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 I know the west usually only know the bad stories but even if they don't we don't have too much to be proud of. It's honestly sad but not a country in our beautiful land is doing really good....maybe Botswana( am not even Botswanaan but I have to admite). We are all young countries( with exception of Ethiopia and the arabic countries) less then 70yrs old. The US took 200-300 years to be where it is, lets be like those guys.... John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington, they knew it's not for them but for their desendants to enjoy the fruits of their labour. We need to have that mind set in Africa also, Rome wasn't built in a day. Lets put our differences aside and draw back the trust of our lost brother in the Amricas, so that they wont be ashamed of us( and this is my experience with these brothers from another mother, they see all these images of Africa that the media broadcasts and feel ashamed for being African) but will want to be part of the family. Can't blame them especially the ones in the US, their idea of poverty is completely different from african born and raised in a very poor african country. They can't understand what goes through ur mind if ur whole life seems hopeless without end. But its understandable, how would they, not like any of us send cards and tell them how it is exactly in the Soweto, in Chibola( in my country zambia), in Luanda( Angola). My challenge is to anyone African and lived in Africa at least even one year, make an african american friend. Tell them about poverty. Put pride aside for a minute ur planting seeds, these seeds will bloom the day our 40 million strong brothers return back to the motherland. Sounds like day dreams but its my dream and I know dreams do come true. We need to cordinate brothers for the future, not in this lifetime but for our children's children 



dkanela wrote:
If an unfortunate tragedy were to stroke the US and we all had to leave, many if you so called aa would run to another European country. Many of you are not free enough mentally to live in a black country, you like living underneath the white man, I'm only calling a spade a spade!!
WORD MY BROTHER REAL WORD U SPEAKING, but lets not be negative. Home is not easy no matter which african country ur talking about for nobody. Thats why I have faith that us the BLACKS, THE STONE'S THAT THE BUILDER REJECTED WILL BE THE CORNER STONE. If u see ur brother doing wrong, bring him to the light. Don't be forcible, u know us blacks have been thro enough with people telling us what to do so we don't listen to sort of force. But just be real and remember we are planting seeds.



Capree wrote:

Look didn't I explain to you that we are married so whatever he has is mine also? Besides that do you think domestic work hasn't any real value. Then you are dumb!
Okay...ignoring the fact that other women obviously gave you props for your most recent stupid ass comment:

Stupid...I never questioned what is or isn't yours or his...nor do I consider what stay at home moms do worthless...I've even stated the opposite in a couple of stop it with the female b_____!

Again...I'm a married man...have been for some time now(and yes my wife stayed at home for a while) I know how marriage works...but the point is what?'re not treating your husband to s___ (that is if you even have a husband to begin with!)'re sharing things with him...because you can't treat someone to something with their own money(this is actually how men think...even if we don't say it!)...the statement is an oxy moron!



Desmond Sandiford wrote:
I have made over a dozen threads praising bw, black love, etc. Nobody has a problem with that, but they have a problem when I make a thread talking about bm are worthy of praise and worship too...and brown-nosers like you who always looking to attack bm who speak the truth about bw as if you're trying to score points with them or as if your woman's looking over your shoulder at every post you type, you don't help bw understand the situation either.

You Question my manhood...Really?

As if there is really any actual reason to do so...I mean...I didn't make this really aren't you just trying to put all other men who disagree with your own personal situation/mindset on trial?...yeah you are and that's some weak a___ childish s___!

Grow the f____ up and stop making lame a___ excuses for your own personal short comings...and stop trying to attack other men who do no agree with you...and bw who will not date you because you have no car and a seriously immature mentality...I'm a man...but if I were a I wouldn't date a man without a d___'re a grown a__ man...hell I know teenage boys that work at Del Taco or Target or where ever to save money just to get their first piece of a car...because they understand the necessity of having a car in this world!


my oldest son can't wait to drive...nor can his younger brother who's already talking about what kind of first car he has in mind...h___ he's not even fourteen yet!

So sorry but don't need to question my manhood...I'm not the one making stupid a___ threads like this...because I don't have the same mindset and issues that you clearly seem to be struggling with...nor do I have issues with no I don't need to score p___y Points with them...I type what I type...not matter how it hits...this includes comments that are less than flattering to bw at times....*of course you seem to be completely unaware of this fact right now...right?

And noooo...It's got nothing to do with me not questioning this or that...clearly I'm a thinker...who has questioned many,many things in my life...this is obvious from the majority of my comments here on Topix...yet here you are trying to play mind games with someone that is not going for it...who the h___are you typing you can try to convince everyone else that the whole world that only you have some d___ sense...that we're all crazy,that all bw think and behave in the exact same manner and that all nonbw are just so d____ down to earth and willing to take bm at face value...lmbao!...guy I live in the real world...I work with and live right next to nonbw...especially white ones...I've seen ww walk out on my neighbors and colleagues...because these guys couldn't get her a new car of her own when their girlfriends got one...or because they had to take their children out of private schools or because they didn't get a promotion...what the f___ are you smoking? need to miss me with that b____...I'm not the one!



NOBODY I know of argues that it's a "good" think to have mass unemployment or millions of people on food stamps--though I'd prefer people on food stamps than to have them STARVING as in the Great Depression. But the REAL issue is what's the CAUSE of these miseries, and what can be done to rectify them. That's where the real dispute lies. Also, I don't huy this right wing nonsense about the poor or unemployed being too "lazy to work." it is not the deficient character of the underprivileged or even the sinking middle class that's the problem. It's the erratic, irrational and unjust character of the market that has created the problems. But you conservaties simply seem to think that we should let the market solve the problem. Let GM sink (who cares about laid off auto workers? Theu're probalby lazy anyway) Let the poor starve. Let sick die. So long as we protect that precious market and the bitch goddesses of property and success (mainly for the few), who cares what happens to HUMAN BEINGS? That is why I am so opposed to the Right. Consrevatism is proving to be ANTI-HUMAN.



LOL! Most of you scientists--if you even are one--are culturally illiterate and ignorant even of the philosophical foundations of your science. Einstein was one of the few exceptions, and your posts clearly indicate that you are no Einstein. LOL! Futhermore, Dr. Doufus, Savant doesn't have a degree in "African Studies" ( which, however, is at least as legitimate field as Asian, American or Middle East studies), but rather a Ph.D in Philosophy, an undergraduate degree in history, and considerable background in Literature and the Social sciences. And that is part of the reason why I can discuss social and political issues more intelligently than you. So shut your trap about me since you don't know what you're talking about. And if you want to discuss nuclear reactors, you shouldn't be in a thread which talks about Obama's re-election prospects.



Right now American conservatism seems to be increasingly anti-human. Right now House Republican are preparing to make new cuts to food stamps and unemployment benefits. Are they going to offer nee jobs to the unemployed? Will they pass any measure to increase the pay of low income workers who need food stamps? Or maybe they believe, as legend had Marie Antoinette saying, that if the poor have no bread they should eat cake. Who cares if 12 million American children go hungry so long as we protect oru precious property and profits? I guess if the bootless cannot pull themselves up by their bootstraps they should sink. America--under nearly every administration administration(tho ugh to different degrees)--gives generous tax breaks and subsidies for the rich, for the corporate fat cats. And there's little talk about whether these plutocrats really NEED or DESERVE it. It is only when the poor, or sometimes even the sinking middle class needs an assist, that conservatives talk about "wasteful spending." Funds at taxpayer expensed lavished upon the rich, the corporate 1%, are called "subsidies. " Far more meagre funds to the poor are called "welfare. " Moreover, it is a myth that most (or even a large minority) of the poor are on welfare, and also a myth that most (or even a large minority) of welfare recipients remain on public assistance their entire lives. And at any rate, if the market economy worked as well as some would like to believe, there wouldn't be a problem of unemployment, welfare, food stamps or anyhting of the sort. Ah, but we can't question the SYSTEM. The powers that be would prefer the people to perish than compromise elite privilege. 



This sounds like a man who is envious because he has no profession, sometimes not evdn a job. But rather than thinkly clearly about his miserable life conditions, he rails against Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, liberals and so forth. Meanwhile, Max hardly notices that the "de-industria lizing" of America, the outsourcing of American manufactureing jobs to poorer countries in which the bosses can pay less (while expanding profit), was/is the doing of the corporate capitalist pirates themselves. They have exported the jobs "producing a tangible product" to countries where they can pay laborers less than a tenth of what they pay the poorest American workers. Hence American jobs, whether professional or non-professional, are increasingly service jobs. For most it's either that or NO jobs. But does Max Fascist blame the corporate plutocracy, the 1% who actually CAUSED this situation? \ No, he thinks that the Blacks, the Mexicans, the immigrants, the gays, Muslims, dissident intellectuals--any one except the ruling class itself--are the culprits. Can he really have BORN this obtuse? Or maybe his corporate overlords have been spilling brain altering chemicals in the water that Max Fascist drinks. He kisses their ass, and they dilute his brain into mush  




There are exceptions to the rule. Yet, if a man wants to do something, a man should be just active and accomplish their goals directly. So, I do believe that a man should court a woman, because culturally we men are territorial, we like our space, and we can be aggressive because of our testosterone. Therefore, a real man should be active in communicating with woman for romance first. Sometimes, subconsciously, a woman courting a man views the man as inferior socially (not physically), because some women see that man as a work in progress (not a real strong, progressive human being or not an equal emotionally strong partner). That is why some men who are courted by women feel lackadaisical in their relationships. They feel entitled when a relationship is about common bound (and mutual sacrifice) not a man depending on a woman for most of his needs.

It's very creepy for a man to be desperate to depend on a woman for his livelihood. It's very embarrassing for a man to give up and just let a woman to court him at every circumstance. So, if a man has trouble in the dating scene, that man should step back (and have self reflection and work on himself emotionally & socially then focus on dating people. That man can focus on his education, his occupation, and other facets of his life before having a long term relationship with a woman. Getting advice is great too).

-By Timothy (Me) 


How about women? Should they be active and accomplish their goals directly too? Your reasoning makes no sense. Women are territorial too and they can be more aggressive than men. A lot of the women who took me out and paid for everything appreciated me for my manhood...that manhood by itself has more value than. I had a good laugh reading this last part of your post...when have you ever seen a man give up and just let women court him? That's some bogus sh8t. Women pursue men when there is something about the man they want and value. There is nothing wrong with that. Look, dude there is only one reason why men pusue women ....TRADITION! But that traditoin is based on inequality between t he sexes. Men had all the money and power and statuse in society so they were the onese who coulde take women out...not the other way around. Guys who have a problem with women courting men are really just concerncerned about losing the power and control their money and status as men gave them..

-Desmond Sandiford 

My Response:

Women too should be active and accomplish their goals directly, yet you know there is epidemic of males falsely collectively blaming women for all issues under the sun. Many women are being assaulted and disrespected in music, TV, and other arenas. Women are treated more harsh than men, therefore we men have the responsibility to stand up for the value of real women in the world. I reject the nefarious philosophy for blaming women collectively for dating issues or for the ills of society in general. My reasoning makes perfect sense since the nature of a real man (from a biological, historical, social, behavioral, and cultural standpoints) is to be active, confident, and upright. That is the profound justification for us as males to possess a go getter attitude instead of just waiting for the signs from the heavens to come to us. You can raise your hands up and the signs won't come unless you work. We should chart our destinies. Both genders can be territorial, but males & females aren't identical physically, emotionally physiologically, or biologically (We are all equal in value, in our inherit or inborn rights, and intellect). 

The paying for everything situation is an unique situation. If a woman voluntarily pays you money for dinner, more power to you. Yet, this (in my opinion) ought not to be the case in most instances. A man should at least pay half of their own meal if they are going out with a woman. I don't question your manhood, but I have a disagreement with you. I have seen men give up and allow any type of female go out with him in real life. That isn't bogus, but that's reality. Women pursue men for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it may sincere and sometimes it is not. It depends on the person since every human is different. The rest of your post outlines a historical argument. The reality is that many men pursued women illegitimately throughout human history as a product of a corrupt, elitist, and retrograde social system. That's true, yet this isn't the case with all men who pursue women. Some men pursue women for companionship without misogyny or the sense of desiring to dominate a woman via an authoritarian fashion. We have testosterone. It is in our nature to invent, to create, and to pursue. I haven't seen a man who disagreed with a woman pursuing a man having insecurities about preserving their own power. A real man pursue, but pursue ethically. If you want a woman to pursue a man, that's your right. Yet, I don't believe that a man should be totally restricted in pursuing a woman. It is obvious that gender inequality should be completely eliminated and some aspects of traditionalism are archaic & discriminatory.

Yet, this argument doesn't refute the fact of a man having the right to acquire an aggressive mentality not cowardice, and using strength to directly effect profound change in society. Brother, You have the right to get your Wesley Snipes on (as you admitted to this forum). I have the right to adhere to my perspective (and date some Nubian sisters. These sisters are the original women on Earth).

-By Timothy (Me)


Simple. We must know our history. And as you read African history and undersatnd it, ideology will automatically form in your heart if you have any guts and brains. The problem is far too many so called scholars and intellectuals do not have either guts or brains. We who have held oto Nkrum,ahism and reclaimed his legacy by revining the Convnetion People's Party are a tiny minority so far. But soon we will gain a majority and return to power just as Kwame Nkrumah came to power and defeated colonialism. Our job now is to defeat western imperialism/neo-colonialism, especially when it adopts a black face to do its dirty work.



Tracy wrote:

Exactly. You told her right..Simply treat everyone as an individual. Including black males. That's it in a nutshell. Stop looking at them as one group of people because blacks don't operate like that and never have.
You must be pretty 18-21 young?

Sorry but you're wrong again: You seem to lack any real understanding of what blacks have done in this country...ever heard of slavery,the Civil Rights Movement...huh?

Yes blacks have operated as a group in times pass...this is the problem....we no longer do this...we're so Americanized and so selfish and individualistic now...this is like Krptonite for AA in this country!



KPITRL wrote:

I agree with you on this thing about most white women. However it was mostly black men who died for them. It's good to warn black women not to be fooled into thinking these white women are concern about them. But it's also fair to warn black men not to be fooled into thinking these white women are concerned about them. They seem to be even more vulnerable to their fake smiling faces. I've seen them let themselves be used by whitemen to try to terminate black men from employment. I had one who let herself be used to try to set me up. The thought of a black man being president used to make her shake in her boots, and this was while her hero George Bush was president.
Perhaps it's safe just to warn all blacks not to be deceived by a lot of these non appreciating white women.
When I mentioned Black people fought and died for the civil rights movement, I meant just that. Black people fought and died FOR THEIR CIVIL RIGHTS not for the rights of white females,Asians, Hispanics and Arabs.Now everyone benefits from the hard work and lose of life of Black people. Btw those Black men that died for the civil rights movement died FOR BLACK WOMEN not for white women. Let's not get side tracked with petty jealousy over interracial dating. That's silly. White women are eating off the plate of Black people's sacrifice. I say when their white men disrespect them let them fight for themselves,IF THEY KNOW HOW. It is Black women as well as other races of females, that white women will try to band together with under the title of "women's rights", knowing damn well they don't give a d___ about any other women except themselves. Black women must be aware of that far more important fact.

-Original People


Note by Me: I do want the Brother Lil Wayne and the Sister Nicki Minaj to wake up though. I wish for them to have a more conscious life. So, I want to make that clear. So, me personally, it's time for us to show these people the truth without malice or hatred. I believe that with the right effort, these 2 individuals will be better people in the future. 

By Timothy

Honestly this was tooooo easy. Wayne and nicki both say degrading things about women. Whether its nicki talking about h___ with nappy heads or Wayne talking about how that b___  looks better "red" and which b___ he slept with. Seats for them all.



So wanting to eff every girl in the world and rapping about it while his daughter dances on stage is treating women with the utmost respect nowadays? Miss me with that.



The man has 4 different baby mothers, cheated on his wife, diss dark skin woman ,talks about being about being a blood BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEE WAYNE

Get em rosenberg

-College girl



Abdurratln wrote:

And what is wrong is wrong. You made an unprincipled attac=k against me based on persiality and style. I can take critism. But i will not accept baseless criticism and insults. Why did you attack me? What is YOUR problem?

Thaat is a good example of the type of thing we need to grow out of. "Black"? He just said above that he included Arabs. How do Arabs fit into "black"? That is a legitmate question and I will continue to raise it as long as anyone keeps making that mistake. What really got me involved was when DaaQueen claimed that his views were the same as mine. I have the right to set the record staright on that and i will continue to do so. I do not agree with such coccpets as "Positive Black" But this is the second time you have mentioned it so far while we ought to be talkig about Economic development in Africa. So, if we get all bogged down beating that dead horse, remember you satrted it, not me.

I disagree with your obvious stupid racism. Period. It is your kind of racism and ethnocentrism that is at the root of so many of Africa's problems. Again, let me list a few of thsoe [problems: Somalia, Sudan, Congo, Libya: .
While African centered education involves all Africans whether they be black or Arab, the Postitive black thread I created was specifically aimed at the upliftment of blacks leaning more towards sub-saharan Africans in America, the Carribean, Britain, the African continent, and elsewhere. That video you posted where those Libyan terrorists are killing blacks is one of the reasons I made it. There is no reason for Blacks to be in dysfunction almost everywhere we are. I admire your hate for ethnocentrism and racism but the truth is it won't stop others from being racist against us and ethnically excluding us from their institutions. I take my views from Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Amos Wilson were it is time for blacks to stop catering to other people before our own. We need to take care of ourselves and love eachother before we can truly work with others. That means building our own institutions and not being afraid to do for ourself.

-Near Future


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