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What is my view of this Wayne Brady/Bill Maher controversy? My views are known and documented. I think Wayne Brady is mostly right on this issue (he isn't perfect and I have disagreements with him on other issues. You know what those issues are. I don't need to spell it out). My only issue with Brady is that he should of expressed his views better without disrespecting black women and the usage of profanity in the process. Brady should of just mention why Maher is wrong without talking about women at all. Maher is wrong since a black man doesn't need to be like Suge Knight to express discontent with the status quo or Republicans. Black men can be aggressive and confident without trying to be like Suge Knight (which refutes Maher's argument). A black man can be strong, confident, and dignified in fighting against oppression. Also, black men are multifaceted. Some black men are like Denzel, some are like Cornell West, and some are like Lebron James. We brothers are different and we shouldn't be ashamed of our unique gifts, talents, of our heritage, our physical appearances, or our intellectual qualities as well. Real brothers also love real black sisters too. So, I will always love black sisters unconditionally as a black man. Maher used an old stereotype that if a black man doesn't act like a stereotypical image of black person, then he is a "non-threatening" stuck up, in house, bourgeoisie Negro (that white people aren't afraid of). The same ones supporting Maher ignore how Maher made bigoted remarks about Muslims before (and he was accused of beating up a black woman. I wish he would try that in front of my face. He wouldn't. Yes, I'm a strong brother). A lot of these traitors need to get out of that  Django Unchained plantation mentality. Bill Maher's perceptions are big lies since strong black men & strong black women for that matter exist nationwide from across socioeconomic classes and from many avenues. 

By Timothy (Me)


And what exactly did Barack Obama back down on? What exactly has he done that makes you think it's OK for Bill Maher to question his blackness and manliness every other week? What?

Me too. This thread is quite sickening to me. Bill Maher is about as far from courageous and decent as you can get. And he surely isn't any kind of man. And yet you have black people on here high fiving him for attacking Barack Obama blackness and masculinity. It's crazy.




 Quentin is a racist who deals with blacks, only to make sick fun of them as in most of his movies. He tries to impress the bad ass white audience who may interact with black daily but still believe they are superior and more powerful. He got Jamie because whites see him as the most current and accomplished black actor in white hollywood today. He'll do anything for fame and money that's why he's accepted. Now that he's successful it's means much more to degrade him. I know people are gonna say it's a comedy like a modern day a minstrel show. You laughing with Quentin black ppl?

Oh and I don't care if the slave wins in the end, he still wants to put the image out there, he's not slick and tries to get away with lots of sit. I just hope black people don't start ranting and giving him the negative attention that he wants. for once see the trap, [EXPLETIVE] if you black had seen the trap years ago he wouldn't be making a movie like this. Stop being so gullible


tiplite2004- Excuse me but that does not justify Quentin to use this word in his movie. Screw that mess. I'm personally contacting his office to boycott this mess of a movie. Some of you passive knee grows need to go on ahead and keep your comments to yourself because you starting to look weak.




So by this definition there are a TON of black people who are not black to you then. Pretty much every rapper, they make harmful violent colorist lyrics and associate it with black culture and a lot of them never speak on black issues. I mean we can spend all day snatching black cards according to your standard, half the NBA, I am sure a lot of black people that post here aren't really black either. LOL 



Yes to all of this! It is astonishing to me how easy it is to pull the wool over some black people's eyes. A white person like Bill Mahr can say all the ignorant, degrading mess in the world about black people but as long as he prefaces it with, "I'm not racist, I'm just being real" it's all good? GTFOHWTBS. I used to watch his show, but I can no longer stomach all of the snide and condescending remarks he makes toward his black panel guests. If you don't catch them, then you obviously must tune out during the panel discussion, because it is disgustingly BLATANT. If I was in a setting with a white person who talked to me like that, I would never interact with them again. There is a whole lot of show in between the monologue and New Rules, and I don't think his supporters are really paying attention to that part. They can't be.



It has already been reported that large numbers of American citizens do not have the new ID required by those Republican governors. Large numbers of college age youth, elders, the poor, minorities--in fact MILLIONS of citizens lack the ID. Furthermore, there's NO EVIDENCE of massive voter fraud. And given that as many as 25% of African-Americans just in the so-called "swing states" lack such ID, the REAL INTENT of the Repulbican fascist governors is clear. For we know that very few AA folk vote Republican, just as few Blacks voted Democrat during the 19the Century. As far as AA folk are concerned, the aim of the Republicans with their new ID requirements are basically the same as that of the Dixiecrats with their grandfather clauses and poll tax: Disfranchisment. In short, the Right is prepared to STEAL the 2012 election if they cannot win it honestly. Moreover, there NO EVIDENCE of widespread voter fraud which Republicans fabricate as their pretext for the voter ID. The REAL FRAUD is the voter ID laws imposed by the fascistic Republicans. And he who does not see this is the one wanting in intelligence or honesty or both.



I guess you meant Charles Dickens (rather than Carlyle) as author of "Tale of Two Cities." But do you happen to like Thomas Carlyle as well? I don't recall reading Carlyle in any English classes as a student. I discovered him partly because of references to him made in writings by W.E.B. Du Bois and speeches by Dr. King. And then there were references to Carlyle in a seminar in Transcendentalism I did take years ago as a student. Someday I must revisit some of Carlyle's writings. 




Let any white conservative make just a few of the racial jokes Bill has made and there will be hell to pay. Oh, but he can't be racist because he has black friends, has dated black women etc... his ghetto pass is good right? People look at him through rose tinted glasses but I peep game. He's not slick. I've encountered so many white people like him, who are condescending under the guise of comedy. Shit ain't cool and I tell them that from jump.
Ding, ding, ding! I'm getting the impression that some people in here think that simply because Bill Maher dates black women, he must be down for black people. Racism isn't about hatred; it's about superiority. You can date/f__love/ people that you feel superior to, so I don't know why people are giving Bill's taste for the sistas as proof of his "progressiveness " when the history of the country has proven that white men are quite capable of fucking black women while still being anti-black (*cough* Strom Thurmond *cough*). Also, Bill Maher is not a democrat; he's a libertarian (aka a republican who believes in weed and prostitution).




Say what? “BW and WM have a very peculiar relationship?"
Is that what the conscious black male calls 400 YEARS OF RAPE and SEXUAL ABUSE? A "relationship?" Are we so afraid of the WM that we would blame our own BW and children) for being victimized by the white man? Would the brothers cosigning on this video say that the WM Sandusky at Penn State was having a “peculiar relationship” with the black boys he was RAPING? And by doing this we let racist WM and WW off the hook. Incredible...

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