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Me: I don't need a study to witness the truth of the very active black father. My father took care of me for years. My father loved my mother for numerous decades. I know fathers in real life that help their children to deal with chores, that educated their children, and cared for their children. So far, I have not seen the mainstream media show this news far and wide in a massive scale. For decades, ignorant folks want to stereotype, scapegoat, and revile fathers. Fathers risked their lives to handle the family, to go out strongly and believe in real security, and to fight for justice in the black community. Also, I did my personal research on this issue and found even greater evidence validating the strong contributions of fathers in the home. So, when you see a liar coming along bashing black men or black women, this study out of many proves the point of the strong value of black fathers period.

Courtney: Tell it:-) so many of us have witnessed it with our own eyes:-) all shades of us :-)

Me: Thank You Courtney. :-)

Sometimes a Brother is going to have to tell it.
Yes, Courtney, Black is Beautiful in all shades.

Courtney: You are welcome. I was watchn some early episodes of the Cosbys and I tell you, extremely special programming,showing the truth about black parents and parenthood. It had nothing to do with them being a Dr and Lawyer but, more to do with structure,love,dicipline, togetherness,having fun,watching growth and so forth. Same can be said about Good times. I think people focus on mundane issues and by past the lessons.People need to realize that, you choose what kind of parent you want to be.That has nothing to do with social ranking and where one comes from. Not when we can think.

Me: That is an excellent point that you have made Courtney. Great points that you have outlined as usual. :). Regardless if a family is upper middle class (as shown by Bill Cosby) or working class poor (like the Good Times show represented), you can see the struggle, the love, the unity, and the care found in the families of those television shows. Watching shows like the Cosbys and Good Times will give you black love and the strength of black families 101. We were raised on such shows and those shows appealed to folks from across backgrounds as well. That great television programming outlined the power and strength of the black family unit. Yes, when we think and understand life, we see that the overall lessons of togetherness, love, and family improvement will exist across income levels in our people. I love both shows. They mixed humor, serious topics, and great lessons that we can all learn in our lives even now in the 21st century. They were great programming in our culture in general. :)

Courtney: And excellent points too. This is how both shows should be viewed. They finally fairly gave an accurate depiction of black family that was always there but, not fully shown. When they do those polls about who was the best t.v mom, Claire Huxtable is always in the top 5 but , in my opinion, should be 1 and Florida Evans. These Lovely ladies were on their JOB, when it came to their family. No compromise.They were a balance of everything. Loved that about them.With the full support and trust of their husbands. That reality was no just a show but fair representation of how many of us as black people grew up. So, I have no idea what these imbeciles are talking about, when they come here ,spewing nonsense.They know its nonsense.

Me: What I loved about the Good Times show was that is showed the diversity of the members of the poor community. Michael was conscious and very intelligent, the father was a Strong Black Man, and Florida Evans was a Strong Black Woman. Florida Evans on many scenes acted as the anchor on the show. The Cosby show showed the father and the mother in the show realistically in a fair representation (as it pertains to the upper middle class environment). Cosby was from the ghetto in real life and he knew about the ghetto and the upper middle class world (so, he is an expert on not only education, but in the dynamics of the black family). Yes, both ladies were strong and used commonsense and resiliency to overcome the challenges displayed on the show. I love a Different World too since it showed the Dwayne character develop from awkwardness to a stronger Black Man (he married the woman that he least expected to marry). The Different World showed many great characters as it relates to college life and human relationships in general. It had humor and serious subjects mixed together in such a great fashion. I don't worry about ignorant folks. Their lies don't matter. We just show the truth honestly and they can't stand it. Great points that you have made Courtney.

Courtney: Only further showing that, it does not matter where one comes from, its how people CHOOSE to live their lives. thelma, the big sis, Jj, michel the wiz kid,dad the hard worker, no nonsense but loving. Florida, always there for her children to count on. Their was way more to these characters too. These two shows wasn't a matter of pitting one against another but, both representing the same core important values of everyday family life. I never understood how many could not see that ,just because they so called couldn't identify with one or the other. If one looks past the surface, you can see how they were very much the same. Some of the most brilliant minds, come from difficult circumstances. Mr Cosby's real life is one testament of that. Like many people. One was not better than the other just, different roads traveling,and,telling the same story. A different World was right behind The Cosby's. Another Cosby production and reality. A Different World was major programming as well. So many diverse characters. Freddy always cracked me up...lmao. Whitely , lol, Rons get rich quick schemes,lol, Kim and Jaleesa, Mr Gaines and them stories, lol, Charmaine, Jada's character. That show just worked on all levels. Great observation. :)

Me: Right Sister. Regardless of where you are from, if you're real, you're real. I have known real people who are poor, middle class, or otherwise. Those 2 shows were about the diversity and the unity found in the black community. The shows were based upon different economic walks of life, but they were very similar in having the love of family, the love of black culture, and the strength of overcoming challenges. I love how TVOne and Centric still show such shows in the world. Very intelligent characters are found in both shows. Mr. Bill Cosby is a very smart man in terms of education and producing. We travel along different roads, but we are heading into the same path of justice and human liberation. Great words Sister and that is what I love about you. :) I just love your dedicated, excellent wisdom. :) Don't get me started on Different World Sweetie. Freddy was funny. When she became a judge, everyone was shocked. Whitley was special and funny. Sometimes opposites do attract since she was the total opposite of Dwayne. Ron was always out to make a buck, but wised up later LOL. Kim was loyal to Whitley always. Jaleesa was very mature since she came into college a little older than the younger students. Mr. Gaines was the rock of the show, because he was older, but he spoke relevant comments about the current generation. RIP to the Brother. Jada's character was interesting and she was spirited, yet conscious. Great Observation from you too. :)

Courtney: Yes they were As you stated, it does not matter where one is from. Who cares. .It was not about one being better than the other, even though, more than enough people did see it that way. That kind of thinking is also present in real life between people meaning, instead of embracing the similarities and differences,plenty want to ostracize based on something that they may not be familiar with.A different world tied all the diversity together.Rip to Mr Gaines. :) Thank you. Likewise.

Me: :-)

Yes RIP to the Brother Mr. Gaines (Lou Myers. He passed away on February 19, 2013). As human beings, we should respect our differences not only our similarities. Only the fearful or the ignorant would bash someone unfairly because of someone's differences basically. Ignorant folks fear what they don't understand. That was the beauty of the Different World. It was a show that tied black people together and these Brothers and Sisters had massive differences (and similarities too). At the end of the day, we care for our families, we care for our community, and we want the best for each other. I appreciate your words that you tell me in private about my family as well. Also, RIP to your Father too Sister. Your father was a great Man and a true hero. I know that he is smiling on you and you are such a great human being Courtney. :)

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