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"Democracy Now?"

Meet Professor Juan Cole, Consultant to the CIA
African women say rebels raped them in Libyan camp
Empty village raises concerns about fate of black Libyans
The colonial attack on Libya: The FALLOUT for it's AFRICAN neighbors:
DAKAR, 29 June 2011 (IRIN) - Chadian families are facing worsening food insecurity, becoming more indebted, and selling off personal possessions as they try to cope with the loss of remittances from relatives who have returned home from Libya.
Remittances, which half of the households in Chad's western and southwestern regions of Kanem and Bahr el Ghazal used to receive, are down by 57 percent, according to a survey by NGOs Oxfam and Action Against Hunger (ACF). Households on average were sent US$220 per month.
Most families in the two regions have reduced the number of meals they eat; 70 percent are eating less nutritious foods, while just under a third are resorting to wild foods such as leaves and berries.
One in five households interviewed had sold possessions to raise money; while most said they had taken out loans to get by.
At the same time, families are struggling to feed returning members: Some 43,000 migrants have returned in trucks from Libya to Chad over the past three months, according to Craig Murphy, operations officer at the International Organization for Migration (IOM). In Bahr el Ghazal family size has increased by as many as 13 people, according to the Oxfam/ACF survey.
"These people are going home to zones which already experience food insecurity even when there is no `crisis', said Philippe Conraud, head of humanitarian operations at Oxfam in West Africa. "They need food, water - the basics, to get by."
AGADEZ, 19 May 2011 (IRIN) - Migrants who have fled the conflict in Libya to return to Niger say they are having to beg, steal, or sell off remaining animals or plots of land to survive, so as not to burden their already impoverished families, most of whom are struggling with food insecurity.
Some 66,200 Nigeriens have returned to Niger from Libya since the end of February, most arriving in the northeastern town of Dirkou, from where they find transport to take them to villages and towns around the country, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The majority were involved in agricultural work in Libya, for which they earned up to US$216 (100,000 CFA) per month.
Returnee, Mohamed Lamine, told IRIN: “It was with huge regret that I left Libya. I can’t stand having to rely on my aging parents to survive. I will return as soon as possible.”
Now most of them are jobless and many are in debt, having paid inflated transport costs for the roughly three-week journey across the desert, and high administrative costs to enter the country, according to an inter-agency assessment of two departments in south-central Zinder Province, by the government, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and NGO Care International.
“Thousands and thousands of men have left to return to unemployment in Niger. We have no choice but to beg in the streets or to steal,” Abdelkadre Moussa, a returnee in Agadez in the centre of the country, told IRIN. “In Libya you face bombs, but in Niger you face death.”
Libyan NTC puppet government and NATO to threaten poor African nations (Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Chad, Senegal and Burkina Faso) with aid cut off if they don't join AFRICOM and hand over Qadhafi:

Azblue3 hours ago
From Dr. Boyce Watkins written on Sept 7, 2011 before the Presidents speech,
"One of the most telling signs of racial inequality in America is the fact that African Americans are not only subjected to the very worst economic circumstances in the country, but we are also not allowed to be upset about it. Middle class Tea Partiers can gather in Washington to complain about health care, wealthy white folks can get upset about a tiny spike in taxes, and white Americans can remain justifiably outraged over a measly eight percent rate of unemployment. But when African Americans say a word about widespread and virtually unprecedented economic suffering in the presence of a Black president, we are referred to as Uncle Toms or told that we are demanding too much."

That says it all.


Note by Me: People died for us to vote, so I will vote. Other than that, I see where he's coming from.

By Timothy

Currently Paul's the Only Anti-War, Anti-Wall St Bankster & FED

In the absence of Nader, Kucinich [Note- both Kucinich & Nader have shown a willingness to work w Paul on certain issues where they agree IE: ending these wars, & reigning in the FED & the Banksters -&- the MIISC], Sis Cynthia McKinney, etc - Currently Paul is the Only Anti-War, Anti-US Empire, Anti-Wall St Bankster & FED, Anti-Police State Candidate for Pres w a real track record on those positions for either Party -like it or not. Many people don't like Paul because he's 'technically' a GOPer [but many in the GOP & the so-called main-stream media don't seem to like him either], & his positions on limited Gov't - which means he's against Depts of ED, FDA, EPA, Social Security, Medicare, etc -&- I basically disagree w him on those positions -BUT- Corp lobbyists have seized effective control over many of those Depts [IE: the FOXes are guarding the Hen-House] so currently many of those supposed Gov't watch-dog agencies are working in the interests of Corps- NOT the People! And Paul, like most of his peers, expresses a belief in the US & its Constitution - some might think thats a 'good' thing - some probably don't [but if you don't, why even bother voting - especially for Pres who ain't even elected directly by the people's vote anyway].
With Ron Paul what you see is about what you get - you have to decide if you can live w it or not. With Obama people thought they were getting a so-called 'liberal-progressive' anti-war candidate. Man were they fooled! So now its the 2nd time around - 'Fool me once Shame on You - But if I let you fool me twice...!'
We as Black folks have got to learn that if we're going to play this Dim vs Repug poly-trickal voting game, seldom, if ever, are we going to find a candidate for US Pres who perfectly [if even closely] represents our interest. All of the Presidents we were taught to revere have a whole mythology built around them [bar none]: The so-called 'Fouding Fathers' [many / most of whom were Slave Owners]; Lincoln the 'Abolitionist Pres' [NOT]- leading to the GOP being at one time called the Party of Lincoln- to which Blacks were faithful to for 6 decades; then FDR [the Dems became known as the Party of FDR's 'New Deal'] who was an Elitist & definitely showed a racist side w the wholesale detention of Japanese-Americans on the West coast [NO so such detention for German & Italian- Americans of the East-Coast]; JFK & RFK [this week's piece by Sis Margaret Kimberley cuts into the myth about the Kennedys supposedly being 'civil rights champions'], Slick Willie [who some Blacks once called the 1st 'Black Pres' - Mr 'I Feel You Pain'- as he pushed NAFTA, fake well-fare reform, de-Regged the Wall St Banksters, contributed to the Rwandan & Congo Genocides & helped maintain Haiti's Misery] & now Obama. It seems that Blacks voted for these guys based on the [manipulated] loyalty of our hearts- as much, if not more so, whether it made actual tactical-strategic sense [based on Real research into what type of guys they Truly were - not just going on their poly-trickal hype]. Well, unless a TRUE [IE: Not phony - ala Obama] Progressive steps up to the plate. maybe its time to vote tactically rather emotionally - or simply give-up on this phony 2-Party Dim vs Repug merry-go-round & just not vote at all - especially in the presidential race!


Ms. Kimberley, I expect better from your writing than: " All of the indices of terrible impacts on the health of black families are boiled down to hand wringing about a large number of doomed spinsters."
The bulk of your writing on any given week is clear, rational and incisive, even though I don't agree with all of your positions. In this instance, these words demean thousands of college educated African-American women who did everything our society told them they should do to succeed... only to find it is still not enough. Not enough to garner the money they deserve. Not enough to garner the respect they deserve.
As girls, these women often endured taunts and censure by peers in the community for academic achievement. Now as women, they are often greeted by other African-Americans (male and female) with a mixture of envy and disdain and wholly dismissed by persons other ethnic groups.
I agree with many of the points you made in this article, but dumping on educated African American women by referring to them as "doomed spinsters" is like exposing a bedraggled slip under a fine silk dress... unbecoming a writer and thinker of your caliber.


Highest304 hours agoin reply to WhatManyPeopleThink
I know! That was some s___ there. Someone needs to tell him that majority of blacks are working our a____ off without complaining and crying because we know how this system of government works. See, white folks are use to being cater to and if their comfort zone is threaten, they go off.


Vanity3574 hours ago
Well there you have it. He's spoken with the CBC. He's called in on Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey. Are you Negroes happy now? ROFL. You gotta love the fact he throws these bones to his supporters and they are going to be happy with it. Complainin'? I guess he missed the ranting by Rachel Maddow, Ed what's-his-name and the other white liberals who were hollering and screaming since day 3 of his presidency.
Did the CBC not catch the condescending manner in which he spoke to them? I live in a racist idiot's district, so I can't vote against any of those idiots who drank the Kool-Aid last night, but I urge the rest of you to.

On Truman, LBJ, JFK, MLK & Civl Rights;

Yes Truman ordered the desegregation of the military - but this only helped Blacks become more dedicated to US militarism. And he also was the one who nuked Hiroshima & Nagasaki - even though it was NOT need militarily [IE: the Nuking of Japan was a more about geo-politics rather than military necessity]. And for what its worth, Truman [like his predecessor & so many other US Pres & hi-officials] was a hi-ranking Free-Mason [Note: The Highest ranking Southern Free-Mason at the end of the Civil-War was a 'Founding-Father' of the KKK].
LBJ was a real character- Its often said he got the civil-rights agenda done for JFK. But he's also the one who escalated Vietnam to mammoth proportions! And IMO he was up to his eyeballs in JFK's & MLK's assassinations! - I'm absolutely positive he used the Warren Commission to cover-up the truth concerning JFK's hit!   


This was clear from outset

but I had trouble posting and didn't say so last week. The so-called "Progressive media pundits" are talking like there is a real change in Obama. I doubt that many are fooled. The supporters of Obama, no matter what, are desperate. Since there's no one "at the top" for those "at the bottom" of the social and economic pile, folks will have to make change from the bottom up. Easier said than done, but plausible.
For me, one of the most disgusting things was hearing (until I could no longer tolerate the ear garbage) NPR guest ponder on why Americans are not in the streets protesting, like in Europe. There was talk of unions in Europe and people identifying with being workers. But here in the U.S., the guest was saying, "people blame themselves for their own poverty and lack of getting the American dream". Nonsense. Americans have been told for over a century of well financed propaganda that American "individualism" is the (myth) rule:
so if you're out of work, ill or homeless - it's your fault. People know it's not. The media also does not admit to what has happened to social revolutionaries in the U.S. (Panthers murdered, jailed "forever", for example), police repression,
jailing of poor people. Black and Latinos go to prison for drug use and whites rarely do: selective enforcement of law.
Police repression of dissent: permits being required for demonstrations are relatively new. As to labor history: the earlier mentioned guest talked of "violence" of labor strikes, but omitted that the gov't was responsible for the repression and committing of the violence against the strikers. And it sill goes on at current protests: permits or not, penned areas for acceptable protest, "preventive detention", grand jury subpoenas for recent protesters (see websites protesting FBI repression), particularly in political convention protests, support of Palestinian rights and peace workers, to name a few.


I vote for the latter.

Meaning forget about the dog & pony show "elections", they're meaningless and a waste of time. Because not only will there be no candidate that we're allowed to vote for who perfectly or even closely matches our interests, there will be no candidate that can even remotely be expected to enact any sort of a progressive agenda. That's the way the system is designed to work I'm afraid. If there was a candidate who actually represented a real alternative to the Republicrat "good cop/bad cop" routine he or she would present a mortal threat to the billionaire ruling elite which is why said candidates are never on the ballot. The only ones that the rich will fund and back with the corporate-owned media megaphones are ones that are guaranteed to already be in their hip pocket since before you or I had ever heard of them. The only reason we're even allowed to vote in this country (and I mean any of us, African-American, white, Latino, Asian, whatever) is because it won't make a damn bit of difference to us or to the wealthy. We are essentially picking the toady of the billionaires that we trust the most, the one that "speaks to us" and is most effective at lying convincingly to us. That ain't worth getting out of bed for.
All that American elections are are just an elaborate, expensive puppet show put on every few years to make the average citizen feel like they have some kind of a say in what governs them. It allows the elite to have the best of both worlds: all the stability and predictability of any military dictatorship combined with a thin veneer (though thick enough to fool tens of millions of rubes every few years!) of democracy to placate the non-wealthy masses, make us feel like we have some kind of a connection with the (billionaires' puppet) government and give good P.R. in the international scene, portraying this awful, racist, murdering, torturing, fascist police state as some kind of nation that cares about the well-being of its slaves, er, citizens enough to let them decide on their rulers.
Voting for any candidate in this country, whether a mainstream Republicrat like Obama or Romney or one of the controlled "outsider" candidates like Ron Paul (who is a devotee of the soulless Ayn Rand by the way) or the castrated Dennis Kucinich, is nothing but an endorsement of the fake slate of choices we are given. It is saying "Yes, I'm dumb enough to have not yet figured out that no matter who I vote for they're all playing for the same team, the wealthy elite, not the average American, and to show my ignorance and my approval of the "choices" I'm being given I'm casting my vote for one or the other." Voting is precisely what the elite want us to do. What they clearly don't want us to do is boycott elections, take to the streets, occupy major cities and shut this rotten shit heap of a country down until radical changes are effected. Remember, the people in Egypt and Tunisia and Yemen didn't overthrow their corrupt, unrepresentative governments by voting for this or that elite-approved candidate.



Whoa, whoa whoa. Margaret I think so highly of you. But I have read almost every book ever written about Bobby Kennedy and you are grossly mischaracterizing him. Just like anyone who happens across Jackie's comment about MLK and judges MLK's whole life based on that would be grossly mischaracterizing him.
RFK started out a different man than he became and his evolution was thanks in large part to his experience with the civil rights movement. He evolved a huge amount from the beginning of his career to the end. The essence of RFK's being by the end was this: He could not bear poverty and opposed it with every ounce of his being. Including and especially the Black community due its added horror of racism.
RFK (and of course his brother) started out with a point of view filtered through white privilege. They learned a lot as they went along, especially RFK. He never became a Zapatista or its equivalent bc of that privileged upbringing but he fought for and meant to fight for the poor more than any white man in a position of that much power had before. And no way in hell did he do Hoover's dirty work. They HATED each other. Hoover and Johnson banded together in their opposition to the Kennedys.
As for JFK, i really recommend the book "JFK and the Unspeakable - why he died and why it matters." It reveals that JFK, along with his (and RFK's) early sins of allowing attempts on Castro's life, also began overtures of partnership with both Kruschev and Castro and defying the military idustrial complex's desires to spread war and profiteering from war.
They were NOT angelic by any means. Not saints. And as far as civil rights goes, no one deserves more credit than each individual citizen of the Black community who risked everything to fight for their rights. But please learn more before smearing two men who did try sincerely to do better, and were assassinated for it.
RFK and MLK are 2 of my biggest heroes. This post was like a kick to the gut as it came from another person I greatly respect.
As for Jackie, i know much less about her but clearly she had issues.


SimplyComplex_874 days agoin reply to Angilix
are you kidding me with this nonsense? success doesn't guarantee happiness, first of all. this article mentioned nothing about "happy" only focused on income level.

secondly, rich people are some of the most depressed and suicidal people in the country. abuse and infidelity isn't uncommon in wealthy households either. don't let outward appearances fool you...

Deborah Douglas2 days agoin reply to brutal686
Brother I like your ideas!!! Both black men and women are too superficial thesese days.. And they wonder why their relationships are not successful.You are not going to get everything you want in one person!!! You are kidding yourselves.It is time for people to be realistic and stop looking for Hollywood.The things that are important to me are good character,one that is willing
to work hard /and really wants a relationship,honesty,average appearance/as long as they are neat and clean,hard worker,loves the lord.
UvodkaJones3 days agoin reply to Angilix
You're entitled to your opinion, but I've dated plenty of men in that arena and they are no better than any other man. If anything worse because they carry this "ain't too many dudes like me" arrogance. It's nice to have common goals and backgrounds with someone but it should never be a deal breaker even if you and the guy are total opposites in every sense of the word. Bottom line, no one can map out what's best or who makes the better mate. These so-called desirable traits look good on paper, but can be attached to the ugliest (personality& heart) soul you've ever encountered.
SHALMICA4 days agoin reply to SimplyComplex_87
Amen Simply. When I was in the dating scene, I searched my heart and figured out what I was truly looking for (God-fearing, hardworking, good father material).

Then my king appeared...divorced, he had 2 biological plus 1 stepchild and he worked in a factory with a high school diploma. To his credit, he prays like a champ, loves all of our kids equally and his work ethic is impeccable.

When people meet us and find out that I have a PhD and that I am a senior scientist at a Fortune 500 biotech company, they wonder how my husband and I got together. I tell them that I had my priorities straight before I met him and he fit my top three criteria, and 13 years later I am the luckiest, happiest, most blessed woman alive!


KarmelKz4 days ago
To my brothers: Keep your head up. I hate the way the media tries to divide us. I know way too many GREAT black men to go along with this foolishness. Most of my black female friends are married to black men. Most of these men are making well above $30K. Some have degrees, etc some don't. Some are just hard working brothers handling their business.

Some people want a man who is some kind of fantasy that they have made up in their heads. (Looking for someone to be perfect) In that case they will never find anyone because no one is perfect. For my sisters, there are black men all over the world not just in the United States. Don't get caught up in stats. Be the best person that you can be because in the end greatness attracts greatness. You won't have to look for a good black man because he will find you.
soultry-soul5 days agoin reply to Eryc Bonner
Look at you now - please do not count US/POWER HOUSES in your sarcasm post. The caucasians don't have a dayum thing on me...nor my family. We've fought our battles and understand with much appreciation that BLACK IS THE BEST THING and that our BLACK MEN ARE OUR FIRST AND ONLY KINGS.

No sarcasm here!


moonrose4me49 minutes ago
Obama is really pissing me off. Especially in relation to his involvement in Libya.
Obama has basically lulled all the activist and freedom fighters world wide asleep and continued to spend 12 Billion dollars a month on 2 Wars which he promised to end. Then he doubles down and starts this crap in Libya, costing more Billions. Imperialism is imperialism. It doesn't matter if it has a Black face painted on it or not.

However, I will say the worst crimes committed by US presidents happened long before Obama. We've had genocides committed in the US with the complicity of the White House and the so-called Congress.

If you guys want to know useful and current news on Afrikan people all over the world. Check out T.West on youtube.

A lot these news networks job is to keep us in the dark about certain things.
Stay informed black people.
soultry-soul5 days agoin reply to Amilkar Carthago
Agree with the exception - my greatest enemy is not that of my Sistah'z it is the yt nature (yt folks) that consistantly displaces my KINGS AND QUEENS in labelled categories that are untrue.
SimplyComplex_874 days agoin reply to SHALMICA
that's wonderful to hear, especially when so many educated blacks tend to limit themselves to mates with an equal or greater level of education than them. bless you for focusing on what's REALLY important. :)
soultry-soul5 days agoin reply to Natassia
All I can add it - you can word your thoughts anyway your form to do so. Using the liberalism as a front and spawn that has destroyed the relationship between the Black Man and Woman is bull-shyt.

From my life, family, and associates as well as being a 47 y o seasoned sistah - every one surrounding me is loved by, procreated by and married by KINGS AND QUEENS. The information you provided has been internalized within - set out by yt society. The truth is not difficult to comprehend...the brain forces beliefs. My brain has proven to me the truth and belief that there is a QUEEN for every KING.
Sis, my opinion on the matter is this….
If a black man claims to dislike black wombmen it is probably because he does not like himself or some aspect of his race.
Its not a matter of who has done wrong to whom because anyone can do you wrong...excuses excuses. I sorry, sis but I think there are too many excuses. Imagine someone telling you....
You will probably assume that this person is confused as to what a vegetarian is...or perhaps does not want to be a vegetarian....vegetarianism is simply not apart of them, they are not bonafide vegetarians (nothing wrong with that, not coming down on meat eaters, just an example). After all, their are many veggie dishes, fruits, veggies and meat alternatives. If the stray, they probably just do not like being a full time vegetarian or don't want to be one.
In my opinion the same goes for black men or black women who refuse to marry or have children with Africans. We can make excuses all day long. But the fact of the matter is, If I were to turn away from Afrikaan men and I assume something is wrong with them....whether it is attitude or whatever...It will only be right for me to also assume that the same thing exist in me. IF I do not love African men, I do not truly love all of me. If you love African men / African wombmen, you would want to be with one. Anything else would be absurd.
Afrikan people have to learn to make it work and stop making excuses, stop running from themselves. Doing so blocks progress and destroys black famalies.
I do find what you are talking about disappointing. Perhaps I've become some what cold towards the subject, but right now this very day, I am much more concerned with maintaining relationships with Afrikaans who know they are Afrikaans. Not just men who are black. If you do not know you are Afrikaan we cannot have a relationship and if consider your "blackness" a mere consequence of nature, you are not for me. For those that continue to break apart our families and reject Afrikaan wombmen, I can only assume they have also rejected a part of themselves, and that is truly unfortunate.
Do not let their actions or opinions get you down. Teach through example.
And remember many sisters feel the same way towards black men. Many sisters turn away from black men because they are hurt and someone did not love them the way they wanted to be loved. You know what im talking about. For many of us, it began with our fathers.
Black men this, black women that. Every race of people has issues. I've been treated wrong by black men but I don't have to reject them.
I am aware of the social research studies that schools conduct to investigate these matters. I myself am a graduating psych student and I have conducted and participated in the research myself. To often, the data reveals that we self hate.
Also, remember the data from the research you are speaking of is likely to be slightly extreme because the sample...more then likely consisted of young adults. People Ages 18-26 are more likely to report extreme feelings in studies. If the sample consisted of a "normal" population distribution ( which is by no means representative of our people) and included older people who have more experience and knowledge, you may find that the data is not as extreme. Never the less, these feelings still exist in too many of our people.
For every sister warrior queen, there is a brother warrior king...somewhere. As Afrikaan people, we have to make it work. No more excauses.
BaddaDanU4 days agoin reply to Natassia
Your assumption that my definition came from some article should be an immediate clue that you tend to speak out of your rectum without knowing what the hell you're talking about. That "article" happens to be called the Oxford English Dictionary. Care to try again?

I'm going to need you to stop assuming that I'm uninformed simply because I disagree with you, or because I'm Black or because of whatever your hang-up is and start realizing that I'm just as, if not MORE informed than you are on these things. It's insulting to the intelligence on one hand, yet reveals quite a bit about where your head is at on the other.

But back to your "right-wingers". Nobody's trying to label EVERYTHING wrong in American history as conservative... JUST THE THINGS CONSERVATIVES DID WRONG! I see you're not too good at responding to questions directed at you but maybe you can prove your words by telling me ONE THING I laid responsibility on conservatives for that ISN'T true?

Or as far as your litany of things "TODAY'S" conservatives aren't trying to do... what they ARE doing is making a push at EVERY opportunity for "state's rights". Now you can dress that up in all the double-talk you like, but unfortunately I'm not as uninformed as you'd LIKE me to be. Before FEDERAL law enforced Civil Rights, many of the states couldn't be bothered and many CONSERVATIVES have expressed a desire to SPECIFICALLY end Civil Rights laws and let businesses, institutions, etc. decide ON THEIR OWN whether they choose to segregate or not. And let's not forget the UNION BUSTING of "today's conservatives". The rush to execute men whose guilt is still in question by "today's conservatives". The use of redistricting, changing voter laws and setting up obstacles to make it harder for the constituents of their opponents to vote... by "today's conservatives". And let's not forget the barely averted global financial crisis that "today's conservatives" almost triggered. Feel free to correct any falsehoods you come across.

And in the midst of laying out all of that, how strange that you failed to even answer my one simple question... tell us "EXACTLY WHAT COMMANDMENTS your precious conservative morals are in keeping with. Not YOUR WORDS... quote CHRIST."

Let me guess what the answer will be... "I don't have to justify myself to you or answer any questions... blah blah blah... liberal this liberal that... blah blah blah". I do find it interesting, however that I never mentioned any specific connection between the Christian aspect of this argument and any kind of racial favoritism... but somehow that's what you took from it. I wonder why that is.

At any rate you should probably worry about that... AFTER you answer the question. I won't hold my breath. You haven't even qualified what makes ANYTHING I've said worthy of the term "ignorant"... although I think I've given PLENTY by which your comments could be classified as such.

I actually find the interracial thing to have a few different reasons for manifesting itself the way it does in this society rather than being the single reason of brothers equating whiteness with superiority although that definately is a factor. Historically it was illegal for a brotha and a white woman to have a relationship as this act would without a doubt result in a lynching. Although legal, the "taboo" of it all still lingers and some may think that by having a white woman by their side they have somehow defeated the white man by "conquering" his female counterpart. The social arenas that one dwells in also has something to do with why some of the so called "best" of the black men are always taken. When a brotha starts to climb in the socio-economic arenas he becomes looked at as a rare exotic type object like a black diamond and the white woman who in her mind is in COMPETITION with the black female aggressively seeks him out to ensure the wealth he generates is spread throughout her white family and the white community. We often attribute the aggressive, competitive, dominant, and exploitative mind state solely to the thinking of white men yet this mentality manifests itself in the white woman as well who is set on making sure the black mans wealth is under her management and control. There are some who have had a bad previous relationship and in trying to avoid future problems somehow come up with the generalization that going outside the race will solve their problem. These people need to do a self analysis because they are always looking outside of themselves for answers to their problems when the person in the mirror is the problem and the solution. Then you simply have some who just think that white is right. As long as they have a woman who is white no matter how fat and ugly she may be, it makes them feel as if they are worth something as if a white woman is a valuable possesion. BRAINWASHED. And by the way I love my black woman so none of this is a reflection on me.


Your Points Are Well Taken & The Future Looks Bleak-

Because too many Blacks are still mesmerized by Obama, who has given Rush Limp-Balls & Newt Grinch-witch hard-core FOX types just what they called for - A failed Presidency - [based on Bush Jr's 3rd Term - IE: COG- Continuity of Gov't]. And too many white folks are either phony 'liberal-progessives' who are actually Obama-Dim apologists & enablers, or Tea-Bagger White Nationalists [IE: racists] who rather 'shoot themselves in the foot' &' cut off their own nose to spite their face' - just for the chance to 'stick-it' to Blacks & Browns [or even white progressives for that matter] - all of which of course plays right into the hands of the Power Elites - [who are convinced {w good reason} they can control so many whites by "Playing the 'Race-Card' "].
And I understand your point about Paul & Kucinich being inside - 'outsiders' - the biggest clue to that is they still are operating inside the GOP & Democrat parties [NOTE: Some have suggested that Paul is a racist- IMHO I think Paul is about as racist as Joe Biden, Billary, Harry Reid & Joe Lieberman!].
Even when it looks like there might be a popular up-rising against the status-quo [IE: People of WI vs Scott Walker]- when people were calling for a general-strike to shut the system down & shake it up big-time - That energy got diverted & distracted to calling for a recall vote- from which WI's Dems might have benefitted- except it failed to change the balance of power from Repug to Dims [IE: the WI Dems poly-trickal ploy didn't work out for them]. What it did do was distract the populous sentiment of WI's people from action to poly-tricks.
For those 'conscious' folk who insist on voting - they need to do something to shake up this phony 'liberal vs conservative' Dem vs GOP 2 Party poly-trickal paradigm [box = trap]. To do that you need a situation where both the designated Corp Dim & Repug together receive less than 50% of the officially counted votes [IE: the corp 2 party duopoly fails to get a majority]. That means voting for a real [not phony hyped] independent &/or Standardizing write-in voting so you can write-in someone / anyone of your choice [even yourself]- if you find none of the known candidates acceptable. The tipping point would be if the independents & write-ins together get over 50% of the 'official' vote count & thus both the Dims & Repug Corp 'main-stream' guys TOGETHER get less than 50% of that vote [IE: Dims & Repugs put together: 49%, 45%, 40%... - Everyone Else: 51%, 55%, 60%...]! That might begin the shake things up a bit, at-least it could put the status-quo in a bit of a dilema & possible grid-lock, which likely would be a significant improvement over whats occurring w this phony Corp controlled Dim vs Repug good-cop vs bad-cop poly-trickal theater of the absurd!
BUT Of Course- This will never happen if most Blacks are still stuck on 'Obama & Dims Stupid' along w phony 'progressive' talking-head Dim apologists / enablers, & Hard-core FOX Tea-Ba__r types - locking everyone into the status-quo!   


styler53216, "Never in life do you get that close to a white a person where they feel comfortable enough to use that word"....

Your post should have been the FIRST one...
SimplyComplex_871 day ago
funny how whites get upset at affirmative action, as though they'll actually miss out on opportunities just because they're white. how they can ACT like they're so oblivious to white privilege is beyond me...
nana59320 hours ago
Republicans are idiots!

This little bake sale proves how dumb they really are.

Last I checked tution rates/costs are the same for all students.

If they were trying to make a point about financial aid/grants/scholarship they failed!

Financial aid is based from income not race.

Grants and Scholarship are based on certain requirements, their not just handing them out to people based only on race, it very competitive.

There are thousands of scholarship programs from ethnic, veterans, to even being left handed to chose from so find one you quailfy for and stop complaining!

Life isn't fair!

These republicans need to get over it!

I think it's not fair that rich kids have their choice of going to some of the most prestigious universities just because their family has the money to pay out of pocket and has the proper connections to get them enrolled with ease.

If college rates were based and discounted on race alone then more minorites would be attending and graduating with less student loans.
Awax_Mujihaad1 day agoin reply to BakkByPopularDemand
The Devils say and do such because we allow it. How far are we from the days of Civil Rights movements when the sisters and brothers of that day would've atleast boycotted or spoke up. Now we just take it in stride or attack each other when one has the balls to say something. Pitiful. What would garvey and Assata think? smh
BakkByPopularDemand1 day agoin reply to Awax_Mujihaad
I think Garvey and Assata would think we were crazy for speaking out about a bake sale brother....We must be able to discern between what is simply a SYMBOL to our people, and those battles that would cause ADVANCE for our people.....This bake sale nothingness is only a symbol....

Ok, let's say black people spoke out about this and whomever is having the 'racist' bake sale decided to not have it....Ok.....What did that get us? If the educational institution itself made some great changes to curriculum, operation, classes offered etc....THEN our speaking out was worth it.....
CobaltBlu1 day agoin reply to Joe Mexico
More misinformation.

Affirmative action was implemented to level the playing field due to the fact that black people were being discriminated against for placement in positions of employment and schooling due to the fact that they were black.

It has nothing to do with test scores.
And the UC system does not hold blacks to a lower standard than whites.

This myth is being perpetuated by some whites and it has some blacks shunning affirmative action as, what YT below calls "a terrible system".

Board certified professionals legitimacy is not questioned, because they are just that, board certified professionals.

Underachieving white kids are crying discrimination due to affirmative action just because a black kid got a higher grade than him and was accepted, when really what they mean is they're pissed off that "white entitlement" doesn't work anymore.

The same goes for police and fire department personnel who've always cruised into the job because they had a family member working there or because they're white.

You two clowns need to get real and up your test scores or deal with it.


“I’m not sure who the president was addressing. I found that language a bit curious,” Waters said today. “The president spoke to the Hispanic Caucus… he certainly didn’t tell them to stop complaining and he never would say that to the gay and lesbian community who really pushed him on don’t ask don’t tell or even in a speech to APEC, he would never say to the Jewish community stop complaining about Israel.”

-Maxine Waters

Seahag22 hours agoin reply to Mungu1
Black Canadians have it just as hard, if not harder. First of all, there is no strong black representation in many of their political offices. I have family all over Canada and many of them have complained of racism and injustice. Don't get it twisted; racism is everywhere.
Iwillbfree10 hours agoin reply to Seahag
You got that right! Blacks suffer ALL OVER THE GLOBE and Canada is no exception! They are in Afrika with the rest of these murderers stealing from the Mother Land for that BLACK GOLD called OIL!

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