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Real Words

A lot of white culture, traditons, and beliefs can be traced back to Blacks or others. Those who KNOW and UNDERSTAND history know the belief in a cruxified savior (who was killed by the powers of that day, and was resurrected and seen among men)was around 3,000 years BEFORE the modern day WHITE jesus was INVENTED. While everyone SHOULD know that the REAL Jesus, nor "santa" are white, MANY doNOT as they are too INDOCTRINATED into WHITE culture, traditions(July 4th, etc), and belief "systems".



And that is why NOW they are on here because they HAVE NO FRIENDS! No one likes them and their many demons and attitudes and no one wants to put up with it any longer! At this point in history, they will have to PAY people to be their friends because most of them HATE so adamantly! Look at how that African lady was in ITALY and those HEATHENS threw BANANAS AT HER! They were so classless about their actions and NEVER APOLOGIZED. They probably wish they could throw bananas at the Obamas just because they are black and this has nothing to do with his political view and how he is handling the country, even though I don't agree with everything he does, I still have enough RESPECT for OTHERS! That is what God wants us to do, have respect for each other, but it very rarely happens today.



But all of the EVIL that ANY Man DOES, The forces of this earth, which I feel is GOD, WILL ONLY allow certain events to take PLACE BEFORE THE WAKE UP CALL COMES! Believe me, PAY BACK or KARMA is COMING very SOON! What I have personally learned in life is that people who do wrong do not realize they are on BORROWED TIME, so when things start to spin out of CONTROL, they react by wanting to take their ANGER OUT on INNOCENT PEOPLE, but from what I have witnessed at that time it is too late, these people that are over due for their just reward normally self destruct or something or someone else destroys them. That why I do not worry at all because the things people put out here, they get EXACTLY the SAME coming BACK! You cannot plant ROTTEN SEEDS IN A GARDEN and expect PLUSH FRUITS TO GROW! What ever you planted is the exact protege of what comes up. BOOMERANG! It is only a matter of TIME!



The subject is NOT about Kwanza at the moment. And if evil, DEMONIC behavior is the standard, you need to start pulling down statues and start renaming schools, roads, bridges, etc erected across the country in honor of whites who have MURDERED, raped, burned, incarcerated all across the globe. Do that, THEN you can address other alleged atrocities of Blacks.



This makes me so mad. She has no business what so ever , being on life support. My suggestion, read up on procedures that your loved ones need to go through, before ,leading up to the surgery.Ask every question you possibly can and what the procedure is, on top of what level of care,will they be receiving afterawrds... She was ignored? Their are people in hospitals that do take their jobs seriously but sadly to some, it's just a paycheck with others. In a hospital setting, their is no room for not even 1 person not caring ,going above and beyond because it can mean the difference between life and death. Many people do lots of talking but, do not back up compassion and care with action. It's a shame..



Anonymous said...
@ Haterade
Malcolm X was one of the few men that lived by principles. Most are full of hot air and false pretenses esp those that have a penchant for sleeping with the enemy, Malcolm realized how duplicitous those types of blacks were and knew they were never ever to be trusted.

Well TrojanPam your blog has helped me as a young black man become a more socially conscious person about the sort of world that we live, a world that is 100% dominated by white supremacy.
Even though I was always comfortable being me, when I look back, I really regret that I had internalized some of the negative ideas about blacks and tried to “integrate” with the ideals of White America. Honestly, I get angry at myself and say-Why did I fall for that? I should have been smarter!Why was I trying to be some “uppity Negro” instead of trying to help my fellow black brothers and sisters.
For example TrojanPam, my mother is biracial(half black/half Portuguese and actually taught me about Huey Newton & the Black Panthers). My hair is sort of straight and sometimes if people asked me back in the day I would use the famous black people line of “I probably got Indian in my family”. Even though it sounds innocent and we know a lot of black folks say it, I now ask myself-While I respect my mother’s biracial heritage, what was I trying to prove by being “mixed”? Who was I trying to impress?
Anyway, thanks to your blog and some other conscious black bloggers, I now see how white supremacy affects us, other non-whites and even the non-human parts of this Earth(e.g. environment). I see how the white media likes to distort the true message of Dr. King and Nelson Mandela, who recently passed away. Finally, I realized your message is not about being a pro-black nutcase but being a black person who is pro-truth about white supremacy.
So TrojanPam, keep giving the life giving message to our people who seem at the undertaker(sometimes sadly due to white supremacy, it is in the literal sense)


TrojanPam says:
It’s comments like yours that make the work I do worthwhile
Don’t beat yourself up, we have all been programmed from infancy and perhaps even before then via our parents and grandparents memories and experiences to think white is superior and black is inferior.
So, black people understandably adopted behavior and language that made them feel more valuable, such as “good hair” and “light pretty skin” and “I got Indian in me”
because we were taught that there was something wrong with being “black” or “all black”
when in reality, the REVERSE is true, that having MORE melanin gives you advantages biologically that people with LESS don’t have, like fewer genetic defects and mental disorders and the skin aging better and higher fertility rates.


Honestly TrojanPam, I love your blog. I love how you as a black woman speak the 100% truth about the dangers of white supremacy. Even though this is not an invention, as black people, we inspired other groups of people to fight back against white supremacy.
Native Americans- Red Power Movement(Angela Davis supported this also)
Australian Aboriginals had a Black Power movement that was influenced by the Black Panther Party(e.g. Huey Newton) in the 1960s and 1970′s.
We are indeed not a “lazy” people.
Keep preachin TrojanPam!


TrojanPam says:
I’m glad you love it :-)
I agree wholeheartedly, that black people seem to be the VANGUARD of many social movements, from white women’s suffrage and “equal rights,” to people all over the world mimicking the rhetoric of black activists during the turbulent sixties.
I remember reading about a group called the “Gray Panthers” made up of elderly white people who obviously took on the concept of the “Black Panthers.”
Today, you have immigration activists and homosexuals “borrowing” rhetoric from the black Civil Rights movement.
Even poor black youth are imitated by yellow, brown, red, and white people ALL OVER THE WORLD.
BUT NO ONE imitates poor brown, yellow, red, or white people.
There is something SUPER special about us black folks, some of it good and some of it not so good
but we are definitely not your run-of-the-mill downtrodden folks.
which is probably why the white supremacy system KEEPS US in its sights and is terrified that one day we will RISE OFF OUR KNEES


TrojanPam says:
@ mstoogood4yall
How can a trained psychologist NOT be aware of at least some of the psychological studies on inherited phobias, racial memories, and mental illnesses?
A lot of educated blacks are programmed to see black people via white eyes by the time they graduate from mainstream universities. That may be one reason why so many wind up dating and marrying whites after they graduate.
And I have found in my own family–that there is often a disconnect between educated blacks and blacks THEY perceive as uneducated or poor (meaning, less intelligent).
And I have also found that common sense and education don’t always go hand in hand.
I think education is a beautiful thing — but NOT if it makes you look down on those who have less.
And the irony is, many educated blacks are finding themselves in the same leaky economic boats as those with less education.
Hopefully, this will wake some of them up to the realization that in a white supremacy system an educated black is still BLACK.

TrojanPam says:
@ eriktrips
Thanks for sharing your insights.
What is disturbing are the last two comments (from martin andrews and Keisha Murray) who– if they are black (which may or may not be the case) think it is “ridiculous” to talk about the damage done by 400 years of slavery to African people.
If they are black (and I pray they are not) their obvious anti-blackness and callousness (as evidenced in their comments) is MORE PROOF of the damage I’m speaking of, and possibly a revelation about their own childhood where compassion for others was clearly not taught–and perhaps, not given (to them).
Could you imagine Jews telling other Jews to forget about their Holocaust–something that happened over a 12-year period? Or white people, who spend MILLIONS of dollars studying and treating the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome on white people who have experienced ONE traumatic event–like the Columbine shooting–telling other TRAUMATIZED white people to “just get over it?”
Yet, there are black people who think (after 400 years of chattel slavery and 150 years of systematic racism) that discussing the effects of SLAVERY is a “ridiculous” topic.
Sad, indeed.

Here’s an excerpt from the book, “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act”
Post Traumatic Stress Disorders Can Affect The Offspring Of The Survivors
According to an article by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (AAETS), http://www.aaets.org, the emotional wounds of Jewish Holocaust survivors may have “seeped into the psyches of many of their children.”
The article also stated that the children of Holocaust survivors were at greater risk for depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms because of their exposure to their traumatized parents. Another study in 1998 found that the children of Holocaust survivors reported “Holocaust-related thoughts and images as their primary traumas.”
The total lack of interest by the mainstream media, law enforcement, and the white collective in general in the almost daily murders of black children in America may explain their callous dismissal of the “Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome” (PTSS), and why this term cannot be found in any Webster’s dictionary.
In this chapter, the authors will attempt to do what the mainstream media, the medical/psychiatric communities, and the guardians of Webster’s dictionary refuse to do: acknowledge the Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome as a LEGITIMATE DISORDER, and demonstrate how PTSS is the SINGLE BIGGEST CAUSE of BLACK GENDER WARS between the black male and female.

“We are still slaves. The chains are inside us now. They turn our spirits mean, our hearts into metallic chambers…They render our memories empty, our vision short, our song coarse, our fathers broken, our mothers bereaved.” — Randall Robinson, author of ‘The Reckoning.”

Regardless, it’s to be expected, that so many blacks are so contemptuous of other black people, while offering NOTHING in opposition to the white people who are dominating and oppressing them — and in fact, would probably deny they were victims of racism at all.
A black person opposing white supremacy/domination takes REAL “moxie” (and GUTS). A black person talking bad about other black people takes NONE.
It will be interesting to see the shock of these white-identified, anti-black blacks in the coming days of greater economic decline who think (other) blacks should pull themselves up by their emotional bootstraps…
Regardless, I will continue sharing information and providing food for thought. And I sincerely hope those who find this topic unnecessary or ridiculous will find a more constructive use for their time.

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