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Promoting Justice

cpeter1313 wrote:
And if unicorns could use assault rifles we would have won in vietnam.
Your race-baiting is tiresome. Your attempts at psychoanalysis are humorous, though.
The only race bautubg is by you thinly veiled white suppremcists trying to defend Zimmerman and vilify Trayvon.
Also, there's no history of American treatment of unicorns, probably because they're not easily found in the USA.
But there is a RECORD of racial injustice by American courts nad police. There's TONS of research, historical and contemporary, which make plausible my supposition that a Black Zimmerman who killed a white Trayvon would have bearrested and charged beginning on February 26. Moreover, these racial inequities privileging whites and disadvantaging people of color are of such longstanding, and have been verified so long, that it requires stupidity, dishonesgty or BOTH for anyone to deny it--or to hypocritically label as "race baiting" a critique of racism such as I have offered.
So, I don't know how things work in your imaginary world of uniforms, elves and centaurs. In the REAL WORLD--the one in which Trayvon Martin's life was snuffed out-- racial injustice is alive and kicking.
And posts by you and a number of others mainly work to support that injustice.



Savant wrote:

The only mythoogical universe is your imaginary world of unicorns where race is not an issue. Now, you are dismissed.
Very well said Sir. 
Especially in Sanford Florida with the hidden history of Goldsboro.
When Chief Lee was appointed with the mission of restoring trust in the police force from Black inhabitants in 2011. A complete failure. 

a whiteboi


Your talk of eradicating races is empty words. The fact that ou accept institutionalized racial inequalties clearly evidence that.
You want to have racist power, and thus racism, intact. But you don't want to RECOGNIZE tace. Whites are dominant in EVERY facet of American society, and they know it.
And this shows the hypocrisy of the reactioonary, and it makes it much clearer why sociologist Robert C. Smith would title his book: CONSERVATISM AND RACISM, AND WHY IN AMERICA THEY ARE THE SAME.
Prior to the 1970s, you rightwingers were more open with your racism. But the 1960s made mor open racism disreputable. You still want to have your racism and privilege, but you wanted it concealed.
Futhermore, innumeralbe WHITE SCHOLARS have pointed out the presistence of racism and white privilege in various works, from Ezorsky's RACISM AND ECONOMIC JUSTICE, to Richard Dyer's WHITE, to George Frederikcson's WHITE SUPREMACY, to Tim Wise's WHITE LIKE ME, or Peggy McIntosh's article "White Privilege and Male Privilege" that appears in Patricia Hill's RACE, CLASS AND GENDER: AN ANTHOLOGY. And I could go on and on and on.
I've little patience with whites to claim not to know about racial inequalties than benefit them collectively, and often personally. They're either disingenuous or foolish, maybe both. Either way, they're culpable. For as Aristotle noted centuries ago, there's such a thing as CULPABLE IGNORANCE.
And after centuries of this crap, after innumerable white writers and thinkers (not to mention black, Latin, Asian and others), there's no longer an excuse for your not knowing. Your ignorance is part of the fault.
When whites pretend not to know about institutionalized racial inequalities, and pretend that race can be made to disappear simply by ignoring it, I hold them to be MORE responsible than OPEN racists who at least admit what they are.
For to conceal racism is also to practice it. And if you REALLY don't know what I mean when i speak of institutionalized racism and white privilege, tnen do some freakng homework.
But you don't get to hold on to the racist order of things, to white privilege, and at the same time try to make disappear from awareness by averting the eyes or by a slippery use of words.




(Speech in Oslo at reception of Nbbel Prize)

"I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits."

Indeed. So, let it be for every man, woman and child on earth.

Dr. King was aware of the limited intellectual capacities of racists like Masud, but thought it remediable by progressive social reforms which would include a decent education and better diet.


Dr. King & the Global fight for Justice.

Dr. King long believed in the need for a global fight for economic justice. Since the Occupy Movement has taken on global dimensions, it would be well that it also regards its struggle as international as well as national.
The 1% is s global elite. Humanity can only win the fight for economic as well as social & political democracy by means of global solidarity.


Dr. King & Global Justice: Univ of Oslo Lecture

While in Scandinavia to receive the Nobel Prize, Dr. King made the following remarks about the fight against poverty as a global fight:

"The time has come for an all-out world war against poverty. The rich nations must use their vsst resources of wealth to develop the undeveloped, school the unschooled, and feed the unfed. Ultimately a great nation is a compassionate nation. No individual or nation can be great if it does not have a concern for "the least of these." Deeply etched in the fiber of our religious tradition is the conviction that men are made in the image of God and that they are souls of infinte metaphysical value, the heirs of a legacy of dignity and worth. If we feel this as a profound moral fact, we cannot be content to see men hungry, too see men victimized with starvation and ill health when we have the means to help them. The wealthy nations must go all out to bridge the gulf between teh RICH MINORITY and the POOR MAJORITY." (THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MARTIN LUTHER KING JR., P.261; speech given on December 11, 1964)

Same struggle, both domestically & globally.



FANON Agrees with KING

Fanon agrees with King on the issue of economic justice, but is more BLUNT and doesn't make King's Christian moral appeals.
Hence Frantz Fanon writes: "The fundamental duel between colonialism and anticolonialism, and indeed between capitalism and socialism, is already losing some of its impotance. What counts today, the question which is looming on the horizon, is the need for a REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH. Humanity must reply to this question, or be shaken to pieces by it." (THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH, P.98 of edition translated by Constance Farrington).

So the atheistic humanist coincides with the Christian humanist.



King more BLUNT

Dr. King is more blunt about the need for economic justice in later years.
If you check out a film called CITIZEN KING, you will note one speech (around about 1967), in which King calls for "a radical redistribution of political and economic power."

Such must be the goal of the 99% Movement.

fINALLY, I think that the 99% Movement needs to take another look at the Economic Bill of Rights that Dr. King and his supporters wanted to promote at the Poor Peoples Campaign in Washington, DC in 1968.
I will say more on that later.



Heart of Gold  3 months ago

I really dont care who other people date, but as a black woman i am tired of being talked down to by other blacks (mostly women) because i strongly prefer black men.   Is it such a crime that i want a black family like the one i had growing up (newsflash!! i had a mother and a father, both black)? Are other races of women made to feel bad because they have a partner that looks like them?  Maybe we should spend more time coming together and  uplifting one another instead of running away from issues.  And by the way, not every black man thinks or behaves like IceT.  Just like not every man is a drug dealer, rapper, or has a baby mamma.


Guest  3 months ago  parent

That is the problem many weren't raised with a Black mother and father, so they don't have any value in raising or being a part of a Black family. The concept is foreign or not that important. They don't have the same experiences or memories. That's why many of them are running scared to other groups instead bettering themselves and the community. And other races see their dysfunction and lack of foundation and want no parts of it.


Guest  3 months ago  parent

I live in a metropolitan area and I rarely see evenly yoked interracial relationships involving Black people.
They are never on the same playing field in education, earnings, or attractiveness. Those are just the facts. Black success seems to a s sociate with mediocre White or White t______... By no means am I an elitist or racist, but that is just a mere observation.
You haven't bettered your community if you've bettered yourself to only transfer any and everything you've accumulated in life to another group.
Other minorities seem to have more awareness of their individuals actions and how it impacts their community as a whole. That is one reason why they are better off in a wide variety of areas. We just try to blend in with other groups and say, "not ALL Black women or not all Black men are like that," and avoid our problems.
Black people have fallen in love with being the exception instead of rewriting the rule.


Guest  3 months ago  parent

Insecure much, LALA? I never said interracial unions didn't exist, my point was they're often rare or the minority. In addition, most non Blacks, especially Whites are not remotely considering interracial dating or marriage especially when they have everything such as: wealth, education, prominence, and beauty. This goes for both genders.
Now while you mention what you *claim* to see at one particular school, I assure it's not on a national level. And I'll further add I guarantee you the non Blacks who've married out pale in comparison to the ones who stayed within their own race. Now that would be an interesting stat, bring out the tax forms, check education levels.
Some Blacks acts as if they've taken a step up when they've dated or marry out, let's see how much lol. Are they getting the amount same race couples specifically white couples are getting. Are their non Black saviors going as hard in the classroom and boardroom? Highly doubtful.
I travel on a regular basis, so no study is really needed. How far does a teacher's salary getcha nowadays, LALA?
Some Black people are looking at White people as an option, but to most Whites we're not even an idea.


Wrenigade  3 months ago

I Am A Black Man. And I am completely OFFENDED by everything Ice-T has to say because he is a celebrity. An uneducated, celebrity PIMP from the ghetto and he in no way represents POSITIVE, uplifting Black Men who are responsible and care about Black women, Black children and the future of the Black community. If he has no respect for Black women, how can he have respect for himself..?? He can't! And that fact is manifested by the choices he makes in women; and the poor judgment he exercises in stating his uninformed opinion. I LOVE you Black women!



Guest  3 months ago

 I don't understand the ideology of being open to other races is expanding your "options" when in fact the majority of other races do NOT like or prefer Black people on an individual basis or as a group. I assure you on a general scale anyone who is a non Black with any amount of education, wealth, and prominence isn't thinking about seriously dating or marrying anyone Black. They have all the options within their own racial dating pool. Only Black people with everything going for themselves STILL *consider* someone of another race, even IF they don't have a pot to p i s s in and a window to throw it out of.
While some Black people are focusing on TRYING to date or marry "out" because the Black community is in shambles, White people are focusing on sticking to their own, repairing and conserving their community.
The problem is some Black people are trying to get equality in the bedroom instead of the boardroom. Trying to escape the problems in our community by a s s ociating with other groups who want no ties with us.


Axe-Me-Anything- wrote:

Is this rhetorical? I could post dozens of stories from the last week alone about black-on-white crime -- unprovoked attacks. You would then, of course, say the media is biased against you.
Did you feel the media was biased against when they tried to convict Zimmerman before he had even been arrested?
No, I would say "chill the fck out"... 

For the last 400 years-blacks have had to put-up with millions of unprovoked attacks, lynchings then burning, house/church burnings, police brutality and murders, kidnappings and murder of our children and so on, everyday, and all at the hands of white people.

Hardly any of those hogs were prosecuted, it was virtually legal for whites to kill blacks... at least you have the law on your side and it is illegal for us to kill whites, stop complaining and suck it-up! if any black man gets caught after murdering a white person he will be locked-up for life which is more than what those KKK men or murdering racist police got!
-Axe-Me-Anything- wrote:

The problem is that you snicker when you think about "fear" of non-blacks based on a long history of violent, racially-based attacks on whites, Hispanics and Asians by blacks. You find this to be justice/vengeance and enjoy "LOL"ling about it.
I hate hypocrites.
The longest history of mindless violence against a people has been from whites towards blacks, this lasted for about 400 years and it was a lot more than just shooting and stabbings, I don't celebrate blacks killing whites, I just really don't care what happens to white people, innocent or not... 

... And as for "vengeance" do you actually think that 20-30 years of a handful of black people killing a few white men can honestly be classed as real vengeance for what whites did to innocent blacks for over 400 years-who's only crime was being born black?

-The Revolutionist


SlowMOVn1  3 months ago  parent



Noneya  3 months ago  parent

lol, IceT stereo-typed himself as a black man, you are stereo-typing all white women, nice.  However, if a white woman prefers a white man, she is segregating and racist.  Same with black women, according to IceT, they are limiting themselves (at least he didn't call them racists).


Ok, so let's start making a list of Gweneth Paltrow defenders:

- Russel Simmons
- Toure
- Ice - T

Of course these purveyors of white and mixed race-ness, middle phenotype and white beauty, misogyny directed towards women, especially black women of the darker/lower stratus...

what else can we expect from the likes of them?


Ice T says they're more important things to discuss and I agree. However, I have seen zero commentary from him on those issues that he claims are so much more important. For instance, we have a political party trying to stifle the voting rights of black Americans and we don't hear a peep from these m___ about it. None of them are trying to talk about it on their twitters and FB pages. None of them are marching or trying to educate their fans about how it will affect them. The only person I saw making an effort was Tyrese and even he called them out about it on MSNBC. Yet their a___ are wasting no time taking to their twitter to defend a rich privileged white woman who was criticized for basically calling her friends ******. I honestly find what they're doing more despicable than what Gwen did. I knew that this mess was bound to happen the minute I heard that damn song. Jay-Z and Kanye should have never named it ****** in Paris anyway. I am so glad I stopped supporting these a____ A LONG time ago.





I cannot believe he said some basic sh___like that. I know a racist white dude that married a black woman. I have heard so called liberals say some racist s____ then try to play like they are not racist because they call themselves liberal. It is people like ice t that give these a______ cover.Racism is not as cut and dry as this stupid a____ is trying to make it. You would think of all people, a black man such as ice t would understand that.



the white media loves this kind of modern day coonery and buffoonery and they love to see BM and BW go at each other. As long as we do this, we won't see what's really going on and who are true enemies are.  That's why we seldom see BM and BW loving and respecting each other. It's a threat to the system.
Lindsey just killed his credibility. Obama is NOT a Muslim, Obama is related to Cheney, Bush, etc, none of who are Muslims. In addition, anyone with common sense knows Obama is a puppet OF the elites, not an adversary. To blame Obama as though he is more powerful than the elites is propaganda. Beware of false prophets and teachers!


Sisters, take heed at the way this disrespectful and probably racist white male speaks about you. Do you think he is showing "love" or respect for BW by calling this sister "this black" or "has a great a____?" Don't let our publicly aired squabbles blind us to who our real enemies are -- and it is not each other.

This is just more anti-blackness from blacks who blame other black people for what the white system has done to them. Sounds like this BM is more angry at successful BW than he is at the system that derailed his professional potential! In our ignorance we have allowed our enemies to turn us against our only true allies: each other.

Staying silent about these kinds of issues and not standing up or helping anyone is the worst thing anyone can do.
The world would be a much more horrifying place if no one stood up against this kind of s___, much like UCLA
If you believe that Canadians are not racist you are deceived and/or blind. Racism exists everywhere, and among all people. As AA male who has traveled 7 times around the world I can attest to the existence of both love and racism every place I have been. This incident is shocking, but not surprising. Bigotry anywhere hurts all people everywhere.
I agree! Many educated black people don't speak up when racism happens because they are afraid of people looking at them differently or treating them with less respect. I have a professor in my institution who has always used black students in order to give a teaching point about melanoma. No the professor is not racist but he never realized how uncomfortable it could make a student. This was the first year in the past 10 yrs a student ever mentioned it.



I know Jesse Lee Peterson personally he gets paid to hate against black people Hannity pays him to come on his show and attack black leaders Peterson has called black people immoral scum
Sean Hannity can't say this himself so he uses these paid uncle toms like Jesse Peterson and Deneen Borelli to attack black people and defend white racism by saying white racism doesn't exist White Supremacists have always loved using uncle toms against black people

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