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Raymond_Shaw44 19 hours ago in reply to msblkwidow I suggest you start reading books on how our banking system works with respect to eviscerating the middle class by "STEALING" the wealth acquired by it. Then you will begin to understand where Dr. West is coming from. The thing you don't get is, Dr. West has been making the same charges to all of Obama's predecessors and he (like millions others) thought Obama would represent a shift to the paradigm. This has not happened and therefore he speaks up. Your implication that this is just some black man expressing self hatred by attacking another black man is cheap and dismissive. ________________

The young man does DESERVE it regardless who his parents are. He is a good athlete and maintains a good GPA. Haters gonna hate. 


Its an athletic scholarship! Its earned and clearly he earned it. Any scholarship earned is deserved because you worked hard to get it. Family wealth has nothing to do with it. Its not financial aid

"There’s something about being Black that makes others far more aware of when you’re allegedly milking the system in ways that would be overlooked if you were White."
That was my first thought. It is the same school of thought as the guy who wrote the article criticizing how Jay Z made his money and whether or not if he should be accepted. I like to refer to it as "unforegivable blackness," based off of the documentary of the first black heavy weight.  There are people out there who refuse to sit idly by and watch the system work for a black man. They just won't tolerate it.
Black people there are a lot of non-racist white folk out there and most of them will continue to be, as long as you are not or attempting to become better than them.


 You mean the way you reactionaries were always blaming Jimmy Carter for the disasters of the Bush administrations? Neither Bush senior nor Bush junior could claim that they inherited a disaster from an IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING Carter administation. But Obama can certainly say--and TRUTHFULLY say--that he inherited a disaster from the immediately preceding BW Bush administration. And GW Bush pushed inherited an ecnomy in the BLACK, not in the red, when he took over from Bill Clinton. I won't say that the recession is the FAULT of GW because I don't believe any president can control all the workings of the national and global capitalist economy. He can only act to make it better or maybe worse. Now Obama acted to make it better, but he didn't go far enough. We really needed a TRANSFORMATIONAL president (as Colin Powell imagined obama) not the bipartisan and centrist transactional president Obama has revealed himself to be. And had Obama listend to his progressive base, both he and the economy might be in a stronger position. He probably staved off a Depression on the scale of the 1930s. He could have done more if he'd gone in for SWEEPING social reforms on the scale of FDR. He wouldn't have gotten everything, but he --and the American people!--would hav gotten more than was gotten. He should not have accepted the tax cuts in his national reconstruction act ("stimulu ") demanded by the then marginzlized Republican reactionaries. He should have pushed for SINGLE PAYER UNIVERSAL HEALTH coverage rather than the tinkering reforms that didn't even get us the public optiion. And he should have done all this within the FIRST YEAR of his presidency. While Obama has accomplished some things, he also reveals the weakness of centrist liberalism. Only a full bodied PROGRESSIVE politics and value system can move forward the society to greater prosperity and social justice. To hell with compromises with scornful reactionaries.



In reply to JoAnn:
Joann I fully agree with your statement above and will take it a step further. It's true we will see Hollywood make sure they have positive images on the big screen showcasing successful interacial dating of black men/white women. It's an attempt to further destabilize the black family... If you can't conquer the race, you breed them out. If you notice you very rarely see white men/black women scenarios on the big screen or on tv. That's because black women are not thought of as a prize to have, however, obtaining the white man's prize is something every man should always strive to gain.
This type of mentality is pushed at your better athletic universities. I attended a division I university and I can't begin to describe the way the system has set up the relationship Btwn their football/basketball players and the white co-eds. What's even worse, in the popular club area of city would refuse to let women of color into clubs when you had certain sports teams on the vicinity, unless you were white or a white looking Cuban female.
When you can attend a major athletic university and are put in situations whereby you are mostly exposed to white women, you are going to basically date and marry what you are surrounded by.
It's something I have witnessed on many occassions and find it ridiculous and negligent to hear men say you can't help who you love or they were not out seeking a white woman, yet they make no effort to date black women!
Children/ young men are taught by action or neglect. Joann as you said, any other race can make comments on or off screen that they expect their offspring to marry Jew, Indian etc. However, black people to not set the tone of their expectations with black boys. I may have digressed or stayed sime of off the original topic, but it's a worthy subject that I felt I had to add my two cents..


Shantell Johnson likes to forget what black people are up against in 2012 America.
Many things may change, but the chance to beat back and beat down black people fairly early in their lives does not.
This nation, as viewed through various media outlets, is still bent on telling the story of a dehumanized black existence. We are still being subjected to the historic and system psychological scarring put into place since our ancestors were forced unto shore.
Black people in this country have always been treated differently. The news media always reports on our people from the angle of "suspects." We are dehumanized on a contiuum, as were our mothers and fathers.
Black people are talked about as second-classed citizens, and we still hear stories about professionals from the men in blue, to those in banking, housing, and employment who seek to erase our numbers from their midst.
On the contrary, everything white is rosy. Even white criminals are not treated to the dehumanization on the level of blacks in the white media.
Do to various studies, we know that a white person with a criminal background will more than likely get the job than a black person with the same credentials and no criminal history.
We have heard the stories told to us by our mothers, fathers, grandfolks, and neighbors the humilliation and unfairness they have to suffer at the hands of white employers, etc.
This s____ is on a continuum with black hip hop/rappers expressing their preference for white women and others. This is a very large microphone, Shantall.
The psychological scares run deep. And just because I am an educated professional; I will not endeavor to blind my own eyes to how the wider society is taught on a generational basis to view our people. I will not speak the language of whites and pretend not to see color. Not to see injustice. Not to see the faces of our children when the media speaks of them and their families in a dehumanizing fashion.
Why don't you speak to that Shantall? Have your white man or woman. But be clear, it's isn't about you, dear: it's all about white priviledge. On a contiuum.


What is up with black celebrities??? Why are they always caping for undercover racists???? BetweenJohn Mayer, Cheryl Cole, the Kardashians, Kim Zoliack, Gwen and countless others...when did throwing aside your pride and self respect for some ignorant bigots become cute??? I don't understand. There truly is such a thing as selling out.

-Bronze Venus


 at the dream taking the fall for his white princess. I don't have a twitter but i will make an account just to blast those clowns. I'm going to retweet to sandra rose, concrete loop, Perez, theYBF, and other blogs that are on twitter. I suggest you rt to them too. This fuckery doesn't need to just slide. Rt to Kuntye and jay-z too.

-A Woman

attai1 wrote:

For once i'll agree with you that First Amendment free speech is better than our European dubious legislations. The motives of these restriction laws are apparently nice but quickly some groups can use them to block free speech and even impose historical official visions, empeding academic research. There is a protest in France against these unduly restrictions.
On the free speech field, the USA are on top i honestly concede.
a whiteboi
Yes. But not always. Sometimes the first Amendment is put aide--in American history such violations of First Amendment rights have been mainly the work of rightwingers. AS in teh Alien & Sedition Acts. The Espionage act, passed in the WWI era to silence progressives like Eugene V. Debs, the IWW, and to crush the libertarian left publication called THE MASSES. The "unpopular ideas" which have been suppressed in American history has almost always been ideas of the left. Neither under Democrat nor Republican administrations has the government gone after the KKK, American nazis as they did did the Socialist Party, Industrial Workess of the World (IWW), the Black Panther Party, etc A real "war on terrorism" would have had to have begun in the 1860's with the rise of the kkk.
Frankly, I do not even deny Zaius or other racists the right to experss their crude bigotry. But I think that STORMFRONT, not AFRICAN-AMERICAN FORUM, is the place for them to exercise their First Amendment rights to promote racist propaganda.



 Albert Castro 7 hours ago

I have a quote from Donald Trumps book : Think like a champion. It came out in 2009 on Obama. "Bush had been so incompetent that any Republican would have a hard time unless they could bring back Eisenhower. Bush was a disaster for the country as well as for the Republican Party. Then he asked me about Barack Obama. I told him that Barack will need to be a great president because we're in serious trouble as a country. It hasn't been this way since 1929. So he doesn't have much choice - he will simply have to be great, which he has a very good chance of being. What he has done is amazing. The fact that he accomplished what he has - in one year and against great odds - is truly phenomenal. If someone had asked me if a black man or woman could become president, I would have said yes, but not yet. Barack Obama proved that determination combined with opportunity and intelligence can make things happen - and in an exceptional way. THEN

 Fox news interview Trump I think that that was a real killer last week when it was announced that when it was released that in the 1990s, he said (Obama) he was born in Kenya. I mean, he said it. His grandmother said it. Maybe the media should focus on what happened that changed Trumps opinion of Obama from 2009 to now and get back to the issues?


First of all, that's not a problem. When reactionaries want to DENY you equal protection they usually know EXACTLY who you are because they want to disfranchise you. Our history--including RECENT history shows that. If Pinkyt doesn't know this, then he/she is the fool and the moron. Voter fraud is EXTREMELY RARE. It's mainly a pretext for disfranchisement. Mainly racists and fascists support the new voter restrictions--whic h is CONVENIENTLY being imposed by reactionaries very close to the November elections. Coincidence? Only if you're an imbecile.

YOu can't use the Constitution to support REQUIRING ID, esepcially when it's used to violate the equal protection clause.  

KING'S HUMANISTIC AUDACITY (Speech in Oslo at reception of Nbbel Prize) "I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits." Indeed. So, let it be for every man, woman and child on earth. FREEDOM RISING!!! 

If you choose to read Fanon as I suggested in post 658, yu may want ot read up on Negritude and colonialism (and neocolonialism) in general. As for Negritude, a major figure (and one of Fanon's teachers at the lycee) was Aime Cesaire. Check out: DISCOURSE ON COLONIALISM by Cesaire. Or his play A SEASON IN THE CONGO or his poem: RETURN TO MY NATIVE LAND  



Frankly, I don't know many African-Americans who think THEMSELVES to be Egyptians. And I wonder if there's any EVIDENCE, any study--ANYTHING--w hich shows that a majority or even large minority of American Blacks think of themselves as Egyptians. I know a considerable number of American Blacks who believe that Egypt was originally Black, or predominantly Black. But I also think there's scholarly evidence for that belief.



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