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New Words in 2012

Many of the US' Hyped 'Villian's' Were Once in Cahoots w the US

Note the following articles: @ ['African Ping Pong: US Plays both Sides in Uganda. The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is a US-backed Guerilla Force' @]
And then there's: 'U.S. Confirms Liberian Leader [the notorious Charles Taylor] Worked for CIA': U.S. officials have confirmed long-held suspicions former Liberian president Charles Taylor worked for the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies. [Whom later the US decided to out him as a villian] @
And from this article: Reason #5: The United States, the other “good guy” in Kony 2012's imaginary world invented the modern African child soldier in the late1970s and early 80s, so their commitment to “ending child soldiers” is a bit suspect. With US funding the former Aparthied Regime in S.Africa helped create and arm “contra” guerilla forces, UNITA in Angolan and RENAMO in Mozambique to burn schools and clinics, to mine orchards and roads, commit mass rapes, mutilations and murders, terrorizing citizens in their own country. Lacking foreign troops or popular support , but with US aid and plenty of firepower, UNITA and RENAMO hit upon the innovation of kidnapping and enslaving child soldiers to carry out their despicable mission. Both were effusively praised and lavishly funded by Barack Obama's favorite president Ronald Reagan, and their leaders welcomed at his White House.
Saddam Hussein & Manuel Noriega were CIA assets- whom later the US decided to cast as villians. Saddam did the US' bidding by over-throwing an elected gov't & 'purging' non-pro US elements from Iraq's gov't when he came to power. AND- Mr CIA / Skull{duggery}& Bones Bush Sr was Noriega's CIA pay-master!
And then we have 2 of the US' favorite Black / African dictatorships- Poppy & Baby Doc [who the US & France let return to Haiti 'Scott Free' w a 'Get out of Jail Free Card' as they at the same time tried to block the return of Pres Aristide {who they helped pull a coup on twice] Dulvalier -&- Last but not Least- The notorious Mobutu who- along w the CIA, the Belgiums & even the UN- had Patrice Lumuba's [and millions of Congoleses] blood all over his [& their] hands!

The problem w most folks in the US, white & even Black, especially young folk- is their knowledge of the World & history especially RE: Africa is quite shallow & lacking. IMO: Most people in the US think Africa is a country - rather than the 2nd largest continent on the planet! Thats the reason why 'Kony's' producers picked well known celebs to hype this phony 'Kony' {un}documentary- they know that most young folk will relate to & 'trust' that these celebs must know what's - what [NOT!] - When, in general, its actually just the opposite! When you've got folks like Rhianna, Lady Gaga & Kim Kardasian - hyping a {un}documentary RE: Africa- they probably do NOT know what the hell they're talking about!!!

In England as well as America, what counts as standard English is the language as spoken and written by the educated classes. Cockney is not considered standard. But it is probably more common that Oxford English. The average Englishman doesn't speak like Bertrand Russell. The average American doesn't speak like Gore Vidal. The average Black American, to be ethnically specific, doesn't speak like W.E.B Du Bois.



Emotional and socio-economic insecurity. Marx was on to something when he said that "religion is the opium of the people." And Nkrumah noted in CONSCIENCISM that the most intensely religious people are usually the POORER people. African-Americans- -collectively--are perhaps the second poorest group in the USA, with only Native Americans being substantially poorer. The Christian religion gives folk something to hang onto in times of trouble. Even AA folk who are not poor generally have less socio-economic security than their white peers. For example, I am just one generation out of the ghetto myself; first person in the family (which we can trace back before the 1776 Revolution) to go to college. I don't have even the accumulated capital that many of my white colleagues have. Many more newly minted middle class Blacks are in that situation. Some of them also cling to religiion for that emotional security. African-Americans feel maybe a threatening void, feel there's no place for life anchoring moral values without religion. Black sociologist E. Franklin Frazier---famous for book THE BLACK BOURGEOISIE--argue s that the Black church is probably older than the Black family. (Church survived even during slavery more so than the family). The Church has been a kind of social cement holding the community together when seemingly noting else could. So, there's also just TRADITION. And let us keep in mind that the general level of education among our people is still well behind that of whites, exceeding perhaps Native Americans (who are poorer than us) and Latinos(many of whom are still struggling to learn English). Education will not necessarily turn you into an atheist, but a GOOD education forces you to examine things critically--includ ing your own beliefs



But it is fallacious, an instance of the fallacy of False Cause (post hoc ergo propter hoc)to infer that simply because crime incresed AFTER the ANC ascended to governance that it happened BECAUSE of the ANC. Crime was on the rise anyway. The problem of the ANC is not carrhing through on the social democratic economic reforms that they stood for when they were a persecuted oppositional movement. Now it's possible that for a time the corruptions of a previous regime will continue---even increase in a new, freer regime. Ironically, freedom may even aid for awhile the increase of evils already there and already incresing from the old regime. It is dubious to argue for that this means that the democracy is more corrupt than the previous tyranny. But if the ANC does not find a way of bring about democratic, egalitarian economic reforms, if it doesn't find a way of alleviating poverty, we will see--signs already there--of increasing class divisions within the African population. And that also makes for corruptions which can undermine democracy. Indeed, it is possible that if South Africa does not get on a progressive social democratic path---which is really the ANC'S own original program--we may see corrupt Black elites forming political marriages of convenience with the former white ruling caste. In that case we could eventually see South Africa back on the path toward a new (but no longer exclusively white) fascism, or a violent CLASS STRUGGLE. In his writings, and his speeches while on trial, Mandela argued for something like a social democratic alternative. I can only hope they get back on course in that direction. And maybe these popular protests is the wake up call the current government needed.



Kony 2012

Please remmember that in Oct.2010 the Obama admin. rejected a ban on giving aid to countries that us child soldiers. Uganda could have caught Kony already if it had not used its army in invading the Congo.
The fact of warlordism is not addressed. Before kony there was Charles Taylor in Liberia, Polpot in Canbodia, The Shining path in Peru. The list goes on. What allows these events to continue.
If invisible Children were serious their first stop would be the Obama White House rejcting the ban on child soldiering.


Note by Me: I don't agree with Cosby on poverty, but Cosby is doing something to help his people (like speeches, programs, scholarships, etc. Cosby isn't sitting on his tail. Farrakhan is doing some things and I don't agree with him on every issue too).

By Timothy

Cosby ought to start listening to the Occupy Movement, and show the animosity to the rich and the white that he showed to the black and the poor. But I guess Cosby knows who's paying him, and prefers to pimp himself out to the white ruling class. Oh there's a blame game going on. What do you think YOU have been doing all this time? The poor are being blame by the rich who impoverished them. Workers are being blamed by he employers who outsourced their jobs. The ignorant buffoon Herman Cain blames Blacks (who won't buy his bull)of being "brainwshed " into voting Democrat whie HE prostitues himself to the Republican Party and to his white massas, the Koch brothers. At any rate, what Cosby, Farrahkan and YOU have in common is that you have NOTHING to offer--not even vision of a better society without racial, class and gender inequalities. You have nothing relevant to contribute to this thread on NONVIOLENT REVOLUTION because you are yourself a reactionary. The only thing you're capable of doing is repeating the same old claptrap about how bad most black men are (men who you don't actually know) while community and the society is falling apart. Have you ever even read a book? Since you bring up Cosby, are you at least familiar with Dyson's critique of Cosby? Since the CLASS divide has been increasing globally as well as nationally and within the African-American community, do you have an analysis of why this is happening and what might be ways of correcting this/ Why does your covnersation never rise above the level of the Jerry Springer show? At any rate, I'm done. You're like SBT--simply repeating the same old line like a broken record, and regardless of what the issue is.



My Words on the Net (in response to a doubter):

The deal with people like you is that you want blacks to act like you, think like you, and believe in your historical revisionist interpretation of black people. Yet, black people have the right to strongly promote black power, black families, and black strength. This has nothing to do with being like Jackson or Shartpon. It's about asserting our manhood and rejecting intolerant austerity.

The rest of your words are racist stereotypes. Most blacks aren't in jail. Most blacks are not involved in serious crime. Most black people work and most black people don't take welfare. Also, tons of blacks are breaking the cycle of oppression and are entering the spring of black liberation.

Where is your evidence that most blacks play victims. Opposing history and exposing problems have nothing to do with playing the victim. It has to do with believing in reality. Nothing will ever get solve unless more black people call evil people out instead of sugarcoating the identities of the oppressors. Also, many pro-black leaders advocate hope, inspiration, improvement, and motivation (not a permanent thinking of defeatism). Your stereotyping is old. 

I read about Liberia for years before the year 2000, so what are you talking about. See, just because we brothers are not the Tiger woods/Gumble/Alfonso Rivera type, doesn't mean we are unintelligent and lacking in knowledge of our black history. We don't bow to you. See, we are awakening our consciousness and fighting for true liberation without submitting to your thinking.


You have the right to say what you want. Just as I have the right to disagree with much of your views. Good enough? Your responsibility is to live your life. We blacks don't need stereotyping by you or historical revisionism from you. We just need justice simply put. Exposing the truth isn't playing a victim. It's play the victor. See, we are victors when we wake up and fight against white supremacy.I don't think that Sean Bell, etc. was crying wolf.


We agree on one precise point in that we didn't create all of our problems in the world. Now, individually blacks are responsible for their own actions, but collectively we under a system of white supremacy. That's reality whether you like it or not. Therefore, we have the right to fight it. I didn't say I blame white people for all of my problems. I did say that white society has a guilt complex and on many occasions refuse to see the complexities of social inequality and racism.

The corporations promote the degradation of sisters not just some rappers. Not all rap is monolithic. Also, other genres of music slander female for centuries. The rest of your statements are old reactionary stereotypes. Tons of young blacks wish to be in a myriad of occupations not just sports or entertainment. More whites are in welfare and they have their issues. White people are in mostly other sports as well because of cultural reasons not because whites emphasizing something.

My ancestors didn't totally sold my people as slaves. That's a half truth. White Europeans organized the ships, trade routes, the money, the supplies, and the attacks on innocent black people. These criminals are to blamed for most of the Maafa. In this generation, white historical revisionists are attempting to delegitimate white responsibility for the Maafa, which is just as sick as Holocaust deniers.

Why did you mention Liberia. White people used Liberia (in a re-colonization scheme) as a means to ship blacks out of America not because they back then had a legitimate concern to promote equality for the black man. Also, many black Americans have every right to stay in America in order to fight for liberty and justice if they desire to. Black Americans have every right to go into Africa if they want to as well. Some benevolent acts of some white people doesn't excuse imperialism period.

Decent black men and black women exist. We agree on this point. Now, there is a distinction between exposing white supremacy and promoting blame against all white people (which I don't do). Now, many black people who are successful are Uncle toms if they desire to not help out of their own people. These black people aren't Uncle Toms if they have sincere love for their people. I don't believe in blaming your race for all crimes, but racism and poverty still exist.

See, it's really hypocritically to blame the victim instead of the criminal or perpretrator of the darkness. The perpetrators of the darkness (who created the war on terror, ecological disasters, & massive exploitation) aren't black people, but we realize their apparent, transparent identity. Many blacks are stigmatized and unfairly called criminals in the classroom without cultural tolerance. That is why some black people have these issues. Glen Ford has proven this point about education.
All of black people's troubles aren't of black people's making. That's an old lie. Black people didn't create slums, unemployment in America, the Maafa or the slave trade, Jim Crow, the prison industrial complex, or the other societal complications. We know who created these problems.


Regardless of everything you said, there is a White power structure and a plan to keep Blacks at a certain place for the basis of White demonination and survival. Malcolm X was trying to teach the People how to love themselves, but was killed by a Negro...why? The Black Panther party were doing the same - as well as trying to improve their neigbourhood and the society for Black children but yet the FBI conjured up a plan to destroy them and infiltrate their area...


Note by Me: I disagree with DarkOneSun's stereotyping of black women and he admits in his blog that he can't stand some black women (and he's married to one). Black women are always Queens no matter period. I get along with black women from across socioeconomic backgrounds all of the time. He is right on many issues though.

By Timothy

DarkOneSun on said:
I agree with this 100%. Adele is nothing special, there are tons of black women who sing like Adele–and ever better–who get no credit whatsoever. The late Amy Winehouse was another one. Non-blacks always get supreme credit for having qualities that are just regular to black folks.



jazzwatchModerator3 hours agoin reply to Derrick Witherspoon
We can IMPROVE all we can in OUR situations (education, our SELVES and etc,) but the BOTTOM LINE is they DO See us as a THREAT, educated or NOT......


mmdccbslmModerator3 hours agoin reply to monalisa15
There is a difference between needing to be stroked and being in a respectful relationship. Having it together doesn't mean you're in a relationship with the right person. It isn't even a qualification. Respect isn't accomodation. If a man would run a bath for you, wouldn't you do the same for him? Is a man supposed to not have a single place in this life where he can find comfort away from the struggles of the day? Is the veneer of strength a requirement? Do you secretly long for the hated 'chauvinist'? Then a whole nother set of 'problems' get introduced, right?
The use of generics is the first problem in communication. I do not refer to my woman in the plural and have yet to meet the generic woman. Each woman is unique and no woman would be with me if I did not think there were something special about her. I do not allow my partner to refer to me in any generic term. To me that is the most important thing in our understanding of each other.
Look at what goes into the longevity of any relationship and you'll find that they know each other and have been paying attention and are committed.
If black men and black women have to get beyond the worst in each other, then love will be forever difficult to find and keep.
It is about love, isn't it?


The Revolutionist wrote:

I think a good thing to find out from the black community would be to see how many of our people actually care about there being any black businesses, we need to start doing things like surveys that are aimed at our people to gather stats and find out views concerning our issues.
Just like the whites are always gathering statistical data to learn about the population and their views and so on we need to do something similar. The reason I say this is because in order for us move forward we need proper feedback from black folks to see if the message is getting out concerning us doing things such as fixing up our communities, opening more businesses and so on.
I suspect that if blacks have to go out of their way to support a black business many of us probably won't bother and don't see the urgent need for more black businesses, I think our folks may need to be shown examples of how supporting black business can benefit them and their neighbourhoods.
I strongly agree that we need to take a widespread survey on what black people think about our problems. I just can't get over the fact that we're not angry at having the worst stats. Supporting black business shouldn't be something to think about so I am all in favor of whatever means neccesary to help us rise. I've noticed that the new generation cares less and less about BLACK unity because they are being conditioned to believe that the world is becoming a multicultural melting pot (and it isn't). Even though we have the highest unemployment and incarceration rates they do not see the benefits of our own black communities. They are beginning to believe the stereotypes perpetuated by the mythical gender war black men and women are supposed to be having and desire non black spouses. I don't believe this new generation is informed enough and I think if the concious people of our race do not reach them quick enough they will be the final nail in the coffin for any progression the black race can make. As I said, black people are too comfortable, like a slave who accepts negative circumstances against them, blacks today accept our high unemployment, high crime and incarceration rates, low graduation rates, and low economic involvement, yet unlike slaves we can prevent these things BUT WE DON'T!!!! We have been brainwashed to see black people as our enemies and do not want to unite. This is unacceptable behavior and I fear the day when blacks do not care that our population is dwindling and depend on non-black races to save us, sad part is...that day has already begun. I wish I had the ability to reach blacks everywhere but this forum will do for now.

-Near Future


--I M WHITE-- wrote:

Everything you and your ilk have posted here if false and deceptive. Here is the real truth;
"Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, the Black African Negro has invented nothing.
This is not the truth, A 200,000 year old gold mining African civilization has been found. If it makes you feel any better this report is not afrocentric and was written by whites, it even shows pictures so you cannot deny it:

Ancient Human Metropolis Found in Africa:

Dating the site:
--I M WHITE-- wrote:
Not a written language
Wrong, Africans have created several ancient African origin written languages, here are a few:

Proto-mande script:

Bamum script:

Shumom(Cameroon) script:

In around 300 BC, the Sudanese invented a writing script that had twenty-three letters of which four were vowels and there was also a word divider. Hundreds of ancient texts have survived that were in this script. Some are on display in the British Museum.
--I M WHITE-- wrote:
weaved cloth
Wrong again, Africans have long created clothing, as seen in their ancient statues:

one seventeenth century visitor to southern African empire of Monomotapa, that ruled over this vast region, wrote that:“The people dress in various ways: at court of the Kings their grandees wear cloths of rich silk, damask, satin, gold and silk cloth; these are three widths of satin, each width four covados [2.64m], each sewn to the next, sometimes with gold lace in between, trimmed on two sides, like a carpet, with a gold and silk fringe, sewn in place with a two fingers’ wide ribbon, woven with gold roses on silk.”

In the mid-nineteenth century, William Clarke, an English visitor to Nigeria, remarked that:“As good an article of cloth can be woven by the Yoruba weavers as by any people ... in durability, their cloths far excel the prints and home-spuns of Manchester.”

A Portuguese chronicler of the sixteenth century wrote that:“[T]hey are finely clad in many rich garments of gold and silk and cotton, and the women as well; also with much gold and silver chains and bracelets, which they wear on their legs and arms, and many jewelled earrings in their ears”.
--I M WHITE-- wrote:
, a calendar
Wrong again, I've already shown the 200,000 year old South african calendar. Africans have pioneered cosmology and astronomy

The Dogon discovered the Sirius star somehow without a telescope centuries ago, while white astronomers have just begun to research it:

Michael Palin, in his TV series Sahara, said the imam of Timbuktu “has a collection of scientific texts that clearly show the planets circling the sun. They date back hundreds of years ... Its convincing evidence that the scholars of Timbuktu knew a lot more than their counterparts in Europe. In the fifteenth century in Timbuktu the mathematicians knew about the rotation of the planets, knew about the details of the eclipse, they knew things which we had to wait for 150 almost 200 years to know in Europe when Galileo and Copernicus came up with these same calculations and were given a very hard time for it.”

-Near Future


I'm about to give clear details and information to disprove him, and I know that he will still deny the facts. I will display documented quotes by European explorers, pictures of ancient African structures that still stand today, and drawings by European explorers, and Timbuktu manuscripts (which prove written language). However he will still deny it, then I will truly know that debating a racist leads to a waste of time. I'll still make the attempt because I enjoy posting our history, but I know for I M White to accept defeat would make him have to recant on a majority of his views of blacks that keep him on this forum. It will be interesting and even amusing to see his counter arguements.

-Near Future


monalisa15Moderator6 hours agoin reply to G
I have so much love for black men and that's why it's so painful black women have to go through so much to be with a black man. Black men do not understand as a black women we have to be superwoman. We don't have the luxury of wallowing about issues that is not going to get us to where we need to be. We have children to raise, parents to care for when they age. Most of us don't have help. We have to work two jobs, go to school, raise kids, help mama and daddy, and cook and clean. So I am sorry it appears we don't nurture your every need and help you with your insecurities as a man. I am sorry. We just don't have time.


We are waiting, and waiting..... and still we wait for your proof that blacks didn't civilise and populate the world and lay the foundations for modern technology by inventing;

Tools, Fire, Mining Gold, creating Medicine, Cosmetics, Astrology, first use of Numbers and Maths, first Religions, first to Measure Time, first to travel the globe, first to create Art, Music, language, first to domesticate Animals, the first to create pottery and the first people who invented agriculture and crops.

..,. But you and I know you can't even begin to debate any of this can you? Even though you have been researching this for the last two weeks, all your results have led you to Africa.. loooooooooool...

It must be embarrassing being a trashy white loser who has lived a life of nothing but complete and utter failure, yet now you want to debate the failures of a race of people who gave birth to your race and your civilisations, plus we are "GENETICALLY SUPERIOR" to you!,2933,331949,00...


-The Revolutionist


Moving Back to Nigeria- CNN video

CNN - Nigerian fast food goes global


NearFuture wrote:
4 Ways to Support Black Businesses
How to put your black buying power to use
With black buying power on track to reach $1.2 trillion in 2015, Chandra R. Thomas of Atlanta, GA, along with two of her friends, found it disturbing that although African Americans are the largest consumers, they aren’t spending money with African American vendors and business owners. In 2003 they established a discussion group primarily for African American professionals, called TalkBLACK. The group hosts two-hour meetings on the first Saturday of each month at a black-owned venue and encourages attendees to purchase at least one item from the menu.“I want to dispel the myth that by supporting black-owned business you’re settling for less quality,” says Thomas.
The 37-year-old freelance journalist provided these four tips to encourage others to support black businesses.
1. Research local black-owned businesses.
You may be surrounded by black-owned businesses and not even know it. Find out by asking friends, contact an African American business organization, or casually inquiring at a venue about its ownership.“We also emphasize in meetings that we are looking for black businesses, and people will say ‘I know someone and give a referral,” Thomas says.
2. Make supporting black-owned businesses a priority.
TalkBLACK built the idea of supporting black-owned businesses into its culture, and any time it holds an event, it first looks at options that can benefit black businesses. But you don’t have to start an organization in order to support black-owned business; you can follow TalkBLACK’s lead as a member of any professional group you belong to, or wity your family. Whether you need flowers, tablecloths, or printed invitations, Thomas says,“Organizations should sit down and think about what they need on a regular basis and make a sincere effort to get an African American vendor or business owner to supply it. That should be your first course of action.” Some TalkBLACK members have selected Saturday as the day they patronize only black-owned businesses.
3. Share information with family and friends.
Once you identify black-owned businesses in your community, encourage others to support them too. A few years ago, Thomas sent out an e-mail telling friends to support a black-owned beauty supply store and an emissions center she’d found in her neighborhood.“We need to be an example to others, and we need to spread the word,” she says.“If black-owned businesses go down, it hurts the community.”
4. Don’t be put off by a bad experience.
“Someone can go to a place and have a bad experience and make a sweeping statement like,‘That’s why I don’t support black businesses.’ I think that’s the wrong attitude,” says Thomas. Instead, she suggests responding to poor service by cordially asking to speak with the management and making a decision based on the outcome.
I think a good thing to find out from the black community would be to see how many of our people actually care about there being any black businesses, we need to start doing things like surveys that are aimed at our people to gather stats and find out views concerning our issues.

Just like the whites are always gathering statistical data to learn about the population and their views and so on we need to do something similar. The reason I say this is because in order for us move forward we need proper feedback from black folks to see if the message is getting out concerning us doing things such as fixing up our communities, opening more businesses and so on.

I suspect that if blacks have to go out of their way to support a black business many of us probably won't bother and don't see the urgent need for more black businesses, I think our folks may need to be shown examples of how supporting black business can benefit them and their neighbourhoods.
-The Revolutionist


Note by Me: I don't believe that most brothers in the corporate world are in alternative lifestyles, but he is right that many of them sacrifice their identity in order to be in the fold.

By Timothy

R&G on said:
Bruh, I’m from California, LA; and I think it’s just the group you hang around. Since you are in the bay area I am sure you aren’t rolling through East Oakland or North Richmond so your judging the area from the weirdos you happen to see.
I agree with one thing you said and most Brothers in the corporate game seem to be gay. I think that’s because they have been neutered and they have mastered how to be non-offensive to whites overall.
Before you start condemning the whole coast you need to spread out a bit more. The crabs in the barrel theory only effects you if you happen to be in the barrel with them. Join some meetup groups or some young Black professional groups and then make your decision. Look around for a while and you’ll see what we are about. California is the land of the militants from the gangbangers to the South and the Black Panthers to the North. Look around and you’ll see them


Coolmandingo82 wrote:

So what solutions do you have for men like myself. Who are frustrated?
If you are frustrated, first is to have self evaluation (or think about your life). Outline your strengths and your weaknesses (in your personality, dating skills, etc.). This is done before going out with a woman. Find ways to lessening your weakenesses and build up on your strengths. Second, if you want to go out with a sister, hang out with sisters that have similar personalities, similar occupational jobs, or the similar socioeconomic scale that you are in presently. There is nothing wrong with a man going out with a poorer sister too if it's for a sincere justification. An average, everyday woman is a blessing indeed. This can increase success in the romantic department. Also, the surrounding areas have plenty of nice sisters in your area too. You can transmit that energy of frustratation into action. Positive energy is always better than permanent frustration. Not to mention that a strong black man can easily attract a real black sister irrespective of physical appearance. A man just has to act like a man. Some men in the younger generation I see refuse to hunt for fear of rejection or humiliation (they want the woman to just come to them, because of status, money, or whatever). On the other hand, we men have to hunt. We are territorial, we can be aggressive at times, and we like to be active. We are men period.
Nothing is given on a silver platter. If we men want to go out with a sister; we have communicate with the sister like a man. We should also respect a sister saying no. A woman saying no isn't the end of the world. You can just move forward and find companionship with a sister of better comptability. We brothers are descendants of very strong people that suffered much more than we suffer now. If our ancestors can go out with women and make children (under oppressive circumstances), then we can do the same. If a man in supreme poverty can date and marry a woman in 2012 today, then we brothers can do the same.

-By Timothy


Daniel on said:
I Agree with this post. I have not only seen this, but I have experienced this personally. Non-blacks are only cool with you when it is time to party, say the N-word, and listen to hip-hop and hang out. When you mention anything about the plight of black people in this country and worldwide, they are quick to get angry and recite this ole “We are the World and hiphop belongs to the world” b____t. They feel as though they deserve to take anything good you have, use it for themselves, and act like they didn’t get it from you. This is one of the main reasons why brothers in my circle have closed our culture and other things to these parasites. And you know what? They can’t stand it! They can’t stand not being able to be a part of our activities, conversations, and interactions. We even change our lingo every few months on campus so they can’t catch on. Totally shunning white people out of our circle has caused them to go crazy! I suggests other brothers do the same thing.


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