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Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to Aceman52
brother, there is a reason that EVERY new legislation passed by the Obama administration (and the previous 2 Bush administrations) always transfer MORE wealth to the top and take MORE from the middle and the bottom.

it is not by accident that the top 10 percent (or less) of the US population are much, much richer than they were 3 years ago in a bad economy where the average person's standard of living is falling.

The bank bailout back in 2008 that BOTH Obama AND McCain rushed to DC to vote for (even though 81 percent of the people were against it) was the SINGLE LARGEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH from the BOTTOM to the TOP in the history of the WORLD.

WE (black people) know that no black person is telling the richest, most powerful white and Jewish people in the nation what to do -- that that black person is TAKING ORDERS from the richest, most powerful white and Jewish people.

I don't mean to be blunt, but it is time for black people (and white people) to stop pretending, play-acting, and "celebrating" and admit that this is NOT the way the REAL world works.

Anymore than an organized crime family will allow an outsider to come into their "thing" and tell them what to do

UNLESS they are running a CON GAME on the public

the people in power PICK the candidates, (S)ELECT the candidates, FINANCE the candidate, and control the candidates. That's the way it works -- in the real world. Maybe, that happens in a Hollywood film but not in the real world -- and all the great speech making and celebrating doesn't change one doggone thing.

NOBODY gives up power, and white people definitely don't give up power to a black man who (didn't) come out of nowhere unless it is BY DESIGN. Here's a question:

when do white people EVER put a BM in charge of something?

when it is going downhill

so the BM will be blamed for something that took decades to happen

we have to start being truthful about our situation

or the "change" we're looking for will never happen
crammasters2 weeks ago
People THINK

you can't have a "jobs bill" and at the same time SIGN multiple FREE Trade deals with Columbia, Panama, and South Korea.

Have the American people NOT learned our lesson about "trade deals" like NAFTA?


Here's some STATS:


"Since 2001, the U.S. has lost 5.3 mil­lion jobs in the man­u­fac­tur­ing sec­tor as a re­sult of trade poli­cies which are ad­verse to the eco­nomic in­ter­ests of the Amer­i­can peo­ple. Ac­cord­ing to the Eco­nomic Pol­icy In­sti­tute (EPI), pas­sage of the Ko­rea-U.S. Free Trade Agree­ment could re­sult in the loss of 159,000 Amer­i­can jobs within the first seven years of its im­ple­men­ta­tion."

EPI fur­ther es­ti­mates that the U.S.-Colom­bia Free Trade Agree­ment will re­sult in the loss or dis­place­ment of an ad­di­tional 55,000 Amer­i­can jobs. Be­tween 1994 and 2010, states pre­vi­ously known for their man­u­fac­tur­ing in­dus­tries like Ohio, Min­nesota, Michi­gan and Iowa have col­lec­tively lost over 772, 000 man­u­fac­tur­ing jobs.

Two-thirds of the more than 2.3 mil­lion Amer­i­can jobs dis­placed be­tween 2001-2007 as a re­sult of the U.S.-China Free Trade Agree­ment were in the man­u­fac­tur­ing sec­tor.

The Eco­nomic Pol­icy In­sti­tute es­ti­mates that our trade deficit with Korea will grow to $16.7 bil­lion in the first seven years of its im­ple­men­ta­tion. "

-- ---

It is TIME for black people -- who are suffering from an UNEMPLOYMENT RATE of three times the NATIONAL AVERAGE -- to stop celebrating PAGEANTRY and another "first black" and start THINKING about economics.

You can't eat another celebration or feed it to your shorties.


rdy4change1 day ago
To my Black people and anyone else who cares to know. This is not who we are. This is not how we were raised.

Most of our Kings and Queens love each other very much and would never lay a hand on each other.

Just because these people are so called celebrities and are in the spot light does not make us all angry and aggressive.

After all if that was the case then you would have to say the same thing about everyone else because of Mel Gibson, Mickey Rourke, and Charlie Sheen.

The bottom line is that hitting a woman are the actions of a weak minded man not a weak minded people.

Paul H. 2 weeks agoin reply to Ulysses22
I agree, brother, and the first thing we have to do is learn everything we can about the SYSTEM we are in and how it has worked against us for the last 500 years and is still victimizing us.

Until we are HONEST about our situation and gain knowledge about our 500 year history in this system, we will keep falling for the CON GAME of another "first black" that was created by the people in power.

We have to stop believing the LIE that "change" happens by casting a ballot -- OR that any people in power will give up their POWER simply because a man gives a good speech.

We know better than that. We know that isn't how REAL POWER is transferred. We know we didn't select any presidential candidates, we were TOLD by the elites who would be the candidates. If we didn't select them, we certainly didn't ELECT them.

The people who choose the candidates and FINANCE the candidates are the ones who CONTROL the candidates.

I ask black folks all the time, especially before the last election, since when do powerful white people take orders from black people? When have you ever seen that in your life? And the response I get is either a (1) blank look, or (2) they agree with me.

I go even further and ask, if you were watching a mob movie, and a black dude came up out of nowhere and said, "Hey, I'm not Italian but I wanna join the mob, and when I join I want to be the mob boss and stop you guys from stealing, robbing, killing, and gambling."

And the mob guys who don't even like blacks, say, "Oh, okay, you right, we been bad, and so we're going to let you be boss and stop our profitable enterprises, and tell us what to do."

Now, if we saw a movie like that, we'd demand our money back because that scenario is so UNREALISTIC we couldn't enjoy it

Black folk have been around white folk for a LONG TIME, and we know they don't give up JACK -- especially power, and we know they don't take orders from black folks.

I hate to be blunt, but it's time to GIVE UP THE FAIRY TALES and the MAKE BELIEVE, STOP LYING to ourselves, and roll up our sleeves because we have a lot of work to do, NOT just the "bad black folk" that we love to beat up on

because most of us are just a paycheck or two or three away from being broke, busted, and homeless, so it makes no sense to pretend about that .

we need to learn EVERYTHING we can about the white supremacy system that controls all our lives -- including Obama's -- and get real about our situation and come together for our mutual survival.

I'd like to recommend a website you should check out

And this is who the people who wouldn't support Obama wants as their president? This could of been one of our anscestors on that feild getting shot down. Who knows what else happens there now. I live in Texas, and this man has been the governor almost all my life. This is the first I heard about this. But hey, whats in the dark will come to light. So this is the man that people want as their president? Not I, he didn't get my vote to be the governor, and he show as hell won't get my vote as president.
Highest307 hours agoin reply to pantherg08
Very true. I saw the article on Huffington Post this morning and the comments by white people never surprise me. Basically, they're stating blacks are playing the (drum roll) race card. And this is based off a comment by Hermain Cain. Sighs, I didn't realize a comment by a black person who I don't even like represents me and 40 million black people in America. Oh wait, I forgot. It is in white people's nature to judge all blacks base on the comments and actions of one. If they really want to eliminate this abstract race card, then go to the root of the problem that is the white dominated and controlled mainstream press. Obviously, a white person investigated this issue and sent it to a major press office. Now, it is front page news. Thus, you have your racial narrative for the week, courtesy of the white dominated press. Of course Cain would pounce on this for political gain and he don't really give a d___ about something that happened over 20 years ago. Just like white politicans pounce on anything negative with a racial undertone towards President Obama (the list is too long for me to go over). These candidates don't care about the real issues and the general public is so dumb down that most white folks - especially conservatives - are getting worked up over this shit to almost burst a blood vessel. But that's the mainstream press for ya. Create an "issue," saturated it in the public's consciousness, and you get the typical reaction of paranoia and hostility. Cain is a buffoon and I don't say it because he's a conservative. He's just an ignorant fool to me and as for any white Republican nowadays, I am not surprise by any allegations of racism about them - past or present.
soultry-soul1 hour agoin reply to Seahag
I believe if folks are born with the common sense God gave them (Big Momma use to say)...understand good and bad, right from wrong and live their lives according to the morals and values and self-respect parents instilled...they will not need to pay a lonely twisted @___ professional licensed counselor. :) Those are the ones with the biggest da___ issues!
 vienne122 weeks ago
Yeah...people think that America is the only country full of bigots...they think that people in Europe are above it, but they are not...

Originally Posted by H8GR8-1
Green point for you for illustrating the effects of the behavior of some black men by posting her stupidity for everyone to see. I agree with 97 re: her point about someone giving this woman the impression that white women are superior. Where did she get this? From the "brothers" who are so busily chasing white women and downing us while they do it. Then, they come to us and try to tell us that we're not good enough because we "don't have manners", or "are too demanding", or some other nonsense. All of this as we are seeing with our own eyes how they end up kowtowing to spoiled beckys who've had it their way all their lives and expect good - no, superior - treatment from their man.

Now, we have educated, mannerly, superior sisters who are alone because black men are now believing the lies and the excuses that they have made up for their behavior. Let's face it, many brothers are still caught up in the self-hate thing while many sisters have moved on to achievement for its own sake and not so they can get themselves a "trophy" to make them feel as though they have "made it."

Although this educated becky has bought into the lie, I'm finding it hard to come down on her too much because she has been led to believe that white women are superior by the example of the IR relationships she sees around her and because she has been TOLD this lie. However, she is an adult and capable of independent thought and I would label her a racist fool if she does not re-think her ideas about black women after receiving the responses that she got.

I feel the same way about black men - yes, slavery, etc. taught that white women were supposed to be superior to black women BUT as adult human beings with minds of their own, BLACK MEN ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN ATTITUDES. Bright and educated black men especially have no excuse for continuing to buy into the myth. If they have to look a little harder to find a black woman who meets their standards, so what? We have had to look longer and harder for decent brothers who are not simply looking for a free ride.

BTW, I pity the fool (male) who comes in this thread and tries - yet again - to justify this behavior 'cause I know he will leave with a new sphincter, ladies.


The white poor and working class has been duped by reactionary ideology (racism included) for decades and even centuries. This deception has been the work of an avaricious plutocracy, whether Southern or Northern, Democrat or Republican.
That is why I agree with Dr. King in not laying the heaviest burdern of responsibility at the doorsteps of the white poor and working class--exploited as are we (even if not as blatantly) by an exploitative elite.
Yet at various points in history, at least a significant segment of the white working class did see through the hype, and formed solidarity with black, brown, Asians ans other fellow oppressed.
And note that while a majority of whites did vote for McCain/Palin in 2008, something like 45% voted for Obama/Biden--apparently disgusted with right wing Republican politics. That's the largest part of the white electorate won since Lyndon Johnson.
Too bad Obama hasn't shown the backbone needed to be the "Black FDR", but has caved in repeatedly to the party he defeated in 2008.
He simply didn't get it. If the public--whites included--wanted Republican policies, they would have voted for McCain. By means of strong progressive leadership, he could have won over even part of the white voters who went for McCain. He blew it.



Ebony6 hours ago
I thought Mr. Cain wasn't going to use "the race card." I thought the GOP had his back (yeah right).
He will be on his way back to the fields with Michael Steele.


germandog212 hours agoin reply to Ebony
This just goes to show everyone the open disrespect of black people within MANY within the GOP AND P___ PARTY......They want Herman Cain to feel worse for pointing out the obvious gutter rat level racist mentality of a man who wants to represent ALL Americans, including blacks...than they do for a scum candidate with a n____ shooting ranch. SILLY.


Jimmie Williams5 hours ago
Just goes to show you how much the extreme right is for the truth. They are nothing but closet racists themselves but don't want it to be known to the general public. Herman who sided with them is now facing criticism from the pack of repugnicans whom he has sided with.
smittyboy739 minutes agoin reply to Jimmie Williams
Oh yeah they're racist, but it's damn sure not in the closet,it's in the wide open.
Adam Russo3 hours ago
Just a few days ago Cain called any black man that supported Obama brainwashed. Funny, since he's one of a handful of black men in a party that hates minorities more than anything other than being poor. Who's brainwashed now?
ribbie1493 hours ago
Since when is calling a candidate out for insensitive behavior "using the race card"?
LBM Says:
We’re on the same page. The (ancient) history is what it is. It won’t be taken from us UNLESS we give it by DOING many of the things we’re doing now.
Umar is usually spot on but I did have some concerns with his “physical” Back to Africa presentation on the Remix.
As for you and ALL Black men not fitting that definition under the system of white domination – as a Black female – I can only ask that more of you even be WILLING if not totally able to work with black women and elders and children towards that definition. Because under this system it’s impossible for a Black man to provide and protect with NO “outside ” help – even if that “help” is simply to be left alone. For example, even Umar has said he can’t do the things he wants to do without a further piece of paper. Who is issuing that piece of paper? So all I’m saying is, Emmissary, don’t let not being able to fit that definition completely deter you. I once heard a lecturer say a man produces more than he consumes. I think that’s a good start because right now we have too many brothers preying on the resources of women, often with children. So if we can even get that pride back into Black males to want to provide for self and family that will be a start. So again, the main fight will have to be against white domination. It’s sapping the very ability of our males to define themselves. I hope I live to see Black men able to function in a society in which racism is replaced with justice.
P.S. I went to the Millions March against (not sure what, really) – anyway, I left before Farakhan even came on because there were constant chants of “Black Power” and being here in NYC, as far as I know, the white perverts who rammed a stick up the backside of a Black male are still alive and well. I won’t fault my brothas for being under this system – but we need a more dignified presentation.

soultry-soul4 hours ago
I watched this s___...

Sherrie and Whoopi would have won my vote had they not start talking out the side of their necks with the bull-shyt, "I use it with my friends".

I would have giving them a standing ovation had they placed Barbara on front street by simply saying, "Barabara you know d___ well how offensive that word is and for you to continue to say it over and over again, you've proven your ignorance just as the rest of the folks that use it." Instead of that...I can use but you can't...what a failed example you both are. Now look how you're perceived!

Sistah's in the media have got to start thinking wisely and quickly on their feet when dealing with devils!


Thanks, Nonijuice,

Just came across this movie link and forum. Read some of the posts from BM, and I thought "here the f___k we go again". I read part of the "letter from the most tired BM,etc." and frankly, it sounded just like the movie clip. Another BM "angel" who is dealing with the BW "devil".

Give me a f____g break. Please.

I never met a single BM or BW angel so can the crap. Let's keep it real. If you're with a man or woman who's treating your a__ like s___ and getting away with it, seems to me there are TWO people with head problems.

My concern is that this movie will provoke more BW bashing and in turn provoke more BM-bashing, which we sure as hell don't need. D____, I ask this question on black voices and just in general--what kind of MEN put down their own race of women? And vice versa??

On the other hand, I hope this movie -- whether it is credible or NOT -- provokes us to have more HONEST dialogue about our problems. Alright, Terry McMillan did her thing, now this brother did his. Now, let's stop the Hollywood drama when it comes to our REAL lives and deal with the REAL problems.

The funniest thing is if WE didn't care so much, we wouldn't STILL be having this conversation. This issue would have died a long time ago and everybody would have just said, "f___ it" and moved on and done their own thing. The fact that MOST BM & BW are still asking these questions prove that deep down we STILL CARE.

MOST BM still want BW and MOST BW still want BM. We just have to figure out a way to break the "generational curse" that has plagued us since slavery and be WILLING to do the hard work necessary to FIX THINGS.

I'm lucky as h___ to have a wonderful loving beautiful BW who's dirty drawers I crave! Can't nobody take the place of a sister--sorry--and I am so D___ GLAD i got the good damn sense to know it! BW-bashers, don't hate on this brotha, 'cause BLACK LOVE is the tastiest, most satisfying love of all!


Anarkis-EbenFlow19 minutes agoin reply to soultry-soul
Even though I'm kinda liberal with the word behind closed doors...

I agree...

They should have put an example out there instead of giving white people the "well you say it too" excuse.

As a Black person, you should not have to EXPLAIN to a white person WHY the word is a bit confrontational when used in front of us... and on air on top of that


I'm not terribly interested in seeing Marxism come to America, though there will always be some Americans who are Marxists.
I am inerested in seeing a cooperative democratic and post-capitalist society in America.
That CAN happen, and quite possibly the only alternative to that is fascism. The electronic revolution means that labor is becoming obsolete to the production of wealth for the capitalists. Hence they have no great need to allow a stable working class where there is no stable employment. The survival of working people is not longer a necessity for capitalism. When labor replacing technology which, unlike the labor saving technology of the past, does away with labor then the rich will take the atttitude" Let them eat cake!"
The whole former contract with working people which recognized workers rights to collective bargaining as well a decent wages and working conditions, is no longer on the table.
As you no longer need people educated for non-existent jobs, education is gutted.
And ss welfare, which originally meant a safety net provided until temporarily displaced could get back on their feet has no value if worked is being abolished, it and other forms of social legislation are don away with as well.
But since people will not simply lay down and die, since they will eventually fight back--witness the anti-Wall Street revolt!--RERPESSIVE measures will have to be taken. The Patriot Act and otheer measure, whatever the justification offered, mainly prepare the way for fascistic repression.
I think that only a democraic cooperative society, based on a cooperative postcapitalist economy, can save American freedom and save us from universal destitution and political tyranny.


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