Saturday, December 22, 2012

Words during the end of the Year of 2012


TrojanPam says:
@ Kushite Prince
I agree, the entire political system is so corrupt it is almost impossible to work WITHIN the system and make real change.
That’s why I’m against voting for any major party candidates (who’s kidding who, Democrat or Republican, they all work for the same hidden hands).
We will have to find another path to liberation and the best place to start is by LIBERATING OUR MINDS and not falling for the political CON GAME of black “progress.”
Anyone who enters a SNAKE PIT – be they alderman, Congressman/woman, or the President of the United States — will NOT survive unless they share the same characteristics as the rest of the snakes in that pit.
If they are a lamb they will be quickly DEVOURED,
If they are a small-time snake, not too greedy, not too poisonous, and don’t crowd the bigger snakes, they might eke out a living of sorts.
BUT if they survive and flourish amongst the biggest SNAKES, the truth of who and what they are should be SELF-EVIDENT to all who seek the truth.
Strong words, but that is what we will have to become: strong minded and thick-skinned.
Of course, NO ONE in power is going to select or finance someone who wants to destroy that power. That’s just common sense.
As far as crushing any illusions, anyone who bases their decisions on make-believe AND wishful thinking will get a SERIOUS wake-up call they will not be prepared for
I guarantee you.



Josh, here’s what I mean when I say “alpha male:”
Alpha male = favored by nature in getting the sexual attention of females
Since physically forced sexual activity is a negligible percentage of that occurring amongst people, an alpha male is one whom females prefer. Those with very broad appeal to women.
As I have observed patterns about people, here are three basic qualities I’ve observed about those men who have that broad appeal:
1) They really, really, really LIKE women through and through. Not just mammaries, buttocks, hips, legs, etc, but all the subtle physical and behavioral things that make women different than men. This is the most important characteristic because all the others follow from this.
2) They protect weaker people by instinct. They are, therefore, quick to take principled stands without checking for consensus first. They may or may not hang around for debate about their stands but they take them quickly.
3) They like smart women because they REALLY value a woman’s perspective and, therefore covet being desired by the smartest ones.
These are men who are VERY sensitive but effortlessly and intrinsically tough. Like the finalists in the Olympic 100 meters event who uncannily are not just fast but have amazing body proportions and gorgeous, masculine faces— that combination of toughness and sensitivity seems to most often come with a complement of physical gifts as well—height, prominent brow ridges, wide shoulders, thick fingers, masculine gait.
It seems to me, that these PUA sites are knowledge-pooling efforts to fashion “behavioral cosmetics” in the same way that women use physical cosmetics to “make-up” for what is lacking naturally.

Josh, I’ll address your other questions in a separate comment.


(I do not agree with everything in socialism, but this link has great research. By Timothy)

Kushite Prince Says:

“This is a non-reciprocal relationship. Reciprocity is one of the pillars of justice outlined by Ma’at. This only 1 example of a violation of justice (Ma’at). You cannot produce justice while violating a tenet of justice.”
Great quote! Not much I can add to that. Jay and I have had some good discussions. He has some great insight. It’s always nice chatting with him.


LBM Says:

IMHO a male of value would at least be able to do what Big Jo did with the above post – he supported with clarity and empathy. He articulated a clear understanding of why we need reciprocal love and support. Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act.


diaryofanegress Says:

This actually made me tear up. I love black men, Miss CREE. They are ours and we have an obligation to them. There are times, however, that I wished they felt the same way.


The world is changing. Earlier this year there was an edition THE ECONOMIST with headlines and an article entitled "Africa on the Rise." Many people will be surprise not only about the recovery of much of Africa, but the positioning of some of them to become the new "tiger" economies (as once happened in Asia). Search for an 2012 edition of THE ECONOMIST with the title "AFRICA ON THE RISE." Another magagazine I saw in the possesion a colleague in Political Science had a title more or less along the lines of "Last Days of Tyrants in Africa." Dictators everyone are on the run or are alteady out of business. From every corner of the Earth---Africa included---freedom is rising as the true destiny of human kind. In every nation, city, town and village---on every inch of the globe where humans dwell freedom will riSe like the dawn. FREEDOM RISING!!!!


I think that your white supremacists, like ours, are on the losing side of history. One reason Barack Obama (whatever his limitations) could win in 2008 and 2012 is that American whites are a SHRINKING minority. But also, a sizeable fraction of the American white population no longer adheres to white supremacist prejudices and anti-Black phobias upon which Repubicans rely (as Dixiecrats once relied) to carry them in any election. During one recent lecture I gave at Duquesne University, there were even some students of European descent who were arguing for "ending" whitss. "Even considered from a selfish standpoint," opined one blonde coed, "the benefits of whiteness are too small, and the costs to high." In short, SOME whites are choosing to be human instead of irrelevant. 



Evil is a disturbance which is why we suffer BUT I do believe Mother nature was designed to eliminate anything creating a disturbance to get things back in order, kinda like how an immune system was designed to eliminate an illness. So technically the creator doesn't allow suffering, it's just suffering can re-occur like a cancer until the cancer is eliminated completely.



Anonymous said...

What rock have you been living under? Quentin Tarantino has been a household name since the 90s.

I saw parts of the original script for this Django film, and it included a gang rape scene, and some other foul s_______.

Kerry is going around claiming that the movie has a feminist message for women... GTFOHWTBS!

I'm not even gonna speak on Jamie Foxx... and Sam Jackson has been hyping this movie too-- you know he and Quentin are good friends and they go way back. Quentin put Sam on the map, so he's never gonna have anything bad to say about him. Sam has been acting since Quentin was in middle school, but he didn't get any mainstream hype until Pulp Fiction.

And in any regular QT movie, you know they gotta try to break the world record for the number of times they say "n___________" on screen.

I won't be spending $20 on that b________. If you want to spend your money on watching white racists rape, abuse, and murder black folks (for no educational purpose--- just for laughs), go for it.


Anonymous said...
I don't know why a movie like this needed to be made in 2012. Quentin goes too far and from what I understand wants to be the King of Blaxploitation films. And then you have Samuel Jackson running around telling everybody that will listen, his character will be the most hated on film ever. Is that a surprise when you're playing a MAJOR TOM C_------?! The word n_---r is abused to no end in the film by Leonardo Dicaprio, which he probably enjoyed and who the f---- wants to see Kerry Washington get raped not once but twice. I haven't seen the film, but really now. What's the d----- point of this film? It d----- sure ain't for educational purposes. Jamie Foxx and Kerry W. already said how uncomfortable they were making it....that says it all. A d---- shame they already nominated this disrespectful s---- for a golden globe. Just one more slavery film, made by another white guy to exploit our history for entertainment. I'm with Spike. Alex Haley told this story already.

Anonymous said...
The movie is blaxploitation and that came out of Samuel L Jackson's mouth.

Blaxploitation = Black Exploitation

QT made this movie so he, through his characters, could call black folks N_---- and BLUE GUM m_____ and other crazy racist names for black folks.

Notice how he, DiCaprio and the other white dude got nominations for Golden Globes. No black folks. Draw your own conclusions.

I agree with Spike and I will not see that disrespectful movie.


PolskiHusaria wrote:

Explained what?
The earliest humans found in West Africa proper are Iwo Eleru in Nigeria 13,000 years ago.
The earliest people near West Africa or rather North-West Africa are Taforalt-Afalou / Paleolithic Mahreb who had U6 haplogroup.
Which U6 haplogroup appears to have it's roots ultimately in the Near East / Middle East.
Which U6 haplogroup is still found in quite high amounts in Kabyle Berbers & Mozabite Berbers in the very region of Paleolithic Maghbreb had such U6 haplogroup.
Ckearkt Kabyle Berbers & Mozabites are clearly rather Caucasoid looking & look more similar to Southern Europeans & South West Asians than to Sub Saharan Africans.


Tajima's D and Fu's Fs, our unpublished data). An intriguing increased frequency of L0a1 in the Balanta might parallel A1-M31 and A3b2-M13 Y chromosomes in representing East African traces. Although the founder L0a1 haplotype is shared in an east-to-west corridor, the emerging lineages are exclusive of Guineans, indicating a rapid spread and local expansion after arrival.

The analysis of our data provides further evidence for the homogeneity of the Y chromosome gene pool of sub-Saharan West Africans, due to the high frequency of haplogroup E3a-M2. Its frequency and diversity in West Africa are among the highest found, suggesting an early local origin and expansion in the last 20–30 ky. Hypothesizing on the existence of an important local agricultural centre, this could have supported a demographic expansion, on an E3a-M2 background, that almost erased the pre-existing Y chromosome diversity. Its pattern of diversity within Mandenka and Balanta hints at a more marked populational growth, these people possibly related to the local diffusion of agricultural expertise. The Papel and Felupe-Djola people retain traces of their East African relatives, to which the short timescale of residence in Guinea-Bissau and higher isolation from major influences have contributed.

These minor imprints may represent movements from Sahel's more central and eastern parts, seen, for example, in the typically Ethiopian/Sudanese E3*-PN2 lineages that have reached Senegambia [2,3,5].

Ialready told you Nigeria is just ONE REGION and Africans migrated to Africa during different TIMES!

U6 is still low in North Africans.



Bigsmoke wrote:

Interesting indeed.
I bet Hawass was pissed off at the results, LOL!
Lol...Hawass can no longer hide the truth. I believe he nay he loosening up a bit.

Also, call me an Afrocentric all you want. But I'm stating to believe the gap between AA's/West Africans and Ancient Egyptians is starting to close a little.

I don't believe AE, was some Pan African civilization, but still.

"Named for the pharaoh who attempted to convert Egypt to monotheism, this autosomal ancestry marker like most of the Amarna family group’s DNA is clearly African in origin. Akhenaten received it from his mother, Queen Tiye. Today, it is the gene type carried by a majority (52%) of the Copts living in the Pre-dynastic site of Adaima near Thebes or Luxor and the Valley of the Kings on the Nile River in Upper (southern) Egypt. The ancient marker makes a good showing in the Middle East and in Jews as well as parts of southern Europe close to Africa, such as southern Italy and Spain, but it is reduced to low levels in Asia and the Americas (except where brought there by Africans or people carrying some African ancestry).*About 2 in 5 Africans or African Americans has it.* Among Melungeons, the figure is 1 in 3."

More DNA studies:

Bigsmoke...Do you have a theory of how there is west/central African genes in Ancient Egypt? My theory is, that the Yoruba CLAIM that they descend from AE.

I already told people that WA are NOT one monolithic group. And that they migrated to West Africa from different regions. Could some west Africans like the Yoruba migrated from Egypt?? I mean the Dogon people are originally from Egypt.



mrcjrowe 11 months ago
Everything TRUTH HITMAN IS BACK said is right. Marcus Garvey was the man. Du Bois was bad minded and Jealous of Garvey.


big mike M wrote:
ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE SOME VERY INTERESTING NEWS! It may not be good news for certain people, BUT ITS HUGE NEWS.
Just yesterday...King Ramesses III was said to carry African E1b1a!!! This led by none other than ZAHI HAWASS!!!!!!
Surprising ain't it? Ramesses and an unknown mummy,possibly said to be his son are shown that they both carry E1b1a know known as E-M2. The unknown mummy was labeled Unknown man E. Unknown Man E is said to possibly be Ramsesse III son.
But the news doesn't stop getting interesting there! E1b1a is mostly found in Sub Saharan Africans like West/Central Africans!!!!
Interesting ain't...
And if you want a quick and more simple look. Here's another link.
Great news!



My shorthorn Texan friend, you clearly have no ideal WTF you are talking about! Detroit is in dire straits for the same reasons that blacks collectively have not created a sustaining economic infrastructure....lack of access to the capital markets! When all the whites hauled azz with their white flight to the suburbs, they siphoned all of their equity out of the city's economy, devalued real estate, reducing the city's tax receipts which raised their borrowing cost for their municipal bonds; which is coupled with their tax receipts to finance the city's expenditures.

Ever intelligent being, black or white, understand that one doesn't have to send an invading army in to destroy a city, instead just cut off it's access to the capital and credit markets and it will die a slow death from economic deprivation; which is what has happened to Detroit.

Lastly, intellect doesn't necessary translate into economic success, so its not that simple. And pray tell, what reasoning do you assign for all of the bankrupt municipalities, cities and state governments that are insolvent as we speak.....which are runned by you "intellectually superior" whites? Detroit is no broker than our Federal government which survives on borrowed money; or Greece, or any of the other European nations, sans Deutschland.

So, do some research on Macroeconomics and reflect a bit before you get up on your racial high horse and condescend to blacks, because if the Asians and the oil rich arabs stop financings our deficits, this whole country will become a Detroit!



the blacksmith wrote:

I completely agree and I am not cringing. My heritage is Caribbean and watermelon is not a big thing in my household. That's why I never understood the watermelon insults. But I agree, eating watermelon is nothing to be ashamed of. Racist whites are just stupid, desperate people who latch onto anything to try and justify their insane philosophies about the so-called "greatness" of being white.
I hear you brother, but remember these racist idiots don't bother to make the distinction between AA, Caribbean or Africans. Nor do they between Chinese, Japanese or Koreans or Cuban and Mexicans. That woulbe burdening their intellectual reserves; so the key is to never give them consent. Whatever insult they try and leverage at you says everything about them and nothing about you. Be blessed!

The evidenc of whites being intimidated by an intelligent black populous is deductively proven by their historical practice of creating and maintaining an uneven playing field, where instead of each of us competing according to our individual abilities, they created de facto and de jure laws that systemically excluded blacks from competing while sequestered all the opportunities to themselves.

If they were certain of their intellectual superiority they would not have felt the need to slant the laws, opportunity and access to capital in their favor while holding blacks behind the starting line for over 100 plus years after emancpation with their own un-titled AFFIRMATIVE ACTION in which white males were the exclusive beneficiaries.

But the most egregious part of this offense is that instead of just thumping their chest with Darwinian pride and saying, "Yeah..We did it," they instead attribute their hegemony to their innate superiority and black inferiority!



BlackMenRuleAll4Life wrote:
Has anyone ever noticed, that when blacks educate themselves, white people come along and try to discredit your accomplishments? Or they try to make your feel like they're better than you are? It's my opinion, that whites are intimidated by, and fear educated Black people. What are your thoughts on this matter??
You got that right. Not all whites are like this, but a good number are. I know this from experience. Part of the animosity toward Barack Obama is precisely this resentment of an EDUCATED Black. American anti-intellectualism blends with anti-Black racism to form a most toxic brew of hatred.




Africa AE wrote:
Nope King Tuts DNA proved he was mixed race. Nefertiti was mixed race and so was Cleopatra and the list goes on and pharaoh doesnt mean everyone in Egypt was black African!!!!
First of All let's deal with Cleofckingpatra ,She Wasn't alive during the real Egyptian Empire ,Her familly the Ptolemes were Greeks Invadors whom Conquered Egypt WAY After the real thing !

King Tut Dna Proved He was pure Black Check out dnatribes Dna test results of 01-01-2012 ,this study was Approved by dr Zahi Hawass ,Surprisingly the Amount of non-black genes is close to Zero !

As for Queen Nefertiti ,Send us the link please, we'll be All Glad to take a look at it !

This Black Egypt debate has been won by Africans Scholars(Dr Cheick Anta Diop)at the Cairo Conference in 1974 .
Dr Anta Diop PUNKED & DEBUNKED 22 Euro-Centric Pseudo-Scientists that Year!

So Trust me AEgypt was a black Empire like it or not !

Case closed !



CourtneyRModerator2 hours agoin reply to Roosevelt Rider
To your point, I believe if Blacks, especially males, were taught that love/relationships are a privilege that once were denied them, and that the same system operates now to drive wedges between Black men and women, they would view love/relationships in a different light.
Roosevelt, this is why I feel the way I do about the image of Jamie and kerry Washingtons characters in this film. WE are taught to be ashamed of slavery and to stop talking and showing it. WHY? The visual is important. The jews have over 100 plus films on the holocaust and they make sure of that.This is the only observation I made about the film because, I haven't seen the film. Just trailers like everyone else. And of course, to show slaves revolting on the screen is indeed visually empowering and this is why they don' show it.You really think i don't know that? As you stated that i'm wet behind the ears? really?That's how you talk to someone you don't know?By not showing revolts, its the best way to keep people passive.
Question. What does oversexed have to do with LOVE and Romance? I see them as three different things.
THe black woman has been without her protector for a very long time for reasons that we mentioned and even today, their is something about the love/ relationships between the black man and woman , being taking for granted.. The black womans protector was reduced to nothing and it wasnt like all of them didnt or wouldnt try to prevent his woman from being taking or getting her back on some level, many times failing.
Do you think that this hatred between many black males and females that exist today,existed during slavery? Or was their love like everyone else's? Inclusive,cooperating, loyal etc?
You look at how black males and females speak and treat one another today and I cant but help to think that,the seeds were sown to hate one another. So, when I see this story line ,even during slavery, I know that , the false hate between many black men and women isn't a true one..A complicated one but not true.
I didn't assume anything. And their are many things that I can figure out.Many things that I had to experience myself. I'm a smart cookie but I was making an observation on these two characters. My reasons for stating what I said are valid. And your right, our history didn't begin or end with slavery, but in America, this is all that is known..
It is up to our own to tell those stories outside of America and the kingdoms that we built, the families and love units that existed. In america, like many things with us,we don't control anything for many reasons..As I stated before, Im not remotely suggestion that Tarantino is some savor. I was making an observation and a very valid one at that,during slavery, the black man was stripped of his woman..I wonder what that made him feel like knowing that he was powerless the majority of the time to do anything about it. But yet, we have examples of slaves rising up.Is it so far fetched to not believe that their were KINGS (black men) who did and would of done anything to get their woman back?
Why is this so believable with other races, but when it comes to the black woman in america,this is fictional? Is that one image of the black man protecting his woman troublesome to you and other men and if so why? i'm just a asking because I really want your view on it..Just because we don't hear about it,doesn't mean it didn't exist..Is that trivial to you because, a lot of reasons that I'm hearing from black males, and some men is that,just like so many of you(not you) can justify treating a black female and woman, on some levels , just as bad as those slave owners by justifying ,treating black women as men, complaining about black women having attitudes, making babies with them and walking away, not marrying them, helping to reduce them to nothing more that baby mommas,of just vessels to carry seeds only, UNWORTHY OF the black mans love for reasons that you and I should both understand.The black woman is a flower just like any other race of woman.Delicate but strong....
.And it's so ironic to me because during slavery, it was the white man that made black women( slaves) babies momma's by raping them,tricking them, impregnating them, and walking away not claiming what was theirs..So , how did the reverse happen with the black male? So lets fast forward to 2012 about to be 2013 were we should be able to think on our own and make the link between what was purposely done back then, and the free will we had and have now to fix it.
Somehow, many of us choose to continue on the same kind of tactics that were forced on thinking that, having the love of one woman is strange, having children with just one woman, is strange, having the protection of one man is strange,doing whatever it takes from a black man, who wants his wife back is strange,turning his back on her is strange, knowing,visually ,the pain that took place.Their was a time when much couldn't be done about this during slavery but somehow, today, many of us purposely inflict the same kind of behaviors onto one another. How we talk to one another when we have a difference of opinion,comparing black women to other women as if other women are better.The treatment of the AFrican American woman and how she is still viewed by men..
Even though, like slavery, women were treated like a piece of trash from her slave owners and White people in general, that raped,reproduced with her, over and over again like cattle, tortured her,and played PSYCHOLOGICAL warfare with her mind and body, without the majority of their men, being able to do much about it, I do find that that LONE black man to be of great importance as a visual for BLACK MALES AND MEN TO SEE..Absolutely..It is of the same importance as Harriet Tubman,Nat Turner and all of the other NAMELESS BLACK MEN(SLAVES IN THEIR EYES) who DIED trying to do something about their families and black woman being taken from them. In this film,its fiction,but their are some parallels that can be drawn from it.And their is hope in that.


SpellcheckerModerator1 hour agoin reply to CourtneyR
Well said, CourtneyR. I do not hold up Quentin Tarantino as some sort of hero because he liberally sprinkles the N-bomb in his movies. The thing is that white people--even your good white friends--drop the N-bomb all the time.
I grew up in the late 50s and early 60s when white men would take pride in seeing how many times they could call you boy before you got upset and did something crazy. Calling you boy was another code word for the N-bomb.


Haw YeaModerator1 day agoin reply to Lexe
Yeah Lexe, I'm burnt out on hollywood black servitude, slavery and white supremacy movies. I personally don't feel like slavery ever ended because black people still here they never let us leave their presence in Mass like they brought us in Mass.
To top it off most of black people Still have to either work at white owned companies to survive and some have to depend on white government assistance. Oooh big deal Django shoots at white people on film we all know who got the last laugh about slavery and it sure as hell ain't us.
USA Black people are strong men, women, doctors, lawyers, senators, mayors, professors, presidents and more. HOWEVER! if you say we are not Still captives and prisoners of war you are Fooling yourself. Give me roots, shaka zulu, mandingo and maafa over this Django mess anyday.

edud01Moderator22 hours agoin reply to SoultrySoul
That's what I'm talking about!!! I'm neither pro or con this movie, but I do have a problem with our TRUE history being romanticized and white atrocities downplayed. For those with knowledge of self and TRUE history it's o.k. to watch/read fictionalized material. The problem is MOST don't know or understand TRUE history and may walk away feeling that slavery was "not THAT bad". A stance whites are attempting to do now by altering history books dealing with slavery(which are not accurate to begin with)to our school children. The result leaves Blacks defending the very systems(white supremacy)that oppress them. Interestingly enough, stories depicting TRUE history are often rejected in favor of fictionalized accounts.


edud01Moderator21 hours agoin reply to CourtneyR
Your question was not addressed to me, but I would like to take a stab at answering it from my prospective. First, let me say that I am a great fan of your posts and I tend to agree with 99% of your views(And I'm not in opposition here). When depicting historical events or eras, we must hold fast the the TRUTH as much as possible. Under slavery(and today to a certain degree)we had NO right to marriage or serious relationships. Blacks existed under white supremest systems which included unfettered CONTROL of Black people. Was there LOVE between Black men and women during slavery? I'm positive there were. Were there men who defied the system and went looking for their wives? I'm sure there were. But the reality is that was not the norm. When truth is not told in it's entirety, it leaves room to invent and miss lead. A co-worker once told me that Black women didn't have to work during Jim Crow BECAUSE his great grandmother was a house wife. While that may be true, the reality is MOST Black women had to work. Now if he made a movie and use his grandmother's experience as the norm for ALL or most Black women during that era, it would be miss leading and romanticizing that era. Younger people or those without knowledge of self and true history would walk away thinking Jim Crow was not "that bad" when in fact it was horrendous. The flip side of this is we don't really want to see true historical events as we are ashamed of that period. Thus, Hollywood, who's major concern is money, give us fictionalized movies in order to make money. Further, the system of white supremacy will not permit us to CONTROL our images or communities. That's why we have parades, dinners, and holidays annually for MLK and little or NOTHING for Malcolm. Real movie depictions of Nat Turner, Demark Vasey, Marcus Garvey, etc is not allowed as it challenges white supremacy and they can't allow that. The issue of Black love NEEDS to be addressed and exposed, I'm just not sure if this movie and the time period it represents is the right venue for that. I probably won't RUSH out to see it, but I'm sure I will see it at some point as I try to support as many Black projects as I can.


CourtneyRModerator14 hours agoin reply to edud01
To your point, I believe if Blacks, especially males, were taught that love/relationships are a privilege that once were denied them, and that the same system operates now to drive wedges between Black men and women, they would view love/relationships in a different light.
This in essence, is what I was getting at. Why not start were the problem started to fix it? why not depict those positive relationships and hardships the black man and woman had to endure but still, found a way to stand by one another ?Afterall, if they could of made it through that, the relationships between black men and women can make it through anything today.
I feel like so many of us believe that kind of relationship didnt exist with us, during that time period when in fact, it did.All we hear is that the black man was taken away, murdered, children women and men sold, which we were,and the black woman left to fend for herself, which she was, without any protection at all, which happened the majority of the time.but as soon as a slave is empowered , the black man slave empowered ,that fought back, it is swept under the rug as if it is of no importance.
Nothing fictional about that, just dont want us to know. In my opinion, it has to also be told responsibly through the eyes of not ashamed of my ancestors and what they went through because it was of no fault of our own and showed were that kind of evil was coming from, who created it in the first place.IF anything, it showed the vitality of the black



Courtney, I respect your opinion and love this post, but I can't. I just don't see this as a kind of love story. Kerry W is raped twice in the movie by white men according to a review. On top of that, the excessive and over-the-top use of the n-word is just going to be one more justification for why they will feel they can use. QT has a solid track record of exploiting blacks and our culture. Add into it the fact that there was absolutely nothing amusing about slavery so where could you possibly work that in and I'm done.
At the end of the day, this movie is going to do a lot of damage to our story at a time in which White America is actively trying to rewrite it. I mean, we have a generation of children that really believes that slavery wasn't "all that bad." This movie (especially to their young minds) just reinforces that belief. These kids were ready to wear a pair of shackles for fun. Imagine what they will be willing to accept after sitting in the theater with this nonsense?


Black women need to know that there was a time and not so long ago that white men raped them with almost no impunity. Black people--especially the younger generation--need to know that white people drop the N-bomb all the time. They dropped it back then and they drop it now when no black people are around. There has never been a time since we encountered white people where we have not had integration. Integration is not the answer. Having your own stuff and controlling your own markets and being able to defend the weakest among you is the answer.


Why would he or Samuel L. Jackson try to force a man to say it if the man doesn't want to say it? The slave mentality didn't die in 1865. I will never bow before some director that says that word in private conversations outside of a movie in real life without apologies. Also, they will say it anyway. Just don't say in my face. Even some in the so called conscious community are either silent on Django Unchained or try to justify the movie. The truth is silent by tokens and compromisers,  but not real human beings. It is a shame that in this generation the house movie stars will continue to love their Master. This new generation of token are not filled with the Tiger Woods types. They are too easy to figure out. They or the neo House Negroes use the lingo and imitate urban culture, but they are just as wrong as Clarence Thomas. They claim to love us, but many of them refuse to talk about real, engaging issues of war, peace, civil liberties, labor, and real, tangible power. You do not have to agree with my views, but these are my views. I was tempted to write more controversial words, but I won't do it.

By Timothy


Roosevelt RiderModerator6 hours agoin reply to Vernell Little
Here's the thing ,no one that I read ever said to not recognize we were slaves because in fact knowing that you were ,should motivate us to be more cohesive and determined to succeed.
What your selfish butt and those like you can't understand is that the older folk are tired of seeing this.But in today's world it's all about me,so you go ahead and see this trash and I'm sure you will have wished you would have listened to the grown ups!!!
btw if you want to give yourself a gift of a slavery movie,it doesn't really speak highly of how you think about yourself let alone your people.But that is a whole nother story. And to go to the movies on Christ's Day,you are out there,you've really assimilated to the bs.


Jeff wrote:
Nope it could not have. Haplogroup N is strictly a Eurasian marker and it arose MUCH LATER after the OOA migrations in Eurasia. The people who were carrying it were not African origin people, they were Eurasians since they have already evolved into various types while living in cold adapted regions of Eurasia.
No offense Jeff, but your statement is very baseless. Again N arose BEFORE the Human tree branching. The OOA does not mean HG splitting. I'm not completely saying N was a African hg. But how "Eurasian" was it? N could have arose in African origin people.
"Studies of human mtDNA genomes demonstrate that the root of the human
phylogenetic tree occurs in Africa. Although two mtDNA lineages with an African
origin (haplogroups M and N) were the progenitors of all non-African haplogroups,
macrohaplogroup L (including haplogroups L0-L6) is limited to sub-Saharan Africa.
Several L haplogroup lineages occur most frequently in eastern Africa (e.g., L0a, L0f,
L5, L3g), but some are specific to certain ethnic groups, such as haplogroup lineages L0d
and L0k that previously have been found nearly exclusively among southern African
“click” speakers. Few studies have included multiple mtDNA genome samples
belonging to haplogroups that occur in eastern and southern Africa but are rare or absent
elsewhere. This lack of sampling in eastern Africa makes it difficult to infer relationships
among mtDNA haplogroups or to examine events that occurred early in human history."

Again Arabia and Levant were NOT cold climated places.

Cold adapted people came much later



KhalidXModerator7 hours ago
How profoundly ignorant of Serena and some of the comments . I read someone state " We will never overcome racism" . My question is does this person know what racism is and since when do black people have to overcome it. Maybe white people should try to overcome demeaning black people? In addition , her teasing Serena would not be a big deal if the history of white people had not been filled with such disrespect toward black women. Clearly people have not heard of Hottentot Venus who was paraded and caged around Europe due to her shape. The Jezebel stereotype was created in the 1630's by white men. It is a sick and self-serving stereotype pushed by slave-masters that has not yet died out. Slave-masters forced black slave women to sleep with them. Deep down they knew it was wrong, that it was a crime, even if the law allowed it (it did – black women were their property). But instead of telling the truth about themselves, they chose to tell a lie about black women. Black women had no way to call them on it and even white women believed it. It has lasted down to our time, finding new life in Hollywood, starting in the 1970s with blaxpoitation films, and later with hip hop . Sadly , some of us still have bought into the idea .The Jim Crow exhibit can be viewed at the Ferris University website. I suggest black people look at it . Serena's ignorance is dangerous because it allows our boys and girls to think that black women as successful as Serena can be reduced to only being “bootylicious” and “assets.” The black woman is beautiful like no other but she is more than just big ol breasts and a big butt. Its amazing how many black people take the view of Booker T Washington and want to defend or minimize the conduct of white people. Serena sounds profoundly stupid and I am confused. You may have heard of or seen 16-year-old Taylor Townsend, a tennis star that won the Austrlian Open as a 14th seed and also won the doubles tournament with her partner Gabrielle Andrews earlier this year. Or maybe you heard her name when she won the 2012 Wimbledon Championships. Townsend had dreams of competing in the US Open Junior Tournament, but the US Tennis Association chose not to fund her travel, and turned down her request to compete as a wild card in the main draw at Flushing Meadows. Reason: she’s overweight. Serena defended her and now she defends people mocking at her body. I guess Serena now feels Townsend can be teased as well and I guess we blacks need to lighten up . Let the whites have a good laugh. They mean well anyway . What is really unsettling is that people who paved the way for Serena like Althea Gibson displayed class in the face of extreme racism. Althea Gibson NEVER defended it . Despite her success on the court, the specter of segregation hounded her. She was still barred from some clubs where prestigious tournaments were played. The same clubs Serena plays in today


SoultrySoulModerator16 hours agoin reply to Kodyak
Do you believe you enhanced my knowledge of true racism? It's not about her being crushed based on my decision, but moreso how I preceive her based on my decision. Being a celebrity has nothing to do with what type of world they live in...too many celebrities forget where they come from. I'm not implying that she returns to South Central...I'm typing about her upbringing, values, morals and her understanding of how yt people see Black people.
what is bottom-y?


CourtneyRModerator8 hours ago
Serena, watch yourself dear...If she were your friend, she would never of displayed that behavior publicly to be taken out of context in the first place. Given the racist nature of the world. I like Serena but this is something she will have to go through to learn how to guard herself..If she is letting it role off her back, I understand but still keep those eyes open and keep your eyes on your money.


SymoneModerator4 hours agoin reply to Milton Cosby
It's not race baiting and if you knew and understood the history of Black women being objectified sexually you would comphend that.....


Barros Serrano wrote:
U6 in W Africa would be due to Berbers having moved south...
Wrong. West African ethics that carry U6 have been isolated for a very LONG time!
Barros Serrano wrote:
as in Tuareg perhaps? The Tuareg were originally Iberian, don't forget... and mixed also with the mostly-Mideastern Berbers.

Note this...R1 came from the South and east, carried by tropical people from Africa and Asia....

"In human genetics, Haplogroup R1b is the most frequently occurring Y-chromosome haplogroup in Western Europe, parts of central Eurasia (for example Bashkortostan[3]), and in parts of sub-Saharan Central Africa (for example around Chad and Cameroon). R1b is also present at lower frequencies throughout Eastern Europe, Western Asia, Central Asia, and parts of North Africa, South Asia, and Siberia. Due to European emigration it also reaches high frequencies in the Americas and Australia. While Western Europe is dominated by the R1b1a2 (R-M269) branch of R1b, the Chadic-speaking area in Africa is dominated by the branch known as R1b1c (R-V88). These represent two very successful "twigs" on a much bigger "family tree."

So if R1b entered Europe from Southern Spain and the South West, where do you think it came from?

So no Tuareq people are not European descendant.



TrojanPam says:
@ diaryofanegress
Congratulations (on not watching TV)
One reason I wrote this post is to discourage black people from being “embarrassed” by the news of another black politician under indictment — and to shed a suspicious light on the systematic attack on black legislators.
I have read many comments from black people saying they’re ashamed whenever a black politician is accused of a crime.
That is nothing but our slave training, when we make non-blacks’ opinions of us more valuable than our opinion of ourselves.
I always ask people, if that black person did whatever they did, what does that have to do with you personally? Did you do it?
Are white people ashamed when a white politician is indicted or a white person commits a crime?
It takes some training to overcome these programmed feelings but it can be done.
my advice: if YOU didn’t do the crime, DON’T do someone else’s time


Barros Serrano wrote:
Fact remains: U6 found in 30k remains in Maghreb, in remains whose morphology is clearly Eurasian, in fact most similar to European Cro-Magnon.
Explain that, Mikey. And nothing but Eurasian DNA in that population until 20k bp in Tunisia, but in Morocco pure Eurasian DNA until 12k bp.
You really have to deal with the EVIDENCE before running off on your half-baked tangents. U is Eurasian, fool.
You're a d_---. You indirectly admitted the Cro-Magnon had similar morphology to Africans. You said Cro-Magnon were tropical adapted. Which I was saying all along. I don't think you know what tropically adapted means.

Things still not countered:
1. N predating human family tree branching out.
2. U6 absent in Siwa Berbers(closest to original Berbers)
3. Arabia/Levant being "extra Africa".
4. U HG arising around the OOA
5. U6 found in certain West African ethics that lived on the edge of society with no mixes.
6. Back and forth movements of Africans between Africa and Arabia.
7. Only Ñegroid remains found in Egypt around 30,000 BC which clusters with other Africans.
8. Today Berbers and North Africans mostly showing E hg
9. Afro-Asiatic originally being in East Africa.
10. Early paintings of Berbers showing them in brown complexion.


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