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Information about Black History and Culture.

Eric Moore 3 weeks ago
I love being a black man in this racists country. People of all races criticize us for everything, the way we dress, the way we talk, and the list goes on and on. My people have everyone's attention and we don't even know how much power that is. "The first shall be last and the last shall be first".


I have pasted an interesting and very telling comment from a poster on another site. They are fed up with her too. They're even talking about boycotting her spinoff if she really gets one. The consensus on this site too agrees she said the n word. Can anyone confirm what the poster said about the Wendy Williams interview?

"I had to rewind several times and I'm still not sure if the bleep was at the end of 'f*cking ladies' or 'f____ g n____s.' Either way, I don't need to hear Kim say the word to know she's racist. A few years back when Wendy Williams was on the radio, she interviewed Kim's ex-manager. Wendy asked him if Kim dates black men and the ex-manager said 'no she doesn't like black men, she's racist and uses the "n" word quite frequently.' I believed the manager because he didn't just say all bad things about her. When Kroy came along with his racist beliefs, it was right up Kim's alley"

She said it- she was so angry it slipped out and they let us peep it. Like I said before, Kim never refers to her castmates as ladies. One day they're going to piss off Sweetie so much she'll tell the truth. But by then everyone will be like "kim who?"



This has nothing to do with hating Kim. So stop with that b_____. Kim is comfortable talking to people like s___. Rewind and watch how she talked to the movers. There was no hesitation in calling complete strangers every name in the book so why would she hold her tongue for people she knows? All those women had a right to ask her why she is flip flopping about vacation when they went out of their way to accommodate her. The only black person she deals with is on her payroll. Sweetie is not her friend; she's an employee.



Kushite Prince says:
“Reason #3: The RAGE that will be generated among the already insecure, anxious, and increasingly discontent white population over more economic or political hardships. Putting black faces in such prominent (and politically responsible) positions will send racism OFF THE CHARTS.”

That’s where you really nailed it! I was thing the same thing if World war 3 jumps off. I pray you’re wrong but it looks like it’s headed that way. And this will give the appearance that black folks are “running the show”. They’re all just puppets for the Jewish/European elite. They pull the strings and sit back and watch the reactions from the gullible sheeple. I can’t believe that white folks are this naive in this day and time. When you think about it Pam,the masses(regardless of race) don’t seem to understand the the hidden hand in politics. And how the political process REALLY works. This helps to cause MORE racial tension and MORE division that’s already there anyway. I feel they want to cause some type of race war between blacks,whites and Hispanics. And they’re going to use Obama,Rice and Holder to make it seem like blacks are advancing,and at the same time make it seem like like black folks are f***ing up the country! Just blame the n____ s! That old plan never seems to go out of style,right?? Straight out of the old WS Handbook. smh


TrojanPam says:
@ Kushite Prince
That’s the way it looks to me
It’s open season on black people and you have to wonder why more of us aren’t seeing it.
That’s a shame because this WITCH HUNT requires OUR cooperation. If we didn’t buy into it, or allow ourselves to be used so shamelessly — or literally BEG for inclusion and acceptance and validation by everyone who isn’t like us
we could stop some of this IN ITS TRACKS
and an example is,
if they want to make movies showing blacks as ignorant, we could EASILY NOT GO SEE THAT PARTICULAR MOVIE.
Yes, white people could support it but the media NEEDS US to support it because otherwise it wouldn’t have the desired effect of BRAIN-TRASHING and DEMORALIZING us AND making us more ANTI-BLACK
we can do this
but do we have the will to do it?


Aaron J Berg says:
This is excellent information to point out from my dogmatic perspective. Alberto Gonzales was the first ever non-white Attorney General, under the Bush administration, before Eric Holder was first black Attorney General. As a matter of fact, it was not until after the 911 inside white supremacy military job as I call it, that any non-white held a position in the top four positions of the executive branch.
After September 11, 2001; The Presidency, Attorney General, and Secretary of State positions were filled by non-whites for first time ever in American History. Also, Condoleezza Rice being first non-white female to hold position of National Security Advisor is significant as well. There are other higher level government\military positions that have been filled by non-whites for first time in American history after September 11, 2001.
I would expect to see more non-whites possibly fill higher positions in the government/military in the future ie. Vice President, Defense Secretary, more Generals, etc. I too see white supremacist world wide terrorism continue and maybe even escalate into another world war. I don’t think powerful white people make decisions for no reason.
In my opinion white people are using non-whites as scape goats to try to hide their world wide white supremacist terrorism in non-white areas of the planet. These are just my observations though and could be incorrect.
Aaron J. Berg


On the Serena Williams/Wozniacki  controversy:

It’s an example of a person who is subconsciously or consciously jealous of a natural black female’s great beauty. It’s as simple as that. If someone is mocking you (when you are the greatest female tennis player in this generation. Beyond that, she is the best ever), in an immature fashion you must be doing something right.

-By Timothy (Me)

edud01Moderator9 hours agoin reply to truthseeker2436577
True post!!! Now if only Black people really KNEW this Black self-hate would disappear. White jealousy is the ROOT of white supremacy. Because jealousy SEEMS so simple, most Blacks can't wrap their minds around it as being the SOLE cause of rape, murder, lynchings, discrimination, and every other atrocious behavior directed at them by whites. Instead of making a self-depreciating joke about herself in an attempt to counter Wozniacki's "joke", she should have responded with truth about Wozniacki's NATURAL genetic flaws, including recessive genes and the inability to reproduce in great numbers.


You are right about our enemy being white supremacy. The work isn't completed yet. The struggle continues since we need not only economic development, but the continuation of cultural and intellectual growth too (along with the defense of our interests. We have the right to promote our black interests). I think that the Sister Serena (sometimes wit speaks louder than immature antics from a tennis player less gifted than Serena) wanted to take the high road since we realize that all people should be treated with dignity and respect, but a white women is never superior to a black woman in any way (shape, form, or fashion). It's a fact that we as blacks fathered them or white people (as black people are the first humans on Earth). It's wild, because in real life, you feel like a parent to them in the sense that you are very disappointed in some of their actions (while checking them or whites when its necessary as a parent). White people's population numbers are decreasing, but our population is growing worldwide. The black sisters are the original beauty and nothing is better than the original. As a brother, I will always have a love Jones for chocolate. As you say, we have to be psychologically or mentally strong in the knowledge of self. We have to execute the necessary, dynamic reformation in our lives in loving our blackness, being active in helping out our communities directly, and executing revolution for our people. Without wisdom or the knowledge of self, nothing happens in the long term. It isn't going to be easy, but we have to continue in the fight for black liberation.

-By Timothy (Me)


SoultrySoulModerator16 hours ago
Well this would really (for me) be a joke had she/media stated the joke was about the many celebrities that are strunting "fake" assets. Some where in this chick's mind...she wishes!
To make the butt-of this joke be directly at Serena (champion) a person that is all natural does not make me laugh at all. This points not only at Serena, but all of us that are products of DNA (Dynamic Natural Azz's)


Valarie ShepherdModerator14 hours ago
If it would have been Serena Williams doing something similar to that about another athlete, she would have been FINED. So why wasn't this chick? I found this "joke" disrespectful, there's a place and a time for everything and this was not the place or time!.What a loser! By the way, Did she even win her match?


Serena's going to take it out on her next time play each other. Lol


Mary Mickey Clancy-KreutzModerator13 hours ago
This is not humor nor is it funny. This is immature bullying at the best and mean spirited racism at its worst. A shameful action by a little girl that has embarrassed her family and country. Hopefully the fallout from this act will lead to growth and more mature behavior.


CourtneyRModerator13 hours ago
Awww, look who's jealous. lol. I guess we should thank her. jealousy is the greatest form of flattery.


Mike SteinModerator3 hours agoin reply to Lexe
I have not yet seen any of soledads documentaries about "who is black in America, but knowing her, she is only presenting some weak, white washed material that is careful not to intimidate white people by revealing history outside of the regular Aryan model view of history taught in public grade school.
It is so interesting that for a hundred or so years now, some of the finest and most brilliant black historians, anthropologists, and archaeologists, who are top PhD's from the finest institutions all over the world, have conducted many years of detailed research on the evolution of man, the history of race mixing on all continents, and black history.....BUT ARE THESE WORKS EVER REFERENCED IN SOLEDAD'S DOCUMENTARIES ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE? H_________ NO!
Soledad SAYS her documentary has no agenda but this isn't true.....The limited knowledge, focus on colorism, and systems used in the structure of the documentary has an agenda.....THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A DOCUMENTARY WITHOUT AN AGENDA! If there is no agenda, there is no reason to construct a documentary. The question is....what would the real agenda be in gathering these people to define "who is black in America?"
Besides, as long as young black minds are focused on color, taking pride in how much non African blood they have (which is so popular in this generation), all without learning black history, particularly prior to American slavery, these young black or biracial young people will remain confused.


Isaiah IsraelModerator12 hours agoin reply to Akosua
whites are more tortured by race than blk people are they want to be blk more than blk want to be white they have an inferiority complex which is being dealt with they are sufferring from delusions of grandeur that has infiltrated their psyche to the point of suicidal tendencies and firthermore the media isnt focusing in on WHITE SOCIAL problems pschological problems and mental problems they have


DandelionModerator12 hours ago
A community that doesn't instinctively protect its members is a DEAD community.

Sista I heard there were rap scenes in the original script. Where they included in this movie? I just can't deal with that fool tarantino. He just goes insane with the N-word. I know the N-word was said 14 million times in this movie. Plus I have no interest in seeing black women getting raped and black men getting lynched in a movie. Especially in a corny western film.


Someone who looks like Barack Obama, but not so famous, would have the same problems with police, with jobs, educational opportunities, inequitable judicial system, as any other Blacks in in America. Cops in America don't see "biracial ". They see "black", or "n****r" . They neither know nor care who your parents are. Maybe things are different in Africa or Europe. 



LBM Says:

This is some serious B.S. Wozniacki has “reached” #1 status without ever winning a major yet she feels supportively comfortable mocking a body type that is common for many Black woman. This is the “victimized” white female that too many Black males feel the need to protect?? This is the white female that Black females are talking about when desperately trying to convey to Black males how white females are equally, IF NOT MORE, racist as their male counterparts.
I’ve watched tennis for years. Trust and believe, Serena is the most well put together athlete on the scene, and she is not the biggest and far from the most masculine one on the scene. There was one right here from the U.S., Lindsey Davenport who was an elephant for years, even she once said that she doesn’t carry her height and weight as well as the William sisters. There’s been more than a few Russian and eastern european players who should have been playing with the men. There’s one now from France that I would swear is a dude -body, face and grunts. There’s others who are Serena’s size and just downright sloppy with it. The jealously is that they can’t get her tightness and tone. You have fools out here literally DYING getting injections and implants to have what Serena and many of us Black females have – and they STILL can’t fake the funk and thats why the pale b__________ are uptight.
Pardon my language but I’m burnt on this one because following tennis, I’ve seen over the years how these racists commentaries have been made, then they position the WIlliam sisters or other Black players such that they shouldn’t “play the race card.” ‘Cause Lord knows a display of white domination is NEVER the intent, especially on the part of the white female.


blackgoddess0 says:
Great observation, so what are we suppose to do now?


TrojanPam says:
@ blackgoddess0
Love how you cut to the chase!
That’s a great question and one that needs to be asked and answered. I won’t pretend I have any great advice, I’m in the same boat as everyone reading this.
I do have a few suggestions for right now.
#1 — Keep your WAR HAT on, meaning, be aware of the mainstream media’s attempt to braintrash us into thinking President Obama is in charge (or is responsible) for any economic pain we experience. He is NOT.
#2 — Be careful of the kind of white supremacy, brain-trashing and mind-numbing entertainment you expose yourself to. I see black people being led like sheep into thinking that we have “arrived” and that white people see us as equal human beings — which is easy to believe if you watch a lot of television and movies.
#3 — Resist the HARD SHOVE in the middle of your back toward engaging in sex with white people and with the same sex. If it wasn’t important that black people turn against each other and turn to the same sex, the white supremacists wouldn’t be pushing us to do it. The reason is OBVIOUS:
#4 — and this is a SHOUT-OUT to the Sisters. Stop mistreating each other, stop NOT speaking to each other when spoken to; STOP gossiping and lying on each other; START treating each other like we SAY black females deserve to be treated because your daughters are watching. How can we build a strong nation OR have any strong defenses when black females can’t stand each other? All this animosity is the kind of MISDIRECTED animosity that prisoners often display toward other prisoners.
In reality, though, WHO is your biggest problem?
another prisoner
the warden and prison guards that are holding both of you hostage?
#5 — STOP FALLING FOR THE XMAS CON GAME. If you enjoy this time of the year and enjoy buying gifts do it in moderation — and spend ONLY what you can really afford. Bump that BS “Black Friday” — it’s just more black anti-blackness when you will be cursing Black Friday this Jan or Feb because you you spent the money for your electric bill. I’m just saying….
#6 — Think about developing a secondary (or primary income) and involve your children if possible. It’s time to start training our children to THINK like entrepreneurs and embrace self-empowerment via ECONOMIC POWER because chances are they will not be able to find a job that pays a living wage when they get out of high school — or even graduate from college. Sorry, but that’s the way it looks for the near future.
#7 START reading those books (like Mr Fuller’s that you’ve been meaning to read (and leave a review). Become KNOWLEDGEABLE about the system of white supremacy and how it works. AND most of all — share that knowledge with people who show an interest. We can’t change anything — especially ourselves — if we don’t understand the problem.
#8 — SUPPORT black authors, bloggers, and internet radio hosts, etc, who are doing constructive work.
They (we) need encouragement, too, and it means a lot when people buy a book, make a donation (no matter how small), or leave a comment on a blog, or post a review on Amazon, or even press the “LIKE” button (how hard is that?)
Or if you see a need, create a blog of your own OR write a book or make a movie or start a small business
or get involved in some organization you believe in that does something constructive, like teaching people to read, or working with children, or planting gardens, or cleaning up the neighborhood, or whatever you think needs to be done that you’re willing to do
Yet — and I gotta say this — the MAJORITY of people do not do any of the above.
How can we solve this problem if so many are so inactive or passive?
Think about the ENERGY we would generate if most of us did a little bit more.
Alright, that’s the end of my sermon.
sorry about the long email.


TrojanPam says:
@ blackgoddess0
I try not to see them as “traitors” but I think a lot of people (myself included) would secretly agree with you.
I know that isn’t codified, but it’s hard not to feel some resentment even though we know they are victims, too.
My only suggestion is to (try to) focus our resentment on the white people in charge, who have been giving all black people, light and medium and dark-skinned, holy hell from the first time they laid eyes on us.


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