Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Brother Savant's Words to Me

Greetings brother Timothy.

I've been away from topix madness for awhile. I'm deeply inspired by the courageous actions of you millennial brothers and sisters her in Baltimore, in Ferguson and throughout the country. Whle ankle biting white racist and butt kissing Uncle toms like freddy the fool can scoff, you are making history and we are with you and have your back. My students have been very impressive. Ole Barros, who belongs to the generation of the 60s who schooled, indicates that not since he was student has he seen this much activism.

We are forming copwatch patrols in Baltimore. Yep, now we're patrolling them!!! We're going in groups so that police cannot intimidate as they do a lone individual. We're having educational events to inform Bmore's inner city poor as well as activists on their rights.(Many people don't know that they don't have to disperse, or stop recording, or hand over their camera just because the police orders them to. However, since the cops have the guns and don't necessarily care about your rights, we travel in groups--several armed with cameras a the same time. The ACLU are affording technologies which permanently file what you record even if the police seize your camera to destroy evidence).
Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, and some young sisters and brothers from Bob Moses' ALGEBRA PROJECT are involved. Even Dr. King's SCLC is active in this fight. And there are groups like PEOPLE POWER ASSEMBLY, and the UJIMA PEOPLE PROGRESS PARTY on the scene. Community organizations and student groups are on the scene. Some churches---mainly Black, but also white, Latin--are working with us.

Moreover, we hear the voices of the BLACK POOR, our superexploited inner city proletariat, making their voices heard. And THEY--not some marginal leftist group--are saying that they're not only sick and tired of police brutality, but of the endless cycle of poverty, slumlord oppression, unemployment, etc. Many of these sisters and brothers from the hood--including a good number of my own relatives--are saying "The police ain't the only problem." And they're right. The fascist pig cops are mainly the armed ENFORCERS of racist capitalist power structure. And our Negro politicians like Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, are mainly the collaborators with the system oppression.(I can't begin to describe the anger at her and her ilk in our community. It comes out in nearly every community or town hall meeting).

We can win this fight, young brother. We can end the nightmare of structural racism, poverty, economic oppression and police terrorism. Let us stay the course till victory. A Luta Continua!



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