than the first one. She wasn't quite as shaply, nor quite as young, but we did have chemistry. She was mature aged. She once told me this joke that she couldn't were black because everybody would think she was naked. She was mature enough to know that skin complextion really didn't matter. That's why I say it all has to do with maturity.
That was a good one. Good to know there's some brothers out there who appreciate the beauty of a black woman. Black people are way to color conscious if you ask me. It's a real shame because we have completely bought into the white value system.

-Desmond Sandiford


Yes, her race matters and she is not drop dead gorgeous. Why should being a beauty pageant winner make her a woman of status, come on now, we are not talking a degree from Yale or Harvard here.

I don't understand what you mean by there being way more options than him like if he is worth nothing. That brother is worth something and you if don't find him attractive, that does not say that other black women don't.

She looks like a damn tr____ to me. Many women like her who base everything on their looks often end up good enough to f____k but never good enough to marry.

A black brother publicly puts his heart out there for that white t____ looking h.o. and what did she do? Kick him in the gut. The person I feel sorry for is him. I want her to give him the damn ring back and take her a____. somewhere else and see if she could do better.

Rich white men won't want her. Do not look down on that brother, show him some respect, he is a black brother. He made a fool of himself yes, but he is still our brother. What has he done to you that you should dislike him?

-makena7772 (on Roy Williams)


makena7772 (She is a BW that responds to an Uncle tom disrespecting BM):

Jul 06, 2011 10:24 PM
REPLYING TO ebokisses ON Jul 06, 2011 10:10 PM Link BackFirst of all girl, I am married to dark chocolate skin black brother, with braids almost down to his waist, a killer smile, a well buffed body and he is an out of this world lover in bed. He is also a wonderful, hardworking man, a loving, caring father and a supportive and incredible husband.

I love black men, always have, that may be a concept hard for you to understand especially since you hate my brothers and you keep that sorry picture of that anemic looking, skinny weasel in your signature that you have the nerve to call your KANG. lol!

So you hate black men, what the h___ are you doing on this Message Board? Go on a white message board, there are many of them out there, tell them your are black and show them your white kang and see what they will do. Run our a___ out in a New York Minute, but we here are tolerant and put up will all your B.S.

I think you should troll back to the Ebony and Ivory forum and quit messing with folks here. You might not like what your hear.
First of all girl, I am married to dark chocolate skin black brother, with braids almost down to his waist, a killer smile, a well buffed body and he is an out of this world lover in bed. He is also a wonderful, hardworking man, a loving, caring father and a supportive and incredible husband.

I love black men, always have, that may be a concept hard for you to understand especially since you hate my brothers and you keep that sorry picture of that anemic looking, skinny weasel in your signature that you have the nerve to call your KANG. lol!

So you hate black men, what the hell are you doing on this Message Board? Go on a white message board, there are many of them out there, tell them your are black and show them your white kang and see what they will do. Run our a.z.z. out in a New York Minute, but we here are tolerant and put up will all your B.S.

I think you should troll back to the Ebony and Ivory forum and quit messing with folks here. You might not like what your hear.


BROWNMAN20 wrote:
Harvard University child obesity expert Dr. David Ludwig thinks so…
Ludwig, an obesity expert at Children’s Hospital Boston and associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, shared his divisive idea in an opinion piece that ran in the Journal of the American Medical Association Wednesday: that state intervention can serve in the best interest of extremely obese children, of which there’re about 2 million across the United States.“In severe instances of childhood obesity, removal from the home may be justifiable, from a legal standpoint, because of imminent health risks and the parents’ chronic failure to address medical problems,” Ludwig co-wrote with Lindsey Murtagh, a lawyer and researcher at Harvard’s School of Public Health. The topic has quickly generated controversy, and the majority of experts contacted by ABC News disagreed with Ludwig and Murtagh’s ideas.
Dr. David Katz, founder of the Yale Prevention Center, said that there is no evidence that the state would do a better job of feeding children than their parents.
Dr. David Orentlicher, co-director of Hall Center for Law and Health at Indiana University of School Law, also disagreed, saying that based on past instances, child protective service agencies might be far too quick to place overweight children in foster care.
Ludwig said he believes that children should only be removed in the most extreme cases, and that state officials should first offer counseling and education to parents.
“It should only be used as a last resort,” he said.“It’s also no guarantee of success, but when we have a 400-pound child with life threatening complications, there may not be any great choices.”
Most Parents do not Purposely overfeed their child to be cruel. The children are overweight simply because the adults in the household eat unhealthy. You can't remove someone's child unless the Parent is "intentionally" bringing harm to them. Now if the Parents were both Healthy yet the child is extremely skinny or extremely fat, then yeah it would be kinda suspicious. 9 Times outta 10, if child is obese, most likely the Parent is as well unless the child is old enough to were he/she can monitor their own diet.



Note by Me: I don't agree with him on BW (since black women aren't like that collectively), but the rest of the words are accurate.

By Timothy



-The Moor

I agree that strong intelligent women dont need validation, I am proud of who I am and proud to be a BW. In reality I dont put up with ANY man who will disrespect me because I am a woman who deserves more than that.
More of these women out here need to realize their own self worth and stop dating guys for "attention" or to "feel" beautiful if you dont love and respect yourself first dont expect someone else to.
There is an amazing man for every deserving self respecting woman.
Thats why they say behind every good man is a good woman. k ;)

-Sweetie pie



Red baiting rhetoric about social justice is silly. Social justice simply means that a human being has the right to exist in equality within the framework of justice. That isn't a sin. Slandering King as being a Communist is old since King condemned Communism explicitly. Telling the truth that J. Edgar Hoover was a lying, slandering, and civil liberties violating hypocrite is a reality.

He or Tom Horne distorted what King said. Before he died, MLK believed that compensation treatment was needed for minorities and the poor. Extreme individualism leads into not realizing the social reality of people. Extreme collectivism doesn't realize the individual nature of human existence. This is what King taught beyond a fragant get up by the bootstrap naive perspective.

FACT... 2% of the world's wealthiest people control 50% of the world's wealth. That leaves 98% of us to fight over the remaining 50%.
FACT... 2/3rds of all US and foreign based corps paid NO TAX in the US between 1998 and 2005. Why do I have to pay taxes if the rich elites do not?
FACT... there are 2.3 MILLION healthcare related companies in the USA. By comparison, there are less than 14,000 McDonalds. Now do you know why the healthcare lobby spent $1 trillion to kill healthcare reform?



Date: November 23, 2004 at 03:11:10
From: Dan Perez,
Subject: Bush Family & JFK Assassination Connections
URL: Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bush & the JFK Assassination

Lyndon Johnson attended a meeting at oil billionaire Clint Murchison's house in Dallas, Texas on the night of November 21st, 1963, where he and several other conspirators laid the final groundwork for Kennedy's murder. This meeting was witnessed by LBJ's mistress Madeline Duncan Brown who named several of the attendees at the meeting;

Other sources have brought up other names;

The Murchison Meeting
November 21st, 1963
Lyndon Johnson - Vice President who privately hated Kennedy and faced the prospect of being dumped from the 1964 Kennedy campaign due to an investigation being carried out by Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

Allen Dulles - ex-CIA director fired by Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs. Later appointed to the Warren Commission by Johnson. Was a good friend of Prescott Bush who was George H.W. Bush's father and George W. Bush's grandfather.

John J. McCloy - executive for Chase Manhattan Bank, a Rockefeller front. Later appointed to the Warren Commission by Johnson.

Clint Murchison - Texas Oil Billionarie, friend of Prescott Bush.

George Brown - Co-owner of Kellog Brown&Root(presently known as Halliburton). Brown&Root ran a joint-venture with Zapata Oil to build oil platforms. Zapata Oil was owned by George Herbert Walker Bush.

H.L. Hunt - owner of Hunt Oil, friend of the Bush family.

J. Edgar Hoover - FBI Director. Got lots of investing tips from several Texas oil men including Prescott Bush.

Richard Nixon - lost to Kennedy in 1960, elected President in 1968. His first congressional campaign in 1946 was financed by Prescott Bush.

Henry Kissinger - Nixon's future Secretary of State. Kissinger was a protoge of Allen Dulles as well as the Rockefeller Family.

George Herbert Walker Bush - was a CIA agent in 1963 who was involved in "Operation Mongoose" which trained Anti-Castro Cuban Exiles. Later became a congressman, ambassador to the United Nations, CIA director in the 1970s, Vice-President during the Reagan administration and elected President in 1988. His father, Prescott Bush, was good friends of Allen Dulles, who helped George H.W. Bush get in the CIA in the first place. George H.W. Bush was good friends of George DeMohrenschild which was proven by the presence of Bush's name in DeMohrenschild's address book along with the nickname "Poppy". DeMohrenschild was Lee Harvey Oswald's CIA handler in Dallas.

If you don't believe the above, simply click on the following Google searches;

Allen Dulles Prescott Bush

Clint Murchison Prescott Bush

Clint Murchison George Brown Root

H.L. Hunt Prescott Bush

J Edgar Hoover Prescott Bush

Richard Nixon Prescott Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush George DeMohrenschildt

George DeMohrenschildt Lee Harvey Oswald

John J. McCloy Rockefeller Family

Henry Kissinger Rockefeller

LBJ Madeline Duncan Brown Murchison

Lyndon Johnson Clint Murchison

The Most Secret Point Of The Conspiracy To Kill Kennedy

If you notice, most of the conspirators who met at Clint Murchisons house are connected to one person;

Prescott Bush.

Prescott Bush financed both the Presidential campaigns of Dwight D. Eisenhower as well as Richard Nixon's campaign in 1960;

Image - President Eisenhower & Prescott Bush

Image - Richard Nixon & Prescott Bush

You can bet Prescott Bush wasn't very pleased when Mayor Daley of Chicago stole the election for John F. Kennedy in 1960.

The multiple connections to Prescott Bush at the Murchison meeting reveals the connection of a secret society to the murder of John F. Kennedy.

The presence of Rockefeller protoges like John J. McCloy and Henry Kissinger at the Murchison meeting reveals the connection of banking families to the murder of John F. Kennedy.

The Secret Society And The Murder Of Kennedy

One portion of the secret point within the conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy was the involvement of a secret society. That society was Skull&Bones, an offshoot of Germanic secret societies connected to the Bavarian Illuminati. Skull&Bones was founded at Yale University in 1832 by William Russell who made his fortune off of Chinese opuim trading;

The same Bavarian Illuminati-connected secret societies in Germany that helped create Skull&Bones would later create the Thule Society in the early 1900's and put Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party into power in Germany in the 1930's;

Members of Skull&Bones like Prescott Bush would finance Hitler during World War II via Thyssen Steel, the Brown Brothers Harriman bank and I.G. Farben;

Membership in Skull&Bones during the time period of the Kennedy Assassination included Prescott Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush as well as Kennedy's National Security Adviser McGeorge Bundy and his brother William Bundy who worked at the Pentagon. The Bundy Brothers were the Skull&Bones "moles" in the Kennedy Administration who reported everything to the senior members of Skull&Bones;

Banking Families And the Murder Of Kennedy

Another portion of the secret point was American and European Banks owned by aristocratic families.

The American Banks, including Chase Manhattan, whose interests were represented by John J. McCloy during the meeting at Clint Murchisons house on the night of November 21st, 1963 in Dallas, are owned by the Rockefeller Family;

The European Banks, connected to Chase Manhattan, are owned by the Rothschild Family in England;


So who ultimately killed Kennedy? Aristocratic banking families in America and Europe, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, as well as members of Nazi-esque/Illuminati Secret Societies like Skull&Bones who saw Kennedy as a threat to the New World Order.


The "black is indolent" line was taken out of context by Glenn Beck for his "documentary" ... what is the truth?
That quote was written by Che when he was 24 and encountered blacks for the first time in a Venezuelan slum during his Motorcycle trip around South America.*** The full context of this statement is addressed by biographer Jon Lee Anderson on page 92 of "Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life." However, months later he announced himself a transformed man and even denounced the racism he encountered while living in Miami for a month. The quote was from 1952, before he was Che. Years later in Cuba he showed he was not racist through his actions:
- Che pushed for racially integrating the schools in Cuba, years before they were racially integrated in the Southern United States.
- Che's friend and personal bodyguard was Harry "Pombo" Villegas, who was Afro-Cuban (black). Pombo accompanied Che to the Congo and to Bolivia, where he survived and now lives in Cuba. Of note, Pombo speaks glowingly of Guevara to this day
- When Che spoke before the U.N. in 1964 he spoke out in favor of black musician Paul Robeson, in support of slain black leader Patrice Lumumba (who he heralded as one of his heroes), against white segregation in the Southern U.S.(which still unfortunately existed), and against the white South African apartheid regime (long before it became the Western 'cause de jour').
- Che was also heralded by Malcolm X during this trip to NY and in contact with his associates to whom he sent a letter, and later on behalf of his actions in Africa - praised by Nelson Mandela and the Black Panther's Stokely Carmichael.
- When Guevara ventured to the Congo, he fought with a Cuban force of 100 Afro-Cubans (blacks) including those black Congolese fighters who he fought alongside against a force comprised partly of White South African mercenaries. This resembled the fight in Cuba, where Che's units were also made up of mostly mulattos and blacks.
- Later Guevara offered assistance to fight alongside the (black) FRELIMO in Mozambique, for their independence from the Portuguese.
- Lastly, in August 1961 (9 years after his "indolent" remark), Guevara attacked the U.S. for "discrimination against blacks, and outrages by the Ku Klux Klan", which matched his declarations in 1964 before the United Nations (12 years after his "indolent" remark), where Guevara denounced the United States policy towards their black population, stating:
"Those who kill their own children and discriminate daily against them because of the color of their skin; those who let the murderers of blacks remain free, protecting them, and furthermore punishing the black population because they demand their legitimate rights as free men — how can those who do this consider themselves guardians of freedom?"
Che's bodyguard Pombo then
Pombo now
Che in Africa with his all black army
Che volunteering to fight with FRELIMO to free Mozambique from the white Portuguese
Che in Congo #2
Only to someone completely uninformed, could Che ---(a man who fought in Africa with an all black army against white South African mercenaries of Apartheid)--- be seen as "racist" for a diary passage he wrote as a youth 15 years earlier.
3 Main Biographies on Che Guevara:
(1) Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life -by- Jon Lee Anderson
(2) Companero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara -by- Jorge G. Castaneda
(3) Guevara, Also Known as Che -by- Paco Ignacio Taibo II
* Thanks to RT who I lifted most of this from



crammasters on 5/01/2010 4:42PM
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@ DueGee who said, "As for not hearing this whhen Bush was president do you expect the slaves to complain to the slavemaster's oppressive ways when they are inbred into him.

But now you have a President who is African American and it is reasonable for his constituents to voice there wants and there needs from this democracy.

African Americans are justified in making known their needs of the aid of governmental institutionswhich were provided for there specifc needs.


of course we do after "giving up" 92% of our vote, we have a right to ask him to address our concerns. The problem is we gave up the vote WITHOUT asking for anything in return -- unlike the other ethnic communities..

I am not here to bash Mr. Earl Rogers, his feelings are common in the black collective...

I am here to ask us to be reasonable, to be self-respecting, to be SENSIBLE folks who will stop being THRILLED and MANIPULATED by another "first black."

whenever I ask someone (black) what has a "first black" ever uplifted or changed the conditions of the black masses? And no one can give me an answer? I asked them, what did Colin Powell, or Condelezza Rice do for the black community?

Again, no answer...

so, my question is WHY are we still putting so much faith in "first blacks?" Is it sheer EGO, is it our love of pageantry and showcasing and being "seen?"

Or is it WHITE VALIDATION? Us proving to "them" that we are okay, we are "equal", that "they" have accepted one of us, all while rejecting MOST of us...

Is this the lesson we want to teach our children, that "style" is more important than the "substance" of a person? To admire someone who IGNORES THEM just because that someone has a big or important title?

I refuse to teach my children that sour and disrespectful lesson -- to look up to a man who is NOT concerned with their humanity, community OR their suffering, especially when that man looks just like them...

and I will teach them to THINK for themselves, and not to follow the herd, because usually, the sheep are the first to be slaughtered...

by wolves in sheep's clothing...


By: rbk84 on 4/30/2010 12:29PM

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Obama found billions to give native americans why not give the chump change to our black farmers. Enough of he inherited this mess talk. The fact he earmarked money for indians than why not black farmers who have been getting screwed for over a century.

crammasters on 4/30/2010 8:31PM
Neutral vote downvote up
Please, please, stop making excuses for Obama. He has found the time to pursue those issues - NONE of them black issues -- he considers (or is told) are important. From Hispanic Prayer breakfasts, to Jewish seders, to coal miners' funerals, to sitting down for a meal with white farmers in Missouri, to visiting a health care clinic in Oregon, to attending a Hispanic music festival, for tap-dancing for Chicago's Mayor Daley in Copenhagen for the Olympics YET not one word or visit to Chicago, his hometown, to address black children dying in the streets. You keep making excuses, but I'm only interested in the FACTS, ma'am..

Linda Owen on 5/01/2010 12:43AM
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I am not surprised about this! I have decided that I can no longer support his agenda especially when my concerns fall on deaf ears, but I receive hundreds of emails about supporting his agenda and sending donations. I am an educator and I'm tired of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!

McKinley on 5/01/2010 9:30AM
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Yes Mr Obama why is it taking so long to turn over the settlement to the Black Farmers, is it because the government or the real powers that be want to finish crippling the farming industry that grows real and wholesome foods to exchange it for genetically modified foods or foods that contain nanotechnology? What is the purpose for this? to ruin our bodies by any means necessary. People please read your food labels and watch for names such as Archer Danials Midland, ConAgra, Monsanto. these companies are bad news. One of these companies slogan is and I quote "feeding the world" Beware!!!

crammasters on 5/02/2010 1:38PM
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You raise an interesting point, one I've never heard before. Perhaps, that's part of it, the attack on the independent farmers.

I believe it is also an attempt to CLOSE THE DOOR on black reparations. Isn't paying the black farmers their due a form of black reparations? Then who will come knocking at the door next?

Because blacks who descended from slavery are owed TRILLIONS of dollars, and our slave labor made America AND Europe the powerfully rich nations they are today - and they know it

For those with short memories, when the UN Conference on Racism was held in Durban in April 2009, not only did Obama and his administration BOYCOTT the conference on "racism!", they removed the language talking about black reparations!

I don't know HOW or WHY black people were willing to overlook something this major, but once again, it speaks to our desire to have more show than substance when it comes to our "leaders."


crammasters on 5/01/2010 4:55PM
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Not to beat the proverbial horse

but in answer to Mr Earl Rogers statement about not asking Bush about black children in Chicago, ILLINOIS dying....

1) As DueGee said, we didn't tell Bush because we already KNEW he didn't care. Remember Katrina, anybody?

2) Bush was not the Senator from Illinois, Obama was...

3) Bush did NOT get most of the black vote when he ran for President, Obama did...

4) Bush never posed as a "community organizer" and a "caring" member of the black community, Obama did...

5) Bush never lived on the South side of Chicago, less than a MILE from where black kids were being shot and killed -- more than the number of SOLDIERS FROM ILLINOIS WHO GOT KILLED IN IRAQ, folks...

Obama lived in HYDE PARK, just a 5-10 minute ride from Englewood, where many of the shootings and killings are taking place...

And still, NOT ONE WORD from Obama about our black kids dying...

And I'll say this regardless of who if offends:

Any black person who doesn't have a problem with that, has a real PROBLEM, period....


tc2ewra on 5/01/2010 8:49PM
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"The president made a strong commitment to show leadership to get this done, and basically we haven't seen him show that leadership," said John Boyd Jr., head of the National Black Farmers Association.

"The president didn't help us finish the job," Boyd said.

Thats from the mouth of the head of the BFAA. Is he an Obama "hater"

Many of the farmers say they are not just interested in a check. They want an opportunity to farm and pass that legacy on to their children and grandchildren.

The lawsuit originally sought $2.5 billion. The smaller settlement was accepted primarily because "the administration agreed to put this on the fast track," Boyd said, noting many of the farmers were elderly and had urgent need for the money.

But it was contingent on Congress approving $1.15 billion in funding by March 31. Lawmakers left for a two-week break on Friday (March 26) without approving the deal, leaving it in limbo.


crammasters on 5/01/2010 9:51PM
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@ tc2ewra

thanks for that info. Unfortunately, anything that even sounds like criticism of Obama falls on deaf ears to those who have made him their "god."

It's a shame that we have such collective low-self-esteem that someone can destroy our good feelings over a legitimate criticism of a politician. He is a politician. He is a politician. He is a politician. He does what a politician does.

some folks need to write that on the blackboard at least 100 times...

because if you'd asked any of these outraged Obama supporters four years ago if they could trust ANY politicians, they would have looked at you like you had two heads, man..


tc2ewra on 5/01/2010 11:37PM
Neutral vote downvote up
No president is above criticism. It is obvious

that Obama has not lived up to many of his

campaign promises. Nor has he acted in the best

interest of Blacks. Neither did other presidents

but you could criticize the others without being

called names by Black people. For some reason

even when just questioning some of Obamas

decisions you are met with such hostility and in

most cases the retaliation is not even based on

anything logical or reasonable.

Didnt he promise to support NAFTA

Then when elected he disses it

He campaigned as the peace president

When elected he expands the war

effort in Afghanistan and Pakistan and presides

over the largest military budget in the history of the country.

He campaigned with promises to be a

president more concerned with "main street."

But the government spent, lent or committed 12.8

trillion dollars to end the longest recession

since the 1930's, with the bulk of the money going

to finance capitalist and most of it given on

Obama's watch. Yet he says the banks are the bad


It was the largest transfer of treasure

ever! By comparison that sum was equal to 90% of

the 2008 gross national product (14.2 trillion).

I know what many say "he had to."

Finally, healthcare reform. It is widely

understood that the choice of the people is Single

Payer or Medicare For All which eliminates the big

insurance companies and big pharmaceuticals. But

what do the people end up with?

We end up with a plan that will pay at least 447

billion dollars to the very people whom the

president called the real problem. 447 billion tax

payer dollars. Sounds like another bailout.

Its crazy. Before the 2007 we as Black

folk seemed to be coming around to the

understanding that neither political party trully

had our best interest at heart.

You heard many saying things like:

"its like voting for tweedle dee or tweedle dum"

and "its like voting for lucifer or satan either

way you catch hell."

But Obama enters the picture and its like a love


Its reminds me of the words to an old old old song.

first you loved me

then you snubbed me

but what can I do

Im so in love with you

I guess I'll never see the light


Thank you brother Cramm for the support on this article because I was going to get to a response that was going to be similar, but I'll say that you wrapped it up nicely.

As with the 450 year head start that most other "races" have on us, it is not surprising to note an advantage or rather disadvantage in the group that has been held back in a society that consistently proves to headline negativity and focus on stereotypes and fear that are almost all baseless.

The fact is that this particular study is slanted and slanted studies should be given little if any acknowledgement.

Absolutely agree, brother.

We have to get to the point where we ASSUME that ANYTHING that is posted, or written about black people in ANY media that is owned by corporate america is done to make us feel defective or inferior. We have to get to the point where our feelings are NOT hurt, because if we were so INFERIOR and INSIGNIFICANT, the "system" wouldn't spend so much time putting us down.

We need to get a CLUE, get INFORMED, learn our history, and learn to LOVE THAT BEAUTIFUL BLACK PERSON IN OUR MIRRORS.

I would also suggest that ALL black males and females check out the SIX REASONS BLACK FEMALES ARE DEGRADED and the SIX REASONS BLACK MALES ARE DEMONIZED (in a white supremacy society). It will open your eyes to our entire 500 year history of endless degradation which has NEVER STOPPED.

It's all there in a brand new book called, "Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act" by Umoja,

if you want the links just shoot me a note.




MegaMalik30 1 month ago

All the tricks are coming to an end sis...don't worry about that at're in that time period now....some of our people can see and understand it, while others cannot, thats why "signs" such as these are put forth to wake brothers and sisters up to know who our REAL enemies are, which is not each other as Black Man and Black Wombman!

Together we're a force with nature my sister....;)

Peace goddess


MegaMalik30 1 month ago

NatTurnerAlive is a Youtube name of a person bashing black women and he's a black man (a part of this sick new "men's movement"). I've responded to his words in Youtube after he slandered Cynthia McKinney. I respond to him in the name of TruthSeeker24:

A disgrace to her race, a mammy c____ slave! If a Black man wasn't President of America she would have nothing to say!

Do you respect and love those Black women who are beating Black boys to death? I await your reply.

The are decent and evil BM and BW. No one says to omit errors made by both genders. What we brothers have a problem is that you overexaggerate incidents about black women and you use obscene stereotypes collectively against black women to make some political point about a "men's movement." If we want solutions, then we brothers should talk to the sisters about how we feel to create reconciliation, love and unity without malice. Malice isn't a solution.

Also, black women stood for us brothers in the Maafa, the abolitionist movement, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, the civil rights movement, Jena Six, the fights against police brutaliy even now, and when we were children. There is no way in the world I'm leaving them for any reason period. The vast majority of BW are decent and want to do the right thing. Also, you refuse to outline greatly the errors of some BM like misogyny, violence, assaults against women, and stereotypes against women.

I don't want black boys or black girls to be abused, mentally disrespected, or assaulted by anyone. Yet, this abuse origins greatly from a white supremacist system not by black women collectively. Black women are our allies in this fight. I will always love black women. They are a part of my blood.

Female, 27, Dallas, TX

Posted July 05

this book is so enlightening...things that we have allowed to take place in our communities; trying to conform to the abnorm...

i encourage everyone to please go to the trojan horse website, you will not see our society with the same eyes...

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