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This speech was made by Malcolm X before the Hajj. By 1965, his views became more progressive, but this speech offers a lot of truth. _____________________________ ____________________________________________

 crammasters 1 year ago I wish Mos Def much success ---- the downside (in my opinion) is that the entertainment industry (system) has a way of neutralizing BM entertainers with a strong black rap, --- and before u know it, they are part of the (foul) Hollywood/TV scene, and stop speaking out for justice for black folks, and some go all the way and get a cheap-looking, poor a___ blonde to wear on their arm (am I right, Ice-T?) --- the system has FOUR WAYS of dealing with BM who have a "militant" aka black-loving and defending profile:

---- 1. they BRIBE them (like CNN appearances, a newspaper column, a university professorship, or a role in a TV show or movie

---- 2. they DISCREDIT them -- by destroying their reputation, false slander, revealing some secrets, or outright LYING on them

---- 3. they JAIL them -- by charging them with a crime they did not commmit

---- 4. they KILL them -- like Tupac ---- All done to NEUTRALIZE the black male from fighting his oppression

---- I'm hoping Mos Def will peep the game, keep his mind, soul, and SANITY intact, and refuse to buy into the hype and fame of a white racist entertainment industry that destroys so many black folks (like Michael J). ---- One last thing: Mos Def, don't bring a white female home to your moms! lol


 By: crammasters on 5/30/2011 12:00PM Neutral Any article ABOUT black people -- be it unemployment or education -- that does NOT mention RACISM, is fairly useless in my opinion. WE (black people) cannot afford to pretend that we live in a "post-racial" america just because of one election -- which hasn't done a thing for blacks collectively. We cannot afford to pretend that racism is not the MAJOR FACTOR in our quality of life for the black collective — which includes having a job that pays a living or better wage. I know it's fashionable to believe racism is "going away" or that IR dating is "hip" or whatever mindlessness that is promoted by the mainstream media, BUT those of us who are thinking, logical people know better. Many of the black folks on the UNEMPLOYMENT LINE are educated, college-degreed, and have years of job experience, so it will take more than just packing up and moving to a place with a smaller black population to overcome what it means to be black in a racist society. Actually, I would advise against that move for two reasons: 1) as the economy continues to decline (and I believe it's important to be honest with ourselves about that), then being a black speck in a vast pool of white buttermilk may not be the SAFEST OPTION. 2) Spreading the black population thin dilutes our potential power. What we should be doing -- in my opinion -- is taking advantage of our NUMBERS by ADMITTING that TRUTH: that racism -- not education or table manners -- is the MAJOR FACTOR in the deteriorating quality of life for black people collectively in this nation (and always has been).

 At that point we MUST decide it's a case of do or die -- meaning we MUST develop our own economic/business bases that allows us to (1) produce what we need, (2) provide services to our communities, (3) to sell what we produce to each other and recirculate our dollars, and (4) to EMPLOY OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER. Of course I know this will take a lot of work, time, patience and endurance - because we will be opposed by those who want to see us remain helpless and childless and DEPENDENT, but we really have no choice. We will have to be determined to UNLEARN centuries of forced dependence but we are CAPABLE people once we set our minds to it. We can complete with anyone once we set our minds to it and our history proves that. We have overcome the kinds of odds that no other group has EVER faced -- once we set our minds to it. Remember 'Black Wall Street' where freed SLAVES right after slavery built an entire, independent, all black town with it's own bus line, library, and theater? If you've never heard of it, you need to google it, as well as learning about the over 50 all black towns that once existed in the state of Oklahoma.

 We must get away from this "gotta find a job" mentality AND move toward "gotta get OUT of this job mentality," with a quickness because as long as we have to go rely on companies that either won't hire us, won't pay us fairly, or will fire us unfairly -- especially in a bad economy -- we will be having this same discussion on black unemployment a few years from now -- only the numbers will be higher. It's time for a game changer, brothers and sisters, while we still in the game.


smh. you are beyond ignorant. The Black Panthers were against the POWER structure and America's POLICE state not other races. And they carried guns to protect the community who was being violated BY the police.
OH And check this:
June 7, 1969: Black Panther Party newspaper announces Rainbow Coalition comprised of the Panthers, Chicago Young Lords (Puerto Ricans), Young Patriots (white Americans), and the Brown Berets (Mexican-Americans).
Do your research. Knowledge is power.

Hey, I appreciated your video. Don't mind that fool dissin it. If he was educated on who the Panthers were, he would kno that they are far from the black equivalent of the KKK & Hitler. It was called the Black Panther Party Of Self Defense, not Offense, Oppression or Obliteration. All these members, whose only agenda was to control black destiny & avoid police brutailty, where murdered by the gov't unlike kkk members or hitler.
But anywayz, I liked your video & was re-enlightened. Peace sista

Nzingha ShabakaModerator1 hour ago

On Mia Love:

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    This is a very good example of the fact that "the amount of pigment in your skin" does not dictate the amount of brains you have. The woman clearly does not identify with the "African American" struggles in this country, she nor her parents were here during the civil rights movement so I see her as being no different than some other immigrants to this country. That reap the benefits of the movement without even knowing they have.
    You get here, you are helped by the system, struggles of the civil rights movement, and then you try and say you made it all on your own. Does she really understand that there was a time in this country and in her own religion she could not even have married her husband.
    Which I am really interested in seeing how that actually works?
    And when will people realize that when they say its not the "governments responsibility its the peoples" they sound absolutely stupid, how do you have government without people to be a part of it..Making "government smaller" means people losing their jobs!!!


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Well at least she already has some ardent supporters among the black populace. First, she claims she plans to restructure the Congressional Black Caucus due to their usage of racist fear mongering. Then she claims she never felt "accepted" until she moved to Utah; despite being from Brooklyn. Then she makes subtle jabs at blacks relying on gov't assistance; despite the proven fact that more blacks live in poverty. Yeah, go out and get a job you lazy negros!
She also want's to do away with the  EPA.
But who am I prejudge with my ill-informed opinions, I'm more than certain she'll have black interest in mind if elected! Never mind her representing a state with a 95% white population!
So silly of me!


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    African Americans dont all see themselves a victims, you simply assume they do...which is the one size fits all mentality that you and your type like to try and peddle...I dont begrudge her or anyone else, I simply disagree with her notion that she and her parents survived in this country without help...
    And she discredits the very people that have come before her by even implying that she is where she is because of her own efforts and no one else...


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 Apparently she has been a victim or felt like one, or why would she claim to have finally found acceptance in Utah?


  • Reading this article, I had to laugh on soooo many parts of it that I barely finished it.  Okay, so let's take this apart. 1) Being of Haitian decent, I can't understand why she's konservative, especially when you take into account what a konservative Amerikan government did to her ancestors when they kick the France's a$$ off their half of that island. For those of you who don't know, Amerika was so afraid that the slaves here would hear about what happened there that they decided to embargo Haiti. Nothing came out, and nothing went in. The embargo was so bad, they had to invade the Dominican Republic just to have access to the basic things. 2) Considering the Mormon's historic stance towards "Black" people, I can't for the life of me, understand why anyone of African decent would follow that religion. I know, I know, they changed their mind about that in 1978. But you can't wipe away decades of bigotry in only 34 years. 3) She's going to join the CBC, so that she can take it apart from the inside? So, she's going to succeed where Col. West, I mean Lt. Col West has miserably failed?  She's been reading too much of her own press.  Lastly, konservatives like to bump their gums about limited government, but when you turn around its konservative government that sticks its nose into the lives of everyday Amerikans. It regulates who can and cannot get married, its trying to regulate a woman's womb and her right to privacy and when it comes to deficit spending, konservatives wrote the book.   Lastly, konservatives like to say that 44 got elected because he is a "Black" looking dude. They never seem to take into consideration that 44 was a better choice than that failure of a fighter pilot and that idiotic twist from the great white north. They also cite his exoticism. Well, there's nothing more exotic than a "Black", Mormon, konservative from Utah.  I wonder how many of them will vote for her because of ethnicity?

    • Like I said before, most "Black" people
      support the Democratic Party more for what they haven't done to us, like using
      us in political ads such as the infamous Willie Horton ad or speaking in
      racially coded words like "Welfare Queen" when a majority of women
      on welfare are of the Anglo-Saxon race. The Negroes in the
      GOBPTEABAGGERKHRISTO-FACISTISLAMOPHOBE party are just useful idiots who are
      tossed in the trash can after their usefulness is over.  The real sad
      thing about them is that they don't even know when they've been tossed into the
      trash. Ask Mickey Mike Steele, Alan Keyes, J.C. Watts and soon you'll be able
      to ask Tim Scott and that jack ass who should be making big rocks into little
      rocks at Leavenworth because of his war record (if you don't who it is that I'm
      talking about then you don't know too much).  Now, I'm not a fan of the
      Dems, because they don't fight the reTHUGlicans in a manner that says that
      they have heart.  They apologize too damn much and they don't back each
      other up. But I do support those Dem's that I feel represent what I want, which
      is what "Blacks" should do. Politics should be a "What have you
      done for me lately" sort of thing and that's the only way to make sure
      that you're properly represented.

    -A Person

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It's interesting how ALL African-American republican narratives are the same.  She can't speak well enough about HERSELF without trying to belittle her own people.  People like her should be commended for their success but also they should realize that they haven't arrived.  She's just someone the republican party can use as their 'token' poster child.  Perhaps she should ask all the non African Americans who are the REAL 'burdens' on society that people like her and her party fail to address.


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    No, that's YOUR problem. I've taken the time to learn more about her. You, obviously, have not. The idea that we express our diversity in "other facets of society except for politics" is another sign of your ignorance. I come from a family of Black conservatives. Black American conservatives have existed as long as White ones have been around. So, while you may be really impressed by her, she's nothing for educated Black people to get excited about.
    She's not kicking down the doors of the good ole boy network. She's holding open their doors for them, taking their coats, and serving the food. That is all. Get it? The fact that she MIGHT have a shot at being present among them doesn't mean she will be there as their equal.
    You may believe that we're "black first as history shows", but the reality is far more complicated. History has shown that being black certainly doesn't mean we have always had each other's interests at heart. Furthermore, my identity as a woman is just as visible as my identity as a person of color. Someone who looks at me will be aware of both simultaneously. Similarly, the reality of this world is such that my socio-economic status will often be just as immediately evident.
    Perhaps, you should consider the complexities of identity before making simplistic claims about who "we" are.
truthseekerModerator11 hours agoin reply to Lexe
Because he represents the best of us. He is a role model whether he likes it or not. This comes with the honors; with the territory. He has a duty to God first, then to his race. Because he represents Black people, we want to see him with a Black love interest. The one thing I personally respect about obama is the love interest in a Black woman. I may not like his politics, but I admire him for not having a white woman on his arm as the leader a superpower.
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Full context of her statement? What? She blatantly stated she intends to dismantle the Black Caucus from the ground up because of their race mongering.
She also said she's going to provide Allen West, another Black Repub who claims racism doesn't exist, reinforcements in the Caucus.

 Raymond_Shaw44 9 hours ago in reply to Pulseguy "Genuinely searching for truth" Really? Makes a nice slogan. Oprah was genuinely searching for fame and fortune and she did it in large part by demonizing black men in her films and on her show. Bill/Melinda Gates are the biggest advocates of population control in Africa but apparently they have no qualms about eradicating American citizens through their satanic vaccination programs. Also, they spend their days stifiling the innate creative minds of children by subjecting them to standardized education in hopes in producing future MICROSOFT engineers. You're right, i really shouldn't equate these people because Lil Wayne is just some dude from the ghetto who doesn't know any better and just trying to make a few dollars, whereas Bill and Melinda are fully aware of what they are up to _______________________________

Marcia Judkins 21 hours ago the problem with jayz is that he has profited off of the demise of his own people. the hip hop culture- which includes rappers, thugs and gangsters has birth a nation of illegitimate sons who will continue the cycle. jayz and those like him - lil wayne, kanye drake etc ... continue to pimp the black youth of america for their own selfish gain of power,money, greed and being idolized. it's sad, jayz stopped saying bit-- in his lyrics once his daughter was born yet he could not care any less about yours or mine. redemption is one thing but this man clearly knows the affect words have on children, he carefully chose not to use the word anymore simply because of the affect it will have on his seed. i personally have no respect for him, and he should be called out and held accountable for his actions - like all the rest of them. jayz earned his millions singing and glamorizing a lifestyle that should not be accepted in the black community - but yet we allow it. our kids sing his praises daily - our youth are dying living the lifestyle these "men" promote. ______________ Rosalind Duncan 4 hours ago regardless of what he thought of jay-z, his remarks went to far. just because of one man, he chose to incite and alienate an entire ethnic group? also jay-z is only 1 of the owners. why didn't he question the other owner's choices to support the changes? is he implying that jay-z has total control over every decision made by the nets? i've never been a fan of jay-z, but i don't hate the man for getting paid. at least it's legal. if you don't like his music and what you think it represents, don't buy it or listen to it. this is just another way to try and divide the black community. if jay-z has matured and decided to stop using derogatory words in his music, because he wants his child to grow up better than he did, than congratulations to him. bottom line, people need to stop looking to entertainers, and athletes to educate and be a role model for our kids. it's the parent's job to teach their children what is right and what is wrong. my folks taught me proper grammar, even when they didn't always use it themselves. and after i had my mouth washed out with soap a few times i learned to talk right. and with the application of the belt to my bottom, i learned to behave right too. parenting works, more people ought to try it.


JeanetteModerator10 hours ago
Many of these athletes have white agents and managers and they encourage these Black males to date outside of their race--many of them even tell them not to go into Black areas,because its not "good publicity"--this is mainly done to keep Black women single and in poverty--Racism is so deep in this country and around the world that it isnt even funny--Racism is embedded in the soil of this country


YvetteModerator5 hours agoin reply to blazing angel
You're the ignorant one b. (blaze) (and learn how to write a proper sentence.) I'm jealous of NO One---I've been with the SAME BLACK MAN since I was 15; I'm 39 now. Married; stay-at-home mom; both have college degrees; HOME built from the ground up; paid off in 12 years instead 30; no drugs, no alcohol, NO ARRESTS; oldest daughter in COLLEGE; two toddlers at home; and he is still coming back for what reason do I have to be jealous.
I'VE NEVER FELT JEALOUS WALKING PASS AN INTERRACIAL COUPLE, IT DOESN'T CAUSE A NEGATIVE EMOTION IN ME AT ALL. I often speak to them and say, "hello." Often the Blacks in "these" relationships, use, abuse, and step on the backs of other Blacks to get to a certain "place" in life, and then forget where they've come from and how they got there. I say to all who INTENTIONALLY SEEK out every color except for your own, please do what makes you happy, so others won't be miserable, having to deal with all your "issues." (All I simply did was, ask a question.) If I were white or asian and many or most "high-profile" white or asian men married only Black women, there would have to be a reason(s) why. This is not a fluke...


Your claim that AMERICANS have no religious tests for office is at least debatable. Fortunately, the CONSTITUTION has no such religious test but MILLIONS of AMERICANS still do. When was the last time a non-Christian was elected President--I mean someone who as a matter of PUBLIC RECORD was non-Christian. (Who knows if non-Christians unknown to be such were elected?) As late as 1960 simply being CATHOLIC (which is a form of Christian belief) was controversial; and at one time no Catholic could hope to get elected in this land of fanatical anti-Papists. Now Jew has ever been elected. A Muslim president is clearly out of the question. Conserivatives KNOW that there are religious tests or they wouldn't try to discredit Obama by saying he's a Muslim. And it practically certain that no atheist can be elected president in America. Oh, you do care if Obama is an atheists. And I would hardly blame him for keeping that on the "down low" (yes, I'm using the original sense of that black colloquialism). He's aware of the theocratic prejudices in the hearts of millions of backward Americans like you. And if you say that Obama doesn't share "our values", you'd better identify WHICH Americans you're speaking of. He DID win the 2008 election; so many Americans did feel that he shared THEIR values. Conservative America is not ALL of America.



Voting is a citizenship right, while check cashing or driving an automobile is not. The majority of Blacka vote Demccrat, and have since FDR. 85--95% of Blacks have voted Demccrat for the past 40 years or more. That's FACT, not opinion. Most elder and youth, especially college youth vote Democrat. Two thirds of those30 and under voted for Obama in 2008. It is a FACT that youth, the poor, the elderly, Blacks are lwss likely have all the new ID required by Republicans govrnorships---and that these people more likely vote Democrat than Republican. Not surprising that ONLY in states governed by Republicans are these new requirements imposed. They must be struck down in court; otherwise I recommend CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE, OCCUPYING polls until you are allowed to vote and refusing to leave the premises until you vote or are arrested..



cocoa09Moderator9 hours agoin reply to KhalidX
This is the kind of poisonous mindset that is devastating our race. It is ultimately going to be our undoing. There is no better example of self hate than what this athlete is caught up in. Black men need to rid themselves of the idea that there is something better than African women.


What is this fool talking about? First let say this, as for blacks being put back on the plantation, he hit the nail on the head. Little does he realize, working on the plantations for 400 years with no pay, according to our own black behavior sciencetic, Dr. Amos Wilson, there is a problem many blacks feel about work, especially when they are working minimum wage jobs, we see ourselves as slaves, working low wage or slave wage jobs. Most blacks do not know the history of slavery, but most know we were held as slaves. So blacks do not have a problem working, we just do not like being paid slave wages. On top of that, even when we go to college, get a degree, we are still not paid like the whites. Many of our situations don't even allow us to go to school, living in a racist society, we have so may obstacles coming against us. And this plantation mentality nut, cannot even think like that, so he go off, talking crazy, so that he can get an amen from white folks, that is the only way, he will get an amen from white folks, by putting black people down. Oh they are not going to say anything negative about his church either, because in a time of social unrest, they will use step-n-fetche, to help control the people. If only he could tune into himself, and see what a fool he is, maybe he will go sit down somewhere.

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