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Nixaklie: I agree with most of your points, especially refuting the idiotic idea that everyone in this economy (or any economy in the world today) can, will or should be college graduates in order to have employment with a living wage. Considering the fact that just 30.44% of adults 25 and over have bachelor's degrees and can't get employed,
what makes us think turning out more over-credentialled, unemployed, debt-burdened young people will fix structural unemployment? So they can compete for jobs at Starbucks with their English or business degrees? Really?
And how does this help workers aged 30-70 without degrees?
We do need an economy that will provide living wage employment--even, or especially--for non-degreed workers, which are 70% of our workforce.
The idea that we should push every single mom into forced (low-wage) employment while her children are infants is a hideous relic of Bill Clinton's personal responsibility work and reconciliation act, which also created countless new categories of life sentences for the prison system. Any connection there?
No, we need an economy that values the labor of women or men who are caretakers to children, elderly, disabled, students, etc., just like rich folks do for their families. An economy that uses the astounding efficiencies of technology and productivity gains to provide a better life for all, instead of profits for the few and back-breaking, mind-destroying labor for the rest.
WE JUST DON'T NEED, AND THIS ECONOMY CAN'T SUSTAIN, EVERY ADULT WORKING 2,600 HOURS A YEAR FOR 50 YEARS. (Sorry for shouting, but this needs repeating)
Christ, even the Japanese work fewer hours per year than we do.
We're being chumped with this calvinist BS that job-training and endless work will make our lives better. Then, when it doesn't work for everyone, because it CAN'T, blame the "losers" for not being "winners." Rinse, repeat.
H____, our grandfather's knew better a centruy ago when they fought for the 40 hour week, pensions, and the right to leisure.



FAUX: 'We're shrinking the schools & laying off teachers, kids can't go to college because it costs too much. And we're not creating jobs for educated young people. You go into the Apple Store [or Best-Buy, Radio-Shack, etc] & there is the future. It's not technology. It's all those smart college-educated kids working as retail clerks for $10, $12 an hour. The Bureau of Labour Statistics projects that between 2010-2020, of the 10 largest & fastest-growing occupations in the US, only one requires a college education. The 20-somethings are going to turn into 30-somethings & then 40-somethings w dead-end jobs, because its the policy of both parties. After Reagan the sense of the future disappeared from American politics. Reagan came in & ripped out the solar panels that Jimmy Carter had put into the White House. The future would not be shaped by democratic government; the future would be shaped by the market. And we're still under Reagan's shadow. Obama & Clinton are under Reagan's shadow.-  'Globalization' can outsource anything that you can do w a computer. So lawyers' jobs,  accountants jobs, market research jobs, etc- are all being outsourced- all the kinds of jobs that these kids, who are now graduating from college $20,000 - $30,000 - $40,000 in debt, thought they'd have...' { -- Thus people are going to have to ask the hard question- Is this 'Getting a College Degree = Success'- cliche'  even necessarily true in today's economic reality?
Admittedly I first thought this NY-Times article was a direct in your face frontal attack on Black & Brown single moms. But when I read it I realized it was much more subtle than that. It used a white single mom is a very clever surrogate. But IMO The NY-Times did NOT pick her by chance- considering the small odds of a white girl from a small town in Iowa / MI w a 'Traditional Family Values' type back-ground- meeting a Black guy at a small private college in Iowa & having 3 out-of-wedlock kids by him, & then he cuts-out.   
And then the article falsly equates college education w family stability & even personal virtue. It may be true that college educated women tend to marry before they start having kids, & are financially better off than most single moms- but I learned in my college [yeah me too] stats class that correlation does NOT necessarily = causation! It doesn't take a PhD to figure out that 22, 23, 24 yr old more mature adult women [= the age most folks graduate from college] are on average going to make better / more mature life choices than- 15, 16, 17, & even 18 yr old Teen-aged GIRLS [= the ages many/most single moms often have their first child before even graduating from hi-school - and if they fail to graduate from hi-school obviously they won't go on to college]! So I had to point out that the actual data shows that as the US has had increasing % of college grads, the US divorce rate has also INCREASED! So are we supposed conclude that college degrees = more divorce [No.]?!?
This is the kind of subtle faulty reasoning in the article that made me go there. But when this NY-Times article basically concluded that if single moms were married, that would [magically] entirely negate the negative economic impacts of the neo-liberal / disaster-capitalist / cut-throat austerity agenda- IMO They really showed their hand!



The ruling class is trying to get the most money and power without the use of the under-class worker. In the land of derivatives and new technology, the serfs are only good for slave labor and/or part time work.
If you're a person who can't find a good paying job, you should be fighting for what Mittens "old white money" Romney would call: "free shit!"
Free homes, free money, free debt relief, free healthcare, free education, free day care, free food, free clothes etc. If you can't survive, you have to rob people who have stuff.
Here's where the police state apparatus comes in: The ruling class would rather leave you for dead (or kill you) before they get taxed ----- or face the guillotine!
These people are obsessed with ethnic cleansing:
Designer Babies: Genetically modified babies for the rich:
Abortions as a crime fighting tool: "Freakonomics" The Movie



"Personal Responsibility" is neo-con code for social irresponsibility, poverty wages, social and economic exclusion, rampant incarceration, schools to prisons, criminalization of homelessness and economic violence.
BTW, low income is a causative factor in single motherhood, divorce, high infant mortality, reduced life expectancy, and generally a hard, short life. So if the NYT is so concerned about the plight of single mothers, they can report on Theresa Funiciello's CareGiver Credit Campaign ( to provide real financial support for mothers and caregivers of children and adults. Like civilized nations do.
Example: in Denmark the minimum wage is $16.65. A part time worker at Mcdonalds earns about $17-18 per hour, has guaranteed health care, paid parental leave, and 30 days paid vacation each year. Housing and education is available for all and high quality. Somehow, McDonalds can make a profit and pay workers a living wage.
The US has been turned into a doghouse of profiteering, fraud, authoritarianism and exploitation. 
The New York Times is a despicable rag, a mouthpiace for government misinformation and Cato Institute class warfare. I read it daily since I was in second grade, but after the Judith Ross WMD fraud, I never read it again. No one should. 



Divide & Rule: 1) Turn the children against the adults 2) Turn the women against men 3) Turn the rich against the poor 4) Turn this region against that region 5) Pit that group against that group etc. etc.
All forms of warfare was waged against black people: 1) Economic warfare 2) psychological warfare 3) Chemical/biological warfare 4) Judicial warfare 5) direct police state Terrorism
WE NEED A FULL INVESTIGATION INTO COINTELPRO, "Operation Frühmenschen" ("Operation Primitive Man") and other similar programs like these.
Obama Revives Frühmenschen
by Jeffrey Steinberg

Originally Posted by Astra FoxxView Post
No truer words have been spoken.

Thank you.
Not to mention that he drank from the fountain of Muddy Waters' genius.

You Tube is littered with videos of him playing alongside blues legends such as B.B King - as though to prove his 'authenthicity' where the blues are concerned.

May the good Lord bless all who have called this ingrateful child out.

I don't know if the following have been mentioned already:

The Rolling Stones have been mentioned with the song 'Brown Sugar', I mean its original version as it has since been sanitized.

Oh and Kid Rock who is said to possess an abiding affection for the confederate flag and a fondness for the n word.

They go IN on his behind. Blues fans are a rabid bunch with their stanning for the old Blues greats. I cannot stand his music and they even made him admit he used the OG aka Robert Johnson's riff repeatedly.

Muddy Waters s___ on this man. Buddy Guy even spoke on it and the video is on YouTube. Eric Clapton isn't fit to wipe their shoes.

Kid Rock is part of what I call the Black for profit brigade. I include Mark Wahlberg in this group as well. They'll cope a Black style,music etc for money and once they've made enough,their real self comes out.




NanettejenModerator13 hours agoin reply to MelindaM
Having watched white Americans vociferously defending her on Facebook today, I'm disappointed but not surprised...

hulksmashyouModerator17 hours ago
Anyone who thinks she is talking about white South Africans, who are few in number and are never mentioned in literature as illegal European immigrants, is ignorant at best and disingenuous at worse. When Europeans talk about Africans they always mean black Africans.
The woman here is disparaging black people in general, like Europeans in countries like Spain and Poland often do. That white Americans will support racist anti-black foreigners is no surprise either.


Happy FaceModerator18 hours ago
I checked Greece's demographic statistics and they don't even have blacks as a minor or major ethnic group. This woman just thinks it amusing to poke racist fun at blacks. The assertion she is referring to white Africans is dubious at best and poisonously disingenuous at worst. She is not the first nor will she be the last European to denigrate black people. Having watched white Americans vociferously defending her on Facebook today, I'm disappointed but not surprised. Romney voters no doubt.


FreeBLACKman804Moderator2 hours agoin reply to namvet527
Please tell me anything that Rev. Wright has lied about in his Sermons. I would love to hear it. I have heard the man speak in person 3 times. Yes he is a fireball, but a liar he is not.
White people are always quick to call a Black man that teaches the truth to his people racist. You do that because you want to be the one that controls the propaganda that is heard by black people. And that is what most of our problem is, the white man has done a great job of teaching our people to only believe what WHITE PEOPLE SAY. I suggest you find some other site to go on and spread your B.S. 


PModerator2 hours agoin reply to FreeBLACKman804
Freeblackman, that is white arrogance on display for you. The whiteman's nature, his entire mindset is based on fear. Ask this charlatan or any of his co travellers to specifically list the lies that Rev. Wright has told, and they beat about the bush in confusion. White people love to point out the inadequacies of everyone else, especially blacks, but when the truth about their evil nature and deeds are brought up, they become mad and irate. If a brother like Rev. Wright or Minister Farakkhan tried to reveal some hidden facts about them, they go bunkers. They are so afraid of being exposed, so the minute they encounter a fiesty truth telling brother like Rev. Wright, they immediately try to shut him up. Back in the days, they would have killed him, or sent the KKK to torch his house then lynch him on his front lawn. Today however, with the World watching, they can't always be as brazen so they use their right wing propaganda machine to demonize and discredit him so the masses would view him as a rabid radical...their favorite word.
They would swallow their lies and tell it to their sheepfold on fox plantation.


FreeBLACKman804Moderator50 minutes agoin reply to P
Wow. Im gonna have to say that i AGREE with most of THIS comment. This person is only on here to spread B.S. and the same old 400 year lies and nonsense that white folk have been fooling my people with. I usually dont respond to these kind of people, but im very FULL today, so im gonna take a few SWINGS at these clowns TODAY.



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