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The Words from Marcus Garvey

Without this man (the Honorable Marcus Garvey) alot of black Africans in the 4 corners of the world wouldn't of waken up to put it lightly. He is one of the greatest black leaders in human history. Before Dr. King, Before Malcolm X, before Kwame Ture, and before Angela Davis, there was Marcus Garvey. Many black leaders spoke similar words like Garvey long before Marcus Garvey was born.Yet, Marcus Garvey was the first African to speak of black liberation that reached millions of black folks worldwide (in a higher level). So, here are his words. Some individuals don't even know how he talked and here is his voice. He's an inspiration not only for black people, but for any group of people desiring cultural, mental, and spiritual liberation from oppression. The enemy of us as human beings is oppression & supremacists. United, we can win this struggle for liberation. Also, black unity is always better than the status quo. So, it is great for a black male or a black female to know their great, enriching heritage, to love black people, and to fight for righteousness throughout the globe.

By Timothy


Links showing Marcus Garvey's voice:


The following video below is according to one source:

This is NOT a speech by the Hon. Marcus Garvey, but rather a PERFORMANCE by the Guyanese actor Ron Bobb-Semple.
Any SERIOUS student of Garveyism should recognize the historical inconsistencies.
There are only TWO known recordings of Mr. Garvey speaking, which were made in late July or early August 1921 and released as a two-sided record.
They are widely available online, but YouTude doesn't allow me to post any links. I have the honor to be
Cordial-Lee yours,
Paul Lee


There is an upsurge in black males in Universities. And those are the ones that are changing the tide.
I hold a masters degree in finance and i married a beautiful black woman. She is the apple of my eye.

There is nothing more strong and beautiful like BLACK LOVE.

-Black Famous


Words on BLACK LOVE:

Rach wrote:
I thought I'd share my little story with you all since this forum is full of hate!
I'm a 25 year old Black American woman who just got engaged!! My man is a 26 year old Black African, and he proposed to me last weekend. We've been dating for about 3 years. We met during the last year of college when he was studying Engineering and I, social work.
I'm so happy to have found a wonderful Black man with family values and strong work ethnic. He is my hero and inspiration because he came from poverty in Africa and made something of himself. He is now doing his Masters degree in Engineering. He is a great role model for the young Black boys in our community.
I'm tell you ladies, never let a good Black man go! They are out there, you just need to be patient and not be stuck up about getting ballers. And don't look over the great Black men who might not have "Swagger" but who are great partners.
Oh, and open up to foreign Black men also. Another one of my girlfriends is now dating an African man, and she is amazed at the level of quality some of these men are.
Congratulations!:-) i am as well, to a beautiful, strong Black Man!



2 Carol wrote:
Congratulations, this is still a normal occurance in many black families....

millions of American black men and women are still getting married...

millions of black women are still getting married as virgins....

the media only focuses on the worst in the black community....

but there are still strong, thriving pockets of black communities in the USA.
I agree, and my husband I are that example also. BTW we both come from two parent married homes! We have been married for 23 years! I pray my sons find true love also.

-Married with Children



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