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Tidbits and Facts in 2012


Note by Me: I don't believe that Herman Cain is a total Uncle Tom. I think Herman Cain has a chance to wake up. I do believe that Herman Cain is brainwashed about certain issues relating to race, poverty, and likeminded issues though. I believe that he's dead wrong about those issues. He's being used by reactionaries in order for the reactionaries to promote poor-bashing, race-baiting rhetoric, and a myraid of other anti-poor rhetoric in the American political landscape. Real Uncle Toms are people like Jesse Lee Peterson, the person who set up Fred Hampton, and Pastor Manning, no doubt.

By Timothy





kissypop wrote:

Hello NearFuture,
I have been studying African History for about a year or so. There is so much more I need to learn. Thus far, the most intriguing information I have received was about a man named Mansa Musa.

He was in America hundreds of years before Columbus, the historical fraud and embarassment that has graced the American history textbooks.
I would like to find a book about him to buy for my little brother, as a Christmas gift (though I'm rethinking celebrating Christmas once I'm on my own).
Yes, truly one of the greatest and wealthiest BLACK AFRICAN rulers in history. He had a plan for his people to never be in poverty and I'm sure it was paradise. He actually put Egypts whole economy out of whack for a while when he gave away gold on his pilgrimage. We should all learn a bit from his example of leadership. A real role model.

-Near Future


TDL wrote:
I love seeing little black kids who look up to me...for some unknown reason without even knowing me...maybe bc I am taller than them and an adult but anyway...I like being able to tell them how beautiful they are and how they have so much potential. Who knows the last time they were told such things, or if they would ever hear it from anyone?
Always makes them smile and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
We should always make it a point to encourage our young children, just the other day my friend told this neighborhood kid who had his trumpet case at his side. To play trumpet all through highschool and never give up, don't care about what anyone says about it and you'll be successful. He looked like he listened that's all we can do, hope they listen...

-Near Future



NearFuture wrote:
I've thought over things and instead of blacks making multiple positive black threads we should try and just talk about all things positive and black here. I think it would be better because obviously everyone is not going to go around looking for positive black threads to find and post on and very few will be talked about any how. I see this thread going to the top because we can talk about multiple positive black things all at once and the subject can change at any time keeping this thread alive.
But it is EXTREMELY important that we give no attention to racists and trolls, their posts are invisible on this thread. they are not worth it.
Now one thing I have noticed is that many blacks never actually learn about African history. We are mainly taught only about the slave trade and the hardships afterward or the apartheid. We never learn much about the great ancient African civilizations besides Egypt(Kush)like Mali. I find it funny because after studying some of the ancient African civilizations they break all of the stereotypes that are associated with blacks now. The stereotype of blacks being poor is thwartred by the fact that Mali was one of the richest Kingdoms of its time, and all of its residents had high amounts of wealth. The Africans living mainly in mudhuts stereotype is destroyed by the fact that civilizations in ancient Nigeria had various styles of architecture that were massive and their civilizations had outer walls for protection that were as high as 70 feet, not to mention African tribes such as the bushmen and masai account for an etremely small part of Africa yet when we think of Africa (yes us blacks do this too) we think of black people wearing loin cloths living in huts with spears. The stereotype of blacks being "genetically" violent is bashed by the fact that the African civilization of Mali abhorred violence. And the infamous stereotype I hear all of the time that blacks are ignorant is immediately dismissed by the fact that blacks made some of the most intricate and well constrructed civilizations in history, and created Timbuktu the educational center of that time period that held thousands of books filled with all types of information on math and sciences for black students. And all of these facts together destroy the most notorious black stereotype of all; that blacks have no history and they contributed nothing to society. We are really doing ourselves a disservice in not learning our true worth and potential on this great Earth. What I'm trying to say is if our African ancestors who come from a time without modern technology can create and develop these great structures and keep honorable values, we most definantely should be able to pull our true potential and lead ourselves out of this perpetual state of oppression. So my question to you is how do you think blacks can tap into this potential that our ancestors displayed outwardly and gave them some of the greatest civilizations on Earth? How do we hel pother blacks realize that without our history to show us that we can be better than we will fall for the same traps? andhow do we get our young people interested in these things?


MACookModerator1 day ago
In my opinion, America was born and conceived in racism: from slavery, to the near annihilation of the American Indian, to the subtle biasness of the political climate of today. Moreover, racism continues to exist as a form of cultural and socioeconomic segregation in our country. Due to the inherent nature of racism, we as a people have unfortunately become somewhat desensitized concerning such issues.

But let us not be misled. Politicians that make racist comments do so because they are racist. I also believe that racist politicians do not necessarily perceive themselves as racist, despite their apathetic remarks about minorities—former Alabama governor; Governor George Wallace didn’t view himself as a racist either.

On account of the high degree and excessiveness of racist remarks, bias implication, and insinuations of bigotry that has come out of the mouths of Republican and Tea Party politicians since President Obama was elected, I cannot help but wonder whether I am the only one with this opinion.
scott mathesonModerator1 day agoin reply to MACook
Your comments are spot on.As a White Canadian Male I watched the election process of President Obama with interest and with a true sense of "Hope" for the future of human relations and the evolution of a fair and just society.It is with a sense of sadness and disgust that I have witnessed the unbelievably petty,base and partisan attacks on this President by the GOP.I have lived 53 years now and have never seen another politician so willing to meet his opposition halfway(at least). Obama has been bending over backwards to accommodate the radical right and all he has ever gotten in return is the back of their hands and stupid labels like "Chicago Style Politics". As you stated,the only thing that matters to Republicans is making Obama a one term President-America be damned. Well Americans should remember this when they go to the polls and consign the conservatives to the dustbin of history.
sharonModerator1 day agoin reply to Dandelion

Awax_MujihaadModerator2 months ago
Im glad the young sister's are on there. Wish Garvey would've been. He gets NO WHERE NEAR the recognition he deserves


KhalidXModerator1 day ago
Genetic tests carried out by British scientists have revealed that many of the Lemba tribesmen in southern Africa have Jewish origins, according to a report by the BBC. The Lemba, a tribe of 70,000 to 80,000 members who live in central Zimbabwe and northern South Africa, have customs which are similar to Jewish ones: Lemba refrain from eating pork or other foods forbidden by the Torah, or forbidden combinations of permitted foods, wear yarmulke-like skull caps, conduct ritual animal slaughter, have a holy day once a week, and even put a Star of David on their gravestones. According to their oral tradition, the Lemba are descended from seven Jewish men who left Israel 2,500 years ago and married African women, according to the BBC. The Lemba prefer their children to marry other Lembas, and marriage to non-Lembas is being discouraged.

Their sacred prayer language is a mixture of Hebrew and Arabic. Their religious artifact is a replica of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant known as the ‘ngoma lungundu’, meaning "the drum that thunders.” The object went on display recently at a museum in Harare, Zimbabwe, and has instilled pride in many of the Lemba. They say the ark was built almost 700 years ago from the remains of the original ark, which according to the Bible was used to store the Ten Commandments. For decades, the ancient vessel was thought to be lost until it was discovered in a storeroom in Harare recently.

Members of the priestly clan of the Lemba, the Buba – which is one of 12 clans – have a genetic element also found among the Jewish priestly line, known as Kohanim. "This was amazing," Professor Tudor Parfitt from the University of London told the BBC. "It looks as if the Jewish priesthood continued in the West by people called Cohen, and in same way it was continued by the priestly clan of the Lemba.”
bozino wrote:

You missed the point viceroy. It does not matter what Ronnie Paul's views on race are. He is not a Democrat, and therefore will not receive Negro votes in the election. None of the other Republican candidates will either. Barack Obama being a Negro will garner him an even higher percentage of the vote than usual. Negroes vote as a bloc for the Democratic Party because they have promised to continue the nanny state that rewards their sloth. Racist appeal has absolutely nothing to do with it other than furnish Negroes with a convenient excuse to continue their voting pattern for Democrats, which is why as a people they are basically enslaved. The slave mentality is an extremely difficult demon to exorcise my lord.

Let's eee. Blacks in Maryland (my parents included) voted--Yikes!--for Spiros Agnew in 1964 simply because Democrat Mahoney was a segregationist. But also voted for Democrat Lyndon Johnson because they saw Barry Goldwater as at least aiding and abetting racism and segregation.(On the basis of conservative principles similar to those of Ron Paul, Barry Goldwater opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, drawing legions of reactionaries and racists to the Republican side. Hence, over 90% of our parents voted Democrat).
In the late 1980s, early in my academic career, a white Republican conservative found himself bent out of shape when a conservative Black lost the Black vote by a LANDSLIDE to liberal white Democrat for the governor's race in Michigan.
Fact is, your Republicans blew it! They decided on the so-called Southern strategy. And Ronald Reagan appeal to racist sentiments in his 1980s campaign.
As late as the 1960s, REpublicans (who won the majority of Black votes when they were more left of center than Democrats) were capable of winning 20--30% of Black vote.
And yes, most African-Americans--despite our deplorable cultural conservatism--are at least moderately liberal, and often left of liberal in political and economic values and philosophies.
If we were 80% of the population, and with basically the same political values, America might look more like of those "nanny states" whose quality of life and education and health care on average is well above the level of the USA.
Unfortunately, until the improved education had time to take its affect, we might also have school prayer and restrictions on such matters a gay rights, or at least gay marriage.
But after a generation, a better educated population would outgrow such prejudices also.
But the slave mentality which allows many poor and middle class whites to vote for their ENEMIES--for example, those working class whites who voted for Scott Walker only to have their collective bargaining rights abolished--that is a toxic and self-destructive attitude very hard to break. Some of them may even vote for Walker BECAUSE of those racist articles, just as some white supremacists voted for Goldwater BECAUSE of his opposition to civil rights.
Quel dommage
Oh I agree 100%. However, Republicans are the focus of this article. :)

  • Yeah your right,they would never come face to face like a man,they are snakes in the grass, they speak with forked tongue.

  • _________________
    Fox News loves exploiting uncle toms they only use them to defend their white racism its sad that some token blacks will do anything for money.How he drug up every black conservative in America. Well basically he just had to gather up all the black employees from News Corp. The guy that's missing from this cast of clowns is Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks.

    Black, Yet Never Incarcerated!!!

    @ Janae,
    Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop’s life story is just as fascinating as his writings. He earned his Ph.D. in 1960 from the University of Paris by writing a dissertation that PROVED that the Ancient Egyptians were black Africans.
    With all the full color portraits and statues that the Ancient Egyptians left of themselves, one might wonder why there was any need to PROVE they were black. Racist Eurocentric historians during the time of European colonialism, apartheid, and racial segregation just could not swallow the fact that one of the greatest civilizations in human history was developed by black Africans. It went counter to their philosophy of the black African as a depraved, barbaric savage who was only good for physical labor and servitude.
    The images and statues of Ancient Egyptians that had dark skin, wavy, curly hair and other “Negroid” features were dismissed as being created by a black undercla$$ who lived in Egypt and who only imagined themselves in their artwork as being of a higher or even royal clas$$. Royal mummies that had unmistakable “Negroid” features were dismissed as being the occasional mixed-race person who was adopted into a royal family.



    How do some of you know how Beyonce really acted? This jerk’s own colleagues say that he’s an a**hole, and he’ll talk behind people’s back in Arabic to insult them. I know Beyonce was getting some flack from conservative Muslim groups there (he could be part of one of them.) I’ve seen his specials on Discovery, and he constantly tries to negate black Africans’ part in building the Egyptian civilation. So believe me he has no problem calling black people stupid. Some people were saying that he escorted President Obama and Alicia Keys around, but I bet he knows that they’re half white, too.



    This guy has the typical, racist Arab attitude in Egypt. Steal the black people’s history and put black people down. I can’t believe my people up here agreeing with him putting any black person down.


    Arabs up there killing the Sudanese, too. That’s why the genocide is happening in the Sudan. Black people better wake up.



    Beyonce is a smart and deep woman. She finished high school like most entertainers. Most of them didn’t go to college, either. I remember reading an article about her and it talked about how she went to an art museum to look at photographs of the Civil Rights movement. I remember reading that some fans saw Beyonce and her mom in a bookstore, and they were buying history books. Maybe she was in a rush because I know that she only had 1 day between performing in Egypt and then Greece. So if she only wanted a quick trip to Pyramids and the Sphinx, it’s nothing wrong with that. She can always go back to learn more or read about it herself. But I don’t think she ever acted disinterested, I really have a feeling that Haw***** just wanted to insult her because she’s a black woman.



    Arabs, even if they’ve some black in them, act racist towards black people sometimes. I think that this is what this was all about. He thought he could get away with insulting a black woman.

    04:05 Lady, the only problem that the left have had with school vouchers is whenever the particular school choices include a religious school. And we have a Church-State separation policy in this country, and I don't want any tax money helping or hurting a religious institution.

    MinDisRighT -The term Uncle Tom in today's society has nothing to do with the book in today's society the term stands for Uncle Ruckus and Self Black Hatred.Glenn Beck is a White Supremacist who is just exploiting these token sellout blacks Glenn Beck paid and hand picked a audience full of tokens to agree with anything he says about black people Fox News loves using token blacks to attack our real black peopleGlenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh only like fake blacks who hate their own black race

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