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Sister mmmdot's Extra Words

mmmdot • 16 hours ago
White freedom and privilege is based on the oppression of other races. There was no 'white race' before the “invention” of the 'Black race' by whites. Historically 'white' identity is a negative identity – it has ONLY meant NOT being a person of color. Race and gender are not really separable in terms of how identity is constructed in this patriarchal white supremacist society. To justify the systematic rapes of enslaved African women and girls, white sl*ve masters constructed the notions of Black womanhood and white womanhood. The understanding of what it means to be a white woman in the U.S. is ENTIRELY dependent upon the existence and negation of Black womanhood.

It consistently takes the complete dehumanization and defeminization of 'Black womanhood' for the supposedly 'natural'(i.e. biological) wholesome, pure, beautiful, delicate, and innocent ideal of 'white womanhood' to even exist. White womanhood's pedestal exists at the DIRECT expense of Black women's basic safety. It's CENTRAL our oppression as Black women. We really can't reference "women" without specifying WHICH group of women we're talking about. White women are not a 'universal' or 'average' representation of 'women', they are a relatively protected class of women. Pretending like there is only ONE "ideal", "normal”, “universal standard” of beauty, womanhood, and HUMANITY, is what is OPPRESSING us in the first place.


Everyone: White women are some of the worst perpetrators of racist violence, aggression, physical assault, and bullying in this society - ESPECIALLY against Black women and Black girls. There is a LONG history of white female bullying of Black women and children. We don’t say enough about how racist white women go out of their way to SPECIFICALLY harm Black women and children JUST to prop up their OWN unstable white female identities and egos.

I can't STAND sociopathic white women and their sociopathic CROCODILE white tears™. White women CONSTANTLY arrange the whole damn universe to always center around themselves and their fee fee's. Even worse, their white tears™ are like a clarion call for EVERYONE to comfort or defend white women after they've been oppressive and violent. There is no reality to the concept that white women are LESS RACIST than white men . 'White womanhood' exists at the cost of Black women's basic safety and these sociopathic white trash females LIKE it that way.


mmmdot • a day ago
Poor baby. R.I.P. Sandra. Her mother is SO reminiscent of Mamie Till. A Black woman's child goes down south from Chicago and winds up dead because whites STILL think their whiteness gives them the aut
hority of life and death over innocent Black people - especially innocent Black people who refuse to adhere to their overblown expectations of automatic deference and respect that they don't deserve and aren't entitled to. It's just disgusting this woman has to bury her child for NO REASON at all due to the actions of southern white trash who happens to be in a cheap blue nylon uniform. 60 years later. Same white terrorism, different century. Smh.


Well, because of 500 years of white supremacy and the "cult of domesticity" Black women are constructed as a subspecies of human and less than "women." We are considered the antithesis of "woman", literally the "anti-woman." Because of the racial hierarchy, Black people are literally considered the "OPPOSITE race", literally in OPPOSITION to white people. The Black race is considered the "perpetual enemy" of the white race, against whom ALL WHITES must unite. Among everyday whites, the idea of "enemy races" is seen in complaints of "unqualified" Black people "taking white people's jobs" and Latinos "invading" U.S. borders.

Since the institution of sl^very depended on Black women to supply future sl^ves, white sl^ve masters used every method imaginable - especially rape - to force enslaved African women to reproduce. To justify the systematic rapes of African females, they constructed the notions of white womanhood vs. Black womanhood. White women: "basically good", pure, noble, protected vs Black women: lecherous, sensual, animalistic "breeders." It even applies to LITTLE GIRLS: white girls were deemed ABNORMAL if they were s@xually active whereas African American girls were seen as "NATURALLY" immoral.

When Black women are considered to be the literal OPPOSITES of the paragons of "womanhood" and "femininity" what do you think happens to them? There is no way to be "respectable" enough to be respected or protected. They are not even considered socially worthy enough to "protect." Black women are more likely to be raped, beaten, and murdered than any other group of women in America and THIS anti-black misogynistic f__kery is why.


America has a sickening past, one which has not been reconciled, and instead of a sheepish and apologetic white populous, we have instead arrogance, aggressiveness and continued racism; the shamelessness should be likened to Neo-Nazis in Germany. This country is hundreds of years of Nazi Germany, South African Apartheid, and Iraq Occupation rolled into one. It's a terrorist state in and of itself.

No matter who we put in office, the white supremacy system is still the same. Putting different figureheads on the same ROTTEN system does nothing. The entire system needs to be reconstructed. One of my friends referred to the U.S. as a "failed state" that should fall apart so we could build something real. Lately, I've been agreeing with that notion.


"Anytime black people make up real arguments about the conditions in the world, we're slandered as "race-baiters" and "extremists."

That's b/c once it became clear that humans came from Africa, not Europe or North Eurasia, white scientists, academics, and laypeople didn't trade their white supremacy for Black supremacy. Instead it was: “Race does not matter!” Despite what whites PUBLICLY claim they're not ACTUALLY colorblind – they still use the SAME 200 year old, imbecilic white supremacist stereotypes they've ALWAYS used to explain everything under the sun. Not only do they regularly use race to explain people’s behavior, they use race to rationalize and protect their their unearned power and resources.

As Professor Derrick Bell said: “Black people will never gain full equality in this country. Even those herculean efforts we hail as successful will produce no more than temporary ‘peaks of progress,’ short-lived victories that slide into irrelevance as racial patterns adapt in ways that maintain white dominance. This is a hard-to-accept fact that all history verifies. We must acknowledge it, not as a sign of submission, but as an ultimate act of defiance."

Most whites will NEVER *voluntarily* give up white supremacy. It has to be TAKEN from them.


mmmdot • a month ago
This ain't the first time one of them has been caught pretending to be a Black sock-puppet. This b.s shows how lazy and pathological whites are. Instead of creating their OWN culture that's not based on countless fragile, phony, fraudulent white delusions and lies they presume they can just STEAL ONE from racially subjugated people. Not only do whites feel they can WEAR the skin, cultures, clothing, and beauty traditions of racially oppressed non-white people like COSTUMES, they feel they can turn non-white people's old and sacred traditions into meaningless and cheap "TRENDY" GARBAGE; act like the ULTIMATE "SCHOLARLY EXPERTS" on other people's art, music, and food; and actually "DO" non-white people's cultures "BETTER" than those non-white people.

It's typical of deluded, self-centered white sociopaths to feel frustrated when they're told there's an area of life they can't hope to know and speak for: the experiences of non-white people in this white supremacist culture. It's TYPICAL for whites who have no experience, education, and ability to
discern certain facts to assert that those facts don't exist simply b/c THEY aren't equipped to see them. Instead of simply LISTENING to Black people about racism, they have to take it the SAME PATHOLOGICAL place they ALWAYS do: trying to BE "Black" themselves. Disrespecting other people's humanity is "natural" for most of them. Disgusting.


mmmdot • a month ago
And unfortunately, I also saw Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood making "transracial" excuses on 'The Talk' 2 days in a row - although Sheryl Underwood did do better the second day by pointing out that this white woman made false claims of racist discrimination against Howard University and that NOBODY but Black people experience anti-blackness. But Sara Gilbert - the way she DEMANDED that she should have the right to determine what Blackness was literally disgusted the hell out of me and made me want to choke her through the screen.

I can't even describe my disgust at whites [along with Black males] unilaterally deciding that this is just "transracialism" and a socially acceptable way to behave. Eradicating racism doesn't come from white women putting on Blackface and trying to see how they're treated as "Black women." It needs to come from whites being honest about their immature and intellectually lazy and white supremacist attitudes, perceptions and behaviors that LITERALLY come out of the 1700's. They have tried and failed to understand on EVERY level what experiencing racism "feels like." What they NEED to do to discuss what BEING a bunch of racists "feels like." They need to just DEAL with their racism and compensate for the CENTURIES of economic and social harm inflicted by white individual and governmental racial oppression so we can ALL move on with our lives.


Trudy Mod
Yep; because so many "respected" (aka light skint Black people with money, platform and status) are co-signing Rachel Dolezal's bullshit, I am noticing more and more Black women trying to rationalize it away too. I already knew Whites and Black men would. Blah. That's predictable. I do think beyond some Black women not having accurate information about race, gender and intersectionality and accurate knowledge on the history of White colonial violence, some of us have not examined how we believe the lies of colourism (that light skint is "better" and that maybe one day we can "transcend" race too) and really done that personal work on why we would cosign White colonial violence from White women. But most Black women I've seen and know are not on that bullshit. But even ONE Black woman being on that bullshit is painful for me. I've felt awful watching a few Black women who are public figures condone what a large chunk of Black men and Whites already have.


mmmdot  Paul • a year ago
I swear to God this country has gotten even worse in terms of racial relations since Obama was elected. White people even saying n**ger SPECIFICALLY as a racial slur are not racist. Paula Dean isn't racist for calling blk people n**ger!, That white guy calling KK and KW n**ger-lover and n**ger isn't a racist! It's like a crazy world People HANGING effigies of President Obama, a black man, are not racist. I swear if the KKK, Neo-Nazis, or one of the MANY other of the white supremacist terrorist organizations (which INCREASED their membership since President Obama became was elected) could murder an entire neighborhood of black men, women, and children, while calling them racial epithets, carving swastikas into their bodies, and burning them alive--and many "average" white people wouldn't consider it to be racist. The MOST they would do is mitigate and justify the white racism by blaming black people for being attacked. They would dehumanize black people like racist POS did and say that blacks are "Trayvons" who deserve to be killed for existing.


From Encylopedia Britannica: Racism, also called racialism, any action, practice, or belief that reflects the racial worldview—the ideology that humans are divided into separate and exclusive biological entities called "races," that there is a causal link between inherited physical traits and traits of personality, intellect, morality, and other cultural behavioral features, and that some races are innately superior to others.

In North America and apartheid South Africa, racism dictated that different “races” should be segregated from one another, that they should have their own distinct communities and develop their own institutions such as churches, schools, and hospitals, and that it was unnatural for members of two “separate races” to intermarry.

Those who practice racism also hold that only low-status jobs should go to low-status races (African Americans and Indians in North America, blacks and Coloureds in South Africa) and that members of the economically and culturally dominant race alone should have access to privileges, political power, economic resources, high-status jobs, and unrestricted civil rights. The lived experience of racism for members of low-status races can include daily insults and frequent acts and verbal expressions of contempt and disrespect, all of which have profound effects on social relationships.

http://www.britannica (dot) com/EBchecked/topic/488187/racism


From Encylopedia Britannica: The difference between racism and ethnocentrism

Although they are easily and often confused, race and racism must be distinguished from ethnicity and ethnocentrism. While extreme ethnocentrism may take the same offensive form and may have the same dire consequences as extreme racism, there are significant differences between the two concepts. Ethnicity, which relates to culturally contingent features, characterizes all human groups. It refers to a sense of identity and membership in a group that shares common language, cultural traits (values, beliefs, religion, food habits, customs, etc.), and a sense of a common history. All humans are members of some cultural (ethnic) group, sometimes more than one. Most such groups feel—to varying degrees of intensity—that their way of life, their foods, dress, habits, beliefs, values, and so forth, are superior to those of other groups.

The most significant quality of ethnicity is the fact that it is unrelated to biology and can be flexible and transformable. People everywhere can change or enhance their ethnicity by learning about or assimilating into another culture.

http://www.britannica (dot) com/EBchecked/topic/488030/race/234663/The-difference-between-racism-and-ethnocentrism


mmmdot • 3 months ago
You DO realize you're writing for a Black women's website, right? WHITE women are paid 77 cents for every dollar a white man makes, but that figure is much lower for Black women. African American women are only paid 64 cents for every dollar made by a white man. Please discuss the wage gap as it ACTUALLY applies to us. Thank you. ::Eyeroll::

mmmdot  NOPe • 3 months ago
I really don't care what the excuses are for paying Black women 64 cents for every dollar made by a white man, while paying white women 77 cents for every dollar made by a white man. Pay disparities like this should be illegal.

mmmdot • 2 months ago
When the cops are no different than a Neo-Nazi street gang, it says something about how white supremacy is built into the very fabric of this country. And most Black cops assimilate into the racist police culture and go along to get along, even though their white co-workers habitually threaten THEIR lives too. Crime rates have gone DOWN to RECORD LOWS. So not ONLY do there need to be less police officers in Black neighborhoods - there need to be less police around the whole damn country.

The reliance of LAZY WHITES on "policing" to GENERATE REVENUE for themselves is sociopathic. They SHOULD be increasing funding to schools, after school programs, jobs, and Black owned businesses, instead of more "policing." But they WON'T because this is JUST the latest instance of a LONG history of lazy, shiftless, entitled whites scheming to disrespect the humanity of people in order to make money. It's a regressive and dangerous policy, leaned on by greedy and racist white politicians too cowardly to raise revenue through NORMAL and JUST means: TAXATION of white elites. Policing for "safety" is the biggest lie we've ever been fed. White supremacy and privatization are the biggest problems facing this society, not "street crime."


mmmdot • a year ago
"if you don’t know how to be considerate and respectful then you shouldn’t dating any woman, black or otherwise." This to the 10th power.


These “respectables” aren’t helping a DAMN thing but themselves, nor are they “shedding light” on ANYBODY’S problem. They ARE the problem.
The white power structure has always SELECTIVELY placed these deluded Black “respectables” into visible positions of influence. Then they give them pseudo status as “the voice of reason” for the Black community, while downplaying intelligent Black individuals like Jesse Williams who ACTUALLY *do their research* and address solutions. This is what the white media holds up as a “successful black person”. You only become “successful” to whites when you disavow your own community, use the same hollow “colorblind” rhetoric as phony whites, and issue blanket exoneration of white privilege and systemic white supremacy. These Black “respectables” criticize Black people with outrageous lies that make all people of African descent on Earth seem like a monolithic, pathological “savage” black horde JUST to generate revenue for themselves. But the reactions of the systematically oppressed who are enraged ARE completely rational. People rarely undergo domination without a response, even if it is merely – at first – the response of hatred for the enslaver. She and all the other shysters of the Black misleadership class are nothing but a Black face on a white neo-conservative agenda.


1. The people MOST at fault are those acting as a group to oppress others on a societal level. There should be no ‘injustice’ of the PARTICULAR kind we’ve all been dealing with in the first place. I socially and politically orchestrated and constructed to benefit certain groups at the DIRECT expense of the BASIC human rights and basic human dignity others.
2. YES, all Black people should speak out and never ever stop resisting. “Your silence will not protect you.” – Audre Lorde
3. “So while you’re being mute b/c you wanna be brand-friendly, the brands who have racist reps aren’t the ones bringing you campaigns ANYWAY….” Very true.


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