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June 2012 words on Struggle and Liberation



 Note by Me: I slightly disagree with the Hitler part, but he's accurate on everything else. 

By Timothy

Your are right, these troll agents are very resourceful and seem to know a lot about our community, they gather information from forums and various other sources about us, they have always monitored the black community!... 

I'm sure you have noticed how these agents always switch to trolling under your name whenever you get close to uncovering their racist scheme of divide and conquer within the black community, I have seen them try that nonsense against you a few times also.

Whenever you back a racist agent against a wall, they always try to wiggle out of it by posting under your name creating a diversion, oldest trick in the book, lol... I will now dig much deeper, this SBW troll may lead to a whole network of other white trolls/agents!...

-The Revolutionist


NixaklielMay 17, 2012
The new documentary ‘Marley’ is very good. I recommend that as many youth of the Rap / Hip-Hop generation see it as possible [lets see if it gets any buzz as best foreign documentary].
I’ve always been a bit suspicious about how Bob Marley died. First it must be noted that Bob may have had more Global impact than any other musician of modern times [rivaling Michael Jackson]. Many would claim the Elvis & Beatles, but theirs were mainly a US-Euro fan base. Bob Marley & the Wailers w the I-3s- had impact in the Caribbean, Latin America Africa- even in parts of Asia- as well as the US & EU. YET- Few musicians w his/their kind of global fan base, had the kind of revolutionary critic [from an Afro & Bible- centric position] of the ‘Babylonian’ [= the US & Euro] System as Bob.
So This Vox-Union show not only informed & inspired me to view the New Documentary ‘Marley’ – But also to a bit of research on circumstances RE Bob’s attempted assassination & untimely death- supposedly from an exceeding rare case on melanoma [which almost always afflicts Nordic type white folks living in warm & tropical climate zones]- which at the age of 33, Bob Marley literally had less than a million to one odds of being afflicted with [FYI: initially his cancer was blamed on Bob's 'Ganja' use]. Furthermore his politically motivated assassination attempt & the discovery of his cancerous toe apparently occurred within 6 months of ea other. Here’s what says about his attempted assassination:
} ‘The persons who shot and attempted to kill Bob Marley remains nameless to this day. It is believed that one of the culprits was killed by local people who discovered his involvement, the others are still unknown. The assassination attempt was believed to be politically motivated at the time, though whether it was from left of right wing was a matter of debate.
Evidence since, including testimony of a former CIA agent, has suggested the CIA supplied weapons for this attack and may have been involved in motivating [IE: orchestrating] it. The CIA have, to date, refuses to de-classify any of their files and information regarding Bob Marley or offered explanation as to why they have classified files on him.’ {
For more on a possible CIA link to Bob’s ‘cancerous’ toe which ultimately killed him [or set him up to be 'medically' killed], read this Feb 4th 2011 High-Times article by Alex Constantine [@ ].


Herbert Dyer, Jr.May 11, 2012
James Baldwin once responded to a white reporter’s assertion that the white man needed more time to “adjust” to and accept the Negro’s demands. Baldwin said (in paraphrase): “You took my mother’s time; my father’s time; my grandfather and grandmother’s time; my great great grandparent’s time. Now, you want my time, too?”
Peace & Power,


NixaklielMay 13, 2012
White Liberals must choose [& Blacks & Browns have to insist that they do] between being a safe & cozy liberal, or progress toward true justice for all & away from white Privilege USA. Because the United Police-States of America is now coming after white folks too. Recently a 37yr old white homeless man w mental health issues was tazered & beaten to death cops in Cali [see ]. Two of them [1 is Hispanic] are rightly being charged w homicide. Yet the precedence for this case is Mr Chamberlain’s murder by cops in NY. Mr Chamberlain, who had a documented case of a weak heart [which is why he had a med-alert system] was tazered, shot w a bean bag shot-gun & then shot to death in HIS OWN HOME, by cops who were supposed to be assisting him on a medical alert [So why did the cops show up like they were a swat team on a drug bust?!- These cops even refused / dismissed Chamberlain’s family member offers to intercede!]. Yet a [lily-white?] grand-jury has rejected charging any of those cops in this case. And also there’s Rodney King’s case- where a lily-white jury let those cops off Scott-free.
Also recently the FEDs entrapped 5 young white guys, who had a loose link to the OWS movement in OH, in a phony plot to blow-up a bridge in Ohio. But the precedence for that is the FEDs, both under the Bushites & under Obama & AG Eric Holder’s DoJ, have been entrapping African, Black & Brown Muslims in phony War on Terror plots for the last decade.
Mainly white ‘main-stream’ ‘middle-class’ folks are now being virtually ‘stripped-searched’ by naked body scanners every-time they take a plane ride [after that ‘suspicious’ so-called {non}underwear bomber incident- allegedly by a young Nigerian Muslim out of Yemen]. But the precedence for that is- in the late 1980s thru the 1990s, mainly Black & Brown women on incoming foreign flights were routinely stripped-searched [For REAL - NOT virtually] & man-handled at US airports- after being racially-profiled as likely ‘drug-mules’. Not to speak of how many Black & Brown men are routinely stripped-searched in jail- which the US Supreme-Court just gave their official seal of approval to.
The precedence to the FEDs’ attack on & incineration of those mainly white folks at WACO, was the Philly cops Bombing of the MOVE brothers, sisters & children- which burned-down a city block of Black folks’ homes. The precedence to the FEDs’ assault on that white family at Ruby Ridge- was the COINTELPRO sponsored joint FBI, CPD, Cook County Sheriffs’- assassination of Mark Clark & a sound asleep Fred Hampton.
The point is that white liberals who are truly concerned about Justice for All- have got to progress from their complacent positions of self [= selfish] interests- to enlightened Self{less}-interest. Those who practice Enlightened Self{less}- interest, understand that ‘Injustice Any-Where Is a Threat to Justice Every-Where’- including to themselves!
[NOTE: True Black Champions for Freedom have got to make it clear to white 'liberals' that voting for Obama won't let them off the hook. That- That ain't the same-thing as demanding true justice for Black & Brown people!]


NixaklielMay 13, 2012
An example of white {liberal} double standards. Everyone’s expected to recognize & even feel guilty for [including those who had no hand in it- IE: Black People] the horrors of the NAZI Holocaust against the Jews [FYI: it also included the Roma People {aka Gypsies} & communists- but this is largely forgotten] 75 yrs ago. Yet if you bring up the Maafa enslavement of African People, which ‘officially’ ended less than 150 yrs ago in the US [125 yrs ago if you count Brazil]- & is estimated to have killed +35 – +50 million or more Africans- most white ‘liberal’ react by saying- ‘That’s was so long ago in the past’ – ‘Forgive & Forget’ – ‘Let by-gones be by-gones’ – “We’re in the ‘Post-Racial’ Obama Era” – etc…
Bring up the subject of reparations w the average white ‘liberal’ & many will all-of-a-sudden remember that their fore-parents were post-slavery immigrants, which they would claim lets them off the hook on both the slavery, extermination of the Native American & reparations issues [ironically many of these same folk often by into the illegalization of Hispanic immigrants].
YET- Reparations need not boil down to ‘Pay all Black & Native Americans $1 Million+$’- in fact that’s probably not the best approach. Reparations for Black & the remaining remnants of Indigenous Peoples- could be in the form of Gov’t guaranteed- life-long full employment under safe & fair conditions & at fair & living wage [including adequate retirement benefits]; -&- Gov’t guaranteed adequate- housing, health care, education up to the BS / BA or certified vocational training level- The roll-back / ending of US policy of mass incarceration of Black [& Brown] people, the Prison Industrial Complex, & the Gov’t guaranteeing of ending all vestiges of racism & white-supremacy in its current Criminalized {in}Justice System, & respecting & protecting the HUMAN rights of all Black & Indigenous People! IE: Things the Gov’t should [but fails to] be providing & doing for all of its citizens anyway!


NixaklielMay 14, 2012
I do fully appreciate & respect your position. Though there is a significant minority of Blacks who want some degree of autonomy [if not total separation] from the US Gov’t [ala the Martin Delaney, Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammed], the fact is that the vast majority aren’t prepared to go that far- besides the logistical issues of repatriating 35 – 40 million Afro-Americans out of the USA. It’s also a sad fact that too many ‘Afro’-Americans actually seem to hold prefix Afro in contempt [or are ignorant of its significance]- reflective a lack of regard for our African heritage & Africans in general [IE: the Negro mind-set]. The thesis RE reparations that I articulated had those facts in mind, yet is a way to keep this issue on the table in front of so-called ‘liberal’ & progressive white folk- as a litmus test so to speak. I wrote this alternative set of reparations as a response to some white ‘liberals’ comments @ the ‘progressive’ CD website to an article @ CD [& @ BAR] on Jan 23, by white progressive political writer Bill Quigley entitled ‘10 Steps for a Radical Revolution in the US’- in which he, to his credit, mentioned the issue of reparations for African & Native Americans. Some hi-lights from his Article:
“I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values.” –Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. April 4th 1967
1} Human rights must be taken seriously. Every person is entitled to dignity & human rights.
2} We must radically reinvent the US’ {un}Democratic system of Gov’t. Current systems are deeply corrupt & unresponsive to the people’s needs. Gov’t officials are chosen & govern by money & corrupt influences. This is unacceptable.
3} Corporations aren’t people & aren’t entitled to human rights. Amend the US Constitution so it’s clear Corps do not have constitutional or human rights.
4} Leave the rest of the world alone. Cut US military spending by 75% & bring all troops outside the US home now. Eliminate all nuke, chem & bio weapons [including their R&D].
5} Property rights, privilege & money-making aren’t as important as human rights. Current property & privilege arrangements aren’t just, & thus must yield to the demands of human rights. Money-making can only be allowed when human rights are respected. Exploitation is unacceptable. People & businesses w excess houses, cars, luxuries & incomes must share much more to help everyone else be able to exercise their basic human rights to shelter, food, education & healthcare. If that disrupts current property, privilege & money-making, so be it.
6} Protect Mother Earth. Stop pollution, & stop destroying the land, sea, air, the eco-system & the Earth’s people. The very existence of life is at stake.
7} Reverse the privatization [= Corp profitization] of public services. Quality education, health & safety for all must be provided by transparent accountable public systems.
10} ALL who want to work should have the right to work & earn a living wage. Workers who want to organize & advocate for change in solidarity w others must be protected from recriminations from their employer(s) & the Gov’t.


Dubbadub wrote:

The EU is the biggest donor of aid IN THE WORLD.
Here are some EU projects in Africa and the Caribbean. They may seem quite backward to us, but they really are helping those little guys reach for the stars....
That is not good enough. You essentially claimed Africa is dependant on European handouts, the reality is that is very, very far from the truth.

Let me tell you how international aid to Africa as a whole is bassically crumbs which do end up in the wrong hands at times also, take that into account.


Africa’s population = 1,000,000,000
Annual international aid to Africa =$50,000,000
Aid per capita =$50 annually =$0.14 daily
International poverty line =$1 a day

So international aid combined to Africa couldn’t even give the population rate wise a poverty line existence!

Nigeria = Most populated African country where only 0.4% of GDP is made up of international Aid. At one point Nigeria was paying off debt European countries way more money than it recived in aid.

$50 billion annual aid to Africa alone from the international community combined:

‘’Calls for more aid to Africa are growing louder, with advocates pushing for doubling the roughly $50 billion of international assistance that already goes to Africa each year.’’

Africans are not dependant on the worlds handouts let alone that of Europe or even the EU.



black man wrote:
That all I wanna know. The fools come in here claiming to be so smart.
If you're so smart use your brains to fix Europe and stop worrying about us.

*Please...I'm a Corporate Tax Attorney...who sets up estates for clients...believe me...whites aren't as smart as they themselves let on...most whites aren't even that financially savvy that's a myth...many of them are living way above their means...thus the reason that they are filing bankruptcy and losing their homes left and right...just like so many other Americans!



EXACTLY! But many Westerners refuse to accept or understand the fact that the West profits from poverty and has its hands all over certain developing countries.

Take Nigeria for example. The British-Dutch oil company ''Royal Dutch Shell'' essentially has Nigeria as its colony. They sponsor curroption and fund the officials/leaders who are for their intrests which sees the majority of the Nigerian population not even gaining much from the vast oil exports. It is all good because Royal Dutch Shell can export crude oil at the price they want gain profit worldwide and funny enough turn around and sell refined oil back to Nigeria!

Wikileaks exposed this already.
''The oil giant Shell claimed it had inserted staff into all the main ministries of the Nigerian government, giving it access to politicians' every move in the oil-rich Niger Delta, according to a leaked US diplomatic cable.''

This alone is just the tip of the iceburg.

Robert Mugabe actually removed all forms of western dominance on Zimbabwe so they've isolated the country, made their currency worthless and painted some silly picture that Zimbabwe's economy collpased because they removed white farmers thus claiming the natives can not farm. In all hoping the starving population will turn against him so they can prop up a puppet to do a revolution.

May I stress this is NOT a race thing though at all it is the Western World vs the rest of the world.


As an
Alabamian, I have to say good riddance to Arturo Davis. He has lost my respect.
Well actually he had lost it a few years ago. First off, he was close with the
president back in the college days. He even helped campaigned for him when he
ran back in 2008. He saw first-hand what the GOP was doing as soon as the
president was sworn in ("I want hope he fails...not his policies, I want
him to fail" --Rush Limbaugh; "My main goal is to make him a one-term
president"--Sen. Mitch McConnell; the list continues). He saw this and
knew this but instead of sticking with his own team; he started tackling,
tripping, and stepping on the members of his own team and their leader. He did
this often. Healthcare, stimulus... hell I don't know if there were any policies
he voted with the Dems and the president.
As far as
his gubernatorial run; he believed what the Right and many others have been
saying...”Black people only voted for President BO because he was black."
So he just knew that we would all vote for him automatically. He didn't even
try to get the black vote. He was more appeasing the other side, putting his
voting record against the President as an olive branch. But the Right wasn't
having it either. I was proud to vote for Sparks. Speaking of healthcare,
Davis' had one of the poorest congressional districts in Alabama. He just
s______  on them. I’m glad Terri Sewell got his seat. She is working with her
team and not against them.
Good luck on
the Right. I hope you like being a token or pawn for them. It’s sad when you
got racist, misogynistic, pill-popping Limbaugh standing up for you.


Dude, what are yout talking about "gamble made by naive democrats" and no, I'm not a Democrat; but anyone who understand the roots of this global economic meltdown starting with the Banking crisis, knows that it has it's orgin with Ronald Reagan (a conservative) and Margaret Thatcher (Conservative) when they push for and got "Deregulation" of the financial industry; naively believing that the free markets would always self correct. This allowed the Investment and the Commerical banks to buy one another and gamble with depositor money when it had been previously forbidden. The lowering of the reserve requirements allowed them to leverage to the hilt creating unprecedented levels of institutional debt!

So, while I'm no fan of the can't lay most this s___ at their least, not if you care about or are interested in the truth!



Whites are not giving Africa any handouts, they are paying for the Trillions worth of Gold, Diamonds, Oil, Platinum, wood and other precious metals, stones and raw materials such as certain gasses that they take from the continent every year to fuel their manufacturing. Without Africa there is no Europe, American or even the chinese economy would not be booming...

Africa is the richest continent on the planet in terms of resources, it doesn't actually need the west for anything and certainly food with all that land and sunshine... The problem in Africa is the puppet leaders that are controlled by the western countries are holding the continent down!

-The Revolutionist


LOL! No, there is no fallacy in my logic. You in haste to defense the transgressions and the clandestined nefarious activities of europeans on the continent of Africa compelled you to make your own set of assumptions. 

No where in my post did I mention Colonialism...thought those European nations that were colonizers, do indeed have massive amounts of blood on their hands; my comments were directed at European markets; euro conglomerates and businessess that pay way below fair market value for these minerals and resources because of the instability their covert activites create; then fashion these mineral into products and generate massive profit by selling them around the world. 

Some of the largest, and richest, mineral deposits in the world have been found in Africa and these minerals are present throughout the continent in all countries. From Diamonds to Gold to Uranium, Manganese, Chromium, Nickel, Bauxite, Cobalt, copper,lead and zinc. Thus, with all these natural riches (certainly not found in Ireland), why would they require those peanuts you call European handouts? They wouldn't if you Euros would get out and leave them to their political devices, allow them to unify their markets and extract fair market value for their riches.

Lastly, you guys don't have money to lend to Africans because you are insolvent. When your Debt exceeds your GDP, you are insolvent...ask the banks! These money or loans that you keep beating your chest over is nothing more than digital entries made on the computer from the ECB, not capital resulting from goods and services produced and sold. You and I both know that with the exception of Germany, nearly all of the EU nations are insolvent or near insolvency with their sovereign debt exceeding their GDP. 

You are masking your individual national wounds by repeatedly speaking of the Union as whole. You talk of economic riches and prosperity in the EU while austerity measures and it's resulting raising unemployment and economic contraction is already happening in the PIIGS nations with the contamination spreading rapidly. You my friend, need to wake up from your delusional dreams and intoduce yourself to reality before it's to late!

I've tried to tell him this Rev, but he just shoves his ear phones on and turns up the volume on his "Ireland and Europe is great with clean hands and our historical deeds and integrity can not be questioned" music. 

So, I will recuse myself and let you take a stab at it, but be warned, he's already into his sermon about the English historical transgressions into Ireland. Funny that he achieves this amazing clarity when Ireland is "the victim" of others aggression, but is blind as three blind mice when it comes to the aggressions of his people upon Africans. Go figure!


Dubbadub wrote:

They are getting aid from the EU, USA, China etc.
As for the resources they are paid for too. You will find that resource rich African nations receive less aid than African nations without many resources.
Africa needs the west for the things Africa cannot produce for itself. Africa is wealthy in resources but they lack other things which the west has.
And don't give me the stealing excuse? Your country the UK robbed my country Ireland blind for 800 years....
The west are getting resources from Africa at an extremely knocked down price due to them having African puppets in their pockets! The west have then realised that these western controlled African puppets are not feeding their own people but are living the high-life at the expense of Europe.

So in order not to arouse suspicion or international outrage which may lead to investigations of wester ties with African governments they feed a few Africans while they still profit from links with their puppet dictators, that way no-one will probe too much into the corrupt African leaders connections with western governments... 

Remember it was the west who helped Robert Mugabe, Ide Amin and leaders like Mobutu into power, the CIA were behind many cues in Africa which deposed some of their best leaders that would of actually helped Africans out of poverty. 

Rather than have Africa sustain itself, the west would prefer to have a puppet leader run the country and allow them cheap access to African resources while Europe toss food to the African population. This is to cover their tracks and make it look like they are actually helping the continent! 

Free trade, not foreign aid is the way out for poor countries and the west know this, why don't they help reform these countries instead so that they can stand on their own two feet instead of sending food packages?... It is obvious why, they need things to stay the same so that they can continue profiting!

-The Revolutionist


I was wondering when someone would mention this. I've noticed her getting lighter every month. You are right - it is a calculated effort to make her look less "ethnically black". The truth is, in the entertainment business, the closer you are to the European ideal, the greater your success. The more racially ambiguous you are, the more comfortable the mainstream (i.e whites) are in accepting you and exalting you as fabulous. Notice how any black celebrity that crosses over into the mainstream never acknowledges just being black (they always find some type of mixture, no matter how far back it is) to highlight. Face it, even in the 21st Century being black is still seen as the worst thing you can be.


"Notice how any black celebrity that crosses over into the mainstream
never acknowledges just being black (they always find some type of
mixture, no matter how far back it is) to highlight." Hmmmm... Where do I begin? Jay-Z, Kanye, Viola Davis, Dizzee, Tinie Tempah, Will Smith, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Idris Elba, Oprah.... could go on for yeeeaaars.

ps. Am writing from a British standpoint so you might not be aware of some of these people, but they are a part of mainstream British entertainment culture.


It does not surprise me that she is purposely lightening her skin b/c she is under lil Wayne who has openly expressed his disgust for dark skinned women even though he is the color of a set of michelin tires. Black Women have to stop supporting people who have disdain for us. Nicki is about 5 shades lighter than when she first became semi known about 4 years ago. Look at the old poster where she posed like Lil Kim. Love yourself Black people.


Keke Kekee

I was thinking the same thing! She is under Wayne's label, the same man who said "beautiful black woman, I bet that b__ look better red". I couldn't see him having a proud dark skinned black woman on his label. He created her. The surgeries: smaller nose, chest, butt, hair, all his ideas! That's probably his twisted idea of a beautiful woman. He likes a woman that looks nothing like a black woman except in her huge butt. The man is sick, not only is he himself DARK as hell but so is his mom and his daughter. It's crazy! I hope guys treat his daughter like he sings about treating women on his songs or better yet they don't wanna talk to her because she's not a red-bone and when she asks her dad what's going on, he can play his music and express the same sick ideology. I'd clearly love to interview this man and ask him about this issue! He has a lot of influence on urban black communities and young black men. What happens when you give too much power to an ignorant buffoon.


Kinney Elphaba
Exactly, exactly. That's why I will never understand Uncle Tomming and Coonery. But I guess some people see it as "It's better to be at the right hand of the Devil, than in his path" kind of thing. Despite how demeaning being a token or a white pet is it does have it's privileges and comforts for certain people. *shrug*

SickModerator1 month ago
He doesn't deserve my comment. But his poor mother has my sympathies. She is ignorant. Maybe white girls don't have as many children, because their parents start taking them to the clinic at 12 years old to flush them and they continue aborting them until they're ready to have their nannies accept responsibility. If you don't believe white girls get pregnant just as often as black you need to #getyourlife and look up some stats. Just as many white women (and other races) wear weaves as black - they just try to dress it up by calling them "extensions." LOL. Finally, she does realize that if all these black women have multiple children - the fathers are these very "men" she's staking claim on. So funny, yet so sad all at once. To all my sisters, please see this video as what it is: pure comedy. It is nothing for you to be upset over. Like my grandma says shake this dirt off and pack it under your feet. HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHA and HA!


Peoples425Moderator1 month agoin reply to Sick
Very true...
Concerning personal experience, I have little if any respect for the white women that I have come across and have had very few positive experiences that would encourage me to seek them out. I have too much respect and admiration for my sisters to even contemplate such ignorance.


Gwendolyn HolmanModerator1 month agoin reply to Maybach Machievelli
My dear Boy!!! I feel sorry for your mother I know I might be older but do you know how stupid you look ? You have a mother that raised you. our breased got used to feed their kids we got raped we got abused by white men and our black men. And when we are left to raise our kids we still get put down. It is sad that when we send a lot of our sons away to college and they get rich they forget where they came from but when they hit rock bottom they want to be black again. I give the rapperes a pat on the back yall always remember mother.



TrojanPam Says:

Wow, Cree….
I didn’t know about this resistance. I am one of those wrong-headed people that thought black people had mistakenly sought integration instead of equal facilities.
This is such important information, I wish we would have included it in the “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation” book — and we would have, had we known about it.
We will definitely ask your permission to include an excerpt from this blog post in our next book — which covers the topic of anti-blackness.
Integration/assimilation is one of the cornerstones of anti-blackness and white identification and black self-hatred because it equates CLOSENESS with white people (who are mistreating you) with a SUPERIOR learning and living and loving environment. Huh?
How can there be any room for black self-love and black self-respect in a message like that???
I plan on sharing the link to your blog — especially this post — and hope other victims will read and share it — and internalize it.
At some point, the horses being led to water must be willing to drink or they will die of thirst.
Information is plentiful AND most of it is free via blogs (like this one) and websites (like and books (like ours and so many others), and programs (like COWS), and lecturers/speakers (like Dr. Welsing and Mr. Fuller, Jr) and even free videos (like youtube).
Anyone black who is searching for truth (and a reason to continue their existence in this debilitating system) only has to make the effort. Our most difficult job is to get more people (and ourselves as well) to make a stronger effort.
Thanks so much for your significant contributions to opening our eyes!


What are you talking about? You keep ranting about this party that she was not going to. That issue was settled. She asked to go to a party on Saturday. He shot her down. She wasn't about to go to any party. End the story there and you can congratulate Dollar on his parenting all you want. It doesn't end there, though. He then confronts her for crying in the kitchen and that's when you have the incident. All of this information is readily available


Censure 14 hours ago
"In my opinion, it has been ingrained as appropriate, specifically in
Black households, and it is nothing more than lazy parenting."
Yup. I've said before I can agree with a spanking when appropriate; in the right circumstances. It's highly overplayed in our communities, though. We spank our kids more than any other race, and what has that gotten us? We didn't get this from religion, we got it as a holdover from the slavery days when we were taught it's okay to "whip" blacks with objects that leave lashes and welts. We learned this from white people but you don't see them acting this way with their kids.
What I'm about to say may not be what a lot of people want to hear, but I also see too many cases among us where we treat our kids like a burden we are shackled with until they reach legal age, then they're on their own. I see parents discouraging their kids from building for the future, by doing things like going to college, instead insisting their children go out and get a job. Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing those households that genuinely need that sacrifice to be made because they absolutely need the extra income. I'm talking about those parents, who often times bear a deep down resentment of their children, who don't want to do beyond what they are required to by law to see their children succeed. They'd rather nickel and dime their children than build toward their future. Many of us need to smarten up on that. Other races are out there supporting their children (yes even after the law says they no longer have to), going that extra mile, to make sure they get into college and have those opportunities that will provide a payoff down the line. That's part of the reason that other people are owning things, passing things down to their children, while too many of us are working paycheck to paycheck. Once again, there's nothing wrong with someone grinding from paycheck to paycheck if that's what they had to do. In fact, it's honorable. However, if opportunities present themselves we shouldn't shoot ourselves in the foot.
Why this long rant? Basically I'm tired of seeing us fall for the okie-doke. You have a certain segment of whites that will fight measures to improve black's lives, through such means as getting them into college. They will fight those investments in the black community that will allow us to grow, own, and prosper. Yet, these same people will applaud us beating our kids, kicking them out at 18, not going that extra step to set them up for success. They let us call it tough love, but while they applaud they won't do it to their own children. Meanwhile, we remain stagnant. 


gimjustme 45 minutes ago
As, I read over the comments there are a lot of mixed views on discipline "Whoopin" or "Beating." As a child growing up in the 60's that was acceptable by law inforcement, for a mother to "Whoop" her child in public. Now, today's society call that child abuse, and strict laws govern what form of punishment a child can recieve by a parent. Whether it is locking them in their room without food; or physcially stricking them with a belt or "switch" the law referres to that as child abuse. My question to many of you as parents.. Do you want your child to fear you or respect you?
The comment from KhalidX is so on point, as to the cause and effect of punishment being rooted from slavery. When does the cycle end? and How do we discipline our children. I recall all too, well of being beaten as a child with an extention cord; hangers; belts; or whatever else my mother could get her hands on to hit you with. It didn't make me respect her, it made me dislike her as a mother. I felt that she didn't love me, which plays a piviotal role in my feelings for her today. Because, of the beatings I recieved as a child, I am more consciece of the type of discipline I use with my own child. I would rather, my child respect me than fear me. During slavery, beatings were a form of punishment the slavemaster used to evoke fear in the slaves to get them to obey. "Keep the body physically weak and take the mind" parent's we are not in slavery. You shouldn't  have to beat your children to get them to obey you. As KhalidX said... some past practices should be left in the past. Children need love; support; and nuturing; not beatings. Remember you have to give respect to get respect.


"...I will not back down on saying that he was within his rights to keep his 15 yo CHILD from carrying on about a party at one in the morning."
I am a passionate advocate of strict parental discipline, including corporal punishment, when necessary. But this man committed an act of child abuse. Have you read the police report? The child was in the kitchen crying after a discussion with her father about the fact that she couldn't attend a party due to poor grades. She was not destroying property, attempting to leave the house, making threats, or out of control, if she and her sister are to be believed. Since when is crying such an intolerable offense?  Creflo Dollar had no right to attack her by tackling her to the floor, choking her, and beating her with a shoe. He clearly crossed the line of discipline to abuse.
It's very disturbing that so many of you believe that he was "within his rights" to administer a beatdown to his daughter in this situation. He had effectively prevented her from attending the party; there was no need to reinforce that decision with a loss of temper and a beating that no father, especially a  member of the clergy should ever engage in.
Black people have become so accustomed to abuse as a consequence of living in a racist society, that they are tolerant of child abuse, spousal abuse, and abuse of all kinds. This is further evidence of a damaged collective psyche.   


Brother! Abagond, I was thinking about a definition of racism just recently! I was thinking more along the lines of a true definition. And yours is the best I’ve seen. At my own blog I posted on “minority” racism against blacks from one person’s perspective. I’m sure you could do that subject justice more than I. I need to read through your posts on this very interesting subject. It seems that these days with the Tea Party acting up, racism is coming out of the closet and roaring! All the old school stereotypes from the 1920s that white folks would have been ashamed to speak out loud are now easily slipping and sliding off of their tongues! MLK’s name is on a lot of their lips as well. I liken this movement momentum to Freaknik, or Mardi Gras, or a mob of young men who feed off each others’ bad behavior: one or two boys light cars on fire, then the group follows suit. Or: a small group of boys start groping on girls at an outdoor concert, then a whole mob forms and rips girls’ clothes off! Racist behavior feeds off of itself! Is this evidence of superiority? I’m just saying.


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