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Dr. Martin Luther King in Canada - Massey Lecture 1967 - Conscience for Change 1b


cocoa094 days agoin reply to Paul H.
I'm in awe of this post. Please try to get this published in national Black magazines and on all the Afrocentric websites. This is a message that needs to be promoted.

It seems clear to me that IR is being promoted for an ulterior motive. It's sad to see so many Blacks willing to go along with this agenda. I'm going to check out the book you recommended.

Thank you for this brilliant post.
Paul H. 4 days agoin reply to cocoa09
Sista, all the males in my family, my father, grandfather, my homies, my closest partners, are ALL INTO BW, have black wives, girlfriends, and lovers. We do not hang with those who do NOT DIG BLACK

Yeah, y'all get on our nerves sometimes, but hell, we get on your nerves, right?

Something else I love: collard greens, fried chicken, and macaroni and cheese, and the way a BW cooks

and the round curves of a BW's body (unlike no other), the sexy silky sheen of a dark-skinned sista (like my wife), the full lips, the nappy-soft hair that I can sink my fingers into, that feels like the hair on my OWN head,

the deep dark, dark-eyed look that only a sister's eyes can have when she's digging on a black man,

the way a BW moves, dances, sings, talks, moves her head that makes the bland non-black female want to imitate her,

the intelligence, the strength, the tenacity, and I love her, the BW, for surviving what no other woman could have survived

Yes, I love the BLACK WOMAN because I CAME FROM A BW

check out this book, 'Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act' by Umoja

and this website -- www_trojanhorse1_com
John Henry4 days agoin reply to Paul H.
Man, I'm 100% with you on that. I love my Beautiful Black Women, and like you said I CAME FROM A BW. She is the center of how I define Beauty. I wouldn't disrespect my mama by going any other way.

cocoa094 days agoin reply to BakkByPopularDemand
Because people feel strongly about this issue. Blacks have begun to understand that this IR agenda is being pushed for a reason. Please scroll through the comments and check out Paul H.'s commentary from last night.


Paul H. 2 days agoin reply to Danielle Pucillo
I agree that black folk were more unified and more sane DURING SEGREGATION than after integration. Back then we KNEW we were black, we KNEW white people were mistreating us, and we KNEW we better stick together and support each other.

We married in higher numbers than poor whites and the black men stayed with their families and raised their shorties

and the black extended family extended to our neighbors down the street and everybody raised "the village," meaning Mrs. Jones next door had the right to beat your azz when you was clowning when your momma and daddy wasn't home

and you better not say a WORD back or cuss Mrs. Jones because your daddy would give you another beating..

Black men married black women, black women knew who the father of their babies were because more than likely that baby had the daddy's last name, and kids respected the adults because they HAD NO CHOICE

and then came INTEGRATION ( another term for SUBJUGATION) where black folks were taught to imitate, emulate, worship and want to be like white folks, meaning we became materialistic, selfish, greedy, and detached from the pain of other less fortunate black folks, and couldn't wait to lay down with the same people that gave us HELL out of the bedroom.

I truly believe that if MLK could have looked into the future to see the damage that INTEGRATION did to black folks in general he would have made a different plan, and said, "bump integrating with white folks, we don't need to sit in their restaurants, let's BUILD our OWN."
kristie george4 days ago
As a educated black woman with a very wonderful Black man who is my soul mate......There is nothing better than a black couple. There is nothing better than a black child. There is nothing better than a Black family making the Black community stronger. BLACK POWER!

Anyways. Black women who can't find good Black men simply aren't looking hard enough or simply aren't ready for them. You attract what you deserve. Black Women (especially the "I am so educated. I am so this and that.") check yourself my sista! If all you find is "bad black men", then you probably are a bad black woman who isn't even ready to be on the level of a good black man. I could go on and on about the mistakes black women make when it comes to black men. Not saying that all black men are good, but the fact someone wrote a book on this topic is ridiculous.

Why would you to lay and make a family with someone is by history beneath you. You don't need a white man to make you feel like a Empress darling. Black women get real with thy self!

No offense to other races, but I couldn't even try to make myself think of a relationship with someone other than a Black King. In the end all your mixed kids will still be considered Black anyway, so you might as well make it official.

Hint: Why do think white women run to black men? It is the same reason you run to white men. A opposite race will always give the delusion they are treating better, but the mind is simply tricked by seeing something "different". There are bad men everywhere, so switching to a different race just because you can't attract a good man in your as a I call it "color box" is pure bull! Go see a therapist!
Paul H. 4 days agoin reply to kristie george
Sista, let me give you a ^5 on that one.

I'm an educated black man with a beautiful black wife who is my soul mate and there is no way in H I would consider making a family or babies with a non-black female because when I come HOME I want to feel like I'm at HOME

with someone who understands my reality because we share the same reality

And I know I will NEVER be part of a white, Asian or Hispanic female's community and whatever I build or contribute should go toward the betterment of MY PEOPLE

I maintain that war is being waged against the black community. That being said, the FIRST RULE of any people who want to win that war is:

crystal1 day ago
Essence magazine's September issue is promoting this book and is suggesting black women date outside the race. Essence has been known to promote such. Plesse find Malcom X "Ballet or the Bullet". He talks about the ancient plan to geneticaly annilate the black gene through race mixing. Problem here Black women are not cooprating on a full scale. They maybe able to pull the younger black women because alot of them may not acknowledge the struggle like the older women. Also please see the new release of Planet of the Apes. It has a lot of "SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES" . That are true and factual. They put out the movie "The Help" to stir you in a different direction. It is the movie to see. They truely fear an all black planet. Go to essence .com to retailate. I am sure they are no loner black owned either. Black voices was sold to Arrianna Huffingto of Huffington post. She just sold The Huff Post for 314 million.
Paul H. 1 day agoin reply to crystal
it is all out war on the black man, woman, child, family and Nation

the buying up of all black publications so whites and Jews can control the messages and the images we get

and allow them to totally braintrash us and lead us to our own destruction

how any THINKING black person can look at the black unemployment rate -- that no one is addressing, including "those persons" in the white house -- and the only thing we're encouraged to do is date anybody but another black person

and not see there is something wrong with that message

it's time to wake up, people!

Paul H. 4 days agoin repl
y to John Henry
Good to hear from like-minded brothers. One thing I always remind us about is it seems that the more integration, and IR-dating/mating/breeding the BM does, the higher the numbers of BM who are unemployed, incarcerated, police brutalized, homeless, and suicidal we are.

I think there is a definite link between our broken communities, BM not being with our women, and our downfall in a system of white supremacy.

Just like the zebras in the midst of a pack of lions, the lions try to scatter the herd, make them break apart and separate because it is easier to take them down when they are running in all directions

Even the zebras know they need UNITY to survive and protect their young.

We need to take a page out of the animal kingdom, hell, we need the whole D book

because there is a REASON racist man and racist woman are trying to break us apart, get us to scatter and run in all directions --

going NOWHERE because that Asian or Hispanic or white female can't and ain't making you part of HER community and so the BM will have no home or community to come home to when that IR situation breaks up...


we will be easy prey for the (white) lions hunting for us

we better open our eyes and peep this game of divide and conquer
Paul H. 3 days agoin reply to John Henry
@ John Henry

brother, u right, how can a man disrespect the place (woman) he came from??

If she ain't S, then how can he be any better than that?

BM putting down our BW means we are putting down our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, nieces, cousins, etc

to me that is the definition of INSANITY

and a sign of a male who wants to SELF-DESTRUCT


bappie wrote:
That's a racist lie that the Republicans (and before them, racist democrats put out) blacks aren't asking for any d___ handouts! Blacks work and work hard and I am sick of this flimsy, and racist excuse being used. WTH is the gov't giving black people? Are we working (affirmative action) or not? They can't have it both ways, now can they? How the hell is 13% of the population receiving all the entitlement programs? We're not! When you prove whites are by body count, they want to start their statistic bs.
It is what it is. If they tell the racists what they want to hear, that fits into their racist mindset, they'll believe it. But for a black to believe that bs is another thing and they way they have insulted blacks and even our president, there's nothing on this earth that could make vote for a repulisvecan, let alone be one.
I agree with this. Plus the fact that government aid didn't become "wrong" or "tacky" until black people discovered it.



I believe the majority of America is Centrist. I also believe if you talk to most Black Americans they are either centrist or slightly middle right.

It is just that most Blacks see themselves as oppressed people. You can say all the rhetoric you want, and take as many photo ops you can stand. When the smoke clears. There is this believe. Rightly or Wrongly. That the powers that be is against black people. Solely because of
skin color.

Now my personal issue with Black Republicans. At least the most vocal ones. They do act like Uncle Toms. Every wrong in America is Black people faults. They have never seen a white racist. They never witness injustice towards Black Americans. They only go on Fox News to bash Black People. It is as if they have no other function. Than to act as a puppet for closeted racist in the Republican party.

If more Black Republicans acted as if they had a backbone, and fought for Black Americans. Even if White Americans didn't agree with their comments. Then you would have more Blacks supporting them. But if you keep putting your Cowboy hat on, and
singing and c____g. You will never get support.



It's true, but you have to choose the lesser of two evils or the one that most closely aligns to your beliefs or what you want. If you don't vote, you can't complain. Case in point, the AARP is mounting a furious campaign against the cuts to medicare and social security for the elderly. The republicans are trying to get the president to make severe cuts to these programs to lower the deficit. They're not willing to increase taxes on the rich nor reduce the military budget. The president will veto any bill with deep cuts to this programs. stalemate. But is it?

I tell you in know uncertain terms that they're plucking with the baby boomers who raised hell in the 60s and they still have a revolutionary mindset. If they cut these programs they're going to be out on their asses and that's a fact. Rich people may have financed their campaigns to help them run for office but people's votes put them in. Republicans lost before because of their stupidity and arrogance and they'll slit their throats again and help Obama win. Already in different states across the country there are recalls in the works for Republican governors and senators.

So, yes, they play games, but when the stuff gets serious, like it is now, they'd better watch out because it might be 25 years before they regain any power if they keep pushing it.


soultry-soul1 day ago

It's a representation on the Basketball Players that have selected these women to date, procreate, and marry. Most of them are not married...however VH1 has associated the B-player names with the women (except for Royce) - Dwight Howard you did good in going to court to ensure your name...

I really would like for people (BLACK WOMEN) specifically to stop saying this show is making Black Women Look Bad, or that It's a Bad Representation on Black Woman.

This show does not and cannot define the Beautiful, Intelligent, Classy, Sophisticated, Loving, Respectful, Dynamic, Outstanding, Admired, Adored...BLACK WOMAN I am and to the family and friends that know me.

Be accountable for yourself - let these woman plant their own roots and let your blossom!
“We have a Black president right now,” the actress said in her Ebony magazine cover story. “So why the f— would I sit down and talk about how hard it is for Black women in Hollywood when there’s a Black president in my country?”
This makes no sense. Racism is still alive. Obama becoming president does not make it better for minority actresses in Hollywood.

I hate how some people think that Obama becoming president changes everything. Open your eyes and stop being BLIND.

I believe that Blacks should create their own Hollywood instead of waiting for the White man to give them jobs. Whites will always support Whites.
I used to defend this gril but she has become so stuck up and arrogant. Like she thinks she is better then other black actresses. Someone needs to ask her when will she film with a leading black man?
-boho chic (on Zoe)
Although a "no excuses" attitude is great to have, if she looks around it's clear to see black actresses aren't getting big starring roles like skittles. Just because we have Obama as president not everything magically falls into place for black actresses. Her tone comes off like she's calling the other girls lazy which is not a good look. She doesn't have to kiss a___ but how many roles are designed for black women, really. How many black major film directors are out there?
Zoe is wrong period. I tried my hand with acting awhile ago. No matter how talented you are s___ is already stacked against you. If u want to go beyond the usual c___n straight to video black films or tyler perry stuff its hard. The breakdowns constantly call for exotic, ambiguous, dialects, speak other languages, black but don't look black(yes i saw that one)
the best thing is trying to get your own shit made, produced and hustle to get shown. Im upset Zoe would say some s___ like that. she knows better. smh especially some of the s___t she was in:/
Iwillbfree3 days agoin reply to Paul H.
Enjoyed reading this truth!

What I can't OVERstand is how these caucasoids and negroids, who are promoting IR are hateful and racist toward BLACK men, wo-men, and children, but they want us [BLACKS] to date, marry and integrate with our enemies?
The claim that the whole of Europe is in a state of chaos is simply erroneous. The situation in Germany, unlike Greece, is one is which the recession is LESS seveere than in the USA. Partly because they didn't export all their good industrial jobs to poorer countries, and partly because their generous social legislations allow a higher Quality of life. Same could be said of Scandinavia. Yet German and Scandinavian corporations pay higher taxes than do American ones. And many American coporations pay no taxes at all.
As for the "entitlement mentality" the rich have more of that, and probably with less justification, than do the "masses."
But consider this. You don't seem to object to social security or medicare--again programs once advocated by socialists and regarded as subversive.(Ronald Reagan made commercials in the 1960s against the then new Medicare proposals before Congress, claiming they were a step toward Soviet totalitarianism).
If univeraal health care is ever won despite right wing opposition, I can bet you that that most CONSERVATIVES in the future (not poliicians but ordinary conservative Americans) will be militant supporters of socialist measure that you contemptuously dismiss as "Obamacare."
Paul H. 3 days agoin reply to Iwillbfree
if you want to destroy your enemy, you create dissension and conflict and confusion within those enemy ranks

Just like a pack of lions wants to scatter a herd of zebras so they can take them down one at a time

This is WAR, and they need black males and females to be at each other's throats, to abandon each other, and to blame each other for what white people are doing and have done to us.

Now that's just the TRUTh and I don't see how anyone can dispute that

IR sex is just another weapon of mass mind destruction because it destroys the WILL of black people to fight their oppression AND be clear about who is their real enemy

Like I have said a MILLION times on sites like this:

you can't lay down with the HUMAN face of white supremacy at night

and get up in the morning and fight it

our worsening condition in america is proof of that
BakkByPopularDemand3 days agoin reply to Paul H.
I read the book, and loved it!
Paul H. 1 day agoin reply to missbetty
that's what I thought but this BM has a black wife and they both work for Stanford Univ


it is common for black folk who have been educated and/or work in that Ivy-league-covered environment (the heart of white supremacy education) to turn out VERY white-identified, meaning they are brainwashed and braintrashed and are unable to think outside that white box they are trapped in.

all of which means they are in NO position to give the rest of us any advice on how to save the black family and the Black Nation or how to unify black men and women so we can save our BLACK CHILDREN.
iwillbefree you are telling the truth this story is BS and this website knows it.There was a Howard University study on accurate statistics for black marriage but it was not posted here, I wonder why but you will find it on Theroot and ybf.There has been a rise in black marriage rates over the past two years after a fall over the past decade.Even though black people are marrying later in life they are still marrying.By the age of 35 only 25/30% of black women have never bee married.Most black people marry other black people and black people still have the lowest rates of dating white.
Wow. What a beautiful comment. Black men like you make being in this wicked country so much better.
Paul H. 4 days agoin reply to WhatManyPeopleThink
three things:

1. Go on a WHITE WEBSITE and you might read that.

2. White people are the ones who made it necessary for blacks to validate other blacks. That's like the bully asking why the people he bullies feel they have to find a way to protect ourselves and each other

3. The entire non-white planet is forced to hear about the "superiority" of white people, via the movies, the TV shows, the books, where white people are the ONLY ones that are shown falling in love, making love, being loved, being worthy of love.

so i would say black folks -- black males and females are LONG OVERDUE for some SELF-AND GROUP BLACK VALIDATION

and anyone who doesn't get that, that's on them...


SimplyComplex_874 days agoin reply to Isabell
how does my love for my own translate into a hatred for whites? i don't hate them, but i AM aware that they tend to hate us...therefore i could never bring myself to fall in love with a (white) man who believes he's above me.

i also never said there wasn't strength or beauty in other races, but i do believe blacks are the strongest and most beautiful.

did that hurt your feelings? i don't give a d____...go to a white site if you'd like to feel more "love"....
As this thread concerns Dr. King's dream of economic justice, I will not concern myself with his personal life. And Mrs Kennedy, like Ms. Clinton, has enough problems with the infidelities of her own spouse to be worried about King's activities.
The fact remains: DR. KIng was a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST.
His OWN WORDS confirm this. Zaius if trying to deflect the discussion from a REAL ANALYSIS of King's economic thought.

Zaius wrote:

LMFAO, you talk in circles.
I am not sure who you think labour can extort without capitalism.
I also wonder why you believe your version of a socialist utopia can exist when all other attempts have failed.
It is capitalism which extorts labor (and the world) while creating babbling sycophants and apologists like Zaius.

By the way, Dr. King was a child during the Depression. The capitalistic extortion, its immiseration of the masses which he saw in his childhood helped push him in an ANTI-CAPITALIST direction. Bless his heart.
"I can see the effects of this on this early childhood experience

I guess I take king himself as a better authority on his own thinking than his ignorant, reactionary neice Or racist scalawag, poseur called Zaius

Harrisson wrote:

And in addition, Zaius is also notorious for being a punk-___ ___h.
I take it by now you read one of the chapters on King that I sent you. I'm looking forward to the book's appearance soon.
Zaius is certainly out of his element if he wants to debate me on the thought of King....which is why he's trying to shift the conversation to King's (real and imaginary)extramarital affairs.

Dr. KIng was a revolutionary and a visionary. Zaius is a racist, reactionary and a fool.
He has got no business talking about King (or anything else) at all.

Paneiro14 days agoin reply to Paneiro1
Why do you guys continue to give these people so much importance. You know they don't care about you, why do you care soo much about them? You people get offended like it was your bestfriend that said these things to you. There is no national community stop feeding into that nonsense, everyone else sticks together to better and preserve there people, it's time we do the same.

Let's make our own wealth and leave these people alone, let them say what they want, they've been doing it for almost 500 years and it will never stop, so what's the sense of arguing when at the end of the day they don't help or hinder us, it's all up to us.

  • "You dummies had better think because your demise has been planned through drugs, prisons, and interracial dating to name a few. I just can't get with my enemy. "

    I JUST CANT GET WITH MY ENEMY........Nuff said....

    your post is the ONLY one so far that makes any real sense.....Blacks don't REALIZE that this same agenda is NEVER pushed at other races though.....MESSAGE!

  • ________________

    Kashta_Bureh  wrote:
    Black men and women deserve to be bashed........because they are weak. The Black race is a weak race, how else could we have been enslaved for centuries on end? Whats more, we continue to suffer from slavery today Tim! Blacks are not conquerors, we are the conquered. We should have conquered the Europeans, not the other way around! Blacks are like..........we are like crash test dummies, a punching bag, a f*cking pinata!

    I'm reading a book which says it will take Black Americans 1,661 years to catch up with Whites in terms of home ownership, can you believe that!? OVER ONE THOUSAND YEARS! Good lord, our ancestors f*cked us, West Africans really f*cked us. They f8ckd us so bad that it is damn near mathematically IMPOSSIBLE to ever catch up with Europeans.

    That is why I will never, ever, forgive Africans. They deserve misery and death, no Diaspora Black should show mercy to them. Those bastards! They deserve to rot in hell! Their mental retardation has put our entire race behind the whole goddamn world!!!!!!! For centuries the White man has gotten ahead of us, for Christ sakes, they are about to build bases on the Moon! Blacks have nothing, absolutely nothing! We have no nuclear weapons, no satellites, no multi-national corporations, no stealth aircraft, no aircraft carriers, the Black race has nothing!

    I don’t subscribe to the pessimistic notion that every single black man and black women deserved to be bashed. The reason is that many blacks in America and worldwide is doing the right thing despite some black people acting as enemies (we know who they are). There are many black women I know personally (other than my relatives) that are intelligent, sweet, nice, outgoing, and with positive dispositions. Many blacks aren’t weak and have been fighting for centuries for our liberation. It’s just that all of us who are black should strive and fight even harder to make sure that our previous errors won’t repeat themselves. Every race suffered slavery even for centuries. Our experience is unique. Yet, one important lesson to learn from our experiences is that we fought back though in spite of our oppression. Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, and other black leaders fought back to win battles in our struggle for social liberation. Today, we are in a crossroads in history since the real truth is that knowledge is power in this technological, information age. The truth is in our face and now we (who are able bodied) differently have no excuses whatsoever to reach for our prize. I don’t believe that black people are in the bottom in the socioeconomic totem pole worldwide since I can name other peoples collectively suffering worst than us.

    Many black people have made errors and I give you that. Yet, there are tons of black people worldwide that oppose imperialism and oppression. I’m not concerned with what the doubters mention. We blacks have overcome odds before despite the claim of black Americans needing 1,661 years to catch up in terms of home ownership. That’s all the more reason to advocate a radical economic solution to our problems that isn’t related to the status quo (the status quo brought us the recession we witness in the first place). I understand you anger at some traitorous Africans, but there were black Africans centuries ago who fought in anti-slavery efforts and revolts against European imperialists. Overt colonialism was defeated by activists like Kwame Nkrumah. The problem now is that we have neo-colonialism, which is slicker via the influence of the IMF and the Western elite. Africans have many resources, but black people should work with the Africans to develop massive infrastructure in a higher levels (without imperialists trying to control it. Africans should develop futuristic plants, dams, and other resources themselves).

    I don’t blame Africans for my issues or why the way things are totally. They or the people from Africa didn’t lynch my ancestors, they didn’t create the Maafa directly, they didn’t create Jim Crow, they didn’t cause police brutality, they didn’t divide families in America, and they didn’t promote psychological warfare against my own people (these realities are a product of a white supremacist system). They aren’t responsible for it. We want the similar goal of black cultural liberation. We should have responsibility individually, but ignoring white supremacy is not a battle tactic. It’s an omission when fighting a war. We just disagree on the methods to achieve the prize and the originators of this state that we witness today.

    -By Timothy (I do respect Brueh's intellect since he's a smart brother)


    Tim, you're right. There have been Blacks on both sides of the Atlantic that have truly fought for the cause. And I suppose it is wrong to blame all Blacks, it is just that the bad apples seem to ruin our entire community.

    I attack Blacks because I want us to do better, it is tough for me to respect Blacks as a group as long as we continually fail. Sure, I respect individual Blacks who have made it, but it is hard to respect us as a whole. Sometimes I want to give up on Blacks but I won't. It is so easy to just go marry a non-Black woman and separate myself from my family/Black community, and I've considered it, but my experiences with foreign Black women have steered me away from that.



    S Baldwin2 months agoin reply to mypinion
    The mainstream media would have never push the IR agenda to White, Latina, Asian, Jewish, Middle Eastern, and Native American women. Yet they feel free to attack Black women and to tell us that dating/marrying White men is the only way to solve our so-called woes and attack most Black women when they prefer Black men. Look what the media has done to Whitney Houston, Star Jones, Beyonce, Michelle Obama. These are women who prefer men of African descent.

    Black women has long resist such racist and divisive propaganda by the media to separate Black men, Black children, and the Black community.

    Paul H. 3 days agoin reply to BakkByPopularDemand
    sounds like someone is running mind games, trying to lay a guilt trip because we prefer our own.

    it would be extremely helpful if we stuck to the definition of "racism"

    power + prejudice

    meaning, black people cannot practice racism against whites in a white supremacy system

    therefore, blacks cannot be "racist"
    BakkByPopularDemand2 days agoin reply to Paul H.
    Shiron2 days agoin reply to Paul H.
    You are obviously a very intelligent man who has taken the time to look past the B.S. If more of our people thought like you, we wouldn't have all of the problems that we currently have in our communities, and we would be much stronger and more unified as a people.

    I have to agree with Cocoa09, you should definitely try to get your thoughts out there in a book or magazine because what you have to say is intelligent, insightful, and thought-provoking.
    Great Post!

    Paul H. 4 days agoin reply to georgia2010
    It's amazing that some blacks believe whites see us as "equals" when it is obvious that is untrue.

    Maybe the book title shouldn't be "Is Marriage for white folks?" (a fugging ridiculous title for a book considering blacks had a HIGHER marriage rate than whites during the SEGREGATED Great Depression)

    but a better title for a book would be:

    "Why would someone who is oppressed by whites spend so much time thinking about and arguing with other (black) victims about their "right" to have sexual intercourse with whites?

    However, i guarantee no major white publisher would pick that author up and give them a nice advance.

    and that should tell us something

    that the (white) people in power do NOT want the BM and BW together, making babies, getting married, and raising STRONG BLACK FAMILIES

    just like DURING SLAVERY....

    They are running SERIOUS MIND GAMES on us, people,

    and if we want to survive in this white society with the economy bottoming out,

    we better learn the DEFINITION of the words

    Paul H. 4 days agoin reply to No_Pale_Pilgrims
    Had to repeat what u said, "For a site to be called BLACK PLANET why aren't you promoting black love and support for black owned businesses. Instead of idol topics such as this where any sane, self loving black woman and man would see right thru this!"

    u are absolutely right
    crystal3 days ago
    Could not have said it any better myself. They continue with the racial division of black families. Worse a black man wrote the book. To hell with him . Sistas need to remain strong. Somebody don't like we are still havin "Black babies". Maybe one day our counter part will rise from thei death. May the dry bones rise in this valley . They still fear a Black Planet.
    Paul H. 2 days agoin reply to crystal
    Sis, it is good to hear from BW who are seeing thru the hype. If your enemies tell you to go to the left, head right. If your enemies tell you to go up, you D well better head down asap.

    What I see is the attempt by the white supremacy system to turn BW into modern day WM's whores. That doesn't mean WM will stop practicing racism; it means BW will be REWARDING them for mistreating black people. Let's be real, sex -- voluntary or forced -- between BW and WM is nothing new.

    SInce LESS than 9 percent of white people marry outside their race, why play those odds when most likely all you will have at the end of the day is a lot of shameful memories of being SEXUALLY EXPLOITED by racist WM

    There's a book called, "Pieces of a puzzle : the one thing Black females will not talk about" by Reneathia Tate who interviewed WM and BW who had been in interracial sexual relationships and what she discovered was most of the WM were racists and knew they were using BW, and most of the BW wound up feeling degraded and in a sense, raped by those WM -- who never had any serious romantic intentions toward them

    Let me be clear, I think BW are the most desirable females on the planet BUT in a racist/white supremacy system your REAL value will never be acknowledged so you must be careful when dealing with white people -- period. The same is true for BM who are also being sexually exploited by WW (and WM) -- google "Meet the Mandingos" and you will see what I mean...

    My point is, the WM wants the BW to make herself sexually "available" like she was during slavery only he wants her to do this voluntarily for his own amusement even while he is practicing racism/white supremacy on black people.

    We are at WAR, and the enemy will use any tactic it can to destroy us. The easiest way is to get BM and BW to divide and conquer OURSELVES and then there will be no resistance to any kind of oppression that the white elite come up with.

    Just for the record, I am very much opposed to BM sexing WW and my partners and I make it our BUSINESS to speak out against it, to NOT cosign on this behavior with other BM and to EDUCATE other brothers about the divide and conquer game being run on our communities.

    We have made some progress and in fact, have been told by numerous BM that they will never see IR with WW the same again and plan on avoiding any sexual contact with WW.
     Paul H. 3 days agoin reply to BakkByPopularDemand
    the sic part is it's ASSUMED that every other group on the planet -- browns, reds, yellows, and whites prefer their own race (even if that's not true) but as soon as we say




    we're put on blast

    it's time we IGNORE the BS of non-blacks who marry and hire and work with their own people all the D time and are terrified of the day the Black Nation wakes up and stops being the sucker for the rest of the planet

    we are the SLEEPING GIANTS -- the FIRST people on earth -- the FIRST people God made

    the earth will tremble on the day we wake up from our DEEP, DEEP SLEEP

    FOR WOMEN & MEN:Please know your worth.You have to love & care for yourself before trying to love & care for someone else. Life is full of men & women so dont waste your time crying over someone who disrespect you & treat you badly.There is always someone else who is willing to truly love & care for you.Dont rush into a relationship because its not healthy.Try to get to know the person of your interest before jumping into a relationship with them because only then will you know who they are.

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