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Firm Facts

Note by Me: I agree with the majority of his words, especially on black Power development.

By Timothy


Professor Robert Reich notes in his blog that Obama won on substance, and Romney on style. But Obama ought to know that style does count. And if he's serious he must be more aggressive. He should have been all over Romney Budget plan which DOES give tax breaks to the rich at our expense. He should have have the rascal out to dry on account of his Bain capital swindles and the idiotic contempt for nearly have the nation--that 47%--whom Romney regards as "dependent " parasites. (The biggest parasites are in fact the 1% to whom Romney belong, and whom he represents). Barack Obama's cool academic style--"no drama Obama"---is fine in the lecture halls of academia. But not in politics. But we progressives have been trying to convince him to take a more aggressive approach to the reactionaries anyway. If he'd listened to us all along he'd have politically crushed the fascistic Republicans.


 Not in most cases. But everyone has a right to self-defense. If he's ATTACKED by her, especially with a dangerous weapon, then he has the right to defend himself. If he can do so without hitting her, so be it. If not, then he can rightly do what's needed to defend himself.



It went very well. Good question and answer session after my presentation. More questions about the political than philosophical dimensions of King's legacy. But that's not surprising. Sold some copies also. I think the appeal is clear. And I think that many people are ready for a new wave of revolutionary activity. King almost brought off an Occupy DC back in 1968. And our current activities are just the beginning.



C'est tres interresante! Un Mussulman laique? I tried to tell Assdurratin, a fundamentalist Muslim, that there were "secular " ("laique " en Francais) within the Muslim community, but he insisted that only theocratic Muslims practive the "real" Islam. Anti-Muslims hold to that point of view also. But then such people cannot explain why MOST Maliens (majority Muslim) are AGAINST jihadist thugs who ravage their country. Why did Libyans--mostly Muslim--chase the Al Qaeda scum out of Benghazi? The majority of democratic reformers opposing the theocratic fascists in Tehran are also Muslims (though Iran has a sizeable non-religious minority). And I even have a few AA kinfolk who are Muslims--ALL of whom thinking jihadists are lunatics. I keep trying to tell people that Muslims, and indeed Islam itself, is not a monolithic entity---even if jihadists insist that it must be



Savant's words to an Obama hater:
Have you considered seeking professional help before you're involuntarily confined to psychiatric ward.
My issue wit Obama is that he isn't even a fighting liberal, but a centrist with little stomach to combat the fascist reactionaries whom you love so much.

Damn, he should have at least insisted on a PUBLIC OPTION in the health care package. We need universal single payer health care. But the public option would have been better than what we got.
But alas, even Obama's watered down health care program is better than NOTHING, which is what we had before.
A massive popular, democratic movement will be needed--larger than in the 1930s or 1960s--if we want real progressive change,
Now go back to kissing white racist derriere, you freak.
It take more than going to functions. How about lets not have a white man dress up in black face at a all white party (her included) and say that is funny.
She isn't going to give it to her because she herself is in with them. This woman is one of the biggest sellouts out there.
Black people need to understand that  conservatives and liberals are the same game on them. What difference does it make that one claims to love you the other hate you.
Reubs and dems are both white and they are not fighting against themselves. They are both fighting against you. Repubs say get rid of them. The dems say lets get rid of them by keeping them where they are at.
White vs White nope that is not happening but White vs Black yup that is the story. Dems are passive aggressive they believe in destroy you the gentle way and repubs believe in straight out assault.


And there it is, wrapped in a bow sitting on your kitchen table. White, is white, is white and they will NEVER disagree when it comes to Blacks and people of color. The goal of white supremacy is global control and domination of people of color, especially Blacks. Dems and Repubs have different ideas on how to achieve that goal, but the end result is the same. Good post, Hope.


courtneyrR Moderator 3 days ago

When I look at ann, I can't help but to think about the Boondocks episode with her on it. smh.I don't want to hear a history lesson from a known opportunist.


What is to be done when ANY wrong is committed? First the perp. of the wrong MUST take ownership or HIS behavior AND atone for that behavior. If a person walks up to you and knocks you down, looks at you and say, "Oh, let's reconcile" what would you do or say? The average person would be outraged(at being knocked down), and even more outraged if the person tried to insult your intelligence by PRTENDING it was you fault for the behavior(knock down). And the REAL insanity is to agree to forgive/forget and he knocks you down again!!! Did Black life in S. Africa get better after so-called reconciliation? And how do you get your "house in order" when the man who controls the house refuse your attempts? We tried, and were successful in doing that in places like Tulsa(Black wall Street), Rosewood, etc. only to be beaten and murdered by jealous whites. The biggest hindrance to Black advancement is education regarding "self" and knowledge of white supremacy(It's foundation and method of operation). When that is taught to our children from birth, there would be little need for relocation/separation and we will be able to survive and thrive as other non-white groups do. Asians are at the top of the educational list and doing very well financially without returning to their homeland.Likewise, when Hispanics began to migrate here it didn't take long before they began opening stores, restaurants, credit unions and banks, etc. How do they survive and thrive without running back across the border? Because other groups have learned to maintain a love of "self" and their culture. I have met countless African immigrants who do the SAME thing among other Africans. Blacks americans don't have those traits as they were removed during slavery and replaced with a desire to be MORE white in our thinking and behavior(To NO avail). With a large population wearing wigs, weaves, european finger nails, skin bleaching, and even plastic surgery you would THINK whites would be more accepting. Instead, Blacks are STILL looked upon as being less than human. Again, what are WE to reconcile for???


On Anderson Cooper's immature response to the Sister Star Jones. Star Jones made an opinion and the pro-war hypocrite liberal Cooper talked about stripper boots, which is blatantly bigoted. He support the war crimes of NATO in Libya like a good servant of the establishment.

By Timothy


So y'all love a white man publicly denigrating an educated, intelligent, pro-black black woman?

Star does a segment on The Today Show similar to The View and they all give their opinions. It's like Star is held to a different standard than everyone else. Everybody on this board gives opinions day in and day out; at least Star is getting paid to give hers.



I saw the video on TMZ and Anderson looked bitter. Anderson also gets on my nerves always talking about his mamma and what she said. Anderson acts like a little boy and not a man a lot of times. He did go in on Star and the K's but he has his own issues.



Anderson crying too much. Then goes on to complain that Star wouldn't come on his show to debate her comments. Star kept it moving.



She is your kind. She advocated for blacks the whole time she was on The View. Star would have your best interests at heart before Anderson. I don't understand the glee people seemingly have in seeing a white man going after an educated, sophisticated, intelligent self-made black woman.



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Working with black people and liking black people are two different things. Just cause you work with people does not mean they will have you in their home for dinner

In an industry built on projecting lies and a fake "image" for marketability, no "A" list actor is going to do anything to raise suspicion that they hate black people and they will adopt black children (Sandra & Charlize) or working with a black actor here or there or even produce a "black theme" show. I mean how many black television shows, movies, and radio stations are actually run by white people, and we lament daily on how one-dimensional we are characterized and stereotyped. I have come across way too many white people with serious racial issues who have dated or married a black person, means nothing...



Lol, probably is. It's pretty much impossible to guess who it is as the BL is a wide open pool and wasn't specific enough.

But I always said Hollywood is far from liberal. Just look at the history of Hollywood and how they portray non-whites. Hollywood is anything BUT liberal.



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