Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Other Slavery (A Must See Video)



Hello to my brothers and sisters of topix, long time no hear, i'm sorry to have been absent for this period of time and not been able to view your threads and the many important issues with which is plenty on here. I have been dealing with a lot of issues, including that of independantly seeking after and understanding more of the truth behind the oppressive nature and tendencies of this country.

That includes me traveling a lot recently and having direct communication with some important well-educated brothers and sisters, who are of older and younger age, and have the same type of fight for the truth with which I and others in the black community do as well, especially in online communities like this.
I also have been deeply entrenched and in reading more into brother malcolm x, who was an astute, intelligent, and no-holds barred type of brother with which the black community in amerikkka has been lacking for a long time, and his fight during his unfortunate short lived life, was that of political, and social revolution that is needed to bring about an actual change in an oppressive system such as this, which has demeaned, and destroyed physically and mentally the black community for generations.

My focus in this thread is to speak upon the snake that is the Democratic And Republican parties which has used the black community as puppets ever since the voting rights for blacks had been established and re-established.

The crux of my point can go back to a number of speeches to which the social but more importantly the political truth about this country told by malcolm x to the black community which outlined ways in which the black man and woman could force an impact for ourselves and the community,and none more better than his April 12th, 1964 speech in Detroit, Michigan, called the " Ballot or Bullet", where amazingly malcolm basically predicted and told of the deceit and relentless trickery with which these two political giants have used the black community as basically slaves lining up for handouts from the oppressor government with which never will be the answer.

The basic fundamental thinking and obvious truth is that if you want something and especially if that something is needed and deserved as human beings, than you must remove yourself from off the life support with which this country has put you and I on, and as a community as a whole analyze, think, then act independently of any structural boundaries which restricts your free-thinking, and free-will. And the democratic and republican party giants which puts out and then purposely endorses these so-called figures and/or agenda/issues for the black community, and primarily aimed at the mindset of the black community, are only in it for their own selfish agendas and power, and thats why we as a black community as a whole have been tricked, and given token crumbs while the powers that be continue on their oppressive capitalast slave system upon black america.

And nowhere has that been so obviously seen as in this past election of barack obama to the presidency, where as i must say, i respect him as the intelligent, and gifted mixed race man that he is, but, the fact of the matter is that all his presidency is, is a image and damage control ploy and trick by this aggressive, and oppressive amerikkkan system, to where they once again they have put out there a powerful house negro, and annointed him as leader of the black community, and some sort of "jesus" come to save the type sort, when in fact it is just the neo-cons working their magic once again, using the divisive political party machines as their slave masters, in order to get to power their man, and their OWN agendas, not the black communities interests and severe issues which have been brought on by this government itself.


Black And Proud Forever

Here's the ploy brothers and sisters, this country's personal,military,social,econo mic, and political image has been going down the drain each and every year, and had hit its low point with the two-term of bush jr, and hit an even more low point, when their greedy corruptive housing scandal which targeted the black and latino communities backfired and has caused their whole economic system to be on the verge of collapse, spurning even more contempt and non-trusting from the world stage.

So they need a puppet to dangle out in fron tof the world to show that "hey look we're a changing nation, and still powerful growing nation", so as to keep their business of oppressive greedy capitalism going forward, while in the same breath continuing the racial, and class oppression of the black community.

So what do they do??
They put up a mixed race man of african descent, and parade him around the black community firstly as some savior and changing order to get the multitude of you mentally slaved fools to keep registering with the democratic giant that has done nothing for you, but come around when its election time, and time to push their candidate, and agenda on you, and then have you acting like fools talkin about we got the first black president, when in fact he's just a man with brown skin that is mixed and has to play the role of neutral all the way through, never firmly grasping or understanding the severe issues of the black community, because he CAN'T, because he needs to satisfy the party and majority which got him the votes......which is the far left white democratic liberals, and moderates, while all along suckering you right along!!

Now that they suckered you into following the democratic giant, and there scheme, they now are suckering the world into the fold as well, look how obama had to tour europe so quickly, and south america, and the middle east.....LMAO!!! Thats because he is america's image building trick, clown, and puppet, in order to get business flowing america's way again! But guess what, the black community stays with the same problems, same severe systyem of race, and class oppression, which continues to help them and hurt you!

I want to give some big hello's to a number of brothers and sisters, like WLC, latasha(how's the little miss), chocolate flav, GB, justdroppedin, and many others, i'll try and speak again with you all, stay up all of you, and keep seeking the truth!

Just as brother malcolm said...."When you come to yourself, a lot of other things will start coming to you,and the man knows it"

I'll come back soon brothers and sisters and put more into this!

-216 Elite


LaTasha wrote:

That is wonderful!! So glad to see you..I pray you and the family are well!!!
LOL ,No I am not! I hope King James gets the ring...I live here now but I'm an Ohio girl for life!!:) Peace and Blessings!
Its all good sis, it looks like we runnin into trouble with these orlando

Its all good to hear from you though,yea as i said,i've been focusing on teaching more and more about our true african history,and the things that have been purposely erased or ignorantly forgotten,by way of integrating into this culture of america to my daughter and showing her things that she will not see in these public school settings, as she gets older because the curriculum and mentality that is pervasive in the education system of amerikkka,is nothing but eurocentrism!

I just finished the other day watching the film "500 Years Later",its a film that you and every other black american of african descent needs to really watch,as it spills out the truth like flowing water.

Its a sight to see and hear, please sister have you and your daughter watch that film, even if she can't clearly understand the concept,because you can explain it to her if you come away with the understanding and deep truths and facts it entails.

-216 Elite


knowledgeiswhatsup 1 year ago
@JasonArgonaut3912: You have not pointed out nor proven my facts to be myths. Let's address your latest myth. Whites, on paper, represent 72% of the pop and blacks, on paper, represent 12%(used to be 13%). Who are whites? They include Brazilians (of any kind), Arabs (of any kind), North Africans(of any kind and as seen in this video) and even hispanics. The white number is false and has changed over time to keep a white majority and to uphold white supremacy. Irish were not considered white...

knowledgeiswhatsup 1 year ago
@JasonArgonaut3912: Now Irish are white. As more groups come into the country, whites shrink and they need to add them to their numbers - not black peoples numbers! On paper, everyone is white but blacks and Asians. In reality, there are some whites and others who want to be and those who were called it but do not feel it. Malcolm X said that there were 25million blacks in his day. Including deaths, that population should have doubled by now. Hispanics, Africans, Arabs, Europeans and other...

knowledgeiswhatsup 1 year ago
@JasonArgonaut3912: You did not fight for freedom, you fought for evil. France, England and the US are Germanic tribesmen. This is why they broke Spain down since they were not the same, and Spain of course has soul brother in them. Then again, so does England and France. As I told your m___ a____, the numbers are BS. If blacks were so small in numbers , then how come blacks have so much influence in this country? How come anything that is uniquely American was created by blacks?


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