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I agree that it’s a waste of oxygen and time dialoguing with Lara (and others like her) — but sometimes I get sucked in :-)
It is almost a religious quest, so many black folks desoerately seeking out and uplifting “good white people” and “white liberals” like former prez Bill Clintion who black folks love and used to call the “first black prez) — despite the FACT that there was a ton of punitive legislation enacted against blacks during the Clinton Administration)
The best scam in town is the (show) business of white anti-racism. It’s like speaking against crack cocaine while enjoying legal immunity as you puff on your crack pipe.
I believe the “system” tolerates and encourages and rewards white “anti-racists” like Tim Wise, for example, because they confuse the victimized black masses into thinking there are “good white people.”
white folks like Tim Wise gets book deals and makes public appearances on TV but real anti-racists like Neely Fuller, Jr. and Dr. Welsing can’t get a drop of attention from the white media.
There is no way a system set up to benefit one group is going to be opposed OR voluntarily destroyed by that same group.
Once we realize that, we will stop looking for “good white people” and good deeds by white people and instead, become better, wiser, more self-respecting, and more determined to defeat racism BLACK PEOPLE.

Absolutely agree, the only time I’ve read ebonics on-line is when a white person is pretending to be a black person
that says a lot about racism right there


of course white females get more empathy and sympathy from the white media and white people collectively. That’s obvious from the coverage of white female victims VS black female victims. The proof:
ask the average person to name three white female crime victims who have become household names:
“That’s easy — Natalie Holloway, Jon Benet Ramsey, Lacey Peterson”
Now, ask them to name ONE black female crime victim
Black females are the most victimized females in American history, from 400 years of being the victims of ruthless white rapists and sadistic white female slave-owners to present day black females who are the most likely group in America to be raped but the LEAST likely to be believed or have their crimes investigated or the offenders prosecuted.
Of course, black female’s tears do not have the same effect as white female’s tears.
Dave, if you are a white man, you already knew the answer to your question…


   I warn my daughter about this all the time.  I tell her to curtail shopping, etc. in the stores where school is since the entire city is now the exclusive domain of transplanted Whites who will ensure that one day this will become a forbidden city.  Already there are buildings on Pine street that have their own private subway entrance.
   The NY that people envision is one of the past.  This current place is very corporatized and sad to say, becoming very dull.  What made the place NY is now pretty much gone.  Yes its busy, etc. but it has no more charm and it's not the place where anyone can just hop off a bus and struggle and make it.  You cannot be broke but still live in NY.  That's the part that's the killer.
    The selfish, tunnel visioned Whites that have the idea that every spot they lay their eyes on should be theirs exclusively and like fiends come after anywhere they see people of color will one day have a rude awakening:  Poor/Middle Class people are beginning to despise people who claim to be artists but are actually gentrifiers.  The real people who embody the spirit of NY are going to be forced out elsewhere and will bring that spirit with them to other cities.  You gentrifiers are easy to pick out and will be summarily targeted and banned.  As you watch NYC/DC/other areas die from sheer corporatized boredom you will NOT be welcomed to these new towns because the people running things are the ones YOU helped push out.  They'll remember you.
    Besides, the corporations that drew you here so that you'd break up/destroy the neighborhoods are going to force you to stay there to ensure the look of the new Walled in City of NY.  Envision that Big Apple logo with a steel cage around it.  Think it won't happen?  It's already here.
  This city is dead; and when the bored white kids who like to sit on the dirty subway station ground get tired of it because its the same all over (thanks to them) they're not going to be welcome elsewhere.  


I would strongly suggest folks check out the Tim Wise interviews on C.O.W.S. on the Talkshoe shoe website — you’ll have to google it since I don’t have permission to post links on this blog.
He has admitted on previous occasions that he is a white racist and Wise once called the research of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, a medically trained psychiatrist and geneticist — “pseudo-scientific BS (he didn’t abbreviate the word BS) aka “negro science.”
I believe Mr. Wise is a phony and is pimping racism and black people to make a very good living — and have based my opinion on the evidence and the interviews I have listened to
scratch a white anti-racist and you will find a white person practicing a very refined form of racism/white supremacy


“Then I thought, this has been iterated before! I saw a video of this guy Wise giving a speech to a black audience. It was as if they needed this white man to validate what they should have known, or perhaps already did.”
A white US supreme court justice before our time ruled/stated something like, “Negroes have no rights which the white man is bound to respect.”
Apparently, this dismissive – and now de facto – attitude extends to our words as well. If it’s not in the white collective’s (or individual’s) interest, the utterances of black people are summarily ignored… or replayed/deciphered inaccurately on purpose so as to askew the meaning, This is a very convenient/useful method (of many) for maintaining white supremacy. Have we not seen this tactic deployed countless times on this blog, and even this thread?? This brings to mind Law Prof Derrick Bell’s second rule of “the rules of racial standing” which states:
“Not only are blacks’ complaints discounted, but black victims of racism are less effective witnesses than are whites, who are members of the oppressor class. This phenomenon reflects a widespread assumption that blacks, unlike whites, cannot be objective on racial issues and will favor their own no matter what. This deep seated belief fuels a continuing effort – despite all manner of Supreme Court decisions intended to curb the practice – to keep black people off juries in cases involving race. Black judges hearing racial cases are eyed suspiciously and sometimes asked to recuse themselves in favor of a white judge – without those making the request even being aware of the paradox in their motions.”


Lara and those like her have no interest/use for the system of government we all know and love as democracy in light of the probability that POC might potentially benefit from such an arrangement. They and their ilk, for all their screaming and shouting against “the big bad federal government” are more interested in installing white autocracies which not only take into account the current racial hierarchy that is white supremacy but also re-introduces the most vile and brutal aspects of it’s machinations in order to keep “the niggers (anybody who isn’t white) in their place.”
What I find laughable about this POV (if it can be called that) is the pretentious underpinnings upon which it rests. Essentially, it consists of the idea that whites are the only people who’ve shown initiative/interest in earning their way through the world via their own merits. Whilst the rest of us, inherently dysfunctional coloureds, have not only shown a great disregard for doing so, but indeed have always harbored deep seated ambitions to be taken care of by them/somebody/ anybody other than ourselves.
Outside of it’s historical inaccuracy and present day white karfaffull regarding their own economic plight world wide, the astounding intellectual dishonesty it must take in order to ignore the quandary they invariably find themselves in when trying to argue a point of view which inherently requires that white people be capable of achieving all manner of success despite any and all objective odds stacked up against them (which at this juncture, in regards to race, seems to be a system geared, if not successfully, to upholding democratic ideals of civil rights) whilst simultaneously caterwauling about this that and the other parts of government not aiding and abetting them in bringing their titular merit based societies into being is mind boggling to say the least if not outright bloody hysterical.
In other words dear fascists, you can’t on one hand contemptuously sneer and spittle that people should be able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps irrespective of any and all circumstances they face and were it not for meddlesome government they could, and then in the same breath wail and gnash teeth about that very same government not intervening on your behalf in order for you to be able to manage to succeed. ?????????


I think there is a lot to be learned from Lara, if black people would simply accept that she represents the typical (regardless of income or education) white person in a white supremacy system.
Lara is the RULE, not the exception, and she will NEVER snitch on other white people even when she knows the truth: that white people practice racism against blacks and other non-whites on a DAILY basis, and that white people know they benefit from the mistreatment of non-whites and that is why they pretend to be falsely innocence and “clueless.”
No, Lara is not “clueless” or ignorant. She is well aware of what it means to be white, and what it means to NOT be white — which is why she is quick to throw around black stereotypes and insults. This is something she learned at an early age because white people often negatively discuss black people (when no black people are in the room).
This is WHO SHE IS.
The day that black people accept what should be by now a proven FACT that white people collectively are INHERENTLY racist, and that racism is as much a genetic and psychological problem (illness) for whites — as it is a social and political and economic reality/tragedy for blacks, that’s the day we MIGHT get the guts and the wisdom to really do something about it — and them.
I find too many black people (and I’m not addressing anyone in particular) are so eager (and desperate) to believe that Lara is not typical of white people — that we ignore the undeniable evidence that white people GLOBALLY have no intention of stopping the brutal and barbaric practice of subjugating and slaughtering people who are not white aka practicing white supremacy.
Katrina should have been a wake-up call for all the black doubters as to the kind of “racial progress” blacks have made here in America. Oscar Grant’s murder at the hands of a toy cop who walks out of prison after serving less than two years should be a wake-up call for blacks in america. Wesley Snipes sitting in federal prison for a misdemeanor tax conviction should be a wake-up call for blacks in america.
The fact that CNN reported that it was easier for a white man with a criminal record to get a job than a black man with a college degree should be a wake-up call for blacks in america.
The gentrification of countless American cities as increasingly (and deliberately) impoverished and some formerly working class and middle class blacks are being pushed out should be a wake-up for blacks in america.
Black farmers who are still waiting for justice, while wealthy white farmers were just given millions of taxpayer dollars for being white and wealthy should be a wakeup call for blacks in America,
That fact that a black man (Troy Davis) was just executed in Georgia for a crime it was obvious he did not commit while the long arm of American (in)justice reached across the ocean and freed a white female (Amanda Knox) who appeared from the evidence to be guilty of a murder in Italy should be a wake-up call for blacks in America.
and the list is too long for this blog….
Lara’s posts shouldn’t raise any eyebrows or blood pressure. It’s what we should come to expect from racist man and racist woman since we have been dealing with them for over 500 years. It should be obvious by now (for G’s sake) that they are not going to change who they are.
It’s time for us to accept hard, cold reality that black people will have to do the changing, that we have to change how we think, act, and speak when it comes to white people — and that means what ever it means.
(sorry about the long post)


@ Lara
African countries “favoring” their own is NOT black supremacy. If the French “favor” other French people is that “French supremacy?”
In addition, African countries are under attack by the European white supremacy system as I write this and have been for hundreds of years, so whatever is happening in Africa is largely a result of WHITE imperialism, WHITE colonialism, and genocide conducted by WHITE people. Witness the recent murder of the Libyan leader by the white West (not the so-called “rebels”)
Let’s be logical here. You read the definition of white supremacy and black supremacy. So let me poise this question directly to you and see if you are capable of a clean, straight forward answer:
If black supremacy exists (in the U.S.)
Name one thing that black people – as a group — have stopped white people – as a group — from doing that they had a RIGHT to do? For example, denying them the right to work, own a home, live in a certain area, get a fair trial, an education, or use any public facility.
I’m looking forward to your answer


I agree, Lara’s posts reek of deliberate, CULTIVATED (and phony) obtuseness —
which seem to be designed to keep black posters on this blog going around and around in a circle chasing their own tails and trying to convince her of what she already knows is true
that white people run it
that white people own it
and that white people’s biggest Wizard of Oz trick
is to convince blacks and non-whites that they are not being mistreated by white people
I call this the “Don’t Snitch On Other White People” syndrome where white people will deliberately deny that racism is going on even when they know and/or are participating in the practice of it
for all we know, Lara’s on someone’s payroll and is being paid to do just that
disrupt the logical flow of black exchange over how to understand and solve the problem of (white) racism.
keep in mind, the internet is a strange, mysterious place….full of spies and saboteurs where people are paid to disrupt any honest or serious dialogue about racism by blacks who are trying to fight our way out of it


@ phoebe
White women have been threatened by us since slavery when the master would leave his white wife alone in her beautifully dressed nightgown and carefully curled locks to fornicate with his slaves.
The racial aminus is ever present with white women. This can be seen with Michelle Obama when she is being attacked by white male Republicans.
I’m writing a post about why they keep quiet with her but defend Ms. Fluke

The sense of entitlement that some men think they have over women’s bodies never fails to floor me.
Yes. I felt violated and less ‘human’ following this. Like, it didnt matter, he could touch me any way he wanted to to prove something to this female – I never saw them even so much as exchange a kiss in public yet he could do that to me and not bat an eyelid.
But we notice, too, how the game is acted out: white woman in starring role – romantic lead – of course. Emoting, and the only “real” woman on the stage…and the emotional reality of the not-white woman? Marginalized.
Of course. Funny, I recall telling a friend about that incident and when I described the female she said ‘oh thats such and such such and such, we were at school together. She always maintained she hated BP and would certainly never go out with a BM…’
After reading some of the personal testimonies on this thread, it is clear that white people — especially white females — know they benefit more than non-whites.
I remember having a discussion with a white female colleague a few years ago that links in directly to this topic. I was saying that I wouldnt mind having more children but my husband was not keen. Her response ‘just cry and keep on crying, thats what I do until I get my own way!’
Naively she obviously thought this approach would work across the board but, in my experience this hasnt been the case at all….


“…I would’ve popped her in the mouth..”
Omg, I wish I had known how to stand up for myself like that when I was young. Instead I just shriveled away and ran the risk of forever being misunderstood by all and sundry through lack of confidence/fighting skills.
How did you learn to fight back like that?
I ask because I never knew. I suppose I always got mixed messages about fight back: if you fight you are a bad person, if you fight back you are just as bad as the person who attacked you AND conforming to a reputation that everyone expects of you, and, if you fight you’re going to get more hurt anyway….
It’s a catch-22.
You don’t respond – then you’re a victim.
You do respond – you are asking for trouble. Or being “typical”.
I remember – back in the day – that it was the belief that the white girl was always the more ‘innocent’ in an incident or fight.
What a joke. What has changed?
I recall in a work situation, a particular white woman (blonde) who would turn on the waterworks to get her way. She was fantastic at it. Really. And, everybody white fell for it.
Once we had a run in – she was absolutely in the wrong – on paper at least. But out came the tears and somehow, now, I was suddenly the baddie. When I said to her what she was doing was manipulation and not fair, she turned round and said:
“I am a good person, y’know. My brother is married to a black girl.”
(In my mind, I imagined a kick coming from one side of the room onto her mouth. But I just stood there helplessly as she got her way.)


The Revolutionist wrote:

There is a saying that goes "DNA is not an exact science". I believe this totally.
For DNA not to find any link between East Africa and any other African country has to be complete garbage, African life began in the East of Africa so all Africans should show some form of link, I can understand them finding a certain amount of Arab/Caucasian DNA in the East because they have mixed with Arabs ever since their invasion of North Africa...
However, this was pretty recent in African history which stretches back around 150,000 years, the history of black Ethiopia goes back long before any Arab invasion, the fact that there is now caucasian DNA in Ethiopia has caused whites and Arabs to feel that they can claim the entire history of any form of civilisation in East Africa, this is like whites claiming the entire history of America or blacks claiming the entire caribbean history whereas both these places were inhabited and had culture before we arrived there...
There is a link between East Africa and the rest of Africa. In fact everything with DNA has a link, from a human to a tree, DNA shows common ancestry.

This Autosomal DNA show Ethiopians resembling the Masai the most: 
Notice the predomnate ''turquise blue'' admixture in both Ethiopians and Masai? That represents East Africa (Eastern Sudanic/Cushtic) and the Masai are essentially Central Africans who even have relatiosn to Bantu groups.



The Revolutionist wrote:

Look, human life originated in the East of Africa and spread throughout the rest of Africa, did it not?... If DNA suggests Africans are not related somehow then DNA testing CLEARLY needs further development in terms of its accuracy!
Everyone on the planet seems to have the right to identify with others from their continent, Europeans can identify with all Europeans, Indians can identify with all Indians from India, Native Indians identify with Native Americans, Chinese with all Chinese and so on, however, when it comes to the black race, white people try their utmost best to separate the North from the East from the South and West!!! Why?
Why TF is it that only black people must be sectioned off from each other and divided into little groups and told that we are alien to each other, f*ck that sh*t!...
This technique was used by whites during slavery, those whites absolutely lived in FEAR of slave uprisings and the slaughter of whites on the plantation, large groups of slaves grouping together were prevented by the white slave owners dividing blacks into groups and pitting them against each other, example, light-skinned slaves vs dark-skinned slaves, men vs women, old vs young and so on...
These differences were exploited and used to drive a wedge between slaves and make them fight each other over these petty differences rather than gather together and plan attacks against whites!
Well this DNA B/S is the modern equivalent of the old divide and rule tactic that was used during the old days!... So what if there are differences in black DNA, we are all still black African!...
There are many DNA differences in Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, South American and Puerto Rican white people but we don't hear whites highlighting these differences and sectioning themselves off from the pack, so why should we have to?
You all need to stop being sh*t scared of black people claiming black history, we are a huge group, it is time you stopped trying to downsize us!
C/S ,Great Post brother !



BigsmokE8 wrote:

There is a link between East Africa and the rest of Africa. In fact everything with DNA has a link, from a human to a tree, DNA shows common ancestry.
This Autosomal DNA show Ethiopians resembling the Masai the most:
Notice the predomnate ''turquise blue'' admixture in both Ethiopians and Masai? That represents East Africa (Eastern Sudanic/Cushtic) and the Masai are essentially Central Africans who even have relatiosn to Bantu groups.
Wow, I had no idea that Ethiopia had such a huge link with the Maasai Tribe... Did you also know that the Tutsi's are Ethiopians that left the Ethiopian Highlands around 600 years ago and ended-up living in Rwanda with the Hutu's who came from Chad? Not only that, there was a travel route from East to West Africa which I forget the name of, but many Africans from war torn East fled across this route for many years and ended up in places like Nigeria. 

Many Sudanese people fleeing fighting also fled to the West or Central Africa, I will look for the link and post it here!

Africans clearly moved around and migrated from one part of Africa to another, so for these clueless white people to come and tell us that our genetics are not mixed is total rubbish... 

We need to start educating ourselves concerning our history and don't leave it to racist white bigots to educate us about our own continent, all he will do is speculate or tell us pure lies!

-The Revolutionist



The Sapphire stereotype like the Jezebel and Mammy stereotypes were invented by American ANTI-BW RACIST/HATERS to justify the molestation, rape, and other heinous criminal acts commited by American White slave masters/WM against BW/Black girls. It was common for people to claim that BW/Black girls “couldn’t be raped” on the basis of these hateful/warped/ignorant ANTI-BW stereotypes.
It’s important to remember the historical context of ANTI-BW LIES, MYTHS, and STEREOTYPES so we don’t attempt to justify them.
There are women of ALL races who can be “loud, emasculating, ghetto, agressive/attitudinal”, etc. I find it interesting that many people want to pretend that ALL BW posess EVERY negative character trait imaginable but NO positive character traits (obviously a lie).
This ANTI-BW mindset is RACIST/SEXIST and needs to change


sepultura13 says,
Another interesting thing about this stereotype is that a lot of men, particularly black men, will say that the ‘Sapphire’ character is why they don’t/won’t date black women – but then those same men will date a white or latina woman with those EXACT SAME characteristics that they claim to abhor in black women! If a behavior is a deal-breaker then it wouldn’t matter who acted that way, they would be seen as ‘undatable’ and ‘unapproachable’, no? Excuses, excuses, excuses…
Regarding the Pepsi Superbowl ad: I admit that I didn’t see it at the time it aired, but have since looked it over and was disgusted and dismayed.
laromana says,
ANTI-BW RACIST BM and ANTI-BW RACISM are both DISGUSTING. ANTI-BW BM who condone/promote ANTI-BW RACISM may as well be white supremacists because they’re USEFUL IDIOTS for ALL ANTI-BLACK HATE groups.

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