Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Love and Respect


Note by Me: My older brother and I agree with every single word Dr. King said in the first video indeed.

By Timothy

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Did you know the tradition of wearing your wedding ring/engagement ring on your left hand on the fourth finger started in ancient egypt (Kemet)....

This was done because the ancient egyptians knew that a certain vein ran from the ring finger to the heart...

This vein is called the "vena amoris" which is latin which literally means "vein of love"

The ring itself is/was to represent the unbroken bond between the husband and wife...originally, the wedding was a very serious ritual in ancient egypt...not as serious as it is today...

Our ancestors knew what love trully was about...they held no bars when it came to expressing they're love for one another

Here's a love letter written to Queen Nefertiti from Pharaoh Akhnaten (her husband)....

"The heiress great in favour, lady of grace, sweet of love,mistress of the south and north, fair of face, gay of two plumes, beloved of the living aten, the chief wife of the king whom he loves, lady of the two lands, Great of love, Nefertiti, Living forever and ever"....
-Akhnaten, to Queen Nefertiti

This is BLACK love...may it reign forever, and ever....

I am very much in love right now...more than I ever have...

I made this thread to show people that black love does exist whether its from ancient times or present day...

I'm with a wonderful man (black man) who loves me dearly...our love for one another is very strong and powerful...he is my everything, and I'm his everything...




vampiYAH stabB wrote:
Actually, I have heard of the "vena amoris", and why the wedding ring was adorned around that particular finger. However, I was not aware that any of this had its origins in ancient Kimmet.
Thank you for sharing this!
You're welcome brother :)..but yes, we (blacks) started this tradition in ancient kemet, there are many things we've came up with that are hidden from public...



Yeah it is. 

I am engaged to a beautiful Somali sister and I can't wait for that day where I look into her eyes and tell her why I am the luckiest man to walk this earth. That day when both my loving parents (who've been married for 35 years now) smile at me for continuing the tradition. 

Black love never died, and continue until eternity. 

Then I can join my other siblings who are all married.



Yeah it is. 

I am engaged to a beautiful Somali sister and I can't wait for that day where I look into her eyes and tell her why I am the luckiest man to walk this earth. That day when both my loving parents (who've been married for 35 years now) smile at me for continuing the tradition. 

Black love never died, and continue until eternity. 

Then I can join my other siblings who are all married.



the bloods and crips were started by teenaged black youth trying to emulate the Black Panthers. They lacked maturity and education. Turning on one another is nothing more the self-hatred that had been instilled in us after hundreds of years of slavery ( Willie Lynch Letter ). When there was a blood and crip truce, I didn't see the politicians really rallying around them and rewarding them with scholarships, jobs, etc.
4:47 - That's actual footage of Ronald Reagan, the chief fascist himself. A man who funded right-wing governments in El Salvador and Guatemala, both of whom were responsible for the murder of thousands of their respective countrymen. Unsurprisingly, Ronald Reagan called one of these butchers --- Guatemala's Rios Montt -- a "man who had the best interests of the Guatemalan people at heart."
This is what fascists do: Murder. Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet, Reagan: The fascist scum cadre.


Afro Mexican Gallery



Mari-Djata April 10, 2012
I certainly do not believe that Black can ever be considered beautiful as long as Africans continue to identify with any colonial power structure and walk the boundaries set by eurocentric thought. How can it be as long as Black children want to grow up to be lawyers, police officiers, and president of this devilish system? How can it be when grown a___ Black people in the US who should know better want to be American? How can it be when Africans around the world identify with colonial borders such as Nigerian, Jamaican, Brazilian, etc? These are not just physical territorial demarcations set by our former and current slave owners, but it is a literal boundary on our train of thought as African people around the world. This boundary disallows the thought of “Black is Beautiful.” We must set ourselves outside of this cage before we can think such thoughts without it being some commodifying, sellable object than a liberation ideology. So, coming back to your article, I would say that as long as the concept of “our country” is in our heads when speaking of America, then we are already losing in whatever we are trying to do in our communities.







Mar 28 2012 - 1:32pm
- Fact: Trayvon was unarmed when Zimmerman shot him.
- Fact Trayvon weighed about 140-lbs while Zimmerman weighs about 250-lbs
- Fact: Trayvon was staying w his father & his dad fiancee's home which was in the same neighborhood- when he went to the nearby 7-11 store for candy & ice-tea.
- Fact: Trayvon was returning back to his father's house when this fatal confrontation began to unfold.
- Fact: Zimmerman followed Trayvon even though he was specifically told by the 911 dispatcher NOT To!
- Fact: According to Trayvon's girl-friend who he called just before his fatal encounter w Zimmerman- Trayvon thought he was being stalked by a possible attacker.
-Fact: According to the neighbor watch manual the guy on watch is NOT supposed to be carrying a fire-arm & is supposed to alert the police but avoid confrontation. Zimmerman failed these recommendations on both counts
-Fact: The cops drug tested Trayvon's [the victim's] corpse but FAiLED to drug test Zimmerman [the killer].
-Fact: The cops failed to immediately contact Trayvon's girl friend [by using his cell phone] or find out if he knew someone in the area [IE: his father & his dad's fiancee'].
-Fact: The cops obviously just took Zimmerman's word that Trayvon [the dead victim] attacked him [even though his story conflicted w some witnesses accounts], & simply let him walk Scott-free - as it still so- 1 month after he killed Trayvon!
Now you can accuse me of so-called 'Playing the 'Race-Card' all you want to, I'll keep asking this question- When is the last time YOU Can Recall that an unarmed / nonviolent white person was shot & killed by police [or a some cop wanna-be like Zimmerman who was then given a free pass by the cops]??!! I have to go all the way back to Kent State in 1970!
Now how many infamous cases of Black & Brown unarmed victims [including at-least one little Black school-girl in Detroit as the cops raided the WRONG House] being shot & killed by cops in the just past 10 to 15 yrs! - Ten - Twenty- perhaps even more! If you want me to start naming specific cases- I can!


Mother Destee, we can give our children options. At the very least most of us have a roof over our heads with a TV, DVD player and computers. We can start by educating the children around us. Giving them real knowledge of self. This is where it starts and it's not hard to do. As a mother, this is what I do. My children are very aware of who they are and I know they will take this knowledge of self into adulthood. That's a start. We have to lead by example. Peace

-Love Goddess



Sorry, but Lupe speaks the truth. America is the worlds greatest terrorist, unfortunately. Why is the US in Afghanistan and Iraq ? Also, why did it attack Libya, and is doing operations across Africa ?



Why is it it was widely accepted to bash Fmr. Pres. Bush but the fist thing said against obama is a issue facts are Lupe is right this is straight up murder and they no tie al the pretty pink and blue bows on it all u want a murderer is a murderer and if we can call bush a murder obama can be held to the same "respect". Sometimes the right thing isnt popular lupe is speaking truth even if it unpopular. 

-brianna simpson



Michele Reply:

My gynecologist is really into wellness and treats both women and men. He said the feminization of males is due to the chemicals we interact with on a daily basis which are contained in plastic containers and processed food: zeno estrogens. Young boys have acquired soft, feminine bodies plus it alters brain chemistry and thus behavior. He has about 150 adult male patients who receive testoterone hormone therapy; he is no longer surprised that at relatively younger ages these men have bodies like post menopausal women: soft, fat, with moobs. Basically parents should refrain from allowing their children, male and female, from consuming processed and fast food, use natural cleaning products, etc. Same advice he gives his adult male and female patients. My doctor’s peers thought he was kooky regarding this 15 + years ago but research and studies have vindicated him.


Lindsey just killed his credibility. Obama is NOT a Muslim, Obama is related to Cheney, Bush, etc, none of who are Muslims. In addition, anyone with common sense knows Obama is a puppet OF the elites, not an adversary. To blame Obama as though he is more powerful than the elites is propaganda. Beware of false prophets and teachers!

There's a huge difference between ideology and party you can't compare today's Limbaugh Republicans to the 1800's Liberal Republicans that ended slavery Yankee Republicans were Northern Liberals and Lincoln was a Liberal Republican Yankee
1800's Southern Democrats were Conservative States Rights the South switched over to Republican after the 1960's Southern Strategy that's why most of today's Southern Whites are Republicans who hate having a Black President.




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