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Paul H. 6 hours agoin reply to Prtypoison
And who finances (and controls) the NAACP?

not black people

the NAACP and the URBAN LEAGUE are owned and operated by non--blacks, so they serve the same purpose -- to create a public stage and make it APPEAR that black concerns are being addressed when in reality, nothing is being done

it is the same old handkerchief head politics that white politicians use

go to the NAACP

go to the black church

and then after you get the votes

ignore the black community

Paul H. 6 hours agoin reply to None of Your B
hope this isn't offensive but I think this is a good analogy to our current situation:

a pimp has 7 women on the corner (his old h*os) who have stuck with him thru thick and then , despite the beatings, and despite being completely ignored, neglected, exploited, and disrespected

if we wants to recruit some "new blood" (new h*os) what does he do?

he gives the new h*os all his attention and concern
because the old h*os are in the proverbial bag


I've asked many a black folk, to THINK and try to remember the last time (or any time) that Obama has:

-- directly addressed the black community

-- held a "town hall meeting" in the black community

-- even SAID the word "black people", "black community", 'black kids are dying,' "black unemployment", or "black anything"

I am still waiting for an answer...

this is not about Obama bashing -- It's about a REALITY CHECK for black people at a time when deception is at an all time-high

We didn't create, nominate, select, or finance Obama -- who has NEVER been part of our struggle

when other "people" choose your leader,

you will always be misled


soultry-soul1 day agoin reply to BeauDior
I respectfully disagree with you on:

Saying "I WOULD NEVER DATE A WHITE PERSON" really sounds ignorant to me.

I do not understanding why this is an ignorant statement to you...I will never, never, never and never date a yt man - there is nothing a yt man can do for a Sistah such as me. He will never be able to provide me with any type of understanding as far as my world is concerned. He will never be able to console me with the passion that is needed when as BLACK WOMAN has to assist her BLACK BROTHERS SON, NEPHEWS with understanding that a YT officer has just degraded and disrespected them as NO MAn should ever be. He will never understand that discrimination I had to endure by YT WOMAN that I KNOW MANAGE AT MY PLACE OF BUSINESS.

Even today...what in the world would a conversation be with a yt man across the dinner table about Troy Davis and the atrocity in which yt society has condemed him. There's so much more...

My world is complex...and as a Black Woman the only race of men that understand me, my thoughts, worries, concerns and are accepting in joining my fight, my struggle and walking side-by-side is that of my own race of men. Yes, there is desire and an abundance of love, appreciation and support I have for them and there's nothing ignorant about that.


Tina1 day agoin reply to soultry-soul
"I would never date a white person", I have no desire for any other men but my Black man. I like your comment. I wish this subject would just disappear, I'm sick of it.
Paul H. 1 day ago
My people


this is just more recycled "divide and conquer" propaganda.

we have to start using our HEADS.

I didn't write this, none of my partners wrote this, my daddy and granddaddy didn't write this

AND neither did any of the sisters we run into on the street, school, church or the job write this


we are blaming other black folk for something NONE OF US had anything to do with

we don't even know the RACE of the person writing and rehashing this same TIRED topic.

obviously, somebody's running MIND GAMES

and trying to drive us apart

while economic, social, educational, and police warfare is being waged against our communities.

that's what we ought to be MAD about

not some silly azz article that "somebody" keeps posting

nothing happens over and over again by coincidence

it is all by design



check out trojanhorse1_com
Paul H. 1 day agoin reply to 2012 Endgame
without any evidence, you are blaming a BW

which is EXACTLY what they want you to do

I see black folk do this a lot

referring to other black people as "they" when WE are part of "they"

that is our ANTI-BLACK programming at work.

Unfortunately, thanks to integration and assimilation in a racist, black-hating, white supremacist society, most of us (whether we admit it or not) have been TAUGHT to see other black people the same way that whites see us.

as something negative, defective, and undeserving of life or justice

We are walking around with a "white chip" in our heads, directing our brain traffic, and making us turn against each other, and LOVING IT.

Let's be honest, black folks LOVE putting down other black folks, our comedy is all about put-downs, our conversations are about putting other black folks down, our TV shows are all about putting other black folks down

and we think that is NORMAL...

then think about how RELUCTANT we are to criticized the (white) people who are behind all the pain and misery black people experience.

that is programming and walking around with a white mind and a white brain chip inside a black body

To blame other black folks for what is posted on a WHITE-OWNED AND RUN WEBSITE makes no sense to me.



before we LOSE them


Harrisson wrote:

One essential thread of this discussion - at some point in time - has to be 'How to Elevate the Consciousness of Poor Whites - If Possible.'
As you well know, many of them are pliant tools of of the corporate oligarchy in this country....and all too often are unwitting tools of reaction. I suspect this will be one of our greatest challenges, and I have no automatic answers at the ready... only questions.
Yes. that will take some effort. This part of what Dr. King had in mind with the Poor Peoples Campaign. And he might have succeeded. An African-American female professor from Morgan State once told me of a conversatin she had with a white cab driver in early Spring of 1968--shortly before King was killed. She was a grad student, maybe newly minted Ph.D. at the time. She cab driver in DC starting talking---"whining" OhREally would probably call it--about the troubles he and his family were facing. Working and barely able to make ends meet, barely being able to keep his family together, etc. He said to the future professor something like "I'm tired of this s____! Excuse me for cuswing. But I'm tired of this. I hear that minister of yours, that King fella...I hear he wants to organize ALL us poor people this time, not just colored. Well if he is, this is one white that's gonna be at that march. I've had it up to here."
I've read that as the word spread that King intended to lead a movement of ALL the dispossesse, the "disinherited children of God" as he called the poor, pictures of King started appearing in the homes of some poor and whorking class whites along with pictured of John Kennedy and FDR.
During Black History Month, a white colleage asked me if I thought Dr. King would be in Egypt aiding the nonviolent revolutionary wave now called the Arab Spring.
I said, "I think he'd be praising the Arab Spring and expressing solidarity. But probably he would be marching---walking cane and all--with the disfranchised working people in Wisconsin and Michigan who are undere attack from the Right. He'd be marching against those wars, and demanding that Obama stop pussyfooting around, and do something serious about health care and the well being of poor and working people of every race, color and creed.
We must pick up the torch and firght for the rights of the dispossessed and disinherited--black, white, Asian, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, pagan, native born, foreign born or what have you.
Justice is for ALL or it is for NONE.


Mack wrote:

Of course union busting is the goal of the Tea Party and their ilk, that is why King is viewed as a trouble maker and communist instead of trying to help workers get better working conditions. But then the Tea Partiers act like we can all live on $8 per hour with no healthcare.
Ironically, King spent his last days working on behalf of striking sanitation employees who were trying to organize, and who eventually won their strike and their right to organize, get good wages and collective bargaining which Mayor Loeb initially refused to concede.
Too bad that victory had to be won at the price of the martyrdom of Martin King.
And how DARE those conservatives who are trying to suppress working people, to deny them the right to collective bargaining--how DARE they try to lay claim to the legacy of Dr. King!
Paul H. 6 hours agoin reply to _A_
Brother (from your old buddy, the Cram)

before Obama became president, i asked some black folk why don't they have a problem with Obama telling black folk what WE should do for ourselves

YET when he talked to Hispanics, whites, and Jews, he told them what HE would do for THEM. He didn't tell poor whites to stop feeding their kids Spam for breakfast, did he?

and the answer I always got was, "Ssshhh! He can't act like he's gonna do anything for 'black people' because that would turn white voters off!"

now, three years later, I ask the same people this question:

why hasn't Obama addressed any black issues like black unemployment, police brutality, black kids dying, black schools closing, or black foreclosures or held any town hall meetings in the black community and they tell me,

"Ssshhh! Obama can't be just a black president, he's got to be a president for everybody!"

so I say, "Wait a sec, Obama has directly addresssed the Jews. Does that make him a 'Jewish' president? He has repeatedly addressed the Hispanics. Does that make him a 'Hispanic president?' He has held numerous town hall meetings in predominantly white areas. Does that make him a "white president?"

aren't black people part of "everybody?"

and all I get is a blank look or they get upset

I guess I got my answer

it doesn't matter if he does anything for black people

as long as we have a first "black president"
_A_5 hours agoin reply to Paul H.
What's going on Cram??

Obama has tested the Black mentality and has learned that he doesn't have to address our issues in a meaningful way. In addition, if anyone who stands up and critiques him (Smiley/West) the majority of his supporters will turn on them, EVEN THOUGH, they have been offering up the same critiques of Presidents for the past 40 years.

If I hire you to do a job and pay you whether you do the job or not and continue you to do so week after week, why the hell would you work? The one thing that keeps people striving to complete their work on time and correctly is the prospect of losing the job. Give MOST people the choice of staying home and chilling and collecting a paycheck, or coming to work 8hrs a day and collecting the same check, I think we know what most people would opt for.

If Blacks aren't willing to put any demands on the President while still pledging full support, then it stands to reason, his focus will be placed somewhere else. No brainer as far as I'm concerned.


Sisters have to stop blaming themselves for brothers who give up on Black women, for nothing is more self-hating nor damaging to healthy self-esteem; it is also believing falsehoods about ourselves that the status quo has repeated about us. We convince ourselves that there must be something wrong with us, something that is lacking as women, that we degrade Black men. It is an overstatement to say this because it makes it seem as if we are the oppressors to our own men and that we harbor hatred for them. This opinion might be unpopular, but it is not the fault of Black women when their own brother states that he's had enough. It is simply his issue and his issue alone that he must grapple with; he is also a brother that I wouldn't want anyway. Contrary to popular belief, brothers don't leave Black women because we aren't loving, understanding, or supportive enough for them. These are many Black men who simply do not want an equal. The most insulting and self hating comment that I received from a Black men on why he dated a white woman was, "That's because sisters are strong, but they are too strong. You have to let a man be a man." These were not the words of an adult, but the words of an insecure man who was trying to convince Black women that because of their strength, they needed to tone this down, in order to be considered attractive and to soothe a man's ego. This is the mentality of some Black men, not all, but a fair amount. They interpret strength as male castration, challenge as a female attempt at dominating them, and honesty as as destruction of the ego. You see, most Black men have adhered to the racist/sexist notion that whites have created that Black women castrate and dominate the Black men. The images that he might get about other races of women is that the are more docile, submissive, and willing to let him be a man. These same brothers who then feel that they will have better or more powerful relationships with another woman, just because she is a member of another race, ends up blowing up in his face and revealing to him the idiocy of his assumptions. It is not because sisters are not supportive. Now, I'm not saying that Black women are perfect. Far from it. Both genders have work to do. However, I don't worry about Black men who want to go over to another woman if he thinks that it will somehow be better than the one he can possible benefit from with a black woman. I damn sure won't try to think of ways that I can get him back, because I wouldn't think it was worth the energy to change a foolish mindset. All I can do is love and struggle with the brothers that I do have in my corner who have enough spirit and heart in this fight with me.

I'm looking for a King. I shall continue to do what I do.

crammasters5 hours agoin reply to _A_
I agree

and would add one last thing

when do the (white) people in power EVER give up power to someone who is less powerful than they are?


Is a politician somebody you can trust --regardless of color or sex?


if people thought Bush was a "puppet" and he was white, male and from a powerful, LONG-time politically connected family

what are the chances that a black man who did not come from a powerful, politically connected family is NOT a puppet, too?


we better wake up and see the political world for what it really is

so we can come up with some REAL solutions for our people
_A_5 hours agoin reply to crammasters
When did you ever Lie?


These Obama supporters absolutely confuse the hell out of me. I got a sister yesterday telling me that a 27.1% poverty level is cool since 72.9% aren't in poverty. I wonder if that sister realizes that in 38 developed countries, THE US ranks in the bottom four countries with respect to the gap between rich and poor. She tells me that hey, not everyone is meant to be middle class or rich...LMAO..So basically, she is cool with a black man doing the same thing a white man is doing, simply because he is Black. I guess black children in the ghetto tonight are supposed to view that as some consolation. Why do you need a Black President to do what the other White ones have done so successfully in the past?
crammasters4 hours agoin reply to _A_
Brother, some of us will make excuses to keep the pretty image (fantasy) alive even to the extent of telling themselves that it is alright if Obama ignores all the black suffering in this nation.

They will ignore that the SAME white people who controlled Bush, control Obama

how do we know this is true?

Because the Obama administration extended all the Bush legislation (laws)

that people were promised would be "changed"

black folks will either learn the hard way or not learn at all
BakkByPopularDemand4 hours agoin reply to _A_
"We didn't create, nominate, select, or finance Obama -- who has NEVER been part of our struggle

when other "people" choose your leader,

you will always be misled"

I'm right there with you _A_.....Cramm dropped a few bombs AS USUAL
Paul H. 7 hours ago
People THINK

you can't have a "jobs bill" and at the same time SIGN multiple FREE Trade deals with Columbia, Panama, and South Korea.

Have the American people NOT learned our lesson about "trade deals" like NAFTA?


Here's some STATS:


"Since 2001, the U.S. has lost 5.3 mil­lion jobs in the man­u­fac­tur­ing sec­tor as a re­sult of trade poli­cies which are ad­verse to the eco­nomic in­ter­ests of the Amer­i­can peo­ple. Ac­cord­ing to the Eco­nomic Pol­icy In­sti­tute (EPI), pas­sage of the Ko­rea-U.S. Free Trade Agree­ment could re­sult in the loss of 159,000 Amer­i­can jobs within the first seven years of its im­ple­men­ta­tion."

EPI fur­ther es­ti­mates that the U.S.-Colom­bia Free Trade Agree­ment will re­sult in the loss or dis­place­ment of an ad­di­tional 55,000 Amer­i­can jobs. Be­tween 1994 and 2010, states pre­vi­ously known for their man­u­fac­tur­ing in­dus­tries like Ohio, Min­nesota, Michi­gan and Iowa have col­lec­tively lost over 772, 000 man­u­fac­tur­ing jobs.

Two-thirds of the more than 2.3 mil­lion Amer­i­can jobs dis­placed be­tween 2001-2007 as a re­sult of the U.S.-China Free Trade Agree­ment were in the man­u­fac­tur­ing sec­tor.

The Eco­nomic Pol­icy In­sti­tute es­ti­mates that our trade deficit with Korea will grow to $16.7 bil­lion in the first seven years of its im­ple­men­ta­tion. "

-- ---

It is TIME for black people -- who are suffering from an UNEMPLOYMENT RATE of three times the NATIONAL AVERAGE -- to stop celebrating PAGEANTRY and another "first black" and start THINKING about economics.

You can't eat another celebration or feed it to your shorties.
Tom wrote:

And you care about poor white people?....
Why wouldn't we???

Millions of African-Americans in the middle-class (such as Savant and a number of my own relatives) already support poor white people through our various taxes and/or charitable donations.

My own family has fed hungry white people at our own dinner table.
If you were raised in the Christian faith - as most African-Americans are - this is a no-brainer.

I've even polled other African-American Topix posters about their attitudes on this issue; many of them share my view.

mahogany wrote:
Exactly. I`m watching The Art of War and how during Vietnam they used women to get those men to tell things openly. It`s common sense. If you go i.r.,do whatever you need to do to make yourself happy but don`t be so arrogant as to then think you can turn around and fight for a group of people you are no longer a part of.
Actually, the FBI most often used BLACK spies, infiltrators and provocateurs.
Ironically, the Black Movement may have opened of jobs for blacks in local, state and Federal intelligence which now needed spies to contain the Black movement.
If they chose to use women during the high point of the Movement, they might have found it more effective to use sisters.
Bladk spies, male or female, could infiltrate The Black Panther Party, NOI, Malcolm's OAAU, and even SCLC, SNCC, etc.
White spies would stand out like sore thumbs. I KNOW that the spies who helped destroy the BPP in Baltimore and Chicago were black.
emperorjohn wrote:
Obama sold the country to illegals.
No, he has sold the country out to the corporate plutocrats who are responsible for the immigrant crisis, and most other crises as well.
Obama ran on a MODERATE progressive platform,but governs essentially from the center/right.

Which is why we got watered down health care package, a rather tepid national reconstruction program (called a stimulus), and whh Gitmo and the Middle eastern wars are still happening.
Obama occasionally puts out progressive feelers--=-as when he proposed that there should be at least a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures if the corporate institutions are being bailed out.
But he caved as soon as there was any opposition. FDR would have taken the issue to the American people, fought in the arena of public opinion, and probably won. LBJ was known to do that on occasion. Obama apparently lacks the backbone.



Marie Bano1 day ago
There was a recent study done by a black scholar Dr. Ivory Toldson of Howard University and the Institute For Social Research who looked at Black marriage rates.This study of course was not featured on this website but I have added as much as I can here.We need to stop focusing on this rubbish its a distraction.We need to focus on rebuilding our relationships, our communities and not destroying ourselves this issue is pushed so hard to divide us.Black marriage is on the rise and has been for the past 3 years.The study found that 43 percent of black women have never been married compared to 20 percent of white women, who are 18 years and older. When analyzing the black women who are 35 and older, the percent who have never been married drops to 25 percent.Although this still means that the number of unmarried black women still doubles that of white women, it does show that a majority of Black women do marry by 35.Then the study explored the raw numbers for Black women outnumbering Black men. We've all heard those 10-1 ratios in places like ATL. The Howard study found that there are 1.9 million more black women than black men; however the same data showed 4.6 million more white women than white men! And when was the last time you read a long article about white women being unable to find a husband?*Eighty-eight percent of all black men who are married are married to black women.*Among married black men with a personal income of more than $100,000, 12 percent have a white wife, 83 percent have a black wife, and 5 percent have a wife who is neither black nor white.*Among black men with college degrees, 10 percent have a white wife and 85 percent have black wives.* Among black male professional athletes, 72.8% are married to black women, 22.2% are married to white women, and 5% are married to women who are neither black nor white. Do not believe the hype, the stereotypes that white and increasingly some black media want to portray of us. BaThe Obamas are having a positive effect on black couples.


Savant wrote:

No, he has sold the country out to the corporate plutocrats who are responsible for the immigrant crisis, and most other crises as well.
Obama ran on a MODERATE progressive platform,but governs essentially from the center/right.
Which is why we got watered down health care package, a rather tepid national reconstruction program (called a stimulus), and whh Gitmo and the Middle eastern wars are still happening.
Obama occasionally puts out progressive feelers--=-as when he proposed that there should be at least a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures if the corporate institutions are being bailed out.
But he caved as soon as there was any opposition. FDR would have taken the issue to the American people, fought in the arena of public opinion, and probably won. LBJ was known to do that on occasion. Obama apparently lacks the backbone.
I think he tries to avoid being seen as the "angry negro", so instead he seems to cave into demands from those that oppose him. Obama has basically kept the same policies going as we had under Prez Bush, so he is not progesssive at all just like you said. But the same people that claim to oppose him say he is from the liberal left. His policies are anything but left wing.

Bush and Cheney were in the bed with Qaddafi for the oil, so what a change the American government has made now that Qaddafi is again seen as the bad guy of Flight 103, and in the need of being toppled. Just more of your tax dollars for warmongering. Funny how there is always money for that?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Tom wrote:
If this was King's stated strategy for achieving black economic equality, through the back door, then it is a clever and pragmatic one.
The two flaw's are one that American culture is all about "the winner", and so the idea of sharing the pie so equally among all, would be an anathema in the USA I would have thought.
Secondly people aren't dumb and would have sooner or later spotted that this was a strategy for achieving black economic parity, under the guise of achieving economic parity for poor whites.
Believe it or not, there are tens of millions of POOR WHITE4S in America--reportedly, the poor whites may be more numerous than the ENTIRE Black population. Dr. King wanted to end poverty. And while I can go into all of the philosophical nuances of his position, he opposed economic injustice on the same moral grounds as he opposed racial injustice. Indeed, he thought that racial and economic injustice are inseparably linked.
At least in America, I think he's was right.
crammasters4 hours agoin reply to Prtypoison
because they were the only ones running for president
and that was a waste of time for black people, too

now let's flip the coin you just tossed out

we (blacks) criticized and laughed at white people for voting for Bush, Jr. the first time -- just because he was white and he screwed them over -- and then they went out and voted for him a second time and got screwed over again

and now we appear to be doing the same thing

voting because he is black even though he has done nothing for black people but the closer it gets to election time will suddenly make an appearance

for the record, I'm not blaming Obama, not really. We didn't select, nominate, educate, raise, or finance him. The ones who did OWN him. Let's be clear about that.

He does not control anything, he is a spokesman for those who do control EVERYTHING.

That is the real world


The 0riginal Doby wrote:
Brother Savant, have some consistency, stand by your word. This discussion is not about whether Dr. King was a conservative, or a progressive. As you yourself said, it's about what happened to his dream of economic justice. What happened to that dream is, the framework has been established. The laws against discrimination have been enacted. Now it's up to each individual to take advantage of the opportunity afforded to them by that framework. To take it any farther, to take measures to enforce economic "equality", is nothing more than charity for those either unwilling to, or incapable of, taking that advantage to its fullest potential.
Laws against racial discrimination are not the same as for economoic justice. King knew this, as did many others. And that's why his emerging focus after 1965 was the fight against poverty and economic injustice. Ne knew, as you apparently don't, that inequality is BUILT into the system. One's "success" is not primarily a function of one's character. Neither is poverty.
And if economic injutice and poverty were simply matters of race, then you would not have TENS OF MILLIONS of poor whites in America. You wouldn't have a drowning middle class.
America is a CLASS society as well as a racialized one. And contrary to America's largely mythical self-interpretation, this has always been so. Even founding fathers admit as much in the FEDERALIST PAPERS.
As for King's conservatism, which you and Zaius seemed to have been trying to propound, I point out his progressivism in order to show the errors of your interpretation of King as a conservative.
And the fact is, that whether King was progressive or conservative is related to the issue of his dream of economic justice. For that dream is a PROGRESSIVE dream...It would have included the right to full employment, education, health care and an income comforably above poverty for the entire population.
King simply rejected your notion that success (which he thought to be a narrow notion indeed) was a function of individual initiative in a purportedly fair and just order.
The order of things were not in King's view fair or just, and no amount of individual initiave can make it so. Certainly, he wuold agree that people should take advantage of what's available (however indadequate that may be). But he also thought that there would have to be a "radical redistribution of political and eonomic power" in favor of the common people, if justice was to be won. I think King was right.



100% agreed! Blacks are even still getting killed in the deep south by hateful whites just like in the Jim Crow days but nobody talks about it! Nothing but some b.s. rhetoric to keep the people asleep!


Mungu12 hours ago
Just a reminder that this is canada. My home and a multicultural mosaic. You'll be surprised what Black men go through over here. Just as you were surprised of what you saw in europe. Check out the Montreal riots of a few years ago (saved on youtube) because the police keep shooting blacks and minorities the same way they do in europe for b___ who think europeans are less racist.


Wake up all my people
time to get ahead
what it all seem that make us look bad
the world is much better
then what we see
if we change the face of it
just you and me

wake up my people
come together in hand
bring blackaration upon this land
we no longer can let be
da world gotta get better
if we fight for what we believe
there you'll find our unity

Wake up all black/africans
no more waiting fo da man
let our voices be heard and make a stand
help in any-way that you truely can
to change this place fo you and me
end da struggle and inner poverty
let us lift our communities

Com'mo join me as family
while we open doors to black relief
and end this street slavery beef
and spread the truth by our speech
so our union bond comes to a complete
and gain our own self liberty
by forgiven what has forsaken we
and change da face of you and me
wake up !!!

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