Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Great Conversations with my Great Friend & Excellent Sister Courtney

Also, Goodnight to you Sister Courtney :)

I want to mention that this has been a Great conversation today. You have dropped jewels, gems, diamonds, etc. of great Wisdom that our people vitally need today and in the future.
I am grateful to dialogue with a great human being like you. You are my Friend and we are allies of each other. We want the best of each other. Yes, I do feel joy and feelings of inspiration when communicating with you. :)

I appreciate your wisdom and your defense of Black Women Sister. :) I appreciate all of the real folks in this forum (like Erica, Soultry soul, jazz, Burning Bush, Dandelion, bee, msjames210, Mirah, BroShabazz, Jeanette Johnson, John Henry, KJ, Bricktop MelindaM, etc.). Shoutout to the Homegirl Beka Shakur for being active in real life in the black liberation movement too. Shoutout to Trojan Pam (a Great Sister), Brother Paul H, and Brother Kushiteprince for their wisdom too. Courtney, you are a great Woman and I will pray for your happiness, joy, and peace in your life. Forever, I will have your back. I like your wisdom, your strength, your compassion, and I like your humility.
Peace and Blessings to you.

-By Timothy (Me)

Courtney:  :) Goodnight Truth. Great convo and so much wisdom that many can benefit from by what you write. I appreciate you for being fair to people and being a voice of reason. So many appreciate you here. I will do the same and pray for your happiness as well .Everyone you mentioned are strong and wise in their own right. I appreciate them too. I only know what I know from my experiences. I have much to learn and hope to continue to learn valuable lessons in life, come across people who speak the language, and move forward.. As I always say, thank you for being fair and recognizing that we all have value and should be treated with respect and dignity. I wish you happiness, peace, and hope that you get what you deserve. With that, have a wonderful, peaceful night, thank you again, and TTYL :)


I am glad that you are enjoy the Secret Santa film Tatiana Ali is a great actress including Della Reese (she was hilarious in the film Harlem Nights). Enjoy your movie Sister. :)
The Texans played a great game and they should not be ashamed of their effort.
You statement is excellent like usual. Your words remind me of something. The haters hate positive, strong energy. It is as you say when we black males and black females show that energy of love, compassion, respect for our people, Black Love, and truth, then the haters go into fits outright. The lies that the haters embrace are easily refutable that you and so many others have done. Humbleness :) Yes, there you go. LOL. Wicked folks do need that humbleness. LOL. I am the man that I am because of my parents and other unsung heroes in my life. I can never name them all here. They know who they are from classmates, teachers, co-workers, friends, and other human beings. Your parents are great.
There can be no description to the outline the real love they have for you. We are blessed to be loved by mothers and fathers that sacrificed and cared for us. The haters can never stop us since the truth is infallible and our cause is just. We are right to love Africa.. We are right to advocate respect for black women and black men. We are right to call out evil folks that seek division and bigotry. Thank you for telling me to keep being me. I will. I will never be ashamed of who I am. I am what I am. Also, I know you will keep being you Sister. You're welcome for me telling the truth that black women have diverse experiences, diverse interests, and unique gifts that should be cherished in any real, progressive society. :)
P.S. Once again, Enjoy your movie. :)

-By Timothy (Me)

Courtney: Thank you Truth for always being a voice of reason. What you speak is nothing more than commonsense and being an all around decent human being. Hate is like cancer. All consuming if you let it.To much to be thankful for to be so down right doggish and hateful. Lol @ humbleness and my theirs . don't care. lol You are right that their are many people that we cross paths with, that also help to shape us into who we are. They contribute something significant . Whether it be advice, teaching,showing, caring, taking the time to steer someone on the right kind of path. Their is no ego involved with people like that. They are just extensions of good will. :) People don't get very far, manipulating and being wicked. sure at first, it seems like they are winning but it most certainly always falls apart at some point so, navigate around these types. :)


Courtney: The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness.
Marcus Garvey .

Me: Great Quote Sister. :)
You are breaking down the actual factuals like usual.

I feel like GOD hand crafted Kelly Rowland using a big block of the Sweetest Godiva chocolate.
Charlamagne the god. Twitter. CHECK :)

Me: Yes, the beauty of dark skinned Sisters is found readily in human beings like Kelly Rowland, Kelli Wells, Natalie Benson, Shelly-Ann, Fraser-Pryce, Damu Cherry, Dawn Harper, Sloane Stephens, Bria Myles, etc. That is well known. :) Also, Sisters in all skin tones are Beautiful as well. Black is Beautiful without question

Courtney: Of course the REAL TRUTHSEEKER2436577. :) All shades of BLACK ARE BEAUTIFUL but we will continue to STAND UP and CALL out those IGNORANT of TRYING TO CLASSIFY DARKER BROWNER skin as something OTHER THAN. :) That includes hair as well. More women need to start telling some of these clowns to kiss their as because they are not moving any one here. If we make them uncomfortable. GOOD. We hold the power. CHECK :)

Me: Also, I am about to get my hair cut now Courtney :) Talk to you later. Also, hold down the fort Sister. I know you will, Sweetie. Thank you for your words and Thank you for your Strength plus wonderful intellect. All of the real Brothers and the real Sisters respect you a great deal. We should show the truth and not care about what the haters think. Their lies don't matter. We matter and the building of our community matters. CHECK :)
Have a Wonderful Day on this Saturday Sister. :)

Courtney: Enjoy the barbershop.:) Yeah, the one that does not matter thinks he is stopping the flow of information by not allowing my post to go through. Some of them. lol. Anyway, I speak my mind and what I believe whether people like it or not, is not my concern. What they attempt to do by being devious, only makes us stronger and shines the light on their attempted darkness. :) I find it comical and sad at the same time. They know they are weak in your presence. Hence the reason for the deviousness. lol. Enjoy your day Truth knowing that you get to them. :) I love it actually. :) All Black skin is beautiful. light,medium,brown, dark. Period. People should really stop listening to propaganda. it does a great disservice

Me: Amen and more Amen Sister Courtney. :) You are telling the truth like usual. We have the right to stand up and refute ignorant folks and liars. Calling out deceivers is part of our M.O. as a people and as a community. I appreciate the Brothers and the Sisters fighting for liberation. We will forever love Africa. We also respect all BLACK PEOPLE in Africa and in the Diaspora too. We will forever stand up for our people and real humanity in the world. Yes, all shades of BLACK ARE BEAUTIFUL. The diversity of our hair ought to be cherished greatly. THE CREATOR HAS MANY BLESSINGS IN OUR LIVES. We hold the power and we have the right to execute our POWER AND STRENGTH. CHECK :)

Goodnight Courtney. TTYL. :)

It is never a dull moment here. I am glad that you had a great time with your family. God bless you and your family. Peace and Blessings to you Courtney. You are a real Sister. :)

-By Timothy (Me)


Hey Truth. I see you. :) Thank you for your post. I would like to say that I read your writings that you told me about yesterday and I'm impressed. You impress us all here anyway with your intellect, compassion and writings and willingness to stand up for black women of all shades. I also saw that quote on the Africa piece. Thank you again because you didn't have to quote it. :)
Whoever that is ,attempting to question me, is feeling some kind of way and should probably get out of their feelings. :) This is the world we live in. A bunch of overgrown children, hiding behind their jealousy, envy, hate that is really nothing more but admiration in disguise. As you know, I love to chill and get along but I have to remind them from time to time, don't play with me. :)


Me: Well, I see your great truth shown here too, Courtney. :)
I know you Black Goddesses do not play when you are slandered by ignorant people. We Brothers are with you in supporting your right to defend your dignity and honor. Thank you for your words. You and others here inspire me. You have a great spirit and a great light from the Creator. Our ancestors are smiling down on us. Not to mention that I am impressed with your strength, compassion, and intellect. You stand up for us Brothers and I will forever stand up for the Sisters of all shades like usual. :)
The haters are always jealous. LOL. It is always funny and it is signal that we are in the right track. The haters do not like any uplifting information about black people or any call for solutions in the black community at all. Our cause is just. We are going to continue in this fight and we are going to win. The truth is on our side. With the truth, victory is assured. We all know that you love to chill, but you will always handle ya business when it is necessary. :) So, keep rocking ya great Swag Courtney.

Courtney: Yes, I know a lot of light, medium, brown, dark skin women that do not play. :) Haters stay talking that Yabba dabba doo nonsense. lmao. Its hilarious that they don't even know what they are talking about but actually think they do. It's too much. smh.

Me: Sister, you have that gift to shut the haters up with the quickness. We all have that gift to outline the truth quick, fast, and in a hurry. :) LOL. Anyway, yes Sisters from light, medium brown, to dark are beautiful and they show and prove their worth and dignity 24/7 no doubt. Sweetpeach, a Brother has to get some sleep now. So, Goodnight to you. Hold down the fort and keep making the truth known. If they don't know, now they know. Blessings to you Sister. :)
It has been a great conversation. Bless you and your Family.
One Love.

Courtney: Truth, i'm right behind you I think. You know I only come to talk to a few here,share, gain, learn, and comment on articles of interest. It was a interesting night. Thank you for your words. They coming, we ready.Hope you have a wonderful ,peaceful night. TTYL :)


Courtney: Another beautiful, intelligent sister. :) Love her answer. :) Exactly!!! What does that mean? Pretty for a dark skin girl? Like dark skin women are not women? We are women, all women are human beings before they are any color or race. sheesh. I swear, IGNORANCE is at an ALL TIME HIGH. smh. ON another note, her song It won't stop is a BANGER!!!! :)

Me: Ditto to the rest of the words from the real Folks.
We all wish the Sister Sevyn Streeter much blessings and success in her life. Black is beautiful. Women are beautiful and black women are beautiful in all skin tones. Also, Dark Skinned Sisters should be treated just the same as any other black human being. Colorism is an abomination like always. Beauty is never monolithic and human beings should just be treated with profound dignity and respect. I love Dark Skinned Black Women too just like tons of other Brothers do in the world. I love black women in general. At the end of the day, we are all of black African descent. We are all black. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL.

Courtney: Exactly!
Truth. We are all Beautiful. From Light, to medium, brown, dark. We are black people all the same and we should never buy into this machine that one is better than the other. That one is prettier than the other based on color. No such thing as light vs dark etc. We are all Black and we should respect each other. And we should check any black person that plays this separation game that base beauty on skin color when we are all black period. Check any black man or woman, that will put another brother or sister down by stating that being a certain color, is more wanted than another. Or that dark skin is not wanted. smh. how ignorant when we know that these types, have family members the same color that they put down. That does not seem very family oriented or loving to me. It seems very fake and they seem very empty. We should have each others back so when other races try to play this game of pitting each other against one another ,based on color, we can check them too.

Me: Amen.
You are 100 percent correct. That is what I love about you. You show the truth.



Courtney: Consequences to ones actions. Hitting someone who is not ready to defend themselves, could lead to serious injury, even death. At the same token, never underestimate that the one you target, may not retaliate or even worst, shoot you. Which would be justified, regardless of what the guilty party looks like. The moral of the story once again would be, LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE.! It's really not a hard concept to understand. It really isn't a laughing matter. Smh

Me: I agree.

Hello Sister Courtney :)
Good Afternoon. How are you feeling today? Great avatar by the way. I know you have NY in your blood. :)

Courtney: Hello Truth :) I'm good. Getting ready to go to the park in a bit.. Um Yeah. My survival is essential. lmao.... Doesn't matter how nice or bad a person may be. Anyone with some sense would feel the same.

Me: I am glad that you are good, Courtney. :) Yes, human survival is vital in our existence. It is greatly important for any human being to have their dignity and protect themselves with precautions. It is a shame that sense is lacking among some human beings, but the good news is that we know tons of folks here and in real life that have tons of good sense on the real. In life, you have to learn lessons. I can never judge a book by its cover since some folks you least expect readily can surprise you. Also, enjoy going to park Sister. :) Exercise is always excellent.

Courtney: Yes, I am. Thanks. :) Hope all is well. Precaution is the key. Not jumping into things and assuming is another key. Watching your surroundings is important but living life is as well. Its just a balancing act. Trust your intuition. Its real and rarely wrong. If places dont seem right or people don't. take heed to that. We all have to learn lessons. How else would we grow if we didn't ? And our lessons are unique to us. And I agree, NEVER judge a book by its cover because some people you least expect, can readily surprise you. Of course we are not speaking on trivial issues but those issues that can alter lives. :) More often than not, ones thinking can be more dangerous than anything.
Thanks about the park. .:)

Me: You are right to rep LIFE Courtney :)
You have said great words and great advice.

Courtney: From the standpoint of what spirituality says. Try to anyway.


Me: R Kelly is musical genius. He has great talent. With that being said, if I had a daughter, I will never allow her to be near R Kelly at all (especially if she was a teenager). That is just me. Individually, a human being has to make up their own decision to support him or not support him. There is controversy over the type of attachment that he has with girls. I think a man of his age should talk about more mature commentaries and actively work in programs to fight teenage exploitation, etc. In the final analysis, we should not be prudish as adults on issues of intimacy, but we ought to place intimacy in a proper context. We have to know that children are watching us and we have to promote ethics in our community. We can be grown, but being grown is never an excuse to being reckless.

Courtney: Hi Truth. He so messed up when he started messing with little girls. Starting with Aaliyah. Rest her soul. He is beyond amazing when it comes to music but like you said, the lines are blurred with him. Intimacy in its proper context is wonderful but in todays world, their is no such thing as context anymore. No grown man should ever be looking at a young girl as if she is a woman. Those that do this ,do it for one reason alone, to manipulate and mold a female the way they want them to be. To have an unhealthy upper hand.This is why some grown males cant deal with women that are mature. They do not want to be called out on their bullchit. If I were married, listening to songs that speak on intimacy , between me and mine, would not be an issue. its kept behind closed doors, where it should be.There was also a time where men did not blabber to other men and males about the intimate nature between him and his wife or woman because these men understood that, keeping that sacred, kept those boys wondering and kept his woman protected from those looking to get between what that man ,built with his woman. Sadly, women do it today as well and then they wonder why, so many other females be all up in dudes face. I say, you are with a man or woman, keep your business to yourselves.

Hello Sister Courtney :)
Good Afternoon to you. :)
I think his relationship socially or otherwise with little girls went too far. Aaliyah was down to Earth and a real person. RIP to her like always. Aaliyah communicated with anyone for an interview. She was honest about her life and she wasn't arrogant at all. His error was crossing those boundaries with young girls. R Kelly should of used better judgment in his behavior especially when it is said that he once married a teenager and he was almost 30. That is straight up wrong. A man should be a man. If a man wants intimacy with a woman, then he should go out with a grown woman in a legitimate fashion. Many in my young generation seek instant social gratification (for illegitimate purposes) and life should not be like that. That is why the Creator created biological clocks in humanity, so humanity can see that intimacy is cool used in the right fashion, but life is bigger than that. Life is about developing our spirituality, loving our neighbors, and doing things to constructively build solutions in our communities. Yes, a man should never look at a young girl as if she is a woman. A girl is a girl. A woman is a a woman period. Some men do not need to go out with a woman right away. Some men need to build in their own lives and then go out with a woman (when a man is emotionally ready to do so). What grown folks do behind closed doors in marriage is their business, but exploiting children is a very harsh crime.

Courtney: Good evening Truth. Thanks. I had to step out for some medicine and get my Fast 6 copy to watch tonight. What can I say about what you wrote.? Nothing. You said everything..I do feel the same with young boys too. No grown woman should be chasing down an 18 year old boy, expecting him to handle manhood that a full develop man can provide. Everything is upside down. No excuse ever to be messing with kids. Whats sad is, people don't know the difference today. To use the excuse that a child came onto a grown man or woman, is a total cop out. As a grown human being, it's our duty to set those young folks that do this, straight. Not take advantage because we can. What does that say about the grown person that should know better?

P.S. Courtney, I might use my gift card to buys books and movies tonight.

Courtney: ok , what books , and what movies? :) I know they were closing some bookstores but I think their should always be a Barnes and Nobles in each town. Even though everything is becoming digital, their is something still to said about a hard copy , printed book of your choice.

Me: I do not know about movies. I will probably pick a mixture of documentary and action movies. Books will be about politics, culture, and the mysteries of life. I love to study the mysteries of life even when I was younger (just like my youngest brother).
You can give suggestions about movies if you wish Sister. :)
You know I respect your advice.

Courtney: I like to pick random books. From literature, to SCi fi, Bios,History, We are your sisters is an example of what I own, music books,yes, a few comic books too.The ones that I follow, not many tho.etc. I would suggest fast 6 but only if you watched the other 5 because its involved. I don't really buy movies anymore unless I really want it. I redbox first or watch online to see if its worth buying later. Man of steel is good, Jackie robinson movie 42 is too. I truly don't buy unless its part of a sequel or something like that.

Great advice.
42 is an emotional movie. I heard that Man of Steel was good too. Fast 6 has a lot of action too. You are so much like my mother since she loves a diversity of books. Also, she loves children's movies and movies dealing with history or adventure. She also loves books that deal with fiction, biographies, and other forms of history from the past. She also loves music (like gospel, classic music, R and B, etc.) and other cultures from all over. You have shown great advice like usual.

Courtney: Your mom sounds like a ball of fun. :) lol

Me: :)
Thank you Sister. She has a heart of gold and she worked in real life to help children . She is retired now. Tons of times, I meet strangers telling me how compassionate, great, intelligent, and nice she was to them.

Me: Thank you Courtney. :) Good Evening to you. I am glad that you are better. Yes, I know how you love the Fast and Furious series. Yes, it is important to note that women should not be chasing after boys either. That has been glamorized a lot in TV and movies, but the reality is that this action has also hurt young children. Pain is always is related to the evil of pedophilia (no matter who does it). We have a long way to go in developing a more strong society that doesn't treat children in that way. There is no excuse for the perversion of pedophilia at all or grown adults messing with children or teens. Firm boundaries should be continually advanced in any progressive society. Any grown adult have the responsibility to tell any human about the necessity of proper conduct. Grown folks definitely know better and children are our future. They or children should never be manipulated or abused at all. Those who know better, but still do it ought to be ashamed of themselves (and punished). We should not be a totalitarian state, but we ought to have true boundaries on how we treat each other.

Courtney: I should be 100 percent by monday and thanks to Mirah,talking me into getting some medicine.:) Yeah, the character thats Letty is back. lol Anyway,You see, the powers that be, know that they can easily manipulate a certain percentage of the public , to change the course of society and their are lots of factors and reasons that make it easy for them to do this. They understand that vast majority of folks are incapable of independent thought. That to many cannot figure out what is reality and what isn't. As you and so many others have stated here before, once they started working on the breakdown of the family structure, it became even easier to tell those without direction ,what their new direction SHOULD be. Making everything exceptable.I for the life of me, cannot understand how a child is seen as a grown human being, just because they MIMIC what grown folks do and how they SPEAK. DOES NOT make them GROWN by a long shot. It also makes me understand that their is something fundamentally wrong with any grown human being, male or female, that will justify their selfish actions by pushing up on a young male or female, who is clearly not ready, and does not understand the entire magnitude of what they are getting themselves into. Which would be the reason why a grown person should NOT entertain the thoughts of a child but, turn them away and show them the proper way of how they should try to conduct themselves.

Me: Being 100 percent is always grand Sister. Bless Mirah's heart for giving you great advice on fighting the illness. Mirah is a real Sister and a great Friend to both of us. We both love her a lot. :) I like her wit, intellect, and sense of humor. It is easy to witness that the PTB want to stir society into a certain direction, which deals with bashing independent thinking (and wanting to restrict revolutionary insight among the populace). There should be balance in society. True liberation has nothing to do with nihilism. You can still love the concept of a family structure, still love black humanity, and still love truth as a means for us to live in a totally freedom filled world. You made a great point of how sick folks view children as grown. It is definitely perverted for some to treat a child as a grown up. Yes, children and teens are not psychologically, emotionally, physiologically, and intellectually ready for all facets of adulthood at all. They are children not adults. That natural reality was made by the Creator for the purpose to make sure that we know the differences between children and adults. Adults should never mess with a children at all. Adults should make sure that children understand ethics, truth, and righteous living.

Courtney: Their is no confusion when it comes to adults and children.. Anything thats well built, starts with a sound foundation first. This applies to just about everything in life. It also starts with a sound mind. Some things about life, should not be played with. Ex, Family, children, marriage. Children are meant to be just that, Children and its our duty to make sure that they keep that part of them alive and dear to their hearts. Everyone should want to see that in children. Even if they didn't have it themselves. Why deny something to someone else that may have eluded you? Its the right thing to be so just do it. Its a special time for a human being to be a child and it should be protected and fought for.Its the only time in their entire lives that they will see life on innocent terms.. As it should be. Adulthood, should come in their proper stages for both boys and girls .All that corny stuff is what childhood is about.Fun , love, protection, guidance,play, education and more fun. With 100 percent of that ,coming from home. They should know that home is safe, creative, productive,welcoming, loving... With a mindness of how things are done and conducted in front of them during their formative years because they are like sponges.

Me: I agree with you 100 percent.
This is some of the most insightful, intelligent words that you have mentioned here (as you described some of my words yesterday. Yes, I return the praise back to you :)
Your words deal with commonsense. A foundation is necessary for any situation to be stable. Without a strong foundation, children and families suffer. Strong children and strong families contribute to the growth of the black community. We have to treat children as children. The development of children should exist in home, school, etc. Education, guidance, real support, and compassion ought to be given to children. Not to mention that discipline fairly applied to children is a requirement to make sure that children stay accountable for their deeds. Life is divided into stages including adulthood. It is very clear that children are not adults. Anyone that fails to see the distinction has issues to put it lightly. So, we have to care for mothers, fathers, and children. If we do not care, nothing changes.

Courtney: You said-
Not to mention that discipline fairly applied to children is a requirement to make sure that children stay accountable for their deeds.
Thank you for stating this. Everything you said in this post is spot on and truthful. Nothing that you said ,harms the family unit but keeps it standing. :) I do believe that little girls and boys need to see their likeness in their mothers and fathers and the opposite in each other to know how to deal,relate, and respect the different things about us as they get older. Again, everything pretty much starts with the adults , and how they want to raise the children.

Me: Right, discipline shown to children builds up the children's character, strength, and discernment. Discipline allows children to learn from mistakes and it shows that parents care. Parents that do not care will refuse to discipline their children. Back then, we had discipline. In retrospect, our parents loved us so much that they cared for us with their guidance, encouragement, wisdom, and discipline. Bless you late Father Sister. :) With continued focus, I will be a better man and I am glad to realize the truth. Knowing the truth and doing almsgiving are great actions. I feel more inspired to fight for justice. Yes, we need a strong family unit for us to defeat oppression. The family is such a valuable part of our glorious black community. I greatly respect your words on this issue and so many others' commentaries Queen. :)

Courtney: You've said some really important things tonight, that we all appreciate. :) You are forever teaching through your words of wisdom through your personal insight. Always respectful in how your convey your thoughts and intellect. You will be fine.. :) Thank you for the dialogue and respectful nature of it all. You are a wonderful beacon of light and valuable like so many black men and women on this site..I appreciate you. So do others here. You have a wonderful family and they are so proud of you. So , thank you. :)
Tomorrow is sunday!!! Which means, football. lol. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your night Truth ,stay blessed and will TTYL. Great stuff you dropped today as always. :)

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