Thursday, February 16, 2012

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BlackHeywood Moderator 17 hours ago

I suggest all Black people watch the PBS documentary Slavery by another name.This will explain how Blacks were treated AFTER Slavery by companies and Whites who are now wealthy above imagination and how those atrocities were sanctioned by the United States Government. We owe it to ourselves to learn our history and folks I'm telling you when you view this excellent documentary you will be appalled. Slavery by Another name on PBS,it's worth watching, Black men watch this with your sons and your bois because you see what's happening now is only slightly different from what's happening now.
Thank you. I will watch that program today.
Go to the PBS website and view this ENTIRE program. Just key in SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME in the search box. The program is about 1 1/2 hours.

Great suggestion sir
I also watched it. People tend to think that when slavery ended,dirt wage white people labor entered the picture. So f_____ far from true. Black convict labor rebuilt the South after the Civil war.

From 1865 til the WWII, the South's labor output was done by BLACKS who so wrongfully were convicted on the basis of being black. Nothing new known but when you hear it from descendants of the criminals ,it penetrates deep in your heart of hearts. Great Documentary and well narrated by Fishburne.

Hatethehaterz wrote:
@ lostranger: Sounds like you are just as prejudiced and racist as the whites and South Asians you hate so much. How is stereotyping ALL South Asians as "racist" any different than when a white stereotypes all Blacks as thieves or all Mexicans as illegal immigrants, or all Muslims as terrorists?

Did South Asians ever commit genocide against Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, Palestinians, Bosnians, or Jews? Did South Asians ever invade/colonize any African nations and take a bunch of slaves? Do South Asians have any organizations similar in scale and creed to the KKK? Do South Asians make a bunch of websites dedicated to putting down other races or ethnic groups? Who runs all those anti-Black websites like n__, c__, etc.? All snow m________________.

There are also plenty of South Asians who post on this site regularly and defend Blacks and other minorities.

When you write something like "I don't want to hear no Black people standing up for other minorities." It makes me think you are a white troll. Only a snow n_____ would not want other minorities to unite against them. Whites benefit the most when non-whites fight amongst themselves.

Furthermore, if a Black, South Asian, East Asian, whatever, does ever claim sentiments such as "we don't want to defend, help, or work with other minorities, then this person is exactly the same as a white supremacist - he/she is just a supremacist of their own race/ethnicity.

Personally, I and most people here oppose racism and elitism in all its forms. It just happens to be the case that the MAJORITY of racism and elitism today comes from whites.


They always conveniently point the finger at others. They are some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet. What's good for the goose is NOT good for the gander where YT is concerned. We are forever told to turn the other cheek. These people are a real piece of work.

-A Person

Brutha...I watched that last night. I must say that as disheartening it was to watch, listen and absorb the truth of what was being taught - - I walked away with strength, my pride was not shattered because of the information I walked away with. The Author, Douglas Blackmon and the other historians did an outstanding job on presenting the information as well.

Thank you for mentioning this...


Dandelion Moderator 1 hour ago

Chuck Woolery says,

"Majority rules," he said, referring to the Proposition 8 vote in 2008. "We were born with national rights. We don't need civil rights. [African-Americans] don't need civil rights. They don't need them. They have inalienable rights granted by God in the Constitution. I mean, I'm discriminated against all the time. I don't care. It doesn't bother me. [I'm discriminated against] because I'm old."

So, there you have it. This is the voice of CONSERVATIVE AMERICA. I wonder what the CHOCOLATE COVERED WINGNUTS and the POSERS have to say about CONSERVATIVES who believe Blacks don't need OUR civil rights protected. Or better yet, the Ron Paul supporters who want him to have his way in repealing CIVIL RIGHTS because CIVIL RIGHTS infringes upon K____ freedom of discriminating against Blacks and other minorities.

To those FAKERS on the Maxine Waters article that want to dismiss her FIRST HAND ACCOUNTS of the REPUBLICAN PARTY, do y'all have any suggestions for Black people on this one? I mean besides advising us to stay OUR BLACK A____ at the house this November, and indirectly voting for the party that repeatedly says OUR BLACK A_______ don't need OUR CIVIL RIGHTS PROTECTED.


When you're Black, America has a different set of laws for you. For us, the Constitution can change anytime for any reason. Slavery never really ended.

WE HAVE NO FRIENDS. ALL WE GOT IS US. Stop the Black-on-Black crime. You're killing your only real allies. {{-_-}}
-Grandmaster Sensei
Nothing NEW...been doing that shit since the BEGINNING of time...and MOST got away with that shit, too ,SMDH.......

ONE day that shit WILL backfire real soon-YOU WATCH!!!!!
SimplyComplex_87 Moderator 13 hours ago
more shameful than the officer's actions is the fact that he was exonerated due to a "vanishing video." it seems like no matter how egregious or blatant a crime cops commit against black citizens, they will NEVER receive a punishment that is fitting enough. those who are in charge of holding cops accountable just don't's disgusting.


BlackHeywood Moderator 15 hours ago
I don't hate the police but I hate the Governors, Mayor and DA's who don't prosecute those corrupt police officers. I blame the judges who will not sentence corrupt police officers to prison. But most of all I blame Black folks who REFUSE TO VOTE which place those folks in position to abuse us. The most dangerous Black person is the Black person who knows the law and participate in the process, I don't understand why we don't GET THAT as citizens. Politicians fear one thing only THOSE WHO VOTE. You may hate the system but it's the one we live in go to Town and City meetings in masses and REGISTER to VOTE and VOTE. That is the only way things will change. They abuse Black folks because they know all we'll do is complain instead vote their asses out of office.
Darron Williams Moderator 16 hours ago
Clean up the system, yeah right, white people like the way how things are, sending black men and women to jail in chains every single day and here we have idiots talking about IR relationships are the new IN thing. Give me a f____g break.

I see your point, however the argument being put forth here is a bit more general.

Am I as a "heterosexual" black man expected to accept that black men are more attractive than black women, that seems to be the general point of the survey... This bares all the hallmarks of a new psychological war against our black women, we shouldn't allow this nonsense, Hollywood and the media already treat black women with utter contempt and not long ago it was black men, next it will be black men again.... This is a recurring cycle of psychological abuse that blacks face and we must not allow any of this rubbish to manipulate us into more self-hatred! This is the work of evil.

Have I missed something or have blacks gone completely mad? SMH

-The Revolutionist


mzmillion wrote:

are you forgetting, ethiopia awash valley is the creation of all man. ardi was discovered in awash river the link that broke darwins threoy of man. think of it!!!
You have made a good point, there was "Lucy" who is said to be the most famous hominid skeleton discovered. Lucy is said to be about 3.2,000,000 years old and they have discovered stone tools in the same area of Ethiopia (Awash valley), However, lucy isn't the oldest hominid, the oldest is named "Ardi" and is said to be 4.2,000,000 also found in Ethiopia....

I left them out though because though they were fairly intelligent (making tools) they were not exactly like us (Homo sapiens).

-The Revolutionist


On Brian White:
Anonymous said...

Wrong. Try again, you strawberry pop tart
What about Maya Angelou, Phylicia Rashad, Toni Morrison.This sell out is taking the cuba goofing jr route to success by showing yt he's ready to step on the black woman for a come up
This fool is essentially saying there's not one dignified Black woman left on Amerikkkan soil.
Does that include his mama? I'm waiting ....

Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of this type of exhibit A
sell out that loves throwing all black women under the bus except his mama and sister of course. Does he even realize what a fool he sounds like?

Anonymous said...

Sterotypes or just that sterotypes every race has sterotypes. It's funny how he failed to mention the white "reality" shows such as Mob Wives, baseball wives, real housewives of beverly hills and orange county they have just as much agruments or more than the black ones. Or those kardashin tramps who have no talent that doesn't involve lying on their backs.
You forgot about Jersey Shore and Bad Girls Club.
*sips tea*


Anonymous said...

Malcolm warned of these house negroes almost half a century ago. Same sh** different century


Anonymous said...

White folks and some co-signing black folks talk about the Angry Black Woman as if some black women are not justified with whatever crap that made them angry.
Okay,if that's the case let's not forget that
white folks also talk about The Scary Black Man!
The "THE SCARY BLACK MAN" has gotten more black men arrested,beaten,and murdered especially when a white woman screams it!
Let's not forget that 14 policemen armed with billy clubs and firearms,stood and watched 4 cops beat the shit out of Rodney King while the 4 cops that beat claimed "THEY FEARED FOR THEIR LIVES!"
Gov Jan Brewer of Arizona,who angrily wagged her
finger in Pres Obama's face, later claimed that "She felt intimidated and threatened by him"!
So fukk the bullshit with this Angry Black Woman jazz. Better hope no white chick screams SCARY BLACK MAN on your a____!

Anonymous said...

Let not your heart be troubled my sister. The words this one ignorant soul has spewed has really stung and hurt you and I want to lend some comfort to you.
It is too easy to believe that most black men feel the way that this j_____ c____n feels about black women, but please trust that the opposite is true.
Mass mainstream media projects the image of Angry Loud Black Women and Big Scary Black Men to our people and to the world at large. It is practically all that we see and hear but the very opposite is true.
Sure their are the c________s self haters that are all around would love to spew their self hate on their own race but thats their own sickness.
Look around elsewhere you will see many, dare I say Most black men who loves them some black women! Not just their mothers and sisters but US, sistas!
Don't let the sick cruel words of some ignorant
self hating "brotha" no self hating LESS than man hurt you cause he should not have that much power!
Much love to you my sister!


What's actually happening was already written....the MEDIA has this perception of Bobby Brown and MTO is just validated their notions. Why couldn't they write that Bobby kissed Whitney's casket and then LEFT...NOPE that doesn't sell newspapers or gain views! A seat for Bobbi Kristina's FATHER and her siblings should have been a given and secuirty should have been informed and the exception should have been MADE off the TOP--PERIOD!

-A Person
Bobby was there with his kids and sat in the front row, they were escorted by security and then they were told that they couldn't sit there and had to move...there were enough seats in that church.....regardless of what had happened in the past, he was Whitneys husband and father of her child and his kids are related to Bobbie Kristina, this was a time to put all selfishness aside....i feel for Bobby because he did come....


did u mean, "Why BW love WM?"

In my experience, MOST BW love BM, just as MOST BM love BW.

Brother, we all came up brainwashed by the white supremacy system in entertainment, images and education. It makes no sense to expect BW to be any better off then we are.

However, our track record of dating/sexing/marrying/and breeding with whites is much bigger than the record of BW.  we got to be real about this.

What is the most likely combo of the average so-called "bi-racial" child with a white parent and black parent in america?

I was checking out some of the last comments and a couple of thoughts came to mind:

#1 -- i tried to imagine white males debating on a public forum about whether they liked black women or white women better -- and I couldn't.

#2 -- I tried to imagine the Palestinians -- who are engaged in a vicious, life or death war with the Israelis -- debating over whether they preferred Palestinian women or Israeli women -- and I couldn't.

#3 -- I tried to imagine a group of non-white immigrants who started their own businesses with their women by their side -- then once they made it, dumped their women and found the first white female who would have them -- and I couldn't.

#4 -- I tried to imagine a GROUP of people who have been AND still are under economic assault, police brutality assault, educational assault, political assault, and psychological assault, debating whether or not they should PREFER the same people who are waging war against them -- and UNFORTUNATELY, I didn't have to imagine it because this mentality is splattered all over this thread

So, the next time any of you black folks wonder why

blacks are falling further behind economically, educationally, medically than any other group in america

why we have the highest incarceration rate, high school dropout rate, foreclosure, and unemployment rates, and why most of the civil rights gains over the last 40 years have been wiped out

why some of you RIGHT NOW can't find a job or a job that pays a living wage

or why blacks who have been in this country for 500 years STILL have NO BUSINESS or ECONOMIC base, but many non-white immigrant MEN (who are unified with the women of their race) are running 95% of the businesses in the BLACK COMMUNITY

just look over threads like this one -- and all your questions will be answered.

While we focus on why we have the "right" to date white males or females...(like our lives depended on being with them)

white people aren't spending one second of time wondering and worrying if they should date us -- that's why they don't have these silly azz articles on white websites.

Because less than 9% of white people marry outside their race and the majority of that 8 percent DO NOT MARRY BLACKS.

While we're beating each other up over, white people are figuring out how many of us will have a job, an education, a prison sentence, or a date with the undertaker -- and how they will stay in POWER by pitting the black male against the black female and vice versa

carry on...
Crammasters is OWNING this forum....

Much love Brother!   And for the record, I am a black woman who doesn't believe these inflammatory, divisive, tacky articles at all......These articles are put out here to MAKE black women angry and upset at ALL Black men as if this ONE article speaks for each and every black man on the planet....Not by far....

Y'all need to THINK! WAKE UP!  Whites do NOT want the strongest, best and brightest people on the planet UNITED for a reason!

When this s___ hits 'END GAME' you'll all see why......
I think the real problem is not that black women don't know how to be women, because the black mother was always in the home.  The real problem is that many of these black boys don't know how to be black men because their father's weren't there to teach them.  So, now we have a problem where black men don't know how to relate to a black woman on an intimate level (man to woman level) other than in a motherly role. So, he expects her to do the things his mother would do, instead of what a mate would do.  This frustrates the hell out of black women.  However, just to keep a man, most of us will succumb to this dysfunctionality.

What ends up happening is that the black man will try to make his wife or girlfriend flip flop between mother and wife.  When it's time to take care of household business (talk to kid's doctor, take kids to doctor or hospital, help kid's with homework, file for ADC, attend parent - teacher conferences, make payment arrangements with the bill collector or utility company, get the carpet cleaned, etc.) the black man wants the black woman to play mother and be the one who takes care of this with little of his involvement.  However, when it's time to fix dinner or sex time, or when he's around his friends,the black man wants the black woman to act in a subordinate position of a lowly wife. 

This is wrong. Ultimately, He shows little interest in the black woman's (and the kids)
emotional, physical, spiritual needs, talents, abilities, knowledge, intellectual qualities, nor her hopes and dreams for the future.

Barely, we get regular and healthy consideration and communication.  How can a husband or significant other starve his wife from recieving what's rightfully supposed to be given within a relationship between a man and woman?  How can he exclude her from recieving the basic
benefits of this union, while living within the same home with this individual?  This is torture
and a meaningless existence. So, the person is not really living fully, but is a servant living in servitude. So, How can he expects her to live happily and function accordingly?

This comes with just the regular black guy who hasn't tacked on baby mama drama, infidelity, lying and verbal abuse, physical abuse, gigolo syndromes, etc.  When all this is tacked on, the black woman then opens her mouth and let you have it. Rightfully so because she is suffering.

Another note, why do some black men who have a history of cheating, physically abusing, cussing out their girlfriends and wives; complain when they are questioned for staying out late or when their activity is investigated?
I mean, if you destroy the trust between you and your woman, why would it anger you when she doesn't trust you?

I am extremely glad that you watched this excellent documentary, it proves the concentrated policy that was used to disenfranchise and break the spirit of the American(then) Negroes. But as you saw we stood up to that evil and eventually overcame it. If NewsOne and other Black oriented news outlets really wanted to educate and inform our people they'd tell this history. I sincerely that if Black people actually knew what our ancestors HAD to live thru they could not help from doing their best in life. This documentary as others proved the strength, fortitude and dignity we have as Black people. I also believe if they really are a "chosen people" then we are ones. No group has endured what we have and still moved forward. I hope all Black folks watch this educational and excellent documentary.
Another good movie is Goodbye Uncle Tom. You can watch it on google.


VoiceOfTruthUSA Moderator 1 day ago

None of us should be surprised. The NAACP was founded by Whites with Jewish money, so if they want to reward their own, it's only natural:

"During the first few decades of the 20th century, the leaders of American Jewry expended time, influence and their economic resources for black endeavors - civil rights, philanthropy, social service, organizing - and historian Hasia Diner notes that "they made sure that their actions were well publicized" as part of an effort to demonstrate increasing Jewish political clout.[9] Julius Rosenwald was a Jewish philanthropist who donated a large part of his fortune to supporting education of blacks in the south.[10] Jews played a major role in the founding of the NAACP, which was founded in 1909. Jews involved in the NAACP included Joel Spingarn (the first chairman), Arthur Spingarn, Henry Moskowitz, and—more recently—Jack Greenberg."

Source: Wikipedia
http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/African-American%E2%80%93Jewish_relations


cubanflowers Moderator 1 day ago

somebody must have told the NAACP that funding will be cut drastically unless they put a pinky for an award... this was an affirmative action award...

Delilah's (pink women) are already the biggest recipients of affirmative action... so to keep pink males from continually whining and saying WHAT ABOUT ME they had to give George the award..

be blessed everyone..
"None of us should be surprised. The NAACP was founded by Whites with Jewish money, so if they want to reward their own, it's only natural:"

YOU FINALLY TOLD SOME TRUTH!!! This is why they wanted Black people to run and go see this movie because the elites, who control this industry, knew h____ were not going to go see it! This was a plan from the git go. Hellyweird just wanted to make sure this c_________ got his money back. Personally, I don't think it cost that much to make that movie, but you know how the greedy khazars are when it comes to money...and negroids always want to help somebody else, except for their OWN.

W.E.B. DuBois was a FRONT MAN for the naacp (Negros Always Accepting Caucasoids Plans). These khazars OWN ALL THOSE NEGROID UN-ORGANIZATIONS, including the CBC (C_____ Being Caucasoids)!!!

By the way, it was a khazar that sponsored the Tuskegee massacre on Black men with the syphillis 'experiment'!!! His name was Julius Rosenwald!
Well....The NAACP honored Kidd Rock last year I think it was.....And that's the dude that wears a confederate flag wrapped around him at every chance he gets. YET the NAACP was also the same organization that 'marched' because they didn't want the confederate flag flown in Mississippi last year as well! O_O......Confusion much....
TrojanPam Says:
I would also like to thank you for having the courage to recognize the pain of black women — and that black males collectively need to take some responsibility for the things they can control. (and the same is also true of us).
We will never break free of this system if we do not learn to love, support, and respect each other. There is no other way.

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