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Legally Speaking: Michelle Alexander

cobaltbluModerator2 hours agoin reply to mister raymond
Spike has no reason to be jealous of Tarantino.
Spike makes films of the Black experience, from the perspective of a Black person.
Tarantino makes Black exploitation films from a white persons perception of Black peoples experiences.
We already know which form of Black representation you prefer. I prefer to see my people represented in their true light, by one of my own.
And in case you didn't know, Spike brought to us Malcolm X on film. He was a "real" Black hero. Tarantino could never create anything to compare with that.


In this nation, some folks still think that one cent of increased taxation to the same people that started this recession in the first place is a sin. It is not. Austerity will further cripple the poor and to hear even some Democrats going along with reactionary austerity is truly a shame. What is needed is not austerity or poor scapegoating. Radical Austerity is nothing more than slick genocide against human beings. I don't believe in the acceptable approach of loving an economic system that exploited my people for centuries. We know for sure that globalization as it exists today and the IMF has not radically decreased poverty or economic inequality in the world now in 2013 at all. We need to tax Wall Street and have reasonable cuts to the military industrial complex. We need to end the war on terror and end the War on Drugs costing us economically plus morally. Also, we need some spending to grow the economy. How are you going to grow the economy without some spending? 19th century economic thinking is not going to cut in the 21st century at all. The reactionaries yell about the Constitution, but the laws of the land outlines information on the general welfare of society. Cut, cut, and more cutting of the social safety net permanently is fantasy and extreme anarchism. Investments and radical, revolutionary solutions are needed to develop our national infrastructure. A real, moral society is not embracing of an archaic, immoral philosophy of "you are on your own" without help or compassion. It is the efficient acceptance of tolerance and the view that we are all of brothers' or our sisters' keepers. That's real.

-By Timothy (Me)


It's so ironic and tragic how todays rap music,so-called hip hop is being used as tool for some to commit murder and black on black self destruction and genocide.
While a vast % of black's were running to some movie produced by some white man about some slaves on a plantation.
Life on todays 21st century updated slave plantation get's more intense and diabolical daily for the average black person male or female young or old.
Some of these brainwashed type black's do not even realize they are killing and dying for some fake paper money with dead slave owners on it and to be supposedly famous in the white controlled media world,what a tragic situtaton for black American overall.

CourtneyRModerator1 day agoin reply to Haw Yea
Thats why we have black men and women taking our own sweet time because of what you said. You are right. True Love is on life support.. What is sad is that, their are so many males and females who have not a clue ,what you are talking about..At some point, it's time for people to grow up and get serious about marriage and family but in todays world, its considered a joke to want real love and build a life together.....
All most people are concerned about is, instant gratification. No one wants to work for anything, not even relationships.. Someone is not doing what you want, or doesnt look a certain way,or doesnt have a certain amount on bank,
just move on to someone that does ... And they wonder why they are failing in the game of life.


edud01Moderator2 days agoin reply to Naomi C
I respectfully disagree. In a PERFECT world, this show might not be that big a deal. But we STILL exist under a system of white supremacy where ANY and EVERYTHING negative WILL be used to show the WORLD how Black people "really are". I have heard Condelezza Rice, whom I'm not a fan of, talk about how negative Blacks are viewed across the globe due to negative images we allow to go out about us. We are the ONLY group that have been taught the "individual" game. We functioned far better when we use to have a form of cohesiveness then we do now with individualism. I talked to a Black woman a few years ago who worked at a manufacturing plant. She observed when new Blacks were hired, nobody, including other Blacks aided them in learning the job, thus there was a high turnover rate. When questioned, she stated that most Black relied on "individualism"(I got mine mentality). However, other races RUSHED to assist THEIR group learn the job and as it stands now, Blacks, who once ran the plant are now in the minority and on the edge of unemployment as the word has gone out that Blacks are stupid and lazy. Shows like this and others are used as propaganda for white supremest to "show" the world how Blacks REALLY are. When we allow negative images of ourselves to be used we are ALL affected in one way or another. And we help white supremacy continue.


DandelionModerator2 days agoin reply to Naomi C
Naomi C, that's a reasonable assessment you have. But, allow me to counter. Black people are victims of racism everyday in this country. Racism that is fueled by local news, gangsta rap videos, YouTube, World Star Hip Hop, reality TV, etc. Until other races in this country receive the same level of injustices as Black people, we shouldn't compare ourselves with other races. Trayvon Martin was gunned down because his COLOR represented THUG. Unlike other races, our negative media image has cost some of us our LIVES.
In regards to Bob Marley, there are documentaries about his life that details his family situation. However, Bob Marley was a beloved international Reggae singer. I guarantee you, no show featuring his family life would be called "All My Babies’ Mamas". I think "My Rasta Family" or perhaps "One Love" would have been suitable titles.


tracy smithModerator9 hours ago
So what you going to do when that Pacific Islander mess you over,are you going to stop dating and/or marrying them.I already know the answer to that,you'll just go and get another one and another one after that.Blacks are the only people who turn their back on their whole race over a few doing them wrong.When the white race has wronged us for centuries and you still give them chance after the chance to love and treat you right.


As a Black woman this show doesn't represent me either. As a matter of fact, it doesn't represent the majority of us. But that's the point. Why are we so unaffected by the medias infatuation with showing us in a negative light? Why is it ok to perpetuate stereotypes that WE know represent a much smaller part of our community? Why is it ok for networks to glorify, congratulate, and profit off of irresponsible, immature, and downright disgusting behavior? And most importantly... why do we want our children to have consistent exposures to such negative images?
As a community we need to be moving forward... not backward. We need to provide our children with positive images of us representing the strong and resilient people that we are. This is HARDLY a documentary. This is nothing but an opportunity for a network to make money and exploit the unfortunate lifestyle of these people.


jazzwatchModerator1 day ago
Beter off watch MORE CONSTRUCTIVE that PUBLIC ACCESS stuff on chanel 21 (In MY Area of OH ) :).....


Kimberly BigDiva BrownModerator1 day ago
I read some of these comments before choosing to respond to this article....... Why in this day in age, do we choose to glorify this behavior and these shows (I don't care whether they are black or white, IT'S WRONG!). Why don't they do like the 90's when they had positive Black shows? We have positive Black people (if not positive ourselves) showing what we do best. Why reduce us to the minstrel shows of old and times begone?? I don't agree and as one of the comments said below, If I don't like it, I don't have to watch, nor will I watch it..... By feeding into it, We become part of the problem and not the solution..... Reach for the stars my people, instead of just the clouds....Peace.


Elizabeth TylerDawn RosenquistModerator23 hours ago
Can we have a show about a REAL black man of INTEGRITY please? And some REAL INTELLIGENT women please? They are out there, I know them personally.


Justin Diogenes KingModerator13 hours agoin reply to truthseeker2436577
Love shouldn't just be limited to your own race!! We should love ALL people (If you are a human) and true respect for all genders. That's a huge problem with our community nowadays, we love to reverse discriminate! It's counterproductive and ridiculous to want to be respected and have your rights acknowledged then turn around and discriminate and/or prejudge someone. Our communities would be a much better place if we replaced all of the separation, hate, anger, disrespect and disregard for each other with LOVE!

My Response:

Your argument seems sincere, but here is the true. Culturally, our people have been very tolerant toward non-blacks for a very long time. Then and now, our people go out of their way to help their neighbors as themselves. Polls show that more blacks support IRs than whites or other ethnic groups in the USA. There is no such thing as reverse discrimination. Discrimination is discrimination no matter who does it, but we stll have a threat of white supremacy in the world. Black love and black Power has nothing to with discrimination or hatred. It has to do with black people affirming their own dignity, their own love, and their own interests in the world society. There is nothing wrong with love, but love is not self hatred. Love deals with justice too. Far too often, some IRs are a product of self hatred and superficial justifications. That is purely known and documented by numerous qualified sources. This is expressed in Hollywood and other circles. My comments has to do with promoting love in our people not prejuding a person, which is a slick argument on your part. We tried radical assimiliation and compromise for all of these decades and it has gotten us nowhere. What works is not hatred for the non-blacks, but growing the interests of our own (which every ethnic groups does in terms of publicly telling the President about their interests. When the Hispanics, Asians, Indians, and white ethnic groups does these things, you will typically not accuse these ethnic groups of reverse discrimination. They are just utilizing common sense). When we advocate the same thing, then some folks accuse us black human beings falsely of hate.

Also, I did not mention anything about denying loving all people as equals. I rebuke folks who have self hatred of their own black people.That is all. It is very silly to condemn your own race when our race has been the victims of discrimination for years and today. Also, tons of black people express LOVE all of the time. See, love is not compromise to the status quo. Love is demading and it deals with self acceptance and never being ashamed of our black identity, our black African phenotype, and our black blood. Our black people collectively never advocated the hatred of another human being on the basis on someone's skin color as articulated by Malcolm X and Dr. King. I stand by my convictions. I don't have to be pc for anyone especially the enemy.

-By Timothy (Me)



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