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OCCUPY MOVEMENT VIEWED FROM EUROPE? I wonder how Europeans view the Occupy Wall Street phenomena that has spread across America? I recall that it spread across Europe and Asia as well about three Saturdays ago. Could it be that America, with is relatively weak left political traditions, have become an inspiration for people in Europe?

I have noticed among American Black intellectuals---in cluding Dr. Tracy Denean Sharpley-Whiting (with whom I've collaborated--incr easing interest in the life of Blacks in Europe. In fact, I think there's actually a book called BLACK EUROPE which she may have had something to do with. But I think her focus is primarily on France and Francophone Blacks. And, of course, UK Blacks have received quite a bit of attention. Lately, I've been hearing about increasing interest in Afro-Germans as well. And there's even talk in some circles about the "two" Black diasporas--that of we Blacks of the Americas, and that of the recently growing numbers of Blacks in Europe. I'm meeting more Blacks from France and UK, but not so many from other European countries.



MsPriceless on 3/24/2009 4:27PM
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As long as WE keep waiting on THEM.....Nothing is ever going to CHANGE!!! Nobody is ever going to be held Accountable for what they say or do to African-American's!!! We have to be Our own Advocates!!! We have to stand up and be heard!! Being Silent and Ignoring Issues have gotten us absolutely nowhere! The Civil Rights Movement was all about Presence, Representation and Standing Strong and Firm! They did it in a Non-Violent way....You don't have to be Angry to be Aggressive! There is nothing wrong with exercising your Freedoms and Rights and demanding to be treated fairly and with R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!!


Arrogance is Evil wrote:

Well there is no such thing as black masculitinity .. Either you are a man or not. It doesn't matter the race.
I also disagree that black women have a role to play in some sort of aa community issues. No way.. Whatever "problems" black dudes want to work on they need to do it amongst themselves and leave black women out of it. The last time black women informed black guys of there unhappiness with the treatment and low value of there families a massive amount of black guys started screwing racists instead of getting there acts together. They joined racists against black women and now you guys are trying to twist these treasonous offenses.
I understand what you claim is honorable etc but what you post about women is common sense for any SANE group of men. Sadly the only true thing is what's clear.. Blacks are the way they are because most of there men lack testicular fortitude. Heck even the president admitted he's lazy(and he's not even black)...
There is a thing as black masculinity, just like there is such a thing as black actors, black doctors, etc. A man is a man, but not all of us are identical. I am not colorblind. I realize cultural distinctions and differences among males, females, etc. We are equal in the sense of having equal value, and all of us being human beings. Both genders didn’t act in a perfect fashion during African American history. That’s a fact of history. A simple example is that both genders include people acting honorable, strong, and dedicated to black liberation. Also, then and now, there are blacks among both genders that hate their own identity, they caused gender problems, and are blatantly trying to ruin black culture. Now, black men should solve their own problems with their own power among males. Yet, the black community is made up of black men, black women, and black children. Therefore, the black community being improved upon as whole definitely requires the cooperation of black people among both genders. Many black men are acting in the wrong. No one denies this. Yet, those who men bashing or women bashing omit the vast majority of black men and black women who aren’t in jails, who aren’t in extreme poverty below the poverty line, and who are making long lasting contributions in their community. To solve these issues of cheating, adultery, drug addiction, etc. requires all black people to act not just a segment to formulate answers. Real black men will never join racists period. These issues are not even limited to black people. The biggest pedophiles, gold diggers, those addicted to meth, and most serial killers in America today aren’t blacks.

The only black people allying with racists are self haters. These blacks aren’t to be trusted anyway. I don’t twist anyone’s offenses. I oppose errors made by some black men for years publicly and privately. What I post about women is common sense, yet some folks don’t have it even in our day and age. Some folks need to witness reminders about the truth. The black community has issues because of white supremacy and some black people acting in the wrong (not because of genetics. Most black men and most black women have real courage).

The President talked about the government's laziness in how the government is trying attract businesses to work in America (not as proof of blacks collectively being lazy). That old canard of demonizing black men as all acting lazy doesn’t work on me. For years, black people like Angela Davis, Dr. Martin Luther King, Kwame Ture, Tavis Smiley, etc. didn't act lazy. Blacks then and now worked their tails off, so that lazy card is futile.

-By Timothy


I Refer Back to 'America is a Fascist State Because IT IS Racist

Which was an article by Mike Pirch posted here @ BAR on Oct 19. IMO- Its theme is key to understanding the true historical nature of the US' Police-State.
TSA Naked Body Scanners are simply the hi-tech equivalent of strip-searches so many Black & Brown Men [& also Women] have been subjected to by Officers of the State [IE: Police of the State = Police-State] for Decades {centuries}. Who recalls that so many Black & Brown Women were routinely PHYSICALLY strip-searched [including body-cavity searched] at US international airports - under the guise that African & Carribean Women were all so-called 'Drug Mules' in the decade(s) prior to 9-11??!! TSA Naked-body scanners are simply a 'Sterile Hi-Tech' means of strip-searching EVERYONE at US Airports [who are mostly white]. But some whites who are NOW crying Foul about TSA Naked Body Scanners, should ask themselves [if it should apply] why they didn't cry foul THEN when so many Black & Brown women were Routinely Physically Man-handled & Strip-Searched - if they can even remember this ['Injustice Anywhere {& to Anyone} is a threat to Justice Everywhere {& to Everyone}' - Rev Dr ML King]! Furthermore- The Gov't' [under Obama but spearheaded by ex-Bushite Homeland Security Chief & now top naked-body scanner lobbyist- Mike Chertoff ] began rolling-out these TSA naked-body scanners - after the 'alleged' [& suspect] X-Mas Day Underwear {non}Bomber Episode in 2009- the accussed being a Nigerian who should have NEVER been allowed on that plane because he had NO passport & visa & whose father Alerted US officials in Nigeria about him- weeks in advance! But then the image & targets of the Gov't's phony 'War on Terror' - so-called terrorist has been mainly Blacks &/or Afro-Asian Muslims- most of whom have been ENTRAPPED by PAID Gov't Agents, Who Actually Cooked-up These PHONY PLOTS in the First Place! BUT- Again there seemed to be little outrage then- because few saw that all of this phony 'War on Terror' hype would lead to a full-scale roll-out of these TSA Naked-body Scanners ['Injustice Anywhere {& to Anyone} is a threat to Justice Everywhere {& to Everyone} MLK]!
SO- Why is it that in most EU countries drug addiction / abuse is mainly seen as a public health issue, while in the US it is criminalized? One obvious reason- most of the EU's drug addicts are white natives of those countries, while in the US many [but by no means most] addicts are Black & Brown - so the US' so-called 'War on Drugs' is effectively an extension of the US' on-going 'War on Black & Brown People' - who are the Main Targets of this phony 'War on Drugs' [though some mainly poor whites also occasionally get caught-up in it]! This is obvious, because it's been well established that drug abuse rates for whites are roughly equivalent to that of Black & Brown Folk- YET Black & Brown folk are the ones whose image the MSNM Media has demonized & the US' Criminalized {in}Justice System / Prison Industrial Complex has Crimalized IN MASS Incarcerations [NOTE: Up until the 1970s - early 1980s most of the US' prison population were white men - the phony 'War on Drugs' {circa mid 1970s - 1980s} changed that]!
Facism is also called a Police-State. You can't have a Police-State without Police as enforcers of the Facist State. If you look at the history of the Police in the US vis-a-vis Blacks you'll see that: The police are mainly charged with protecting the property of the Power Elites & Affluent. In the Slave-South that meant protecting Slave-owners property from slave rebellions &keeping their slave-property from escaping. Many police in the South [up to the 1960s or even 1970s] were often in cahoots w or actual members of the KKK, white citizens councils, etc! In the North the police were often strike-breakers [IE: breaking the strikers heads]. They also Broke many Blacks' Heads- who took action against their oppressive segregated living conditions & unjust work conditions or just plain being locked out of fair job opportunities... In other words too often the Police's un-official job description [in both the North & South] was - 'Keep the N____ in Check & In Their Place'! All of this was the relevant pre-conditions for the current looming Police State apparatus- and this must fully be understood & acknowledged!


babyboy119Moderator2 days ago
why do all well educated black ppl have to be uppity to all racist white people who's not on their level? and then to attack a female in that way shows alot for rush bimbo's character. we all know Mrs. Obama carries herself like a lady. she smart, she's beautiful and she is in every sense of the word a LADY. just cause your trailor trash, beer guzzlin, dear huntin, carcass cookin, squirrel wearin, redneck a____ wife doesn't carry anything but a 6-pack of budwieser's, a pack of marlboros, and a shotgun don't mean the 1st lady is uppity...

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