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____________ (Pro Marvel has views and I disagree with him)


moonrose4me Moderator 3 hours ago

Angela Davis

My inspiration!


Angela Davis. Need I say more?


stevealex Moderator 3 hours ago
Guess most whites are realizing they are in the same boat as we are when it comes to the wealthy elite at the top,just like they thought poverty,no jobs,drugs the police state would not affect them,now they are going nuts cause of the denial they been in so long.White history proves the whites have been killing each other off in tribal wars,and it has never stopped till this very day,the ones at the top are greedy corrupt devils,while the ones at the bottom have to hold the top up by being the police,military and slave workers,the foot of the same body,a system of collective evil,that serve the eye and the capstone of the pyramid,as many Raggae artist a sing,Babylon is Falling.
The KKK, NEO Nazis, the White Citizens Council, and other White Bigots, Segregationist, Hypocrites, & Supremist have a new home The Republican Party. And the republicans want them to stay in the party. This video shows that they are Below Average people!
Keep showing yourself for what you really are.

All those years of pretending that media was

"misrepresenting you" and that you were not

racist is quicly being nullified by self evident actions

and events that you are encouraging rather than condemning.

Please I hope someone continues to video post and document these

Wonder what Afro-puppet Cain will have to say about this or if he will
be spineless enough to dismiss it?

Saving a copy of the video. Watch it and at one point they
intentionally say "My Knickers" and dismissively say they
are referring to short pants.

Again, that's why I personally don't believe in using the N word
because I know that no matter how people try to redefine it,
at it's core, it is intended to be offensive.

Crude, shamelessly inconsiderate, hypocritical and disrespectful.

And like I said before, it's funny that whites always seem to trash talked rap and other forms of creative Black expression until they are able to copy and exploit it.

By the way, hypocritical disrespect like this that you casually excuse is why Blacks
for the most part want nothing to do with you but thanks for confirming what you
really stand for.

Happy Black History Month, disrespectful racist infiltrators.

Happy Black History Month, discouraging propaganda collaborator called NewsOne.
This is the repug's M-O! They can say whatever & are not held accountable for it. Now the punk "a"
Dems will just beg them to apologize-& they don't. The media (punks too) also do not call them out. They have disdain for the #OWS-when they call them out though.
Zaius wrote:
LMFWAO. If the Topix AA forum is truly representative of black Americans in general, you lot are going to be on the modern, 21st century democrat plantation living in the ghetto until the end of time.
Your alternative is for us to be in the Republican plantation. No thank you since you do realize that the Republicans agree with the war on terror, anti-civil liberty laws (like the Patriot Act & the USA Commissions Act), torture centers, economic austerity, and the massive cuts to the social safety net. Most black people henceforth reject that agenda and with good reasonings. I'm an Independent. I'm not a Republican nor Democrat. Topix AA forum shows a section of black Americans not every black American. You reactionary types always exaggerate issues and try your best for black people to worship your political philosophies. Yet, we don't because we black people are wise enough to see that your views have been discredited from trickled down economics to the Pax Americana foreign policy deception. Also, many black people don't live in the ghetto. The ghetto is a location and a wide spectrum of African Americans live in the ghetto that don't fit into your stereotypical perceptions.
-By Timothy


I heard arguments to the effect that it's hard to believe that the media creates the image of the Black criminal given the reality of crime in AA communities. The further make arguments to the effect that liberals are contorting themselves in trying to prove that Blacks really are like other human beings, and that Black culture is not pathological but rather like any other culture. And, of course, they're convinced that only draconian measures can prevail against the barbarism of this criminal community. I can point out to them that whatever the statistics say, the vast majority of Black people--even in the GHETTOES--are NOT criminals, dope dealers, gang bangers, etc. But for people who have what Fanon called a "fixed idea of the Negro" (similar to Sartre called the "idea of the Jew"), none of this matters. Somehow the young people with the Algebra Project, or just the average inner city kid, is somehow NOT representative of Black America or AA culture, but the gangsters and thugs are supposedly representative. For some reason, Little Melvin is more representative of Black culture than Rev. Jamal Bryant. Similarly, the vast majority of 1.5 billions Muslims, not to probably millions risking their lives to fight both secular and theocratic despotism, supposedly do not represent Islam, but Bin Laden does. Somehow i find that unconvincing. And I remained convinced that even though jihadists would not be welcome by Dr. King, the vast majority of Muslims would.



The National Front is a FASCIST political entity. If they took power, freedom would die in France. Of course, that would depend on whether they also succeeded in destroying the Republic. I seem to recall that Le Pen was known for engaging in torture while with the paratroopers in Algeria. He has been known to to deny even that the Holocaust happened. And if I'm not mistaken--it could be some other European reactionary--but I think it was Le Pen who got in trouble for peddling Nazi literature. (Ther are laws against that in Europe) But from what I can tell, most of the terrorism in France--at least when I was there--stemmed from the Front and its supporters. Now if an Islamicist party were to take over France--and destroy the Republic so that they could no be removed from office--this would mean a theocrati fascism rather than a secular one. But....that CAN'T happen in France. France would have to become majority Muslim, and fundamentalist Muslim at that. Where would 4% of the population get the votes to take over power in France? They don't control the police or military, so and Islamist coup d'etat is not an option. Also, how many Franch Muslims would be OPPOSED to the idea themselves. Many of them not only escaped poverty by immigrating to France, they escaped politcial repression. How many Francophone Algerian women would want to live under something like a French "Islamic Salvation Front"? Again, far too many "Muslims " (especially youth) in France are simply too secular. Some are educated at the Sorbonne--like the Algerian student I met occasionally in the Quartier Latin who would yawn or roll his eyes if you mentioned the Quran in his presence. Or the North Africans I met with the anti-racist group (no longer extant) called SOS. You think they'd agree to live under a theocracy? Are you kidding??? There are not enough Muslims numerically, and many of them wouldn't accept Islamcist rule. It CAN'T happen, at least not in the forseeable future. But I'm not so sure that a fascistic National Front government isn't possible. They now have greater representation in Parliament than the Socialist or Communists, who were a dominant bloc for at least a part of the time while I was there. And trust me--I even wrote on this back in 1988--there was more terrorist violence against North Africans and Blacks by rightist thugs, than violence against white Frenchmen by North African least at that time.



Words and Gems on the Movie "Red Tails":

m1 Says:
February 6, 2012 at 7:29 am
I agree the first Tuskegee Airmen movie was better. There was one moment of a black wife mentioned. That was when a pilot was talked about having to go home with 3rd degree Burns. So the black woman gets/deserves damaged goods. Unfortunately that black ladies weren’t shown as romantic interests shows more work needs to be done. We need to remember this the next time you hear George Lucas isn’t racist because he has a black fiancĂ©e. Ultimately it was Lucas and other whites that put this film out.


Ron) Aka Sa Ra Heru Says:
February 6, 2012 at 8:58 am

I was greatly displeased with the so-called historical reference to Brotha’s portrails of there actions in the film. However going in I knew that in a system of racism/white supremacy, the only way the oppressor would promote, fund anything positive relating to Afrikan life or circumstances is when it benifits the system of racism/white supremacy. The salt in the wound was the pilot’s fixation with the white woman, (discusting to say the lest) there were no sista’s in the medical wards or anything. Truly a made for Gollywood movie to capture the minds or confused (VWS) people.


Kushite Prince Says:
February 7, 2012 at 10:32 am

As a black man I was insulted to NOT see any sistas in this film. The black woman was made totally invisible. Black women have always stood by their men. And this clown of a pilot”Lighting” was so head over heels for a white chick?? This was disgusting! A total slap in the face! This was just more interracial propaganda from The Beast. I wanted my money back. Hollyweird always has an agenda. That’s what black people have to realize. Therefore,we must always have our third eye open at all times.


how do any of them rappers that say they believe God is the reason for their success? as if God would use you to encourage people to sell drugs, join gangs, have sex with any and everybody, love money more than him. Come on people wake up that is not of God


SimplyComplex_87 Moderator 16 hours ago

a quote i found interesting:

"In a 2011 Gallup poll, 84 percent of whites and 96 percent of blacks said they approved of interracial marriage."

funny how a higher percentage of blacks than whites welcome interracial marriage, even though blacks have a history of not being welcomed by whites. i've noticed that whenever i've so much as suggested that blacks stick with their own, other blacks would immediately jump up and furiously call me "stupid," "racist," and a slew of other names. i've never in my life witnessed whites coming to the defense of IR dating/marriage to the degree that blacks do. it irks the hell out of me that our people fight so hard for the acceptance and love of the people that generally couldn't give two s____ about us.


February 7, 2012 at 10:41 am

SO, SO , Sooo glad to hear this coming from a black male. It means a lot for black females to have that verbalized support and understanding of this issue—for both males AND females. Thank you, sir.


TrojanPam Says:
February 7, 2012 at 5:10 pm

Read your on-point review of ‘Red Tails’ and I agree wholeheartedly. I was surprised when I discovered (over the years) how timid we BW were when it came to speaking truth to BM

it is such a contradictory mix of “superwoman BW” VS the “timid BW who is so afraid of alienating BM that we are mute about their betrayals. I think it is due to our secret understanding that the bond between us is so fragile, it wouldn’t take much to break it altogether.

It is a terrible position for a group of women who were brutalized by 500 years of slavery and racism, in a world that hates black people and females — to know we must fend for ourselves. At that point, whatever good will we can squeeze out of our fragile relationships becomes too precious to risk losing by speaking the truth.

Also, I think BW take out a lot of our pain and anger over these betrayals and mistreatment on other BW because we have internalized the LIE that the BW’s feelings matter not to anyone but herself

and so BW take this position with an ease that is heart breaking

I think your review is something that all BM and BW should read and seriously think about. We are too quick to accept the white racist interpretation of our images and history, which I suspect is part of our need for white validation as in:

“That white man Lucas stood up for black people, he’s a good white man, he’s a brother now!”


“Look at us, white world, do see how brave and strong we can be? Won’t you change your minds about mistreating us once you see this film?”

as though white people are mistreating us because they didn’t know how great the Tuskegee airmen were and now that a white man (Lucas) made this movie, it will stop whites from calling us “n_____r” and being racist.

Keep speaking TRUTH, Sis, because there is NO WAY a black man could have made a movie about white men, left white women out of the movie altogether , hooked up the blondest, blue-eyed white man with a beautiful BW

and had white people applauding and praising our film.

In fact, they wouldn’t have supported it at all.

It is a shame to NOT see the women that look like your mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, lovers, and wives

and not even notice their absence


EdwardH Says:
February 7, 2012 at 6:04 pm

As a practice – due primarily to the sensitivity of my work within the Information Security sector, I try to stay out of online forum, as they are ALL monitored by three-lettered governmental agencies.

However, because I am really passionate about this area of concern, and REALLY love my people, I have chosen to share a recent E-mail message that I wrote to a colleague – asking my thoughts of the movie, “Red Tails.”

This colleague was very interested in my thoughts, as I am a member of the Detroit Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen, Incorporated. I have the good fortune of knowing several original Tuskegee Airmen, and have heard the actual real-life stories of several of the Airmen that were being portrayed in the film.

Here is the question that was asked of me by a colleague, whose name I have changed in order to protect her identity:

Thanks Edward. …And we’re proud to know you! Looking forward to seeing the movie. Do you know if it has stayed true to the history and persons? Sure hope so. Love, Kim.

The following was my response after having viewed the movie for the first time:


It’s not my intent to be a spoiler, but the truth of the matter is that George Lucas failed to stay true to the real life events. However, he was successful in perpetuating the Hollywood status quo of showing and defining Blacks in its’ own image and likeness, which is decidedly racist.

The outline sketches of stories that occurred are there. However, for anyone who actually knows the segregated history and circumstances under which the Tuskegee Airmen were required to serve, George Lucas chose not to deal with the actual history as it was.

Here is a case in point:

Hollywood has engaged in an overt practice for years, which deliberately refuses to show African American men and women in Positive, Loving Relationships. In Hollywood’s blueprint, it serves their purposes and agenda for the world to only see us as dysfunctional, and wholly incapable of healthy romantic situations that would propagate and perpetuate ourselves as a group that God created. It is very conspicuous that anytime you observe a Black woman in a supposedly romantic relationship on the big screen, she has to be shown with someone other than a Black man (Translation-White male to the rescue). However, if she happens to be coupled with a man from her own ethnic community, the couple is usually depicted as down-trodden, profoundly impoverished, or the Black man is encased in the role of abusive husband or father . By contrast, Hollywood seems committed to showing Black men as pleasure objects for White women. In this particular exhibit, a Tuskegee Pilot became romantically involved with an Italian woman living in a nearby village. The other template that routinely gets perpetuated is that of effeminate Black man. Hollywood has played this particular hand so frequently, a critically thinking person would be left with no other conclusion than Hollywood has committed its work to the continued degradation and disintegration of the African American Family.

True to Hollywood’s form, George Lucas stayed loyal to the standard script. What was historically represented by the Tuskegee Experiment was the cream-of-the-crop “healthy, talented, brilliant African American Men and Women,” who were responsible for orchestrating and maintaining every conceivable aspect of an ALL-NEGRO Air Force Base, which was located in Ramitelli Air Base, Italy. Everyone from the very top commander to the lowest ranking none-support personnel were Black. However, the one pilot who finds love in Lucas’ version of the storyline, had to drive miles around the countryside to establish and cultivate a romantic relationship with a woman who didn’t speak his language, and he never learned to speak hers throughout the entire movie.

In the meantime, the real history, based upon details conveyed by real Tuskegee Airmen speak of the Beautiful Black Brilliant, Shapely, Substantive Women that were stationed at every base where the Airmen were segregated. Additionally, African American women in the Army Nursing Corps were in sufficient numbers – sufficiently available, as the majority were single (never married). According to some of the honorable Airmen that I have had the good fortune of knowing, life had its challenges, but overall it was great! There was an entire Corps of Tuskegee Nurses (100% African Women), Tuskegee Doctors, Lawyers, Chaplains, Chefs, and a significant number of Maintenance Personnel that maintained the aircraft (All Africans). This represents the actual relational possibilities of Tuskegee Airmen, who operated within a segregated military unit. However, there was not a single Black Female shown throughout the ENTIRE movie, which struck me as incredible!

For those who are aware of the subtle racial programming that shows up in the movies produced by Hollywood, this movie will be regarded as just another example of sophisticated racism that is weaved throughout movies that are regularly delivered to the American psyche. And for that reason, it will probably win an award.

As a researcher and observer of human behavior, I found it somewhat fascinating, but not enormously entertaining. I gave it a solid 2.5 out of 5 stars.



February 7, 2012 at 9:30 pm
EdwardH, thank you so much for making an exception to your policy of abstaining from online comments to make such a forceful and clear statement about the brain-trashing and revisionist history that the power of white people who are able to practice white supremacy in the entertainment industry do, in fact, practice— with devastating effect. I’m glad you are we;l-versed in the real story because I listened as a young black male said he wasn’t surprised that there were no black females in the film because there were not that many black females on the bases for the airmen to be around. And, had it not been for your comment, it’s likely that I’d never have rebutted that statement. Thank you again, sir. Please know that your time and effort in such a thorough response will pay dividends. I have hopes that, soon, we’ll see more than one outstanding film that is much more faithful to real events. Nothing any group of white soldiers did in WWII compared to the triple-war the Tuskegee Airmen fought. I look even more forward to the day when that genius and valor is focused solely on replacing the global system of white domination with a system of justice.


TrojanPam Says:

February 8, 2012 at 10:24 am
@ Kofi

Before Cree’s movie review, I had never associated the “Red Tails” with the “red-tailed baboon” so I did a little searching and found that the “red-tailed monkey” was very common in Africa. Supposedly, the black men were called “Red Tails” because the tails of their planes were painted red.

I found a post on a Yahoo site where some white person asked,

“What is closer to a red-tailed baboon? Michele Obama? Or Barack Obama?

And this was posted THREE years ago, so it is clear that there is a connection between red tails, monkeys, and black people in the minds of racist man and racist woman

I could almost hear some white people snickering as black people wax eloquently about what a great movie “Red Tails” is…

But that is always a problem, letting our enemies create our images and tell our stories and expecting accuracy. That is just not a logical outcome OR expectation.

When I think of white women writing books like “The Help” making millions of dollars by telling BW’s stories I tried but couldn’t think of a single black female author who has attempted or been rewarded for telling a WW’s story . I suspect white people don’t give book and movie deals to black authors who step outside the bounds of what white people think of as “black writing”

Regarding your comment on “The Help” I haven’t seen it (and really don’t plan to)

If black men were absent I think that is more evidence that the white media manipulators want to keep BM and BW separated.

The difference between “Red Tails” and “The Help” is — in my opinion — these black women were NOT uplifted or turned into heroes or heroines, nor did any of them have a romance with a white male.

Given the circumstances of black females cleaning up dirty , nasty, trifling, and lazy white women’s houses, I doubt any BM in the audience cared whether there were black males shown as the love mates of these downtrodden black females.

But you do raise an interesting point. Since I didn’t see the movie, did any of the BW have a man?


mixedracebeauty03 wrote: 0365/Elimination-of-the-Negro- The-Black-Woman-White-Man-Geno cide-NY-Times-1910
You can read it for yourself, and come to your own assessment.
This is why I am against the promotion of IRR, if it happens it happens, but a drive for IRR should be viewed with suspicion... This is not new though, they had an even bigger IRR campaign in Brazil that was discontinued in the 1950s. It was specifically set up to eradicate black people from brazil which is why the Brazilians are all mixed up...This will explain it in better detail... It was called racial whitening!

I also once found a document which was posted on a racist white forum which contained information that explained how the white supremacists were actually encouraging low class white women to date black men!... you'd better believe it!

They were claiming that segregation was the biggest mistake white America made because blacks multiplied during that time which is the opposite of what they wanted... I will try to re-find the doc and will post it here, it was deep.

I have another document that was a speech from an apartheid president of south Africa telling his government to flood South Africa with cheap white prostitutes from Europe to help infect black men!... I kid you not!!!....And there's more!

My people, we have been had!...

-The Revolutionist


Redefined wrote:

Scientists reveal face of the first European
I wonder how long it will take whites to realise that they didn't just fall out of a cave all of a sudden with white skin... it took thousands of years of living in cold sun deficient Northern Europe before they mutated.

Are they going to forever struggle with the concept that Europe was inhabited by dark skinned people long before whites were even thought of?

-The Revolutionist



Yea its interesting they realize how promotion and the media is a powerful thing, I've said it time and time again black women all over the internet are really starting to get hip to this thing, I remember when I used to not see these couples, even though they are rare they are starting to pop up.



Tracy Says:

February 8, 2012 at 2:48 am
I find it troubling to see that we keep looking for racist man and racist woman to betray us kindly on the big screen. George Lucas pulled a Svengali move on us by first reporting that he invested his own money into this big budget film but he believes he did a disservice to the so called African American community since it was his belief that we wouldn’t support it and no one will ever again invest in another big budget African American film, we should have said “so what”. Instead what did we do, support it. Not only did he recoup his investement, but got a chance to clown us. The name of the game is racism/white supremacy not lets lift up the so called African American communities self/esteem. This is something we must do for self. Boycott these things that are not constructive to and for us. We should know by now that given any opportunity racist man and woman will degrade us. WAKE UP!


If a Black man does anything wrong he is never completely forgiven. Chris Brown, OJ, Tiger, are just a few examples. A white guy can do all the wrong he wants, and even still be considered a viable option for president ( Gingrich)


Vanity357 Moderator 13 hours ago

Admittedly, when the images of Rihanna came out following the fight, I was one of those who wanted to hang CB. There was so much pain in her face. Since then, I've watched the media, women's organizations and every other person with a mic try to destroy him. I don't condone what he did, but he was young, stupid and he has paid his debt for it. He's beyond talented (although it's not evident of late). If Charlie Sheen can shoot Nicole Kidman, beat Denise Richards and his ex-wife and still land a multi-million dollar contract, why can't Chris?


I remember the news back in the day about Sean Penn holding Madonna hostage in their basement when they were married back in the mid 80's. He kicked her a_____ too. He got a second chance and a couple of Oscars.

Mel Gibson insults Blacks and Jews with a stream of consciousness. It just flow off his tongue like nobodies business. He's does it regularly, he manhandled that ex-GF of his. What does he get? People in the industry letting him slide with a stern tongue lashing. Then it's back to "it's just good ol'Mel".

Tommy Lee beat the brakes off of Pamela Anderson in more ways than one. Nobody mentions that anymore. He did numerous percussion guest appearances on collaborations.

The list goes on but Chris Brown won't be able to live this down until maybe another 10-15 years min. It's almost like he's in a virtual prison even though he has his freedom.


Yeah that's because they're all white,white folks crimes and sins don't stick to them.It's always room for forgiveness when judged by their own.


TrojanPam Says:

February 8, 2012 at 2:17 pm
@ Tracy

It is troubling but it is also very predictable for a destroyed people who have never left the slave plantation, and must rely on the slave owners interpretation of the outside world (the real world), and worst yet, do not even know we are still slaves

we have never been allowed to heal from 400 years of brutality and racist man and racist woman continue to pile on the damage until WE STOP THEM

Unfortunately, we spend more time distrusting each other


Thwack Says:

February 8, 2012 at 1:16 pm
Yeah, its an old pattern. “Blade” was another movie where a black male “super hero”

“didn’t get the girl”.

I wonder if Snipes complained about it?

Im still working on a theory about this phenomenon, but for now I’ll take a page out of Cress theory and say it may make white people feel insecure/inadequate when they see a black couple express sexual affection on the big screen?

Its just a suspicion.

Many Black people seem to have a certain potentcy/vitality… in their style of communication, and sexuality is a form of communication; as is dance, music and other art forms.

Maybe the “loverless black hero” is a way to keep black people from “changing the game” of what it means to be a hero.


TrojanPam Says:

February 8, 2012 at 2:13 pm
@ Thwack

Your suspicions are right on point.

That was the main theme of our book, “The Interracial Con Game” because the evidence that “black love/sex is taboo” is too overwhelming to deny it.

I think you’re right, everything black people do well seems to make white people more insecure. Our failures VALIDATE them and make them feel normal

because secretly I suspect that they know they are not, otherwise, why the need to inferiorize all non-white people? That just doesn’t add up to healthy self-esteem…

In our book, there was a black female who was said she asked why there were more black men and women in movies and films making love and the white person she asked (i forget the exact quote) said, “White america isn’t ready for black love”

or something to that effect.


I thought I'd share my little story with you all since this forum is full of hate!

I'm a 25 year old Black American woman who just got engaged!! My man is a 26 year old Black African, and he proposed to me last weekend. We've been dating for about 3 years. We met during the last year of college when he was studying Engineering and I, social work.

I'm so happy to have found a wonderful Black man with family values and strong work ethnic. He is my hero and inspiration because he came from poverty in Africa and made something of himself. He is now doing his Masters degree in Engineering. He is a great role model for the young Black boys in our community.

I'm tell you ladies, never let a good Black man go! They are out there, you just need to be patient and not be stuck up about getting ballers. And don't look over the great Black men who might not have "Swagger" but who are great partners.

Oh, and open up to foreign Black men also. Another one of my girlfriends is now dating an African man, and she is amazed at the level of quality some of these men are.



Bee Gee said...
This seals the deal. This n________ is officially the biggest c____ of all-time..

*Be yet another black athlete that marries the first white woman he runs d____ into - check

*Act like a ignorant country a___ illiterate s____ on TV - check

*Exhibit subservience to "white folk" at every opportunity while fronting as a beacon of black consciousness - check

*Take no responsibility whatsoever for being a potential role model - check

*Cheat on your wife with any whore in vegas that'll hop into your car - check

*Become known for getting into du_______ public altercations with regularity - check

*Golf, gamble, drink, and chase b______ with other serial cheaters that are also house n____ extraordinaires - check

*Go to jail behind drinking and trickin - check

***BONUS*** Do photo-op with prison warden and walk the prison grounds with him like his celebrity pet monkey n____r - muthafuckin check

I hate this f____ geechie..


That's great! I'm a Black African woman and I'm engaged to be married with Black American Man. He is in Med School. He is also great role model to young black american and african males.

I love your post and it shows the love between us African women and African American men as well.

We all need to be patient when finding partner, many of my African sisters are looking for AA man to marry as well. I tell them like you said to be patient, and lots of them have found good black American man.

I think that we all blacks need to marry each other no matter where we located on the earth. Black love is Beautiful, and I love my Black American Man, he is the best man ever of all!


This is what I'm talking about! BLACK LOVE IS ALIVE AND STRONG. I don't know who these people on topix are trying to fool but black men and black women love eachother it's a fact and it will never die. Make some black babies lol and teach them to uplift the community.

-Near Future


Tam wrote:
That's great! I'm a Black African woman and I'm engaged to be married with Black American Man. He is in Med School. He is also great role model to young black american and african males.
I love your post and it shows the love between us African women and African American men as well.
We all need to be patient when finding partner, many of my African sisters are looking for AA man to marry as well. I tell them like you said to be patient, and lots of them have found good black American man.
I think that we all blacks need to marry each other no matter where we located on the earth. Black love is Beautiful, and I love my Black American Man, he is the best man ever of all!
You know I just returned from Barcelona Spain where I took my beautiful African Queen on our 3 year Anniversary. I gave her the works this time and some people even say i went overboard!

I have a even bigger surprise for her coming up in another month,.....I'm buying her another boat! She loves going out on the water and catching the view! I never knew that as an AA male i'd find the love of my life in my African Queen, but i did, and she's enjoying only the finest treatment!

Good luck to You all and enjoy your partners! I always knew us AA's and A's are nothing like they say we are on the net!



Thwack Says:

February 8, 2012 at 4:37 pm
TrojanPam, here is another one, Morpheous in the Matrix.

I suspect by the time of the third Matrix, this “oversight” was becoming more of a distraction, and since they ran out of valid plot material, they decided to reunite Morpheous with an old flame “Niobi”.

But they even had to sabotage that by:

A. Making it apparent that Morpheous and Niobi broke up on bad terms and still harbored some resentment between them.

B. That wasn’t enough, they had to make it worse by leaking some vieled idea that Commander Lok was involed with Niobi past or present in some way….

So for the final movie of the trilogy, you were presented with 3 main black characters all in pretty much constant conflict/confusion/resentment/jealousy of each other.

(((shakin my head)))

In one scene where Morpheous and Niobi are trying outrun the robots, they even have her yell at him; “can’t you keep up!”

Meanwhile, Neo and Trinity’s affection for each other is constantly demonstrated on a level that is so deep and vast its almost “above sexual” (even though they did get a f__K scene.

To sum up, they key to this problem is people like us making our own movies.

The technology has never been cheaper; the problem is the talent.

Im making mine.


LBM Says:

February 9, 2012 at 8:43 am
And this is why I agree that Black Love truly is a REVOLUTIONARY Act(ion). If it wasn’t there wouldn’t be such efforts to usurp it. Lucas is sexually infecting a Black female with his anti-human virus so he tells her through the big screen – healthy Black men want white females and only jacked up ones (burned up dude) “want” you. This thing of white domination is diabolically masterful – until WE wake the hell up. If we REALLY want to fight this disease, we will commit to be with each other, protect each other, procreate each other. That’s what the anti-humans DON’T WANT.

Some of us will join CREE in discussing whether we’re REALLY prepared to do the work of seeing ourselves in all of our “crystal Blackness” later on. If we can really be honest about “how Black is too Black?” perhaps we can begin to feel for each other as we should and thus not allow the Lucas’ of the world to get away with such insults.


GodBless Says:

February 12, 2012 at 6:41 pm
I’m quite disgusted by this thread. Not that it was not constructive, because it certainly was, but none of the black males thought it to be appropriate to apologize for the umbrage and anguish that black females have suffered from us (black males) consciously, unconsciously, directly, or indirectly.

Even though I (a black male) have not committed (and a number of other black males have not committed) any crimes against black females (as a whole, or individually) detailed in this article or out side this article, if feel I must apologize for the crap that many black males have directly or indirectly allowed or committed against our black females.

In conclusion: I fully understand that black males and black females are both victims (the primary targets) under the system of white supremacy. Even though this is the bitter reality, I still feel compelled and find it apropos to apologize to all black females whom have suffered victimization or pain from any black man directly or indirectly. I also wanted to let black females know that we do (black males) care and love you, even though we many not express it.

Again my apologies,

A concerned and intensely victimized black male:

God Bless, Peace, & Black Love



February 12, 2012 at 8:18 pm
It would be appropriate to tell you, that I think I’m gonna cry. THANK YOU. Sincerely.

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