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angilas04 's Great Words

Bank reform is definitely needed. Their role in the 2008 housing bubble burst should not be ignored. And predatory lending to minorities continues to exist. There was a story in the new York times in 2012 about a study done by professors in from the Universities of Illinois and Arizona saying blacks are given loans charging more than 3x what they charge other borrowers. "The survey found that bankruptcy lawyers were more likely to steer African American debtors towards the more costly Chapter 13 protection than whites in similar situations." Citigroup was the worst offender, followed by chase and jp Morgan. Unfortunately almost half this country seems to feel no regulation is necessary, at least no more than is present in a 3rd world country and they are over represented in congress thanks to rampant gerrymandering. Gerrymandering which is again ok'd by the conservatives on the Supreme Court. Anyone voting republican in 2016 needs to realize the president appoints the next Supreme Court Justices if and when any current Justice steps down.
Whether you like his charisma or not, a vote for Jeb Bush is a vote for the same anti-poor and minority Supreme Court policies that have been in effect since the early 90's when Thurgood Marshall died and was replaced by Clarence Thomas, effectively taking power from the progressive reformers who helped implement integration and civil rights and giving it to the neocons...


The biggest predictor of wedlock births is poverty. The biggest predictor of violence is poverty and joblessness. And violence has been going down for years. You've obviously missed the whole #crimingwhilewhite hashtag. Or the fact that black preschoolers are 4x as likely as their peers to get sent to detention. This is symptomatic of discriminatory practices across the system. The black wedlock rate is about 5% higher than native Americans. Is your explanation for Mexican violence wedlock births? El Salvador? Honduras? Most people in this country are arrested for non violent crime and there's plenty of meth heads and dealers in the majority getting away with it still...


I have an excuse for everything? I type on a cell phone in a hurry often. I don't need to excuse that. Do you think you're writing a column in the New York Times here?
Where is your excuse for the fact that black preschoolers are sent to detention at a rate 4x that of their white peers? That white women make up a substantially larger chunk of homicide victims in white communities than in black or hispanic communities? That white seem to get away with the same crimes at much higher rates? That there is a popular hashtag "#crimingwhilewhite" that is loaded with examples of whites describing the multitude of times police have let them go for crime? That anti-black hate crimes in this country made up approximately 65% of all racial hate crimes in this country last year? That a white male with a criminal record is as likely as a black male with no criminal record and the same credentials to get hired for the same job, whereas whites with no criminal record are 4x more likely to get hired than both? That in 35 years nearly 500,000 whites have been murdered by whites in this country? Does it make you feel better that a group of minorities living amidst poverty and rampant discrimination is outpacing you in proportion to their percentage of the population? You're so sure it's not poverty, overcrowding, and discrimination breeding criminal activity, but instead you implicitly suggest rap culture...what is your explanation for the violence in Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador etc? Are they listening to some violent Boleros? Do black Canadians not listen to rap?
You've inflated that wedlock birthrate which in reality is bad but still only 5% higher than that among native Americans. Wedlock means birth where parents aren't married. Blacks tend to get married approximately 5 years later than whites on average according to the CDC (30 instead of 25). And people have been getting married later overall as the value of the dollar has shrunk in relation to income rates. Weddings, families etc. cost. Do you think people aren't going to be biologically active simply because they can't afford to get married? The fact that blacks are routinely sentenced for next to nothing plays a role too. This country's heinous prison policies have resulted in us placing nearly 1 in 20 innocents on death row. And if less than half of whites get indicted let alone sentenced, of course their statistics will look better than blacks. That's more of an excuse than me explaining to you the conditions that create violent communities. Another trigger is police not caring, and instead going after low hanging fruit like bottom tier non violent drug dealers as opposed to violent offenders and middle men. Stop sentencing blacks for petty crimes and target only those violent offenders. Stop stigmatizing blacks as dangerous criminals to be feared when you have a much higher chance of being killed by another white person. And stop acting as if you don't have white privilege when things like "#crimingwhilewhite" exist.

Who in their right mind would think the transformation was instantaneous and overnight. Hence why i stated from the Great Depression to the Reagan administration the parties were transitioning on social issues from the democrats moving from conservative to progressive and vice versa. You want to tell me the republicans were always the Conservative party yet the founder of the progressive party was teddy Roosevelt. Since you insist on personal attacks for the record, you are a fool, especially if you think the KKK of today is pro democrat. Go to storefront or any other pro confederate nazi sympathizer klan website and tell me how many fans you see of the Democratic Party. These guys are all republicans now, and the only ones denying it are those of you neocons attempting to rewrite history. The same ones claiming some 50 years later FDR prolonged the Great Depression with prime pumping and the new deal that kept our infrastructure going. It doesn't fit your argument so you change history rather than your deluded argument. Get a life.

It's not what you explicitly stated. It's what you were implying. And as I've shown there are definitely white organizations without a single minority. I don't know of any white business that's specifically forced to hire blacks unless they're actively discriminating against them.
You may be forced to have some minority business in government contracting etc but that does not mean black. If all these businesses are forced to hire blacks who are underqualified then why is the black jobless rateso high? why is it so hard for so many blacks to find work when they only make up 13% of the population?
I'm done here please use logic and reasoning and I understand what you're implying in your future posts. Your only examples of minority owned businesses that you implied don't have white workers are La Raza, The NAACP, and NOW, like you think discrimination against hiring whites is some kind of rampant problem. How many whites are applying to these organizations to begin with?
Your implied argument/complaint is easily defeated on its face by the existence of supposedly comparable (though instead of fighting for equality, fighting for bigotry and racial superiority) organizations like the NAAWP, The white aryan resistance (war), and the council of conservative citizens (cocc) which obviously have not been forced to hire a single minority. I can assure you companies like BET a subsidiary of Viacom, and harpo hire white people.
Regardless of your outdated information on quotas, if whites being discriminated against in hiring based on race were an actual and significant problem your argument would make logical sense. Instead you don't have a leg to stand on.
As bigoted as you've shown yourself to be, interested only in ensuring lack of equal opportunity, you can still find solace in knowing that minorities are still rampantly discriminated against when it comes to promotions and fair pay (hence why Obamas first signed act, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act wasn't entirely superfluous in 2009). Statistically speaking it would seem there is also still significant discrimination in the hiring of minorities as well, regardless of the existence of any affirmative action program. What's a program without teeth, or once the conservative Supreme Court of the past twenty plus years has defanged it?
Meanwhile the criminal justice system in southern states like Florida sentences blacks to 20+ years for shooting a gun in the air as it lets killers like lukace kendle walk for killing unarmed black and brown people. That's not white privilege?

Jews didn't start the war in Iraq. Most were against it. Afghanistan would have been far less burdensome were our resources not split in mucking up bagdad. Finally who is allowing the rich to become richer by eradicating our graduated income tax laws which asked far more of the wealthy under FDR, then Eisenhower then Nixon, until reagan pretty much capped it at 30%? Who is pro deregulation and allowing companies to ship jobs overseas? It's not the dems. Sure NAFTA happened under Clinton, but it was his most moderate policy and the cons were all behind it, similar to obama with the TPP.


Gangsta Rap became much more popular in the mid 90s to present. illegal drug sales were doing well enough in the 80s without rap lyrics discussing their presence. And hard drugs like meth are plenty popular in white communities. Are singers in Mexico responsible for their huge drug war? Stop buying radical right propaganda.

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