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The Beauty Con Game



 P 21 hours ago in reply to MHarpster Yes, racism. Anybody denying the racist nature of GOP is demented, delusional, or confused. Talking about government mandated healthcare, what exactly did Romneycare in Massachusetts do? Romneycare was government mandated healthcare, and a blue print for President Obama's healthcare intiative isn't that so? But to enlighten you with facts that small minds like yours cannot comprehend, the current medicare system has been in place since the mid 1960s. It is basically a government run healthcare program with doctors and hospital fees paid by government. Beneficiaries also pay premiums for some services as well as deductibles and copays. I will come back to this later.But let me ask about taxes. What taxes have increased? I live in Florida which is a Republican controlled state, legislature and Governor. I have seen my property and all other taxes go up each year. Why is that? Why are we paying double for tag registration, renewal, business registation, sales tax, fees, etc? Do republicans not claim to cut cut taxes? How can you cut something that increases each year? Explain that to me? As far spending Obama's out of control spending, most of it was from the stimulus. It is hard to imagine that a new government coming in at the heels of the most catastophic economic collapse since the great depression would not increase spending in order to slow the recession and boost the economic recovery. Which other recovery method would have reversed the economic disaster that America was facing in 2008? Let us test your knowledge of economics here? The war in Iraq is over. This was a war started by Bush under false pretex. General Collin Powell recently revealed in his book that even before the false claims of weapons of mass destruction, that the Bushes and that criminal Chaney were already hell bent on going to war with Iraq. If you want to blame somebody for Iraq, blame your brother Bush and leave Obama out of it. He did nothing to do with the war. I will continue bashing your head later. I have to go now. 


 2Queens11434 6 hours ago Americans are blind. Both parties are the SAME! Its like pepsi and coke duking it out.


 P 21 hours ago Well, the rightwing went to great lengths in 2008 and defeat President Obama, but failed woefully. What makes them think they'll succeed this time. Each time Republicans are busted for planning something nefarious, certain characters love to chime in that 'other' parties do likewise. Fine, the issue however is not about other parties or the democrats, or the left. This is about Republicans planning to use their vile character assasination tactic, and after the plot was exposed, they backed off and disavowed it. This is no different from "intent to commit' murder. I believe in white American justice, intent is still a crime isn't it? But more importantly, why do white people never accept responsbility, but preach that nonsense to black people instead? When they are caught red handed, they want to deflect blame to others. When a black person errs, they demand that he/she take responsibility. Practise what you preach. When democrats are caught doing wrong, we should shine the beam on them, but in this case, let's not muddy the water. The guilty party should be called out, period.


  • 2428 wrote:
    Nothing more threatening than an intelligent black person. Back in school I'd surprise white teachers when they found out that I wasn't some semi-literate gangster retard. One white teacher even told me I used "big words" when she looked at my English assignment, and this was in high school. -___-


  1. Anonymous wrote:
    Similar issues in the workplace here. Nowadays they are very sneaky and subtle about it. Discrimination is often swept under the carpet or downplayed. PoC should unite to make this a globally recognised human rights issue. One they cant divert attention away from by constantly pointing fingers at third world countries. Third world countries should unite to turn the tables on them.

  • herudagod wrote:
    Ive been telling black people this for the longest. Whites arent scared when youre a thug, killer, or a gangster. They love it! Theyll just feed you into their private prison industry and get rich off of you. Whites are scared s____ when they see us as engineers, doctors, and business men and women because they know well be a threat to their dominance. If you dont believe me just look at what whites did to Black Wallstreet and every other self sustaining black community in the past.


Let Mrs Arie tell you brothers and sisters what it really is.......

The Truth: 

Black love And Unity Is Whats Needed To Survive....simple as that....


That sister is something....her voice and songs are truly from the creator......

But the song in the o.p., is what black love truly is....listen to her words closely...;)

Wise up


216 Elite




cocoa09 4 hours ago

This child's parents should be able to understand the racial  implications of 'blackface', even if he doesn't. This could have been a teachable moment for him. Instead, the parents are too racist, uneducated and arrogant to see how wrong this is. They should have known better in the first place.
Nobody would think it was acceptable for a student to wear a Nazi armband and bring an EasyBake Oven to school to discuss the Holocaust. White people never want to face the ugliness of their past. They created 'blackface' for the purpose of degrading and dehumanizing Black people. Pretending that it's now a respectful tribute to a Black leader is patently absurd.  

ronjayaz 17 hours ago
I read this article on CNN and cudnt find anything abt the ethnic breakdown of the exonerated prisoners. More than 50% of the blacks in a 13% population is really disproportionate. I blame the black ethnic civil rights organization for not pounding the drum abt these obvious inequities---a really thorough investigation into violent vs nonviolent crimes shud be analyzed. The latter shud be paroled IMMEDIATELY. Where are U NAACP? Havent herd from U in a long, long time? Yor organization shud not be the silent minority, to twist an old ploy.


George Zimmerman has a domestic violence and police assault past, he didn't listen to police dispatchers instructions of not to follow Martin, and lied to the judge at his bail hearing about his finances. So we know that Zimmerman is a violent liar with no respect for the law. That being written, there is absolutely no way Rivera, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, or any other white would just ignore these facts had Zimmerman shot a white kid.

All sort of clothing can scare people. Many people in minority neighborhoods are frightened to death when they are confronted with police in uniform. According to Rodney King they have reason to be.

 You don't understand politics it only takes 60% of the vote in congress to get a super majority when Congress passes a bill with a super majority the President can't veto so you can't blame NDAA Bill on Obama when Republicans wrote and created the bill Also the President has no control over abortion laws only the Supreme Court controls abortion laws and Republicans have full control in the Supreme Court republicans are just using the abortion issue to get votes from the religious right
MarryPepper in reply to James01100011 (Show the comment) 2 hours ago


 There's plenty of black democrats who are educated and successful the Top 10 Richest black people in America are all democrats Oprah is the richest black person in the world and she's a democrat But white racist republicans like you believe this racist stereotype that all black democrats are poor and on welfare when there's more Poor White Republicans on welfare than any other race MarryPepper _____________________ __________________________

 Us "Zulu warriors" know that we live in the 21st century. You guys want to reverse the clock back into the 18th century (or the 19th century). TruthSeeker24 in reply to rcmimages (Show the comment) 1 day ago


Major props to these outstanding achievers.  You are more inspiration to me than any ball star or entertainer, period.  God bless and reach back to move more forward with you.



jazzwatch 3 hours ago
Nothing but MUCH if you cannot get TAHT job in YOUR area, go to OTHER ones, or rather I say, take your TALEENTS to where the place where aceept it (pay you WELL for it) then STAY there, IJS....

@ AJ — who said: “Ok wow, to the guy who said racism is an inherent genetic and psychological illness in whites, you disgust me. I’m not white, nor have any special love for them, but saying that someone is destined to be a certain way because of their genes is RACIST. You didn’t imply it, you plainly stated it.”
#1 — something about the way you said “I’m not white…” makes me suspect you might be a white person (but that’s just my intuition talking, i could be wrong)
#2 — I stated what I believe is true. Let me clarify my statement
when it comes to racism and non-white people — whites appear to have an INHERENT, GENETIC tendency to lie, mistreat, rape and murder ANY and EVERYONE who is not white. The history of white people over the last 500+ years bears that out.
I agree with Dr. Frances Cress Welsing who said:
“…because of their “numerical inadequacy” and “color inferiority,” white people may have defensively developed “an uncontrollable sense of hostility and aggression” towards people of color, which has led to “confrontations” between the races throughout history. Repressing their own feelings of inadequacy, whites “set about evolving a social, political, and economic structure to give blacks and other ‘non-whites’ the appearance of being inferior.”
#3 — from what I have seen, when it comes to non-white people, it is one lie after another, it’s lying about “discovering America,” lying about Native Americans being savages while whites were murdering, raping, stealing and committing genocide against Native Americans. The same is true about non-white people from Africans (the Transatlantic slave trade, American slavery, white imperialism, white colonialism, Elvis Presley imitating black people, to Creole (black slave) cooking transformed into (white) Cajun cooking, to American music pretending it didn’t come from black R&B, jazz and the blues, to calling collagen enhanced white female lips the “Paris lip” instead of admitting they want lips, breasts, and buttocks like our black women have,
to today, where Europeans are attacking, murdering and stealing from Africa, to killing the leader of Libya and pretending his own people did it,
to Australia’s aboriginals who were raped, murdered, and robbed of their country and their children (google the “Stolen Generation)
from the atom bomb that was dropped on Japan, the napalming of Vietnam, Katrina in the US where black people stranded on roofs for 4 days then robbed of their right to reclaim their land to the police murders of countless unarmed black men, women AND CHILDREN,
to people like Lara and the countless white trolls who refuse to admit what they know is true: that white people individually AND collectively, mistreat and benefit from mistreating people who are not white. White people KNOW this is true and white people KNOW what other white people say and do when there are no black people in the room. They KNOW their relatives, friends, coworkers and bed partners talk negatively about black people.
They KNOW that the black people on their jobs are treated unfairly and don’t get the kind of credit or promotions that white people get. They know this because it’s the average, ordinary white person who decides whether a black person gets that job, that loan, that promotion, that traffic ticket (or a pass), or a guilty verdict in the courtroom as a defendant or whether a white cop gets an innocent verdict after shooting an unarmed black man 41 times.
It’s the average, ordinary white person that keeps the hell going for millions of non-white people on the planet because without that support the system of white supremacy would self-destruct.
#3 — Again, and again and again (to the point of exhaustion), black people cannot be racist, and cannot practice racism because racism is NOT expressing an opinion as a powerless (black) person, racism is action, words , thoughts and deeds based on having institutions and SYSTEMS in place that will back up those thoughts, words, and deeds.
you can all me a lot of things, but as a black person, the one thing i will never answer to is “racist”
I make no apologies for telling the truth about the documented actions of white people on this planet — and I could care less who is offended by that — no disrespect intended.

This still going on? Ok, I drop my few thoughts in as well.
I think so called “anti-racist” business in America is just like all the other “I’m a good person” things mainly whites have in USA. It is there to make them feel good about themselves and to make some money for themselves. This reminds me of the Band Aid and Live Aid back in the 80′s.
All those pop stars singing for free! Get it? They did not take any money from those cheesy recordings, wow! They gave their effort for free! They did their best at the studio and later on shows. Oh how they toiled and worked! And their combine income that year alone could have saved the hungry millions many times over, not to mention that they could have built schools, payd for the salaries of thousands of doctors and teatchers for years to come etc.
Nice that they sang and brought the hunger to our attention, but they could have just used their own frigging money right at once on the job. But that would have meant that they should have been serious about it.
There have been very few white guys who have been serious about their anti-racist stance. Very few celebrities have been. Marlon Brando was one back in the days. Usually so called anti-racists are in it just because they want the blacks/others tell them how great they are and how much they are liked. They want to have a moral high ground among the whites: See, I am anti-racist and loved by those opressed ones!
And it is very revealing that they lecture to the blacks how the blacks are opressed and how racism effects on them. Like, for real, man. :D


of course white females get more empathy and sympathy from the white media and white people collectively. That’s obvious from the coverage of white female victims VS black female victims. The proof:
ask the average person to name three white female crime victims who have become household names:
“That’s easy — Natalie Holloway, Jon Benet Ramsey, Lacey Peterson”
Now, ask them to name ONE black female crime victim
Black females are the most victimized females in American history, from 400 years of being the victims of ruthless white rapists and sadistic white female slave-owners to present day black females who are the most likely group in America to be raped but the LEAST likely to be believed or have their crimes investigated or the offenders prosecuted.
Of course, black female’s tears do not have the same effect as white female’s tears.
Dave, if you are a white man, you already knew the answer to your question…


We have to go back a little further to the genesis.
We were not always at war and were never in constant war with each other…At one time we lived in Peace along the Nile. We had city/states sewage systems, running water, laws, written word and stone masonry.
We had graineries which held the excess of the years crop bounty for the poor and we used gold for ornaments, not commerce…We lived in peace like this for 50,000 years …The whites who called themself Arab or Hyksos or Asian did not come in war..They initially came to our cities and universities to learn and to be civilized and that was out first mistake…When Cheops lowered the immigration policy and allowed in the hairy ones…They came in peace but they left us in pieces.
dont believe me…look it up.

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