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Euro-Christianity is NOT Shemitic- Nor is it African

Although Euro-Chritianity refers to the Hebrew Bible [mainly the so-called New Testament which much / most of it wasn't even written in Hebrew], the establishment of what we now know as the Christian Church [IE: Roman Catholicism] was formulated under the auspices of Roman Emperor Constantine & his mama Helena- circa 325 ACE at the Council of Nicaea [FYI: Constantine &/or his mama Helena sanctioned the building the 3 Great Christian Churches of antiquity IE: Church of the 'Holy Sepulcre {which most likely is NOT the actually tomb of Yeshua the Nazorean}, Church of the Nativity & St Peter's Basilica at Vatican City- ROME]. The whole point of the Council of Nicaea was, to officially establish Christianity [IE: Roman Catholicism] as the Roman Empire's State controlled religion & to SEVER all Ties of Euro-Christian Doctrine from its Hebraic roots [thus effectively severing it from historical reality]. From this point on, as you indicate, ROMAN Catholicism [the Mother of ALL other Euro-Christian Churches] was essentially a Euro-concept w a bit of a Hebraic flavor.
Ancient Hamitic-Semite [KHamitic-Shemitic] languages & cultures IS Also referred to as AFRO-Asiatic - so what about the ancient people who spoke these AFRO-Asiatic Languages & practiced these AFRO-Asiatic cultures! Although many today use the term so-called 'Mid-Eastern'- actually the term Mid-East has no ancient historical & cultural roots. This term was invented by the British East India Co circa 1860ACE about the time of the building of the Suez Canal & was later popularized by an Anglo-American Naval strategist for US & UK geo-political interests in the region - in conjunction w what UK geo-polical strategists termed the 'Great Game' Strategy. Look at a map of the so-called 'Mid-East' & you'll see that the Sinai is part of Egypt [aka: Ancient KHem- whose Biblical fore-father was KHam], Yet Egypt is in Africa so does it make historical & geographical sense that the North-Eastern tip of Eygpt is some place else other than Africa? - Especially when the Suez Canal was only built about 150yrs ago?! And is not southen Israel-Palestine connected to the Sinai? But Maybe you may want to Wikipedia the Great Rift Valley [aka the Great Syrian-AFRICAN Rift], to further establish this point! But if you have some difficulty w the implications of the term AFRO-Asiatic- consider that the so-called 'Middle-East' is sandwiched between Africa [Africans are/were predominately Black & Brown folk w woolly hair] & India [Indians were/are predominately Black & Brown folk w straight jet black hair- {& further note that most indigenous people of South Asia & Australia / New Zealand were/are Black or Brown skinned folk w straight or curly jet black hair]. So what do you think the Ancient peoples in this region between Africa & India probably looked like?!


"Levin then in-effect blew the whistle on O-Bomb-em when he said that he was going to put in an exemption for indefinite military detentions for US Citizens BUT the OBAMA Regime insisted that it be removed & threatened to Veto it IF those protections for US Citizens were NOT REMOVED!"
Carl Levin, is the SOLE-SPONSOR of the NDAA... Obama is a puppet.
Money Power
• Ben Shalom Bernanke, (Chairman of the Federal Reserve) • Lloyd Blankfein, (CEO of Goldman Sachs) • Jamie Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan Chase) • Jacob Rothschild (Largest shareholder of the Federal Reserve.)
These people print the money (at interest) that the US military is dependent on for waging their ceaseless wars on Islam and other countries around the globe.
Legislative & Surveillance Power
• Senator Joseph Lieberman, (Chairs the Senate Committee for Homeland Security) • Michael Chertoff, former Head of Homeland Security) • Senator Carl Levin (Head of the Senate Armed Service Committee and sponsor of NDAA allowing “indefinite detention” of US citizens) • Diane Feinstein (Chairs the Senate Committee on Intelligence.) • Howard Berman and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen co-chair the House Foreign Affairs Committee • Jane Harman co-chair the House Intelligence Committees
These people run our FEMA concentration camps. Both Berman and Ros-Lehtinen are clamoring for war with Iran. (The Body Bag industry BOOMS as Americans DIE… Congress does not send their own sons and daughters to fight their wars.)
Propaganda Power
• Sumner Redstone (CEO of CBS, born, Murray Rothstein) • Robert Iger (CEO of ABC) • Brian Roberts (CEO of NBC) • Edgar Bronfman, Jr (CEO of Time Warner/CNN.) Rupert Murdoch (News Corp)
These people tell us who to vote for


I Get Your Point But It Does NOT Negate My Point...

Whether O-Bomb-em is just a puppet, is managing this Charade or is in on together w the puppet masters - is in my opinion besides the point. The point is he was NEVER really against this US Police State Act, & LIED when he said he would veto it!
This move toward a police state has been ongoing since even before Reagan / Mr CIA Skull{duggery}& Bones Bush Sr / Darth Vader Cheney & Rumsfeld's institution of COG [Continuity of Gov't] measures. We can go back to Gay Edgar's COINTELPRO, - Eisenhower's warning about the MIISC & JFK's assassination, or to Truman's authorizing the CIA, or to FDR's mass detention of Japanese Americans on the US' West coast, & certainly Wilson's draconian laws to spy on, silence, & Round up WWI dissenters.
I refer again to Mike Pirsch's Oct 2011 article here @ BAR: 'The US Is a FASCIST State Because It IS [& always has been] RACIST!'


I've always said that that once the Anglo/"Zionist" mafia (familia) in US/UK/ISRAEL tries to subject other white people to stop & frisk, forced inoculations, chemical & biological warfare (air,water,drugs,food we eat), attack on the white family structure, feminization of their males, and JAIL for some of their more aggressive males (so they won't start thinking about opposing the Anglo/"Zionist" mafia that our women are enslaved to).
Obama Signs Martial Law Bill: NDAA Now Law
Why is this website promoting the Zionist-
Leftist toppling of Kabila when he is clearly the uppity candidate opposing western backed enviromentalist trying to halt Africa development and infrastructure...


Fact 7. King called America the greatest purveyor of evil because of their persistant engaging in war. I think it's safe to assume he would feel the same today and would view Obama as nothing more than a War lord who has sold out the poor at EVERY TURN!!!

Note by Me: He is right that any non-black person trying to harm black people are an enemy. Yet, if a non-black person (who wants justice and so forth) just is living their lives with non-interference with a black person's life or interests, then I have no issue with that non-black person. That person is not my enemy. I don't hate a non-black person that desires harmony, justice, equality. and peace. I believe in loving my neighbor as myself. He is right to say that pan-Africanism is an important goal that all black people should embrace. We should all oppose white supremacy in all of its devices.

By Timothy

Tell No Lies, Claim No Easy Victories!

Nigeria has three refineries, all owned by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company, NNPC. The Nigerian government has announced its intention to sell 51% of each of the refineries in 2004.
  • Kaduna refinery in northern Nigeria was built in 1980 with a capacity of 5.5 million mt/yr (110,000 b/d). A Lube Baseoil plant was added in 1982, and an LAB plant in 1987.
  • Warri refinery in the south central region was built in 1978 with a capacity of 6.2 million mt/yr (125,000 b/d). A Carbon Black plant and a Polypropylene plant were added in 1986.
  • Port Harcourt refinery in the southeast is made up of two refineries, built in 1965 and 1989. In 1993 they were merged into one, with a total capacity of 10.500 million mt/yr (210,000 b/d). The Eleme Petrochemical plant, which was built adjacent to the Port Harcourt refinery in 1995, has an Olefin production capacity of 483,000 mt/yr, a Polypropylene capacity of 80,000 mt/yr and a Polyethylene production capacity of 250,000 mt/yr.

Pan-Africanism by the contrary is growing outside and within the continent. I can point to Zimbabwe, Malema, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Sudan, Congo, Brazil, the U.S.A.,etc. all filled with young and old Black people who are marching forward and realizing who their enemies are: white, arab and asain. You may consider every story or documentary about Africans done by white people (which I suspect you are or worse a sympathizer) to be objective but any thinking black African knows that this is a ludicrous assertion.
At the same time as Amilcar Cabral said "Tell no Lies, Claim no easy victories!". We have a military and more importantly an educational dis-advantage, that is, a "Pan-African Program Oriented Education" deficiency. There is much work to be done and urgency is lacking from the billions of Black Africans who are currently on the planet even those who are Pan-africanist. Our white, asain and arab enemies are beat able but we are taking to much time to act. We must always be uncomfortable with our current state until we change it.
"Reinforce political work and propaganda within the enemy’s armed forces; Write posters, pamphlets, and letters. Draw slogans on the roads. Establish cautious links with enemy personnel who want to contact us. Act audaciously and with great initiative in this way … Do everything possible to help enemy soldiers to desert. Assure them of security so as to encourage their desertion."

Amilcar Cabral


Note by Me: I don't believe that every IR is like that, but some IRs are superficial or based on lust, self hatred, and deception. Human relationships are not monolithic or static. To make the world a better place, sometimes it's necessary to show controversial views. In that fashion, reconcilliation and radical reforms can be created as a product of authentic discussions.

By Timothy

On Terrence Howard:

He was a n____ to her before she married him. I said it before that these black man/white women unions are based on fulfilling the insecure need of some black men and the greed of some white women , there is no substance only superficiality to these unions and all Black men know this is true.                      



babyboy119Moderator18 hours ago
Several witnesses confirmed that the sign was posted, and the landlord indicated that she posted it because the girl used chemicals in her hair that would make the pool “cloudy,” according to the commission....

and that's why so many white ppl have lice...

poor excuse, you racist prick, you just didn't want any "minorities" in your pool. i'd respect you more if you were to just come out and say it instead of trying to not appear to be racist. i got a lil newsflash for ya... when you open a public area and restrict it to everybody but one group based on the color of a person's skin... YOU ARE RACIST!!!



Europe’s first historian, Herodotus said, “the Egyptians, Colchians, and Ethiopians have thick lips, and broad nose, woolly hair and they are of burnt skin.”...Not only did he describe them as having "Negroid" features, but also included them with other groups we know were black, and still consider them black to this day.....
  • Islam did not abolish slavery, as a matter of fact, there was a slave trade ran by Arabs going East from the Horn to the Middle East and into Asia..... also I'll sum it up like this.....Europe’s first historian, Herodotus said, “the Egyptians, Colchians, and Ethiopians have thick lips, and broad nose, woolly hair and they are of burnt skin.”.... He's the one Europeans call the "Father of History" and was a contemporary of Egypt in those times...

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    The Messenger

    Oct 23 2010, 12:09 AM

    Look for you a spiritual woman that has God in her life, and don't get hung up on her outer apperance
    You are right about that



    I am not buying into the de-racializing of this situation. There is a big difference between being priced out of an area or being removed from it by being jailed for years on trumped charges. Whites are not targeted by so-called stop and frisk tactics, Blacks, and to a lessor degree, Latinos are. Jail time in this country makes one a permanently unemployable paraiah who cannot even vote in many states. It also makes one unable to support a family, thus making others vulnerable to being sucked into and victimized by other arms of the system. Many Whites who hate gentrifiation (when it doesn't benefit them) are in love with "stop and frisk" and with other forms of police harrassment and with the politicians who keep bringing them more and more forms of authoritarianism in the name of order.


    Black Panthers Social [IE Breakfast] Prog Not Often Acknowledged

    This article brings up a good point about how the Black Panthers' Social Prog [IE: medical & breakfast for school kids prog] is not as often studied, analyzed, or even noted- as their more so-called 'militant / radical' political positions.
    The Late Chairman of Chicago's Black Panthers- Fred Hampton, was well known in Chicago, before his notorious assassination on Dec 4 1969 by the hands of the FBI & CPD, for the Chicago Black Panthers' Breakfast program for poor Black school kids. In fact prior to the FBI / CPD hit on Hampton, CPD raids on Chicago Black Panther offices specifically targeted- confiscated &/or destroyed food stocks that Hampton's Chicago Panthers had obtained specifically for their Breakfast for Chicago school kids prog.


    DandelionModerator2 hours agoin reply to Shariese Hurd
    Republicans either ignore us or offend us.


    dzil 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand

    How can any American who don't agree with cutting/gutting Social security/Medicare, the core of Ryans Plan for PRIVATIZATION, Stuffing the Pockets of Health Insurance Giants/executives 1%, while sending Americans to their ,graves, as fast as they can, while laughing all the way to the BANK, agree, with Huntsman now.

    NearFuture wrote:

    Now thats a BRILLIANT IDEA. I agree, if we reinvent the black stereotypes and make them positive in our favor, changing the thug into the scholar, and the ghetto woman into the graduate we can really make a difference.
    This is a good idea, but we shouldn't just talk about it, we should make it happen starting from now.
    This message should be put out to as many positive blacks as possible such as Black film makers, producers, Musicians, Rappers actors and so on to portray this type of positive image for our youngsters.

    There are also many black men and women who have succeeded in professional areas like science, medicine, technology and so on, we must make these people more visible to the young blacks of today, promote our young geniuses to encourage more to show their intelligence instead of hiding it because of hip hop culture!

    We need to utilise black people who are in positions to speak up for us, or we must utilise black celebs and black people who are in positions of authority in our communities and get them to help promote positivity amongst our people to combat the racist media stereotypes of black people!

    -The Revolutionist


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