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TrojanPam 05/06/2012 at 16:48

What a timely blog! For those who are confused about “black unemployment” this should answer a lot of questions.

For those who believe in ‘black progress’ and ‘more education being the answer to white racism’ this should be enlightening as well. Now, it’s time to face the music and roll up our sleeves and find our own solutions to our employment woes, starting with understanding the system of white supremacy, ridding ourselves of our anti-blackness, and along the road, creating our own entrepreneur partnerships and community banks. Yes, white people will do their d____________ to derail our efforts and yes, some of their tactics may succeed. But it appears we have run out of other options.

Integration, interracial dating and mating and breeding, education, assimilation, trying to fit our round bodies into corporate america’s square holes, kissing whiite butt, and betraying each other hasn’t worked in the long term. Even a first black president has no rights whites are bound to respect. Bottom line, it’s better to try and fail while standing on one’s feet than to give up and keep living on our knees. .


TrojanPam Says: June 7, 2012 at 12:18 pm

Here’s my two-cent perspective on the Guest Post by Josh Wickett (who has written some counter-racist movie reviews that reveal a ton about white supremacy (

I agree that Hollywood films are often laced with white supremacy/black inferiority (which is precisely why i seldom pay to see movies). There are a ton of hidden AND not so hidden messages in most films but unfortunately, most black people (in my opinion) see movies and TV as just “entertainment” almost as though we’re wearing the kind of blindfolds Josh talks about.

I have concluded that for us (black people) movies and television are a fatal form of escapism, a way to avoid our own reality, a way to avoid the work that must be done to make ourselves and our children safe in a racist society, and a way to get our daily dose of white crack (white people), cause face it, if you watch a lot of TV and movies, white people are about 95 to 99% of the people you’ll see. Not Asians, Not Hispanics, Not Black or Brown or Red or Yellow people. There might be one or two of us as background material, where we’re smiling and grinning and helping white people, but no real context of black or red or brown or yellow life or lifestyles. That being said, I have torn off my blindfold (for the most part) and try to see what is really there (white supremacy). The scariest part (to me) is the millions of black men, women, and children who are watching a ton of TV and movies and getting that white chip permanently rooted in their skulls with the message that: white is right, white is normal and white is the best, because you can’t tell me that after watching hours of white people doing whatever it is white people do, that you don’t develop an AFFINITY towards them.

You’re watching them day after day crying, laughing, working, living, creating, discovering, and loving with very few images of black people living NORMAL lives or ACTING NORMAL. and so what happens is when you’re away from TV or movies what you really miss is your white people in the form of your favorite white characters on the shows and movies you enjoy most, and you’ll be cheering for them and smiling with them a hell of a lot MORE than you do with the real (black) people in your lives. and after the TV is turned off, most of us (i believe) seldom extend that type of loyalty or friendliness towards the real (black) people in our lives.

The proof is the way we put down and act toward our own (black) people and yet we think our growing dislike for our OWN people is just a coincidence… caused by too many black people acting like….n_____ (not my word) It’s so bad that I’ve actually heard black people who are being victimized by racism (white people) still blaming other black people for being victims of racism (!) and more and more of us are looking at AND judging other black people through white eyes as though we are white, too. You might counter with, wait a minute, TV is escapism for white people, too! Well, yes it is, but they are getting a different message and that is THEY are the smartest, bestest people on the planet, always coming to the aid of these inferior non-white people, and if white people are not careful and do not keep that big white foot on those black and brown necks, these savages will wreck this wonderful society, world, and planet that white people built (all by themselves)

 The white supremacy in TV is a WHITE WAKE-UP CALL which is why you see more alien and monster themes, more Planet of the Apes sequels, and more black male and female villains (like the movie Precious, District 9, and certain Denzel movies) and this will lead (as planned) to more blatant racist acts/statements/policies/ and police actions against black people TV and movies are no longer ‘just entertainment’ they are a rallying cry to get the white troops on line with the real message: white supremacy now and forever I just wish more of us understood this when we pay $20 for theater seat and a tiny bag of popcorn laced with artificial “butter”


TrojanPam Says: June 9, 2012 at 3:11 pm @ Kushite Prince There does seem to be a collective white conscious and subconscious that has allowed them to sustain their system by doing and saying the same things no matter where they are on the planet which explains why they have been so successful in dominating the non-white majority on the planet Sadly, most of the black people I know would think this is an exaggeration, and totally resist the notion that they — we — are living under a white-controlled system that totally dominates us — despite all the hard evidence.


Kushite Prince Says: June 10, 2012 at 9:52 am @TrojanPam Yes,I know a few black people like that as well. Why do you think they can’t see the evidence? Do you think it’s denial? Or do they really not see it? I think we’ve been trained in this society to always have hope. And to look for a better tomorrow. To just look past the obvious evidence and be hopeful that one day whites will see us as equals. And just give us justice without demanding it. Looking at the history of white folks,I don’t think they would do this on their own. I don’t think it’s in their nature to be fair and just. All that “Truth,justice and the American way” crap,never applied to us in the first place. We came here as free labor and to build up this country and to a large extent–that’s what we still are.


You got great insight on these movies.They are trying to program blacks to be house Negros also.These people who run Hollywood are some very cunning sneaky demons.Alot of our people don`t realize that white racism is more dangerous today cause its more covert and more sophisticated.The worst type of racism is the one you can`t see cause you let your guard down and are easily manipulated.We really need our own major media sources to expose these sneaky demons tactics and conspiracies against us.
very true. and the worst part is when their tactics are uncovered, they lash out and say we are being too sensitive or we are playing the fictional race card.


 Kushite Prince Says: June 8, 2012 at 9:14 am @TrojanPam BINGO! Actually that first post about the grandson was one of the posts that stayed in my mind. It really shows that white people are aware of the power of films. Films really effect the minds of the masses. And white people always have an agenda whether it’s tv or film. They use the media to purposely push white racist ideas. I’ve had chats with white co-workers who swear they don’t see it. They’re either in denial or just But white folks on the internet seem to have no problem seeing white propaganda. It’s very rare to find a white person who will speak openly and honestly about race. I’ve only come across a few in my life. As far as films go? They get Lord of The Rings…..we get Colored Girls. They get Snow White……we get Precious. Doesn’t seem like much of a balance,does it??



@ The Cynic…I couldn’t agree more.
@ Linda…girl, you ain’t neva lied.
@ solesearch…well said!
@ brothawolf…thank you so much for your heartfelt words. Both black men and women are treated like sh*t in this society but thank you for touching on this subject with such sensitivity and understanding.
Yes, many Black women are bitter and angry. Some are just nasty people, but others were made that way by experiences in life. Whether it is from abuse or a broken heart or some other kind of hurt.
When a woman is told that she is inferior and ugly compared to other races of women, she will naturally be hurt.
When a woman is told that she is more masculine (less of a woman) because of her race, she will be hurt.
When a woman is hit by stereotypes that are broadly applied to all the women of her same race and gender, she will be hurt. She is being viewed through a one-dimensional lens.


This post is similar to one I just did. I love this post. Hollywood is almost a blueprint for what people think about us. You also never see blacks as victims, especially black damsels in distress. Our femininity is often ignored or believed to be non-existent. I hate how they make a lot of Asian women completely defenseless and Hispanic women are cleaning ladies who don’t speak English! Hollywood is totally based off stereotypes when it comes to POC.

Has you already know that Alex goes after presidents regardless of political affiliations.Alex have unwittingly attracted a fridge right wing element. Due to Alex Jones questioning the legitimacy of Obama birth certificate.Not even Alex Jones want to remain in obscurity forever he has become more popular now in recent years. So Alex has been pandering to this far right fridge.Alex Jones may preach against the left right paradigm but he practice it all the time.On many issue he fall hard right.
Jones is a white supremacist and he could not contain his feelings on the Martin case. He lost all of the last hold out blacks and only has the Uncle Toms. His empire is falling apart and he is finally being exposed as a so-called conservative and he is down with the NWO program. He just leads some to no where. I have let that guy have it on his channel and they always ask where his racism is. Jones is the same s____  your hear on 770 WABC conservative radio - the SAME.


“The self-sacrificing model of love has a psychological term: codependency. People allow their entire self-worth to be tied up in the care-taking of others and their lives. If they dare to think of themselves, they feel guilty and selfish.”
I disagree that the self-sacrificing model always amounts to co-dependency. It’s my opinion that the societal/cultural pendulum has swung too far in the other (wrong) direction! You can get a good feel for any culture in how its families treat their children and older people (parents, grands, great-grands). Western culture warehouse their – loved ones (?) in child-care and nursing homes. They now pay others to do what we once did ourselves.
Western culture is so ME orientated, they can’t or won’t sacrifice their material comforts, well-being and selfish wants for the sake of what’s best/good for their children and older folks. So-called SELF-LOVE nowadays is nothing more that pure – me first, me second, me, me, me, me, me!


Western culture is so ME orientated, they can’t or won’t sacrifice their material comforts, well-being and selfish wants for the sake of what’s best/good for their children and older folks. So-called SELF-LOVE nowadays is nothing more that pure – me first, me second, me, me, me, me, me!
Wise words, Mr M!
Some balance has to be struck.
I also believe that self-love has more than one form. There is:
* the love of the specific, and,
* the love of the general.
The healthy specific love of oneself, bonded to self-respect, acceptance, and dignity, etc. Sometimes that may directed at/include an intimate, romantic partner – the love partner.
And the general love of others, in gradually wide circles, starting off with those close to us, who are part of us, whether by blood and family, or kin through spirit and humanity and so on.
I don’t think I’d be alone if I said that I had met individuals whose love and understanding of others was abundant.


@Bulanik & Cinnamon Diva
The “love” I’m primarily talking about is the sort of self-less love black American families once HAD for their young, old and extended family – cousins, nieces, in-laws and such. In those days when it was common/normal for 3 (or more) generations to occupy one household no one thought of that type of living arrangement as a sacrifice, though it was often, not always, exactly that.
—– “My mother is Jamaican and in our culture women are expected to carry the burdens of others. We are obligated to do it all with a smile and without complaining. If somebody needs a place to stay, you’re expected to open your door to them. No matter how long the stay might be. No matter how disrespectful or untidy or unappreciative the visitor might be.” —–
I’m talking about reasonable sacrifices. Not charity/love given to those who would misuse and mistreat those that give aid. In my personal culture people like that would be quickly shown the door. No one should be a doormat! However, the young, old and infirmed – is another story. Family SHOULD, imo, all pitch in to take care of their own.
Operative word — *SHOULD…*
And yet I realize that this is 2012, not 1962. A lot of families just don’t operate that way nowadays. There’s simply too many dysfunction/fractured relationships – and every man and women for her/his self, attitude.
If self can’t make sacrifices for another, can that individual really love another?


CREE-EIGHT Says: July 11, 2012 at 1:05 pm It’s the obvious. There is a safety raft that white folks use for the confident, masculine black males with prowess who do not bow and scrape. It’s a white “wife” or at least a non-black one. James and Silva have black mates—and the final blow is that they have male offspring with those black mates.


Note by Me: I don't believe in eliminating all welfare (because of the imperfections of humanity), but he's accurate on every other point.

By Timothy


The Fact is That- Single mother-hood & teen-age pregnancy are big issues in the Black community w any-where from 65% - 75% of Black urban households being father-less [I'm less concerned about legal status than about a functioning positive presence]. This break-down in the Black family can't be trivialized- Yet it must be seen in its real historical context, which the psuedo 'Liberal' NY-Times won't touch- Which is US society's 4 centuries old on-going racist assault on the Black family!
First they chained our fore-mother & fathers to the filthy bottoms of slave-ships. Then they sold them on auction blocks like cattle. And of course Ole 'Massa' often had his way w slave women & girls- even if they were 'married' [a status that was not legally recognized for slaves]- ala Thomas Jefferson & his slave girl Sally Hemmings. Then they breeded slave women & girls w 'stud-bucks' to get more slaves w out having to buy them. And in places like New Orleans, they even specially breeded slave women & girls to be  'escorts' to sexual-service southern white aristocracts. And often ole massa ripped slave families apart- for monetary reasons [It ain't personal it's just business], or as punishment for some alleged infraction, or just on a whim.
Yet despite all of that tramatic history, our parents & grand-parents had a real sense of & inclination toward {extended}family in the post-slavery south. But that began to deteriorate when we left for big-cities up north in search of the 'American Dream' &/or under threat of white-terrorism ala the KKK. - Case in point: For the block where I grew up on Chicago's south-side [in a Black neigborhood], I would estimate that for my peers, at-least 75% - 85% had their fathers present at home, most of whom were responsible hard-working men. But in just 2 generations we've gone from a state in urban America- where 65%, 75%, 85% of working-class Black households w children had their fathers at home, to now 65% - 75% of Black households w children are effectively fatherless. Just how the hell did that happen??? Was it in our genes??? If so then, why when I was growing up, did likely 80% of my peers have their fathers at home??? Or was it because they started dismantling the urban industrial sector in the mid 1970s - 1980s, because of urban neglect, because they unleashed the so-called 'War on Drugs' & 'War on Crime' [IE: opened a new-front on their on-going war on Black & Brown people] which feeds their 'Prison Industrial Complex' / 'New Jim Crow' system??? And was it because they started to openly commercialize sex to sell their commodities, in ever more blatantly rauchy fashion & even developed a pop-cultural so-called 'sexual-revolution' to justify it???
Ultimately many/most things in life come down to personal responsibility & facing the consequences of poor choices, BUT we've got to take a serious analytical look at the environment we been subjected to & conditions that have been imposed on us. That way we can understand that many bad so-called choices we've been making, have effectively been 'programmed' into us without us being consciously aware of it. And we can never let so-called 'Liberal' lame-stream mouth-pieces IE: the NY-Times get away w an overly simplistic [dishonest] {non}analytical 'Blame the Victim' narrative. Even if most Black single moms got married tomorrow, ignoring the fact there is a definite shortage of eligible Black men these days [unless the NY-Times is hinting that college educated / 'successful' Black women should marry white men], economically the Black family would likely still be in distress- because the whole damn economy is in distress- DUHH!!! Plus the divorce rate is for whites is now +50% w those marriages lasting just 5 - 7 yrs on averge. And traditionally even when the over-all econ was OK for most whites, it was NOT OK for many Blacks! Furthermore w the sky-hi cost of education- trapping most students in mountains of debt, w little guarantee of finding a decent paying job- does it even make financial sense to blindly pursue a college education these days??! 
PS: The real way to fairly & equitably end welfare as we know it- in addition to encouraging a social & economic environment conducive to keeping families intact- Is a Full Employment policy at a fair & living wage for all able-bodies [excluding pregnant women & mothers of small children], w universal access to relevent education [up-thru at-least the AA / BA / BS degree level] & adequate health-care for all. - Which almost certainly the NY-Times Is NOT [will not] calling for - Meaning they're justifying hard-core cold-blooded austerity cuts in the so-called social 'safety net' in  hard economic times- using single motherhood as an distracting excuse. 

This is our fault for not protecting and validating our young black girls and making a big fuss over light-skinned blacks and blacks who have a white parent.This madness was taught to us from the days of slavery and we still have not recovered from this mental illness.
check out the book, "The Beauty Con Game" (on amazon) to find out how beauty is used as a weapon against black people


I don’t think that Black male artist have total input in how they brand themselves, but they do have a lot of input. Even if White handlers do try to put in content that would disrespect Black women, these Black male artists could tell them that they are not going to disrespect Black women. In general, Black males are willing puppets but will pretend that they had no choice.
No, a Black Artist control in this business is limited if non-existent.They must support a luciferian agenda of promoting amoral behavior, racism and self-hatred.. Don’t want to go off-topic because the record industry and the control it wields over all of its artists , in particular, it’s black artists is pretty well-known. I will post an exerpt from Lauryn Hill’s recent post to her Tumblr account
Lauryn Hill:
“As my potential to work, and therefore earn freely, was being threatened, I did whatever needed to be done in order to insulate my family from the climate of hostility, false entitlement, manipulation, racial prejudice, sexism and ageism that I was surrounded by. This was absolutely critical while trying to find and establish a new and very necessary community of healthy people, and also heal and detoxify myself and my family while raising my young children.”
Lauryn is discussing the control that sinister forces within the “record industry” levy against their “artists” I won’t post the link here but u can read her entire statement just google Lauryn Hill Tumblr post.
The record industry has a clear agenda against the black race with the music promoting violence, sexual amorality, dearth of love, materialism and lack of compassion for others in particular Black Women.

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