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Political Parties and Life

Republicans are no longer the party of Lincoln or Emancipation. The "grand old party" has become the "grand oil party." When Farai Chideya notes that the cultural values of many Black Americans are quite conservative, it is overlooked that the POLITICAL & ECONOMIC values of most Black Americans are not conservative, but are imbued with progressives attitudes favoring social justice, especially for the disadvantaged. That is why Blacks began to move toward the Democratic Party during the FDR years. That's why Blacks became more involved with Democrats during the 1960s & 70s. In the 1964 election, Barry Goldwater ran against President Jonnson on a platform which OPPOSED Civil rights. What did the Republicans think our parents were going to do? Vote against civil rights--our rights--which our parents were fighting and sacrificing for? Then there was the Southern strategy, beginning with Nixon and intensifying with Reagan, ofr appealing to white racist sentiments to break up the FDR coalition, largely by scapegoating us (though doing so in more coded racist language rather than the explicit racist rhetoric of the past). What did Republicans expect? That we'd sing their praises?



flbadcatowner wrote:
Political parties change and they have over the last 150 years. Today's Republican Party is not the party of Lincoln any more than today's Democratic Party supports the KKK and opposes integration. Then was then and now is now. I have always questioned the practice of trying to live in the past.
Interestingly enough, Dr. King pointed out that political opposition to civil rights actually emanated froma kind of diabolical alliance between racist southern Democrats and right wing and largely racist Northern Republicans.
At any rate, it was Republican Barry Goldwater who opposed the Civil rights Act of 1964, not the Democrat Lyndon Johnson.



People always whining about food stamps but not about farm subsidies, it is all welfare. Michelle Bachmann and other Republicans will keep getting theirs from Uncle Sam.

Why is the welfare conversation only focused on food stamps and AFDC? Why no outrage on farm subsidies going to millionaires, it is still your taxpaying dollars?

So government intervention is demanded in this area, the whole time the same folks are whining about government handouts and entitlements? I thought the Republicans resented the government having its hands in their businesses and how business should be allowed to prosper and grow without government intrusion?

Farm subsidies=handouts

-Ms. Mack


Brian_G wrote:
Because Republicans stand for law and order, to stop lynchings and vigilantes.
In that case, the authorities in a state governed by Republicans should have arrested Zimmerman on Februrary 26--just as they would have arrested Trayvon if he'd killed a white man.



Anonymous said...

The Media uses sellouts to do their dirty work, so they are not accused of racism while, House Negroes mock us, do we sit down and tolerate that crap. please google Cecil Rhodes THEN YOU WILL HAVE A CLEARER IDEA AS BLACKS WHAT WAS IN THE PIPELINE FOR US. PLUS MOST POLITICIANS WORLDWIDE WERE EDUCATED IN HIS PRIVATE SCHOOL CALLED OXFORD IN THE UNITED KINGDOM.someone posted once you start to disconnect from the Matrix thing become much clearer The whiteman took our humbleness as weakness, to this day we are not natural killers. whites have taken and taken we say ENOUGH ENOUGH


courtneyRModerator1 day ago
I lean on my mother and father married for 35 years to give me advice.Not a comedian who's been married 3 times.Relationships take hard work and require both the man and woman to be honest, truthful,have open lines of communication,being each others friend and trusted advisor.holding the standards of your relationship near your heart when you are away from each other.Being their for each other,knowing what you want as a couple and working towards that.Anything short of cheating in my book, can be worked and ironed out if your in it for the right reasons.


DandelionModerator6 hours agoin reply to courtneyR
I agree 100%, Sister. In life, we need TRUE WARRIORS in our corner. Therefore, when seeking a mate, we should look for that WARRIOR GENE. LOL.


Voice Of TruthModerator1 day ago
"I’ve never, in my life, ever wanted to date a woman who thinks like a man. To be honest, that would actually scare me."
I don't think Mr. Harvey is literally telling women to think like men, but to understand how men think when it comes to dating. But besides that, it is obvious that women are seeking such advice, which is why the book topped the NY Times Bestseller's list. For a lot of women, for every good guy they may meet, they have to go through a hundred bad guys. The opposite is true for men, as some would also say. But although such advice can deal with the emotions of this problem, secular advice falls short on the spiritual realm. Relationships between men and women have been under attack by demonic spirits for some time, and these spirits have manifest themselves through the evil ones who run this world, especially the media and Hollywood which has made it desirable to be unfaithful, irresponsible and promiscuous. Until you take the evil ones out of the picture, you will continue to find increasing division between the sexes.


stevealexModerator1 day agoin reply to Voice Of Truth
Well said,the masses thru the T.V which is a crystal that has the masses under a hypnotic trance.Hollywood is ran by occultist,The Enigma Channel breaks down how the T.V was invented by John Dees and how the dark side influenced him to invent this technical marvel.


tl6902Moderator16 hours ago
God created Men and Women , a woman has a role , a man has a role, one is not greater then the other. When Men start acting like women and women like men , we have a problem you just cant fool Mother Nature.


Marshel CrittendenModerator1 day ago
Dr. Boyce I think that you are so right! I like that I am a softer but just as strong as my husband. We juggle differnt roles for the outcome of us being the best parents of our son and only child! Thinking like a man only gets me in trouble because I don't see the world as he does being the nurturer in my home and I can't keep a straight face. But the love is equal that we give each other.


Truthorator says:
If whites had such a work ethic as they love to claim, why did they force Africans’ do all the hard work for no pay, for hundreds of years while white focused on raping, beating and killing blacks. Whites did not make America. They used blacks to make it for them. It will take another 1000 years before the debt of that sin is paid.
Just because, China has written records of every loan they have given to America, it does not mean they are the only ones that are owed. America is paying in social strife and decay, for the sins it has never atoned for, including the massacre of the native Americans and the enslavement of blacks.
Sorry you can’t sleep at night, without the the ghosts of racists, dead Indians and millions of African slaves haunting you. But the world is set up so that people reap what they sow and if they don’t then there decedents will.
Just stop for a second and listen to the voices millions of African slaves, calling to God for justice. Do you think they should be ignored. I’m sure you do and that’s why justice will be served regardless of what you think. That’s why God is going to allow the NWO to enslave you. No matter how much the laws of the land are rigged to benefit whites, they can’t escape the laws of cause and effect. Evil will take over the world. Only when whites have truly suffered will they regain their respect for the ones they so despised. Only then can real fight for freedom begin.
The problem with whites is that they want to have a clear conscience, in a world that has been ruined by their sins and the sins of their ancestors. They hate the guilt, by association that comes with being white, which is why they hate the topic of race ever being raise. So much so that they start threatening a race war, when race gets to close for comfort. Grow up white people. Race therapy is what you really need. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but you have to go through the tunnel first. This is what most just can’t do. Because the tunnel is just to black to bare. It’s their choice. Either whites grow up fast of their own accord, or the suffering imposed by the NWO will force them too see the error of their ways.
The Truthorator
I’ll Be Black…


BLACKstarPAYNEModerator10 hours agoin reply to Guest
The author of this article has appearently NOT spent much time in SouthEast. Appearently they have not talked to many people in his district. The man BEATS DOWN all challengers for his seat every election cycle. So im thinking he is doing SOMETHING right for his people. As SoultrySoul has stated, he is the "PEOPLES CHAMP". He is not a BUCK DANCER like many of our OTHER black politicians. And let us not forget that it was then" MAYOR" MARION BARRY that was KEY in helping to make the MILLION MAN MARCH a reality. He kept his duty even when almost every other politician in DC left. Including President Bill Clinton. The federal government shut down on that day from fear. Everybody was told to leave the city. National gaurd troops were called up. And Marion Barry kept fighting to make it happen. So for me, Marion Barry will still get my respect. PERIOD.



Savant wrote:

Different time, different Republican Party. isn't it ironic that the current REPUBLICAN governor of Virginia declared April to be CONFEDERATE HISTORY MONTH?
What actually concerns me is not the labels "Republican" and "Democrat", but the SUBSTANCE (if any) behind the label.
It is not without reason that former Dixiecrat racists and reactionaries move over to the Republican party, beginning with the Civil Rights Movement which reached its height during the liberal 1960s, and contemporary with liberal Democrat administrations.
Had Republicans not shifted to the Right, had they seized the moral initiative during and after the 1960s instead of nominating an anti-Civil Rights conservative like Barry Goldwater, and a bunch of other reactionaries after him, the Republicans might not have lost the Black vote. It might not have become this mainly SOUTHERN party of rightwing nonagenarians and kooks.
They are no longer the Party of Lincoln. Have you listened to ther campaign rhetoric? Not only is it no longer possible to run a Republican campaign as a "liberal" (even though there were once many liberal Republicans), you cannot even run as a MODERATE. Either you belong to the RIGHT--increasingly the far right--or you're out of the game.
Mitt Romney is actually attacked for being a moderate, not evenfor \.
And Barack Obama, whose politics would have mainly gotten him pegged as a "middle of the roader" from the time of FDR until at least the administration for Nixon and Jimmy Carter, is now seen as a socialist, even a communist (not to mention Muslim Communist).
No, the Republican Party is so far right now that it is nearly fascist.
Both parties stink, the the stench is far worse in the Republican camp.

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