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This review is from: Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act (Paperback)
The Umoja authors provide critical research, logic and "plain talk" for black people suffering with Racism. BLACK LOVE IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT emphasizes that White people wage continuous war on black male and black female relationships. Racism/White Supremacy is the reason that black "families" are weak and our marriage rates and happiness plummeting. The authors implore black females and black males to remain patient, compassionate and united to one another - as no one else will be there to help us.

Any black person on the planet who has a problem with Racism will benefit from reading this book. They offer concepts that deconstruct how White people have traumatized black people. One of the main ideas of this book, is that most - if not all - black people suffer from White Identification. Seeing the world from the perspective of our enemies, White people. Being White Identified often leads a black person to seek sexual relationships with White people and increased contact with White people in general. White Identification prohibits us from thinking, speaking and conducting ourselves with White people in a correct, logical, counter-racist manner.

Black people have been and continue to be terrorized by White people. Lying to ourselves and each other about our pain is the worst thing we can do. It helps White people. Not sharing how we've be mistreated keeps the secrets of Racist Man and Racist Woman. Hopefully, reading this book will help black people realize that White people are at War with us. And that there are simple things all black people can do to help us find a final resolution to the problem of White Supremacy/Racism. Remaining dedicated to creating healthful relationships between black males and black females should be at the top of that list. One of the authors conducted an interview on this topic here: [...]



Now this is powerful TRUTH!!


"Yes. I know some of you all never read Mandingo, did you? It is true that they used to have special Black slaves that they called bucks, I think, whose job was to do nothing but breed. I see a lot of them, I think, around Harlem now.[Laughter] In those days a child born of a slave woman never knew its father, didn't know who the father was; didn't make any difference. And, you know, this has affected our society. 

Even right now you read some of the conclusions reached by some of these so-called sociologists. They admit that the tendency of our women to have babies born out of wedlock is a throwback right to a habit that was born during slavery. In slavery, it was nothing for a Black woman to have a baby—she was supposed to have a baby. And the father, the Black man who fathered the baby, was never permitted to have the responsibility of a father. All he did was make the baby. He couldn't recognize it as his; it was going to be sold as soon as the master wanted to sell it. He was never permitted to develop a sense of responsibility for taking care of his own offspring. 

And that came right down from slavery to the Black community today. You'll find many men who are married and have two or three children, walk away from that woman like she didn't even exist, and leave those children in the house without a second thought, without a second thought. Well, you wouldn't find an African doing this. We weren't like this in Africa. This is a throwback, this is a holdover, from slavery. We've got to get rid of it. But you're never going to get rid of it until you get rid of the cause, and man, you know who the cause is."[Applause] 

Malcolm X in 1965


216 Elite wrote:
Thanks a lot sister.....
Its really a wonderful read into the unaltered truth, and coming from a man that knew nothing but the truth!
Thank you for posting this. As you probably guessed, they don't want your brothers and sisters in the UK knowing too much about Malcolm, they'd rather teach us about MLK! And when we do hear about Malcolm, it's always some distorted version of the truth! 



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