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More news in late January 2012

This is the full speech, a rare find of Dr King addressing the National Association of TV and Radio Announcers (NATRA).. here King talks about the important role Black radio played in furthering the Civil Rights struggle.. He also drops gems that many associate with his famous Transforming a Neighborhood Into a Brotherhood speech.. This is the Dr King that has been hidden from us and downplayed..He's on point with both his analysis and spirit.. He talks about how white folks were given free land when they moved out west while the sons and daughters of slaves were left penniless via Jim Crow laws and other forms of discrimination thus putting us far behind.. This is an incredible speech..$22-trillion-Social-Security-surplus-revealed-on-C-SPAN


Well...I don't recall that Sina said that Blacks are in control of the global economy. I think he DID say that that it's IRELEVANT that whites enslaved by Turks or Barbary traders were subject to racialized bondage. That I do find incredible. The racial caste systems whose effects are still with us in the Americas, had its origin in racial slavery. The superexploitation and dispossession of Blacks even TODAY, not to mention the racial injustices of the police and judiciary, would probably not exist had racialized slavery never happened. Even the difficulties in united Black and white poor workers--which I'd hope ALL we progressives desire and which Sina continuously emphasizes--would not be so problematic were it not for the racial caste that began in slavery and continued to deform social relations ever since. It is precisely the RACIAL dimension of slavery that Alexis de Tocqueville saw as so especilly insidious in America, and which differentiates it from ancient slavery. Even now the maleficent fruits of that system is one of the firmest pillars of economic exploitation and imperialism. And I've not even spoken of the emotional or psychological impact of all this upon racialized slaves and their descendants.



LOL! I suspect Condi Rice would have to conceal her right wing political commitments to pull that off. In most cases, Black conservatives seem to lose even to white liberals when it comes to the Black vote. What some Republicans ahve done is to run a black conservative against a black liberal. They even sent a black conservative from Maryland (forget his name) against Obama for the senate seat in Illinois. Obama buried him. What is the name of the black conservative? I'm just glad he's no longer in Maryland. In Michigan, during the late 1980s, Republicans ran a Black conservative against a white liberal for the governor's seat. BAD MOVE! The white liberal got the vast majority of the Black voter AND the white votes. (Maybe Blacks didn't want to vote conservative, and whites weren't about to vote for a black). Really, I don't think most people have much insight into how black political culture works. Of course, the culture may change as the CLASS DIVIDE within Black America widens



My Responses to Dr. King bashers:

Dr. King rejected Communism. I think he was right on many thing. Also, Dr. King believed in the growth of black businesses and black community resources. Also, he isn't a Jewish zombie. He said in that speech that black people shouldn't be ashamed of their heritage period. Also, tons of black people are free and calling for economic justice isn't a sin. See, reactionary rhetoric (under the guise of religiousity) has been the true enemy of black people.
Jefferson, LBJ, JFK, RFK, FDR, Clinton, and tons of world leaders were adulterers. So, what's your point?


If all government programs are evil, why was the Interstate highway, the interstate train system, and other likeminded programs have been successes. Government itself isn't the problem. Corporate influence and corrupt government are the real problems. Dr. King believed that equality should be realized by developmental programs and ending barriers of discrimination, not trying to force equal outcomes. That is why he developed programs to help human beings. This is 2012.
Before Malcolm X died, he respect Dr. King for his fight for black people to gain voting rights in 1965. Malcolm X also supported the desegregation efforts in NYC. So, MLK and King were very similar in ideologies excluding nonviolence. I believe Malcolm X was more accurate than Dr. King on the question of nonviolence.


Dr. King didn't say that being black was superior. He said that he is black and beautiful simply. Why are some of you reactionary white people not understanding that. He never said that he was superior to white people. He said simply that black people have the right to not be ashamed of their heritage. Yes, we blacks aren't going along with accepting the denial of our blackness to suit your views (or interpretations of what we ought to act like).

He was a doctor and recieved honorary doctorates nationwide. No one is on your back. You made controversial comments in a forum. People have the right to respond to you. Dr. King respected decent Jews and Arabs. He rejected bigotry. People care what he say since much of what he spoke was accurate. Louis Farrakhan is right on many things. I give you credit for that, but he's wrong on other things as well. Some white people are decent and others aren't.


Also, Jews didn't put Dr. King on some pedestal. He first worked to benefit his own people in cogent avenues. Also, he believed in security for Jewish people and Arabic people in the Middle East by his own words.


IwillbfreeModerator2 days agoin reply to Lexe
As a matter of Truth, the ORIGINAL PEOPLE WERE BLACK!

Black African people have been known to Poland for centuries. However, Poland's lack of colonies in Africa combined with the non-existence of slavery meant that the only Black people were free immigrants who came of their own will. In the interwar period of the 1920s and 1930's there were only a handful of Black people in Poland, most of whom resided in the capital city of Warsaw. These individuals were primarily immigrants from former German colonies of German East Africa, Cameroon and South-West Africa, as well as South Africans who had prospects for a better life in Poland.

Following World War II, the communist ideals of the People's Republic of Poland lured fellow communists and refugees from areas such as Angola, Cuba and Zaire. After the fall of communism, Poland became a destination of faith for many refugees escaping from famine and war in Africa.

Following Poland's joining the European Union, the country experienced a surge of immigrants from poorer regions of the world, including Africa. Poland's strong economy, high Human Development Index, good infrastructure, and job opportunities to foreigners have been the driving force behind this new migration pattern. The majority of these new immigrants have come as refugees from Nigeria and Cameroon, as well as a small group of entertainers and entrepreneurs from the United States.

Since the fall of Communism in Poland, Black African footballers have started to establish themselves in the country. Notable amongst these Black African footballers is the Nigerian-born striker Emmanuel Olisadebe, who is a naturalised Pole and plays for the national team.

I used to work with a polish guy and he said, that Black blood ran through their veins!!!



SimplyComplex_87Moderator12 hours ago
Gabriel didn't even want black babies in the first place, so it doesn't surprise me that he would have no regard for his daughter's safety or well-being. he has a deep hatred for her black side!

how ironic...Halle thought the brothas weren't s______, but this white man is dragging her through hell...

Until quite recently the 1% was 100% WHITE. Today, it's ALMOST 100% white, with Black and Brown admixtures. But that's not so bewildering to me. As far back as 1960, Frantz Fanon's analysis of colonial and neocolonial imperialism showed, that while that while most exploiters are white, exploitation can wear a black face as well as a white one. The "postcolonial " history of Africa and Asia, and post-1960s history of Black and Brown America offers and abundance of proof for that. The 1% is the 1%. Death to the plutocracy! (

Come to think of it, most politicians are handmaidens of the 1%. Both political parties are subservient to corporate money and interets; the Republicans are simply more obviously so. They have no progressive or disadvantaged constituency that they must try to placate while kissing up to the rich. Hence the Republicans openly attack rights of workers, and Obama gives only tepid lip service in defense of workers. Republicans reject even the idea of universal health care, and insist on keeping the dictatorship of the corporate elite over health care. Obama SAYS he's for universal health care, but offers a watered down package which offers a few things we didn't have before (for liberals must concede SOMETHING to workers and poor) but leave CORPORATE control intact...and he compromises away even the public option (though partly under pressure from rightwing blue dog dems). The 1% are mainly those operating things behind the scenes. Poliicians put on a show.




She sucked 1/2 of New Jersey by the time he was in junior high so she shouldn't act like she was better. He seems slow & she seems like a slut. They fit each other just fine.
As women of color we need to quit supporting these self hating black men who turn around to sniff up in Missy Ann's behind. Quit taking your hard earned money to support their music, movies, or sports.

Racist w_____....It is one thing to go off on an ex lover and make them feel like s____, even though something tells me he really isn't caring about what she is saying, it is a totally different thing to go talk s____ and spew racist remarks while doing so.

If she really wasn't hurt or didn't give a d____ she would not be talking, period. Why wait so long to bring this old s____ back up. It seems she is using his name for ratings.

I wish he would call her out, but I have a feeling she has some dirt on him so he will play it cool. Her jealousy for Ciara is so obvious it isn't funny.

Odd how she pointed out he doesn't do any drugs, we all saw the video of him snorting up the booger sugar, or am i the only one that remembers that.
My issue with 50 is that he can come for any and every Black person; all he has to do is to perceive that he is being disrespected to come for that said Black person. However, when this white horse-faced broad disrespects you on the phone and reiterates the disrespect on a syndicated radio show, now 50 has nothing to say. This is schucking and jiving at its best, and this is what happens when you put white folks on a pedestal. Oh yeah, this is also Karma for putting Vivica on blast and making it look as if she was some random groupie stalking him.
-Tanya Stephens
and people wonder why Nick went in on this b____ for talking about his wife.. She's not funny.
What a surprise, NOT. I called Chelsea Handler out when she went on that racist rant about Beyonce imitating a sista girl(rolling her neck and using ebonics). Most of the posters on this board and the blogs thought she was hilarious when she did that but I know a racist when I see one.

I find it funny now that she's dissed 50 all of the sudden everybody is calling her out. The fact that Beyonce is hated that much to where black folks would co-sign a racist is pathetic in itself but then again some black folks are brainwashed anyways.

As for Chelsea, I never liked her comedy and was skeptical about her fascination with black men. The audacity of this h___ (with her looks) to imply she's to good for a black man is bold. However, I'm glad her true feelings have been revealed because now maybe black people would stop co-signing her b___________. SMH.

And yes, I'm laughing at all of it because while Chelsea isn't funny 50 cent deserves to be put on blast. This man will shuck and jive, tap dance, and brown nose when it comes to white folks but then turn around and diss his own people in a heartbeat. This is just karma for the way he did Vivica. The man is despicable and childish.



Shangri LaModerator17 hours agoin reply to TimH
On the contrary--Black people are blamed by many uneducated racist white people for their hardships, although this country was brutally established to do nothing but favor whites and to spread racism against people of color, especially black people. Although some white folks like yourself like to make stuff up to make yourselves feel better, it is still the truth that whites are the largest recipients of welfare, affirmative action and food stamps. You are favored in employment, loans and opportunity in general. Many successful black people have had to deal w/ a lot of racism to get to where they are, whether they are afraid to admit it or not. There are more white people blaming black people for their misery, than black people are complaining about them.

White folks, like yourself, are really nothing more than jealous and upset because of the accomplishments of black people in this country, in spite of people who say and do things to try to keep us down. Many whites are jealous and upset because they don't realize the contributions that black people have made is what made this country so create and actually believe the lies told in history lessons which also end with white people the hero, when they were generally the villains and took everything from people of color who were always willing to share. There are some whites who do know the value and talent of black people, but just hate to give us credit for our accomplishments.

Haley is just a dumb, greedy person who actually thinks she's something big. She's nothing more than an idiot racist and rather than fight for justice, she'd rather bow down and be a racist side kick who people who hate her too. Lot's of dumb people of all hues and most w/o any hue, think like her. As soon as the racists have no use for her, she will be begging for the help of black people.

What you say is nothing new or interesting. Just more ridiculous racist jive talkin'.

FYI: unless your a a part of the 1%, you will be very sorry if the republicans win. Although you are not educated to the fact that black people are used to struggling for survival in this country, you will find yourself asking us black people how to do it in order to help yourself. You won't care for Romney, Paul, Newton Leroy or crazy Santorum if they win. Based on the way you think, you will be so disenfranchised, you will begin to think you are black (haha).
whowantz2knoModerator10 hours ago
For some reason, the older generations let the younger generations of black people fall fast asleep to this racism. Such a shame, I talk to quite a few young people that really don't think racism is alive and well until they are knocked out cold by it. We need to stop all this false 'Post-Racial-Era' foolishness and teach these youths what's really going on, has been going on and will continue to go on as long as we forever battle to live among whites.....

"...And I don't even remember what I said to him" Sure you don't Chels.

"He couldn't even swim" I guess she thought she was "low" with that. I actually had no idea she was racist prior to hearing this interview.



  1. Kushite Prince Says:
  2. Great article. I agree with you. Justin is never mentioned. He always gets a pass. I remember when the Super Bowl incident happened he said in an interview that he was just as surprised as everyone else. Are you kidding me?lol This guy is a joke! Of course they lay the blame on the black woman. I remember when Justin used to wear cornrows in his hair. They lave to imitate black culture,slang and music. But when the sh*t hits the fan—they go back to being white again!lol
  3. Karla Holland Says:
    Excellent thoughts.
    This made me think a little more: Remember when the Osmonds came out to rival the Jacksons? Or when Vanilla Ice was made to dress like MC Hammer? I’ve always suspected that people like Britney and JT were promoted in efforts to replace MJ and JJ with White dopplegangers. This goes back to the 1950s when Music was stolen from black singers and “covered” by white artists to play on white stations. It’ll never end.
  4. hello kudos to your recent shows. you’re correct on steve tyler.i’m not on facebook,however i do remember the whole 04 super bowl fiasco. i remember when justin was asked he stated “it was her idea”. never mind he grab her clothing and exposed her,it was his song they were performing yet due to racism the focus became on her. also in 04 we had a 2nd act of sexual aggression . remember the monday night football pre opening skit with white fem actress nicolette sheridan and nfl black athlete terell owens. even though this was a supposed skit. the white fem is the aggressor/sex assaulter. the black male is the victim. however its terell owens having to apologize for this controversy not nicole. plus you had a white blonde fem named nicole in the arms of a black nfl player(does this ring a bell). in 2012 more emphasis on the true aggresor(whites) and see the victims(black) as victims.

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