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More Conscious Words


As I said over and over, Im gonna say it again the Bantus and Mande made 70% of AAs ancestry in US. As the articles I sent above show Igbos of Biafra made 18.6% of slaves sent to US as a whole. This means Igbos sent around 59 000 slaves to US as whole, its recorded in history books that Ibo women were likely to MATE OUTSIDE their tribe. This was the result of few Ibo males imported to US. Ibo women were likely to mate with Mande or Bantu, Akan males who were majority among slave population. So this claim about Ibo majority after 400 years doesn't hold WATER/SENSELESS.

TOTAL number of AFRICANS imported in US colonies was 317748.

Source:[PDF]A Companion to African American History ...
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a whole, Bight of Biafra exports were 18.6 percent of the 317748 enslaved Africans recorded in the Du Bois database (Eltis et al. 1999)

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How about this Obama has links to Africans slaves brought to Virginia in 1619s from his mothers side. DNA samples show that his mother side DNA matches with South Cameroonian Bantus. Who are cousins to Angolans. Most slaves to Vrginia in 1617-40 were from Angola, Bantu Africans were founder generation of AAs in US. Same thing happened in New Amsterdam/NY & NJ Anglans were founder generation of AFRO-NEW YORKERS.

An African American scholar DR JOSEPH E HOLLOWAY shows that AAs are 70% Mande and Bantu ancestry.
Mande (Senegal,Mali,Gambia,Sierra Leone,Guinea Bissau,Guinea,N Liberia)
*Bantu (Gabon,Congo Brazzaville,Democratic of Congo,Angola)

-Prof Awodwa



Despite the colonists’ attempts to deny and then destroy African linguistic heritage, more recent work, most notably by Joseph Holloway and Winifred Vass, suggests otherwise and they are able to trace a number of surviving Africanisms back to two ethnic groupings in Africa from which at least 70% of the ancestors of African Americans came from, the Mande and Bantu. The Africans from the Senegambia region (Mande speakers) were part of the greatest and most advanced of the Sudanic empires and thus were often enslaved as artisans and craftsman. According to Holloway and Vass, both the Mande and Wolof slaves were more often employed in the housework on the plantations and thus had a greater influence on white American culture. Many American children for instance would have learned African folk tales from their “mammies”, tales such as Brer Rabbit, Brer Wolf, Brer Fox, and the Uncle Remus stories which were originally Wolof folk tales brought to America by the Hausa, Fulani and Mandinka.

On the other hand, the Bantu slaves from Angola and Congo regions were employed primarily as field slaves. As a result, their impact on white culture was minimal, but isolation allowed their culture to develop without as much external interference. According to Vass and Holloway, their African past was thus able to develop into African American cooking, music (jazz, blues, spirituals, gospel), dance, language, religion, philosophy, and the arts.

As a result of both the Mande and Bantu influences through the slave experience in the U.S., Vass and Holloway compile a list of Africanisms that have entered into contemporary American English but a close examination of these words reveal a continuing attempt to culturally disparage the African heritage. Take for instance the word “banjo” which is traced to a West African stringed musical instrument called an “mbanza”. The banjo was apparently a popular musical instrument among the black population until the 1840s when it was adopted by minstrel shows who made it part of the black face acts after which it became a symbol of ridicule. ...

If u wanna see which AFRICAN ETHNICITIES were sent where pls visit this link. It shows everything from North, Central and South America, even West Indies.

Note:The some records are incomplete. Let me complete the puzzle for ya'll.
Was dominated by Biafrans at 38% and rivals were Senegambia 26.5% and Bantus 20%, then Gold Coast 16%.

Dominated by Senegambia 43%
Angola-Congo 40%
Then Gold Coast 16%

Louisiana was majority SENEGAMBIAN 1719-1760 then replaced by Angola-Congo Bantus onwards 1760-1820.
Senegambia slaves in Louisiana were 30% overall and Bantus 35.6% in 1800s and around 40% in later stages. The process of removal of Mandes by Bantus in Louisiana and South carolina-Georgia is called CONGOLIZATION by Dr Kelvin Roberts in his book.

-Prof Awodwa



I don't understand why someone would move to an area known for white wealth...surround himself purposefully with ww and then complain he doesn't see bw. How phony.

And don't get me wrong, live as you please within the law but then keep your nose in the community you belong to. What bp are doing has nothing to do with those with non black partners. It actually confirms that ir couples tend tobe extremely racist...but always toward blacks.



people only being concerned with themselves is a form of terrible selfishness and these same people should not be alarmed to find that other people are like wise not concerned about them.

what should one expect? you have no concern for others and as a result they have no concern for you.

my mom once said that "no man is an island" i'll take it a step further and say that no man can make it in this world alone...not safe, secure, healthy and mentally stable.

we need each other but there is a protocol that exists on every level of this need.

the baby needs the mom, the mom needs the help and security of the father, the race needs its own people to look after one another first and foremost. this is just how the world operates.



 I don't disagree. My point is it isn't our job to dictate how someone should feel. Stop rewarding those who are selfish with benefits of those who sacrificed.



DICE Reply:

You possibly need to brush up on your American History…
White men have been banging and “loving” black women since 1675….White men were “loving” black women even before the black women could even get off those slave ships on the way here.
Why do you think so many of us carry the DNA of these beasts today?
You are really reaching and thirsty for self esteem when you think it makes you cute that your kidnapper is raping your mothers, sisters and DAUGHTERS…
But then again, women need self assurance and when they dont get it from where it should come from (DADDY), they accept it from wherever it comes from, even if it is from a white pimp…
And yes, Strom TRhurmond, Thomas Jefferson are pimps…Just because they like black p___, doesnt mean they give a d___ about black people or even see black people as full human beings in their society…
In case you havent noticed, the system of global racism and white rule is still in effect and as long as that remains the case then we are still on the plantation and
any sexual contact between people who are on opposite poles of power dynamics is inappropriate..
Until the syetem of global white racism is REPLACED BY A SYSTEM OF JUSTICE, black people should BOYCOTT SEXUAL CONTACT WITH WHITE PEOPLE…period…..AFTER, that has been accomplished, then feel free to have sex with anybody you want…The thing, is we arent going to f___ ourselves or miscegenate ourselves out of our current situation…If that were true, we would have done it 200 years ago…
I NEVER HEARD ROBERT DENIRO SPEAK OUT ON RACISM, and put himself out on that limb for his hoes brothers, fathers and sons,,,He hasnt said a peep about Trayvon, because he just wants black p___.


beautiful black woman wrote:

Kip when a black man chases and up lift other races of women and put down their own women then it does help in destroying the black community. And behaving goes for all black people who talk down on their own, including you, you should take your own advice.

KIP wrote:

No, YOU take YOUR own advice.
Start with yourself instead of obsessing over who strangers are bedding. What two consenting adults choose to do in the privacy of their own choosing has absolutely NOTHING to do with what tears down an actual community. See, this is part of the problem: women such as yourself incessantly bickering over nothing. What you need to do is turn that angst against what is really doing the damage. Stop looking out and start looking in. I could care less about a brother chasing women. That's what men do and always WILL do. What I do care about is when people's kids go hungry, because the mother is too hungover to cook breakfast. What I do care about is when some woman is screaming her eyes out, because someone else's kid shot her child. What I do care about is when young men see fit to spend all day standing in front of a liquor store, but are too young to drink. What I do care about is when young men think the only way of settling a dispute is with gun violence. What I've been touch by is when parents are too coked out to care for their own kid, so she runs away and ends up adopted.
You also sound like someone without an absolute clue about what the hell is going on.
We all understand that but its not just about killing, and drugs, and other things you have mentioned it also has alot to do with how we all treat each other. How do you think a black community will survive if black people such as yourself always treat your own badly?? If this doesnt stop happening we will no longer have a black community. And yes once again it does have some thing to do with black men chasing other women and putting down their own. You can date who you want and so can other black men but then they dog out their own women and children that puts a huge dent in the community as well. It takes both men and women to build a strong community not just the women. Too many brothas are to worried about how many different types of women they have have sex with other than trying to make a change. And you can go on and on and on about how its thats not whats causing the down fall but we all know thats part of the reason. Seems like you dont get it and its funny how other brothas on this forum understand what were saying except you? Your too busy hating on black women and not giving a damn about what others think instead of trying to understand other people you insult them. Thats why I dont like you never have never will. You are part of the cancer to our community. I still dont understand why you come here.

-beautiful black woman


The Ibos constituted about about 25% of the slave population in the US. There was only 480,000-500,000 Africans brought to the US. This is about 5% of the total Africans in the Atlantic Slave Trade.
Yes I would agree that Igbos have a big influence on AA society. However, we must not ignore the other very large groups, the Angolans and the Kongos. These groups had a significant contribution to AA socity. They constituted about 30%. So to say that the majority of AAs have Ibo ancestry is incorrect. To say a relatively large percentage of AAs have Ibo ancestry is more valid.
I would suggest y'all read Michael Gomez's Exchanging Our Country Marks and Dreams of Africa in Alabama by Slyvaine Diouf.
My sister has slanted eyes, and we would make fun of her that she must have some Asian in her. I was ignorant then. When I was in Nigeria and I was on a beach one sunday afternoon, I saw many slanted eyed African Hausa women. I died laughing and had to inform my family.

-Big Sistah Pat


I hear's that logical man talk and as usual man logic has its own idea.

I hope that when women speak men aren't thinking she is TRYING to make me agree with her.

Everyone men and women should want to UNDERSTAND each other..

The forcing ie. feeling like anyone is trying to take something from you is founded in fear more than fact.

Each of us has our own need to compete because we each are just half of the magic we make together.

Men work too hard to make man logic work for women..I could say you want women to turn into your best bud(I can't think of the term that is the perfect guy friend term)

Lower the threat to code orange..keep an open mind and trust...the right person of course because I'm not going to say there aren't women out there with heaven forbid penis envy..because that is what came to my mind not emasculation.

Why do folk have to get old to appreciate that's its a blessing we are different and don't think the same.



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