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Culture and the Real World


There is a tradition among Europeans--left, right & center--of respect for intellectual life, culture, art, etc. Even British conservatives recognize that Obama, whatever his other limitation, is still a man of culture and intellect....and INTELLECTUALLY SUPERIOR to white right wing clowns like Romney, Palin, Michelle Backman and others.
Obama is schooled not only in Law and political science, but also philosophy, literature and the arts. That's appreciated in Europe more so than here.
That may be one of the reasons that I was more well received in France than most of my white compatriots.



Just as I thought. Jake can't read or think. So we won't wait for him to read and critique CAPITALISM AND SLAVERY.
But if he knew any history, he'd know that MILLIONS of white workers and peasants in Europe (and America) were reduced to a semi-slave status, reduced to the status of pack animals. Numerous European writers--incluing Zola, Victor Hugo, Carlyle, and others--wrote extensively about the destruction of white European lives by industrial capitalist barbarism.
Since Jackass Jake won't read, I'd like to put him into a time machine and send him back to those "satanic mills" of the late 18th and 19th centuries.

Eric Williams talks about this in CAPITALISM AND SLAVERY. But white racists don't want to accept the fact that Black labor created the foundation of the Industrial Revolution.



The Real History of the Democrat Party....

The Dims have NEVER been a Truly progressive party!
The Democrat party first came to national prominence w the election of that {in}Famous Slave Owning / Indian Killer- Pres Andrew Jackson in 1828! From that point until at least the advent of FDR the Dims were more influenced by Dixie-crats than by liberal / progressives. In fact Dixie-crats were a main-stay force within the Dims until LBJ's era [who himself was a TX Dixie-crat]- when afterwards Tricky Dick Nixon employed his race-tinged 'Southern Strategy' which drew Dixie-crats who were disgruntled over the Civil-Rights & Voting-Rights act, into a new home w the Repugs, solidified further by so-called 'Reagan Democrats'.
This history of Dixie-crats in the Party of Andrew [Slave-Owning / Indian Killin] Jackson is the main reason Blacks faithfully voted for the GOP party of Lincoln for 60yrs till the advent of FDR's 'New Deal' - when the Dims adopted the name Party of FDR. With all due respect to Dr Mike Dyson- The Democrat Party- Has Never Been a progressive party. They at best have been a 'centrist' / moderately 'liberal' party under FDR, JFK & Carter. Since the advent of Slick Willie & now under Obama they are a Pro - Wall St Bankster / Pro Corporate [= anti working-class though backed by Big Union leadership]- 'centrist' party w so-called 'liberal' positions RE: so-called 'Gay'-marriage & abortion.
Obama is a combo of the pro Wall St / pro-Corporate / Repug triangulating tendencies of Slick Willie intertwined w the pro- Police State policies under the Bushites phony 'War on Terror' paradigm- on the domestic front... - In combo w the war-making / regime-change foreign policy agenda of LBJ, Tricky Dick / Heinz Kissinger & Reagan / [Mr CIA / Skull{Duggery}& Bones] Bush Sr! The fact that Obama seemingly publicly praises Repug Ronnie Reagan far more than FDR &/or JFK should tell Dr Mike Dyson that Obama's not an FDR styled Democrat!
PS: Interestingly enough the most pro-peace [or at-least non-war making] US Pres in recent memory was Jimmy Carter. Yet Obama has twice shunned him at DNC confabs in 2008 & now in 2012- by refusing to allow the living elder states-man of the Democrat party to speak at Obama's nominating conventions.


Memo: Blacks ain't entitled to opinions about race

especially when they contradict the White Narrative.
The latest dust-up in the sports world has political correct police all a twitter:
Rob Parker Suspended: ESPN Suspends Commentator Over Controversial RG3 Comments
"For me, you don't ever want to be defined by the color of your skin,'' Griffin said at the end of Wednesday's post-practice news conference in reference to a question about Martin Luther King, Jr. "You want to be defined by your work ethic, the person that you are, your character, your personality. That's what I've tried to go out and do.
"I am an African-American in America. That will never change. But I don't have to be defined by that.''
The league's highest-rated passer, who has led the 7-6 Redskins into postseason contention with 10 of his 18 touchdowns thrown during a four-game win streak, said he is aware of why so many black Redskins fans take reflected pride in his success.
"I am aware how much race is relevant to them,'' RGIII said. "I don't ignore it. I try not to be defined by it. But I understand different persectives and how people view different things. I understand that they're excited that their quarterback is an African-American. I play with a lot of pride, a lot of character, a lot of heart. I understand that. I appreciate them for being fans and not just fans because they're African-Americans.''
"Is he a brother or is he a cornball brother?" Parker said on "First Take." When asked to elaborate, Parker continued. "Well, he’s black, he kind of does his thing. But he’s not really down with the cause, he’s not one of us. He’s kind of black. But he’s not really the guy you’d really want to hang out with because he’s off to do something else."
While his comments sparked outrage on social media platforms, Parker took to Twitter and called some of his critics "uneducated" and "silly."
When it turned out that ESPN was one of those critics, Parker stopped tweeting .
EC: The Right Wing media can say racially charged things, literally EVERY DAY if not every week, they never get "suspended" or reprimanded. I get where RG3 is coming from but, Ni#$a Puhleez in this day in age in American ,where the gloves are increasingly coming off and White folks feel completely unihibited to say what they really think, and objectively using Obama as exhibit A whether you like Obama or not, you have to be a d______ fool not to believe you are not defined by your Blackness.
So I understand where Parker was coming from even if he said in inelegantly. You have to be a chump and a coward to say what RG3 said. He could said, "You know I wish we were not defined by race, but it's hard to say that mindset doesn't linger when you read and hear some of the slings and arrows thrown at the President and First Lady. I wish some of the rhetoric were not so heated and we can honestly conversate about race in America.
I don't want to be defined by race." Well guess what, no Black person does, but you d____ sure gone be. But don't tell that to the White folks who do it everyday on Faux News and in the workplace because CNN tells you it ain't so. CNN still holding onto the post-racial b______ Big Lie. Apparently, so is RG3 whom I love as a player. But he d____ show got a case of amnesia.
Where's Jim Brown and Abdul Jabbar when you need them?
p.s. This is the same network that HIRED RUSH LIMBAUGH and here's how they defended him when Rush was just being Rush:
PHILADELPHIA -- Donovan McNabb has been to three straight Pro Bowls and two consecutive NFC championship games, and was runner-up for NFL MVP in his first full season as a starter.
Still, commentator Rush Limbaugh saw fit to question the quarterback's credentials.
Before McNabb led the Philadelphia Eagles to a 23-13 victory over the Buffalo Bills, Limbaugh said on ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown" that McNabb is overrated. However, Limbaugh injected his comment with racial overtones that have set off a controversy.
"Sorry to say this, I don't think he's been that good from the get-go," Limbaugh said. "I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve. The defense carried this team."
ESPN released an official statement Wednesday night.
"Although Mr. Limbaugh today stated that his comments had 'no racist intent whatsoever,' we have communicated to Mr. Limbaugh that his comments were insensitive and inappropriate. Throughout his career, he has been consistent in his criticism of the media's coverage of a myriad of issues," the statement read.
Earlier, ESPN executive vice president Mark Shapiro came to the conservative Limbaugh's defense.
"This is not a politically motivated comment. This is a sports and media argument," Shapiro was quoted as saying in a USA Today column published Wednesday. "Rush was arguing McNabb is essentially overrated and that his success is more in part [due] to the team assembled around him.
(shucks, looks like White folks get to define what the Racist White guy thinks and says as well as the "angry" Black man)
"We brought Rush in for no-holds-barred opinion. Early on, he has delivered," Shapiro told USA Today.
ESPN spokesman Dave Nagle said Tuesday that Limbaugh doesn't do interviews.
"It's sad that you've got to go to skin color. I thought we were through with that whole deal," McNabb told the Philadelphia Daily News.


$250k is indeed rich!

Enlightened Cynic, while I agree with much of your analysis on various subjects, I see $250k per year as indeed rich. Just because that amount is seen as a trifle in overpriced cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles doesn't mean that it is a minor amount.
The national median income is around $50k. Five times the national median is enough in most of the country to:
  1. Purchase a McMansion and a vacation home (plus property taxes and upkeep)
  2. Purchase and maintain 2 or 3 cars
  3. Send your kids to private school
  4. Take two or more vacations a year
  5. Save for retirement
That's sounds rich to me. Not obscenely wealthy, but pleasantly prosperous. They should pay their fair share of taxes like all other citizens.


The Issue is Relevancy

Let's pose another question, actually two:
1. Why can't unions defeat Right Wingish Democratic politicians for seats in Congress or the White House?, and
2. Why can't the NAACP adequately address issues of hunger and economic justice.
The answer for both is RELEVANCY. It's hard to win fights when you lose relevancy. When oppositional institutions become coopted they are no longer relevant. Globalization is arguably the biggest reason for union's demise, relevancy is a close second, the creeping facist mindset in America is in the mix also.


is is Important Back-Ground Info EC for Proper Context-

While In pricipal I'm in favor of collective-bargaining rights for the working-class- especially viv-a-vis this Corp Capitalist system- BUT: Too many big Unions in the US [especially at the leadership level] have had a history some questionable positions on too many issues.
So This guy [the UAW Head] picked a fight that he was warned he'd loose & what the price would be if he pushed it too far, yet he did it any way, without even bothering to get input from key members of his constituency??? I think the word for that is ARROGANT & DUMB!!! You don't pick a fight like this from a position of weakness- if you really don't have to. This guy rolled the dice & loss, so IMO the UAW rank & file needs to kick his ass to the curb for that blunder.
First of all if this MI so-called 'Right-to-Work' law does is give workers the choice to pay union dues [or not] themselves, instead of automatically deducting them from workers salaries [though I suspect there's more to it than that], the answer to that is, as ex-UAW man Frank Hammer said- do what unions used to do to collect dues- Go around to the members & potential members & explain & justify just why they should pay their union dues.
But lets not get too sentimental about all unions. Most police & firemen's unions [as well as others] had traditionally locked Blacks & Browns out of those jobs for Decades- up till the 1960s, 70s & 80s. Cop Unions have also most often been a BIG impediment in the cause of justice, when cops commit police-brutallity & even gun-down unarmed Blacks & Hispanics! And Big Unions didn't even really push to get more Unions in the South- home to most so-called 'Right-to-Work' laws [FYI: Anti-union slave-labor behemoth Wallmart started in Billary's state of AR]. Nor did they seriously push for some important issues for working-class / working-poor folks in general IE: increasing the minimum wage to a living wage, directly linking CEO / CFO salaries to either the minimum wage &/or the ave worker's salary, a national policy for full-employment at a living wage, Medicare for all, etc. Thus their traditional view has been fatally myopic & self-centered [IE; a 'Can't see the Forest for the Trees' type Mentality]- leading to their steady decline.
Too many unions are also too closely tied to the Dimo-crap party. The first big sell-out of unions by Dims in the post New Deal era, was when Truman used the Taft-Hartley Act 12Xs to break Union strikes. But Chris Hedges said that the when Slick Willie signed NAFTA- Unions should have cut the Dims loose BIG Time! Never-the-less AFL-CIO Pres Trumpka backed Obama again in 2012 even though Obama reneged on his 2008 Card-Check promise & the US; biggest teachers' union backed Obama even in the face of his & Arne Duncan's [& Rambo's] RTTT onslaught against Teachers' Unions...
But back to the UAW, they backed GM's, Ford's, & Chrystler's roll out of the dubious SUV craze beginning in the 1980s & also joined Detroit's Big 3 in opposing increasing CAFE mileage standards- which would have put a damper on the SUV craze.
In other words too many big US Unions have gone 'All In' w the Dims & Corp Capitalism. So now they're paying the price, as the Dims in cahoots w the Repugs & BIG BIZ, have sold-out the US' working-class- Big Time! [PS: It was S.Africa's main Trade Union, along w S.Africa's main so-called 'Communist' Party- that backed the ANC's bloody 'Gestapo' type attack against those miners that left 37 Black miners in Marikana dead. This clearly indicates what can happen when a so-called 'progressive' movement goes all in w Globalized NeoLiberal Gorp Capitalism- against the best interests of the people & workers.]

yorubablk3 2 days ago
Reading your comments makes me think that.It's ok to have ideological differences among us & to discuss 'which way we should go' but in my opinion,if some r trying to better the Black community by opposing assimilation & fostering independence than ALL Black people trying to move towards that should b supported for the greater good of all.It would b nice if Black people stat to actually like & support Black people,so that it can b shown & proved that someone,somewhere does.



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